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on 7 March 2017
Having already purchased a Hue GU10 starter pack this was for an additional room. Once again I am delighted with my purchase, it was very easy to add the bulb to the existing system and I had it up and running in minutes. I like to be able to dim the lights using the app and also set timers for switching the light on in the morning, it's great that you can have them fade in gently over a set time. I also use the app features to program the lights to come on and switch off to give the impression someone's home when we go on holiday. I've only had this a month or two so can't comment on life expectancy but can tell you the GU10's have lasted for a couple of years and are still going strong. If you like your technology then these are a great addition to any smart set up but are easy enough for a total novice to use. Brilliant.
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on 9 March 2017
Just be careful to order the right bulb set for the lamps that you have. It was my own fault but I ordered the screw in type by mistake. Great product though and with the right bulbs they are very easy to set up. I have mine working with Alexa also.
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on 24 December 2016
Easy to setup. Easy to use either via Siri / HomeKit, the Phillips Hue app, or Amazon Alexa.

Good value starter kit

Best Point: Easy voice control of all Lights in one room via integration with Amazon Alexa. This includes on/off, dimming, and scenes (i.e., only turn on 2 lights at 50%). Gradually turns on lights in the morning via the Hue app.

Worst Point: some setting up required - will take people familiar with tech and iOS about 15 mins. Addictive - you'll want to buy more bulbs!

Highly Recommended. The future for little money.
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on 3 December 2016
Gateway drug of consumer electronics.... You can't stop at this kit. Before you know it you're browsing Amazon for 'Just one more bulb'
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on 14 April 2018
 I have Alexa and wondered, "What do I do every day, that requires very little effort that I no longer want to do". The answer? Turning my lights on and off.

My laziness had increased 200% now I have the Phillips Hue bulbs. I can either control them from my phone, assuming I can be bothered to lift my arm, or scream at Alexa to turn the lights on.

The system itself is very clever. You can control seperate lights in different rooms, or control individual lights on one room. I have three bulbs in 1 room and can turn them all on or off independently of each other. I can even have them at different brightness to each other. You can do this level of control from the app or Alexa.

Using the app you are able to set routines such as 'wake up' or 'go to bed'. These either gradually increase or lower the brightness, depending on what you are doing (waking or sleeping). You are able to set timers and have them flash after 10 mins. And you can use them like conventional schedule timers. Setting them to come on when you are away. You can even have then turn on randomly between certain hours to simulate someone being at home.

The light switch they are connected too must always be on, and you turn them off via the app. The bulbs must be connected to the hub which is connected to the internet. If there is a power cut, when the power comes back on, as the switch is on the builds will turn on. This can be annoying at night time add the 100% brightness is very bright. But how often are there power cuts?

I absolutely love the system. I was worried how often I would use it, but it's become a daily activity, turning lights on before I get into rooms, or rushing upstairs light off when I forgot to. Simply fantastic
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on 25 September 2017
Great bit of kit, I love the ability to adjust my lights from my phone. Great for security as you can turn lights on remotely. Easy to setup, although I did need to manually set up 1 of the bulbs using the serial number.

One word of advice, Jot down the serial numbers of the bulbs before fitting in case you need them for the set up procedure.
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on 6 February 2018
Great smart lighting system, that is flexible and expandable, and integrates into so many day to day things!

I have this integrated with out Plex Media Server, which plays all our TV and movies, and is so nice to be able to play a movie and have the lights automatically go out, and then back on again when pausing/stopping the movie... not to speak of the recent ability to have the lights change colour according to what is going on in the movie/tv... just a great lighting system that is well worth the money.

Not only do we have the cinema effect, but in conjunction with the Philips Hue Intelligent Motion Sensor Smart Accessory, Apple HomeKit Enabled, Works with Alexa,White we have a more efficient lighting system in the house... no more fumbling for lights when going to the toilet at night... and no being blinded either, as you can set the lights to be triggered in night light mode... just a great lighting system that I would not be without now.
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on 22 September 2017
I have 14 colour and white Philips Hue lighting products and they all work well and are manufactured to a high standard. Works well with Alexa, I can control my kitchen, living room, dinning room and hall, just with one short sentence. Impresses the hell out of visitor that have not seen them before when I change the lighting mood Colour by just saying "Alexa, turn living room lights on to Savana Sunset"..etc.
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on 20 January 2018
Great addon lights to my Hue eco-system. Currently being used as hallway lights. I've set them up to fade out slowly in the evening which is perfect, as around night time they effectively turn into night lights, very dim yet you can still walk around the house. Once setup you can practically forget about them which is great.

Note: You will need a hub to connect them to!
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on 3 January 2017
This was a good deal. two bulbs and the hub for the same price as I could have paid for just the hub elsewhere

Buying a starter kit with colour bulbs would have cost a fortune by comparison. If I want colour bulbs I will buy Innr bulbs which work just as well for a much lower price.

A shame the starter kit is only available with screw fit. Most of my bulbs are bayonet. Fortunately I had two screw fit pendants that I was able to use these on. Alternatively the screw to bayonet adapters work OK provided you don't find they cause the bulb to hang too low.
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