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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 24 July 2016
I selected the 80D to replace my venerable 50D which, although still being able to cut it with today's DSLRs, is a tad old now. I'll start with the only negative thing about this camera, which is the build quality - the 50D was full magnesium alloy, however this feels a bit plasticky, despite having a partial metal chassis. This trend towards lighter, less durable bodies was first seen at this level in the 60D, but at least the 80D betters its recent predecessors by having some degree weather sealing. This backward step in build quality stops me from awarding what would otherwise be the full five stars.

Onto the positives, then, of which there are plenty. The new 24mp sensor (which IS NOT the same as in the 750/760D) produces good detail and dynamic range, and the anti-aliasing filter seems to do a much better job with areas of low contrast than both the 60 and 70D. Shooting in live view is now a doddle, thanks to the dual pixel AF, and I have found the articulating screen very useful (despite never having really needed it before). It's still not quite perfect, but about the best you'll get in a DSLR.

The 45-point AF is accurate, as is the metering - I've had pretty consistent exposures in both aperture and shutter priority. Colour rendering is also improved, with auto white balance generally doing the job well enough for my images to require very little colour tweaking in Photoshop. I've not tried it in low light yet, but the sensitivity of the centre AF point goes down to -3EV, so it should be very comparable to my 6D. I've not noticed a huge difference in noise performance over the 50D, but then again I've not bumped the ISO up beyond 200 yet. I expect noise will be slightly better controlled than in the 50D, however I'd be surprised if it matched full-frame results.

If you're an enthusiast looking for a better, more robust body, the 80D will serve you very well. Similarly, you won't go wrong if you're a pro looking for a back up 1.6x crop factor body. Before I bought my 80D, I seriously looked at the 7DII, however that camera just didn't offer enough extra features to warrant me forking out an extra £250. If you're a pro who who frequently shoots in inclement weather, or in places where your gear is likely to get bashed, the 7DII should be a consideration. The 7DII might also be better for those who do very fast action or wildlife, although the 80D is certainly no slouch when it comes to speed and accuracy!
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on 7 May 2016
I didn't buy this camera from Amazon because at the time it wasn't in stock and another store was offering a free memory card. That said Amazon now has it in stock at a good price.

So the camera itself - first thing to say is that I am pretty new to DSLR photography and previously had a canon 1200d which I used for a while to decide whether I wanted to spend more on kit. I decided I did and then the 80d came out - yes its quite expensive (but not as much as other DSLR cameras) but I felt it would hopefully be worth it. First thing I noticed was the weight - its pretty hefty but not uncomfortably so and it feels really good to hold. It also balances nicely with a heavier lens - the lighter 1200 always felt front weighted with bigger lenses.

Next was the manual that came with it - none of this few pages of pamphlet stuff just the basic guide is about 300 pages covering set-up, taking pictures, Wi-Fi set up etc. It takes some reading but its worth it.

So I am still getting used to the camera and have loads still to learn - especially the more complex stuff but it is a great camera. Its pretty easy to use because the menu is intuitive and the touch screen is great. I alternated between using the screen to take pictures and using the viewfinder and got some pretty good results with both. The ability to set the focus points by touch on the touchscreen is great, the adjustable screen helps a lot. The buttons / dials etc are all easy to use (well the ones I understand so far anyway - sure I will get used to the rest with a bit more practice).

I took over 300 photos without the battery showing any reduction in charge - including using screen, flash and having the camera on for extended periods of time (worth noting the battery is not the same as for the 1200d so those spares I bought may have been a bit premature and I had to buy new spares for this one but I believe they are the same as for other Canon models). The lenses I bought for my 1200 all fit this one which is great.

I am loving this camera - the quality is, in my opinion, great. It was quite an outlay but I am hoping it is going to be worth it in improved quality of the photos I will be taking. I hope to update this review once I have had a bit more practice with the camera..
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 8 April 2016
Please Note: I did not buy this camera from amazon, but have had the opportunity to try it out in person and had the 7dii and 70d to also compare it to.

Fist off, the 80d is very similar to the 70d, it's like they're twin brothers in terms of build, size, shape and weight. However, the 80d boasts over 40 af points compared to the dismal 19 on the 70d, it also has time lapse, nfc and that headphone jack that we have all been waiting for. However, during my experience with this camera I felt like it was more a 70ds than a whole new camera. I also felt that it would have been so much better to include 4k video with this camera to make it worthy of the new name. Also, you should consider that the more professional 7dii is available for similar money, and that camera is amazing and I use it all the time. I also still think that the 80d feels a bit cheap in places and also too light when using telephoto lenses. I also hate the new menu system, although being neater than the old one it feels like it is made for new amateur photographers, and I doubt amateurs will spend upwards of £1000 on their first body.

