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on 13 February 2017
So, I am a tech geek and want to move into home automation. My other half buys me an Echo for Christmas (which I get moaned at for using?!?!) and decide I wish to explore other options. I was seriously weighing up Hue vs Lifx for lighting and decided to go Hue. I did that as I am not so fussed about having billions (or whatever the real number is) colour options, I am doing this more for the security / fun of it. So I got a Hue Hub and 2 of these bulbs plus and extra 3. The bulbs are sturdy and well made, standard UK fittings (I've had both screw and bayonet models all fine). As I am reviewing the bulbs I will assume you have a hub already (absolutely essential, they do not work without one!!!).I put the new bulbs into the fitting and turned the lights on and then had the app detect new bulbs which worked first time and hey presto, away you go! You essentially name a bulb and assign it to a room. You can then get creative by adding scenes, schedules, events (such as when you arrive home they turn on through geo location of your phone), all brilliant fi you ask me. I have the lights turn on when I arrive home and all off when I leave. These are not the ambient versions which have the various shades of white, but they do all dim very successfully, a nice feature for rooms without existing dimmers.

Now, I would say that the lights respond to the correct command about 9/10 occasions, so you have to expect the odd retry. I was also worried that they wouldn't work like conventional bulbs and turning off a light switch then on again would mean still no light. Wrong, when you turn a Hue bulb off at the wall switch, it is no longer responsive to Hue remote commands (bummer). This is understandable but annoying as my other half switches everything off the traditional way (so 1990s). I probably need one of the dimmer switches for Hue but I digress. The good news is when you switch the wall switch to on, the bulb DOES come on. This is a relief as again, my fiancé would have made me rip them all out if it had forced use of the phone app.

So a bit of a novelty, but programming a sequence of say 'go to bed' and turning off all downstairs lights then turning all upstairs on with one touch is, I think, a great bonus. The Alexa side of things I must say I haven't got into. It seems a bit clunky frankly and I simply haven't taken the time to group accessories on Alexa. Voice control is not a primary feature for me but I will have a play some time and update this review. It is great having lights come on when we are out, we live rurally and it is pretty isolated if e are out for any length of time. A handy addition to our security profile. I would definitely recommend these bulbs for those who don't care about colours but want to dip their toe in, like a dimmer and desire the added away from home security aspects.

Update: Meant to say that linking to IFTTT is great. I have the lights flash when my teams scores a goal. Invaluable ;0)
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on 7 January 2018
Being just a basic white bulb, they are on the cheaper end of the Hue range. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from these, given that I planned to use one in the bedroom, where there is only a single bulb. However, they exceeded my expectations. 1 bulb is plenty bright enough to light the bedroom on its own. I was also worried the ceiling my end up dark given the bulbs look like they may shine downwards more than anything, however this is not the case. They light the entire room well! I didn't need fancy colours, so these are perfect.

With just a few bulbs, there's no easy way to control them. I purchased a Hue dimmer remote which was easy to pair to both bulbs. I then went on to buy a Hue bridge to control more bulbs I purchased. With the bridge you can add all sorts of automation, such as slowly turning the lights on in the morning (I use this), dimming them in the evening by using scenes and the "other routines". If you are looking for a basic smart bulb I would recommend these, or even if you just want a nice LED light, they turn on quick even if you use the normal light switch.
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on 27 November 2017
The Hue White personals are great light bulbs -- they don't offer any of the white balance or colour changes of their more expensive cousins, but they dim and are programmable, so perfect lights for occasional bedrooms, hallways and other areas that benefit from smart lighting without needing a huge degree of control over the light colours/warmth.

The lights are also remarkably compact.

My only niggle is that the bulb doesn't quite light evenly -- the white lip comes up quite far so you do see a noticeable drop-off either above/below the light (depending on orientation).
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on 5 January 2018
Perfect and works as advertised, we got 5 in tital and have in most rooms, works great with no probs, we use our new Amazon Echo Plus 2nd gen that we got just before christmas, over a month of use now with no problems at all.
All we needed to do is fit them and then turn all lights on that have these and ask Alexa “Find Devices” thats it, after a few sec they will flash on off as Alexa sets them up on your hone network, just go into app and rename whatever you want, cannot comment using anything eslse apart from alexa as do not own them,
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on 7 December 2016
Really good product upgraded from WeMo led starter kit I have the wemo switches and they were great but Phillips Hue is better than WeMo as wemo unfortunately was not reliable enough now I've got Philip hue it work every time and when I get the dimmer switches in my hallway it will be a really good set up having it run alongside Amazon echo
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on 20 October 2016
I currently only own one of these so far, as well as the bridge and I've just got my Amazon Echo Dot. All three work brilliantly together, and I look forward to getting more of these as time goes on.

The light is bright at 100%, and gives no flickering when dimmed. Seems like solid build quality and should last for years. Also, still operates like a standard bulb if you dont have any smart devices, so dont worry.

Looking forward to replacing as many lights as I can with these!
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on 5 June 2017
The Hue system is expensive but pretty cool. You can set up rooms with different scenes (light settings for a given room), set up automated sequences for lights and use Motion sensors to trigger changes to lighting levels by room or lamp. The 3 varieties of lights that can be used are full colour variable lights, soft tone lights and regular white lights like this one.
I don't use Alexa or Google home but it apparently works with them. it needs a local network connection for the bridge (1 per house I think) and there is no ability to apply security by room to specific users or devices which would be a useful change to prevent the kids messing with lights when they shouldn't.
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on 30 March 2018
This is an Honest Review and I have Not been contacted by Phillips in any way.

I paid for this Item which is a Phillips Hue LED Bulb, The bulb arrived on-time and worked as expected.

The LED Bulb gives a nice white light and connected to my Phillips Hue system as expected with no connection or Disconnection issues at all.

Once connected to the Phillips Hue system, the bulb worked as expected and is an awesome addition to my home automation build, It's also dimmable which is a must for me and many other people these days.

I would and I plan on buying many more in the near future, I'm currently in the middle of outfitting my entire home with an automation system and Phillips are my chosen lighting system.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on 10 February 2018
It may be hard to believe, but you really do have to buy a £40 Bridge - a kind of supplementary router, just for Hue - in order to operate a £13 smart light bulb using Alexa or Siri. So you would only buy this bulb (and the bridge) if you were planning to have lots of Hue lights and perhaps other Philips devices, and if you don't mind plugging in yet another piece of kit. Without the bridge, it is just an expensive LED light bulb that you switch on and off by hand.
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on 6 April 2017
Lovely bulb, found by my firat gen Hue hub instantly.
Good light levels and scenes. Can be dimmed to desired light level and the app remebers this level for future.
Works well with the Hue app. ( Although tbe Hue app itself is a little limited)
Has a nice slow quick dim turn off when switched off.
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