The Philly is an hybrid of a burger and a toastie! Grilled burger with tomato slices, gherkin, and...
VX Cheese Burger
Handmade wheat burger patty with melted vegan cheese and Mayonnaise, tomatoes, gherkin, ketchup, a...
VX Döner Kebab Wrap
Vegan Döner kebab meat (organic), salad, cucumber, tomato, Vx garlic sauce, and Vx chilli sauce (o...
Toasted wheat tortilla wrap filled with tomato sauce, vegan beef and melted vegan cheese. It's the...
Steak Frites
Grilled French-style soya steak with seasoned fries, sauerkraut and melted cheese
Chick'n Wrap
Vegan chick'n nuggets in a wrap! Fillings include lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber and garlic...
BBQ Ribz Sarnie
Vegan sticky BBQ soya ribs in a oval bun with lettuce, tomato slice and gherkin
'Fish' Wrap
Vegan fish fingers in a wrap! It tastes like the real thing, it's freaky! Fillings include lettuce...
VX Burger
Handmade wheat burger patty, mayonnaise, tomatoes, gherkin, ketchup, and salad in a toasted bread...
'Supersize Me' VX Döner Kebab Wrap
Twice the size, twice the fun! Vegan Döner (organic), salad, cucumber, tomato, VX garlic sauce, an...
Marinara Meatballs Sub
This Chicago-style sub is made of vegan soya 'meatballs', mixed salad, marinara tomato sauce and V...
Menu Deal - Tenner
Classic Burger, chips, a can of San Pellegrino soda and a ring donut!
Katsu Curry
Rice dish with seitan wings, katsu curry sauce and side of salad
Vx All-Day Breakfast
Toasts, mac'n'cheese, seitan wings, hash brown, baked beans


Mac 'n' Cheese
Portion of macaroni pasta immersed in melted vegan cheddar cheese. Topped with paprika and Vx garl...
Cheesy Fries
Chips topped with melty cheese
VX Nuggets
You can't go wrong with vegan chick'n nuggets! Delicious meat substitute served with the sauce of...
Curly Fries
Seasoned curly chips
Meatball Linguine Pasta Bowl
Linguine pasta with soya wheat meatballs, marinara tomato sauce and topped with vegan Parmesan!


Club Mate
500 ml.
Club Mate Cola
330 ml.
Fritz Kola
330 ml.


Cake Slice
VX Ring Doughnut

About VX

02078332315 • 73 Caledonian Road, London, London N1 9BT

At VX, we offer food prepared with fresh ingredients and keeping the original vegan flavors. Our dishes will delight your taste sense and make this food an enjoyable experience.