I feel that the 70d and 80d are too similar to consider an upgrade and it is not worthy of the £400 difference in price. During my experience, I was happier using the 70d as it felt more professional and more reliable. However, I did love the time-lapse feature and the new sensor & af points. But, if I was to recommend the 7dii, 70d, or 80d I would say this:

If you do video work and want to be creative go with the 80d

If you want crisp, clean shots along with a professional feeling camera go with the 70d

If you want the go-anywhere camera with a weather sealed body and over 60 af points go with the 7dii

But overall, I still think that the 70d is the better choice, and you could spend the £400 difference between that and the 80d on a new lens to compliment the camera

Hope this helps :)
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on 27 June 2016
Upgraded from canon 1000d and absolutely love this camera. Photo quality is good, I really like touch and tilt screen, more auto focus options, but battery life is a little bit disappointing , my old canon 1000d still has longer battery life than 80d.
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on 11 May 2016
Brought this Camera mostly to photograph motor sport which it does very well, been using it with a cannon 70-300mm zoom lens, the auto focus is amazing, it's a must when trying to photograph fast moving race cars. Spent the day at Brands hatch last sunday and got some awesome shots some of which I will post here. Most of the photos are cropped.
Update: went to Silverstone this weekend for the Blancpain endurance race, I must say i am so impressed with the auto focus on this camera, it's so quick, I have added a couple of pictures take of cars traveling at high speed and the 80D has caught them in sharp focus, would say this is great camera for motor sport photography.
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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2016
This is my 4th Canon DSLR over around 10 years (300D > 400D > 60D > 80D) and I upgraded to the 80D in the Summer of 2016 - I tend to upgrade every couple of series as it's very expensive to upgrade every time given the way digital cameras depreciate and also as it's sometimes hard to see noticeable performance improvements between models. I was considering the 750D / 760D or the 80D and eventually opted for the 80D as it uses the same battery as the 60D and I had a pretty much unused spare. Also the 80D feels much better in the hand than the 750/760D - it's bigger, heavier and just feels more solid.

In terms of performance, the 80D feels faster than my old 60D with improved auto-focus performance. Battery life continues to be amazing and I've been really pleased with the results from this camera....albeit in truth it's hard to notice much of a difference in photo quality between the 2 cameras. If you've used Canon DSLRs before, you'll find this really easy to use - my only complaint is that they've moved the specialist shooting modes (e.g. portrait / landscape / sports / macro) from the usual dial on top of the camera to a menu that you access via the touch screen. It's not quite as convenient as you flick between modes but it's not as massive issue and just personal preference. I use the trusty old 28-135mm IS lens as standard plus have also used the 70-300mm IS lens with the camera for some amateur sports photography.

What is interesting is how the price of the 80D hasn't come down from launch - I bought it fairly soon after release as I was trading in my old DSLR and wanted to get the best PX price. I did get a free high capacity memory card etc. but feared that it would quickly fall in price by £200 or so. That hasn't happened, which I guess may be a function of the fact that Sterling has depreciated fairly heavily over the past few months.

In summary, a great camera that won't disappoint if you take the plunge.
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Simply fantastic. I purchased on a mega deal from Jessops, primarily as they offered this item on a price match with Amazon on Black Friday which resulted in me paying less than what the 70d cost, combined with interest free credit over 12 months it was a deal not to miss.

So how good is the Canon 80d? Well I have become accustomed to a Canon 550d, which I have had for many years, a Canon 750d and now have the 80d. I can honestly say that the 80d is light years ahead of both cameras, with even the 750d looking somewhat basic compared to this camera. Pictures to follow shortly, with a more in depth review. Suffice to say, I have attached a very basic HDR image to demonstrate how in seconds you can photograph a backlit image, in this case aa tree and the exposure is automatically set to allow good colour saturation.

it is a major step up for those of us using the budget end of the Canon range and I found that by keeping the manual with me in my camera bag and using the excellent "for Dummies" guide to the 80d, I have quickly come to terms with mastering what is a pretty complext piece of photographic equipment.

review image
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on 21 December 2016
Probably the best money I've ever spent. This camera packs one hell of a punch. Amazing focus for video and film, and very responsive for photography. The 45 points of AF are incredible for shooting video and keeping the target in focus, and the touch screen means you can alter the focus point on the fly, brilliant for cinematic shots.

A massive ISO means it's great in most light conditions, and shooting at 60FPS makes for great viewing.

Wireless and NFC for instant transfer to mobile devices is another brilliant feature, allowing you to upload that great shot in seconds. Looking for a mid-range DSLR for film and photography? Buy this camera.
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on 26 April 2016
I didn't buy from Amazon as Jessops were selling it for the same price but including a free memory card.
I use the camera daily, I'm a hobby photographer, I dabble in a bit of everything from Macro to Sports, wildlife to portraits. I find this camera great, easy to use and very flexible. I've come from a Sony a7ii and it's so refreshing to have a decent battery and simple menu system.
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on 2 July 2016
Great camera which I bought to replace my EOS 1100D. Have taken hundreds of pictures and so far I am very pleased with the results. The video (although not 4K which many people moan about) is really good 1080p quality. The articulated / touch screen is also really cool. I did not by my camera from Amazon as hdewcameras in the UK had it for only GBP 749 (now only GBP 705). I live in Austria and even with the postage and packing I saved over 200 Euros. HDEW also give a free 3 year warranty so it was a no brainer.
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