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on 5 February 2018
Expensive,but a good product,would recommend if one can afford it,to purchase extra filters,the maintenance schedule states the filters should be washed every month,the drying period for the filters takes about 24hours,rendering the cleaner redundant for that period of time!!
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on 11 June 2017
Very good cleaning appliance,expensive but you get what you pay for.
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on 29 May 2018
This unit cleans carpets and hard floors very well. The reason behind its effectiveness is the motorised cleaning heads that 'scrub' the carpet to dislodge dirt and dust. This helps it pick up much more dirt than much more powerful corded vacuum cleaners that don't have a motorised brush head. The hard floor cleaning tool has a fluffy roller with a carbon fibre brush running across it. This spinning action wipes the surface of hard floors leaving them cleaner than a static brush head would.

This unit, like all the other Vx series vacuums from Dyson has 2 power settings. The unit is able to clean a carpeted 1 or 2 bedroom flat on a single charge on the low power mode. Max power mode will drain the battery in about 8 minutes, however this is only used for very specific applications. This mode is only used with the combination, crevice or soft dusting tool sparingly. The soft dusting tool may require the max power mode more frequently than the others due to the vacuum leak between the gaps of the bristles. I found this tool is great for cleaning keyboards and speaker grilles cloths.

I'd initially wanted to purchase the V7 Motorhead plus the hardfloor cleaning tool, however the latter cost £80 therefore it is more cost effective to get the V8 Absolute. By the way, Dyson no longer sells these directly as they are pushing the V10 version now.

I found that my wrist felt a little fatigue by the time the cleaning job was done. The V10 would be worse in this respect due to the additional weight and leverage on the wrist due to the parallel mounted dust-bin.

Unfortunately like all Dyson products, this is made largely from plastic (ABS + polycarbonate). While this lightens the unit, it doesn't help with the durability.The other problem with Dyson products is that in an effort to save cost the units are glued shut and normally can't be serviced. The Vx digital motors may be very advanced and innovative, however Dyson housing them in plastic motor housings has attracted some criticism. Overall, Dyson has applied a lot of cost saving measures at the expense of the product's durability.

Just to add, the unit will pick up dents and scratches easily due to the use of smooth glossy surfaces on the unit and cleaning heads (except the soft dusting, combination and crevice tools).

On a final note, it's good that the rechargeable battery is user replaceable. These are readily available on Amazon and even come with greater capacities when purchased from 3rd party manufacturers.
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on 5 July 2018
After months and months of research, and humming and hawing, I finally decided to buy the Dyson v8 absolute (I have carpet and hard floors). For some reason I always thought I'd never buy a Dyson. I have had a corded Miele for years and loved it, but I felt vacuuming has moved on and wanted to go both cordless and lighter, but without losing quality! Miele don't do cordless, so I had a decision to make. Long story short, I'm absolutely delighted with my purchase! So impressed! No loss in suction compared to my corded Miele, and an awful lot easier to manoeuvre. I'd read reviews saying the holder can only carry 2 accessories, but to be honest, I don't really use the accessories, so thst doesn't bother me! Never really have with any vacuum I've owned. But I did see a floor stand which I think can hold all the accessories and the vacuum for charging, which I might buy at some point to avoid drilling into the wall for the hanging bracket. Also feel it's worth mentioning that changing the heads to suit the floor surface is really, really easy! Just click one head out and click the other on. Soft head for hard floor, regular head for carpet. Actually get excited when I see a bit of cat fluff needing vacuumed up! And, possibly one of the most important points for me, it picks up first time. Great stuff!
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on 12 July 2018
What a great improvement over our original DC59. Super expensive so waited until we could get at reduced price we paid £360 which included £24 for one day delivery to Spain. At this price it’s still expensive for a battery operated device but if you can see past that then things get a lot better. For the weight it’s a fantastic cleaner. Very quiet and we love the soft floor brush as we don’t have carpets which is why we purchased the Absolute Model. So far have not needed max mode. The bin emptying is much improved and taking it apart for cleaning is very clever. On balance super happy and glad we could afford it. Highly recommend
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on 9 July 2018
Bought it after looking at Which report which was good. It does a brilliant job on carpets, however it spits things out (e.g. a piece of paper smaller than a postage stamp) and gets 'blocked' all the time by things my cylidner vauum cleaner had no problem with. I have a lot of hards floors and I find it does not pick up the usual debris on the kitchen floor - nothing major just small bits people tread in from the garden, tiny bits of paper etc. I empty it by holding it inside the wheelie bin to avoid getting covered in dust. So glad I have my cylinder vacuum cleaner for back up.
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on 20 May 2018
Fantastic design and very efficient with one small drawback .... I find I get a small static shock between my hand holding the handle and the recharging connection which is set into the handle. When in use every two minutes or less there is a sharp unpleasant very, very small sharp shock. The DYSON helpline are AWARE OF THE PROBLEM and suggest not cleaning deep rugs or carpet on the max setting. I simply put a small bit of insulating tape over the recharging inset connector which solves the problem, I notice someone says they wear kitchen gloves to avoid the shock. It is an outstanding machine but I am surprised there are not more complaints in the reviews but perhaps I wear too much nylon clothing.....
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on 29 August 2017
Wouldnt go back to wired vacuum
may not run for very long but its long anuf for my flat rearly have to use maxpower for any normal cleaning
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on 16 June 2018
As we expect from Dyson it is well designed and quality is quite good although it is portable and most probable not going to last as long as the previous Dyson we had for 9 years. The tube is quite flimsy and ours is already quite scratched. My other criticism is that it is not supplied with a non-motorised floor attachment which would allow you to make use of the advertised battery time. The motorised head halves available battery time so I find this misleading. 99% of vacuming is on floors. The cleaning/emptying mechanism is good, attachments work well and the wall adapter is tylical well thought out Dyson. Overall very happy with it except for the two issues.
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on 11 July 2018
the more I use it, the more I think it is overrated. It is very temperamental and overpriced. I first bought it to help me because I have back problems, but I would not recommend buying it other wise. It is meant to be one of the best, so I am really puzzled in what the term good means nowaday... It works on and off, uncharge very quickly and does its suction is almost poor.
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