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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Style: Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch|Change
Price:£19.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 10 November 2015
An essential solution for the high tech house that has other inhabitants (than your good self). It's OK having dozens of high tech light solutions, but if others cannot control them (or they don't share you love of the high tech world of mobile phone apps), then this is the solution.

It's expensive, but then so were the lights and led's that you are controlling. Buy one, and you wont be disappointed. I ended up buying 3, it was so successful with other house members.

None have ever failed to work, and they were incredibly easy to set up.
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on 29 November 2016
This switch is so much more than just a wireless dimmer.

Let's start with the physical side of it. The switch comes in two parts - a wall plate, with magnets embedded behind it, and the switch itself, which sits comfortably on the plate, held by magnetism. The switch can be removed just by pulling it away from the plate, and taken with you anywhere in the house - very useful for taking the bedroom light switch to your bedside at night, for example. In my house, every room that has Hue has at least one of these switches blu-tac'd (you can easily mount them permanently if you prefer) to the wall or a cupboard and they look great.

But the really special stuff is in the software, which dictates what this switch can do for your lights. Not only will it turn your lights on and off (in up to four separate rooms) and set their brightness, but it will also switch between different scenes with multiple presses of the On button.

By default, these presses are:

1) Last state
2) Relax
3) Read
4) Concentrate
5) Energise

... but with a few clicks in the Philips Hue app, you can change these to trigger any scene you desire. The sequence of presses resets after ten seconds, so you don't need to remember how many times you clicked last time you used the switch.

Even better, if you use a third-party app like iConnectHue, you can program EACH of the buttons to perform five different tasks - and those tasks can be made up of multiple steps, for example on your third press of the brightness+ button, you could switch on a few lights on room 1, set a scene in room 2 and start an animation in room 3.

And all that for about the same price as a basic electrical dimmer switch.

If you have Hue, get this switch.
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on 6 January 2016
The Hue dimmer provides simple, intuitive control of your lights for everyone in the house via an interface which you don't need to explain to anyone, and at a reasonable price.

The switch comes packaged with a dimmable (white light only) bulb and can be configured in two ways. If you are new to Hue and don't have a bridge then the switch can be paired directly with up to 10 bulbs which it will then control simultaneously. If you have an existing Hue setup then you add the switch to your bridge and assign it to control any group of lights saved on your bridge (the 10 bulb limit does not apply). You can then add the new bulb to your bridge via the Hue app.

The switch feels nice in your hand, the button feedback is good and it feels like a well made piece of kit. The switch is held in place magnetically in the wall mount so you can remove it easily for use on the sofa or whatever. When you replace it then it clips firmly back into place and has a small bulge at one end to prevent you putting it back on the wall upside down.

Out of the box the four buttons are self explanatory, power on, dim up, dim down and power off; these commands all apply to the same set of lights. Power users however can configure the switch any way they please, you can set different commands depending upon a long or short press of each button, add conditional responses, control multiple light groups and all sorts, provided you have a little experience with RESTful APIs and spend some time with the documentation on the Philips website.

The only thing I would change would be the dimensions of the wall mount. It's taller and narrower than a standard single gang switch, so you can't fit it in place of an existing light switch, but that's a minor niggle. The dimmer is a must have for practicality, especially in a family home where others aren't so keen to use an app to control the lights all the time.
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on 18 October 2016
The Hue Tap and Hue Dimmer switches have been grouped together as one product, even though they are clearly NOT the same thing. From looking at review labels, it appears the Tap is considered a "style" of the Dimmer product. Since I bought one of each this review will cover both.

It is a bit perverse, spending a fortune on a smart, semi-automated lighting ecosystem and then paying this much money to add switches back into the mix. But you know what? I'm NOT SORRY!

Many people have already commented on the clunkiness of the Tap switch, which generates its own power from the action of you pressing it, so I won't linger on that. Personally I like the sound and the movement itself - it feels like I'm priming something to detonate.

The adhesive strips on the backing plate hold it to a painted wall quite firmly, and it looks totally at home above my living room light switch (see pics). I just wish the plate was not so fugly when the switch is removed!

The button configuration of the Tap is ideal. I have it in the living room where I mostly use one of three scenes: "cosy crib", "misty dawn", and concentrate. The main switch I use to turn off all the living room lights, strips, and lamps.

I bought the Hue dimmer switch at the same time as the Tap, and at first was a bit annoyed that you can actually assign up to five scenes to the dimmer's "on" button. It made me wonder why I spent twice as much on the four-button Tap. But then... with the Tap I don't need to cycle through several scenes I don't want before I get to the one I do want. And unlike with the dimmer, the battery will never run out. The dimmer is on the bedroom wall where it can do the most good.

The dimmer then... also firmly attached to the wall with the included adhesive strips, and the magnetic backing plate is much less ugly. This device is really good for the money it cost: means you don't have to argue with Siri when you just want to go to sleep, and don't have to blind yourself with your phone if you wake up in the night and want a lamp on.

I have the On button set to give me the last active scene on the first press, then night lights, coziness, reading, and finally concentrate. The idea is that the presses increase both brightness and whiteness - that way if I'm trying to turn on a dim light at night time I won't get a nuclear blast of white light that prompts my brain to wake up. And because I have a Hue motion sensor in the doorway that sets the bedroom lamps to nightlight when triggered after 9:30pm, that ensures that while I'm in bed the last active scene is always dim unless I specifically change it.

Both the Dimmer and the Tap are versatile and handy devices which have been well thought out. The Tap could do with being a 'touch' cheaper, but believe me when I say I don't have buyer's regret. Recommended!
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on 2 October 2016
These dimming switches are great. The look amazing and work with no lag. I have bought 4 now and will get more in the future when I upgrade the next rooms in the house. My setup is with a Hue Bridge and HomeKit (apple TV) and the setup was really easy. It's so much easier when waling in a room to hit the switch than getting my phone out and using an app.

The remote build quality is good and feels worth the price. The switch has 5 brightness presets done by clicking the on button multiple times and also has brightness up/down switches. There are apps that can be bought that let you reprogram all the buttons as well as holds and multi taps, so the remote is actually more useful than it first seems.

The bulbs are bright. These replaced my old dumb Philips bulbs and they a rated at the same wattage, however these seem to be much much brighter.

The packs only come with GU27 screw fittings - most sockets in my house are BC. You can't seem to by GU27 sockets anywhere so you need to get an adaptor. I ended up spending more and getting the TOP-MAX® Bayonet BC Cap B22 To E27 ES Edison Screw Light Bulb Lamp Base Socket Converter Extender Adaptor Holder Fitting 220-240V.

The traditional light switches need to be left on. This is fine if like my living room they are behind the door and not seen, however if like the rest of my rooms they are in the entrance to the room then other people (and you) will switch them off all the time. Since the bulbs need to be on to be smart that is a bit of an issue. The remote holder is taller, but slimmer than a normal switch panel and with the actual switches sticking out it means you can't just plonk the Philips remote on top... so people will still end up clicking the main lights off. Especially guests! I haven't found a proper solution to this yet as I'm not going to hardwire the switch on. I ended up making a big wood square and chiseling a cavity which the old switch can fit in. Since it's my first attempt at woodwork since school it's not perfect, but it's an interim solution and works well enough! The switch issue isn't entirely Philips' fault, it's just there are no products out there to get around this. Philips probably could have come up with some halfway solution if they had thought about it more, but it's not a deal breaker.

I'd still get more and apart from the switch issue these are flawless. If the switch issue has an elegant solution I would have given 5
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on 30 December 2016
This is the perfect addition to my growing Phillips hue family.

This switch comes with an adhesive on the back making it very easy to mount on the wall. The remote itself has a on/off function and a dimmer option.

The remote can be removed from the wall mount and carried around for convenience. The wall mount has a magnet so when it comes to reattach the remote to the wall it snaps into place.

Highly recommended!
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on 6 December 2015
I really don't know what you would do with out this. I bought two and have them for the two rooms I have Hue in. There are times when you just can't conveniently use your phone everytime you walk inside a room. Seriously. You can't adjust the Hue without a phone or tablet, and this helps alot.
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on 30 November 2016
As much as I love my Hue lights, I don't want to have to control them from a phone/tablet all the time. The dimming switch works well for when you just want a good old fashioned switch, but adds some decent customizability too.

Assign as many individual lights to the switch as you like, or just an entire room. By default all of the buttons act as you'd expect with a single press - on turns them on to their last setting, off turns them off, and you can raise/lower the brightness with the middle two buttons. However you can also assign additional profiles to subsequent presses of the "on" button. You can have separate actions assigned for 2 up to 5 presses for a total of 4 profiles. It sounds more complicated than it is - it works really smooth in reality and you quickly get used to "two presses for bright white, three for mood lighting, four for movie watching setting..." or whatever you prefer.

If you're feeling extra lazy, the switch itself easily comes away from the wall mount and can be used as a portable remote, and attaches back magnetically.

Of course it also comes with a "standard" Hue bulb. So no reds and blues of the premium bulbs, or even the adjustable white balance of the medium bulbs, but you still have the smart management and dimming, so great for the places where you just want light, but not full customisation, like hallways.

Overall, a great addition to your Hue lighting system.
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2016
Can't praise Philips Hue Lights enough; they work off of the app (Available on all platforms) to set colours, you have 16 million in theory to choose from) as well as an ever expanding range of dimmer switches, on/off buttons, motion sensors, Amazon's Alexa, Siri, links into your Nest Thermostat and smoke detectors and automatically turn red if coloured, or low light white if there's smoke as this is the most visible light in smoke/haze.
This is a set that works out of the box, you can have up to ten of these white lights operating off of the dimmer switch without the need of the Philips Hue hub, which at £50 is expensive- if you buy into the Hue system get a starter pack as you'll get three coloured bulbs (or two lightstrip plus') and the hub is effectively free but the kit is £149! If you want more than ten lamps/lights you'll need the home hub. If you like gadgets, love the idea of painting your house in colour... setting scenes for the best TV or Movie experience... even down to the mundane like cooking and cleaning Hue will help you set the tone for your happy lit home. (Hey. I'm a big fan!)
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on 3 January 2017
So useful to pair with Phillips hue lights for those times you don't have your phone on you or guests need to change the lights. The included wallmount is great to stick right where your normal lightswitch would be. The remote attaches magnetically to the mount which is very useful to quickly take it for use as a remote then put back. Would definitely recommend to anybody who used Phillips Hue lights.
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