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on 4 January 2018
It would seem as if the age of combining well-known songs by popular singers with lush orchestral backing has well and truly arrived. Purely orchestral arrangements of music by Genesis and Queen, by conductors such as Tolga Kashif with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, are now being accompanied by arrangements of songs by singer/composers like Roy Orbison and the album under review, Elvis Presley.
In the process, the new recordings provide greater clarity, in both the words of the songs and the accompanying music, as well as detectable differences in the whole to make listening to the songs over again a pleasant experience.
This present collection, If I Can Dream, by Elvis Presley, is one of several that have been produced in recent months. The songs are generally very well known and appreciated, especially as they represent the romantic and ballad style of Elvis, rather than his more audacious (but still enjoyable) rock and roll offerings. Of particular attraction are the new arrangements of Love Me Tender, Bridge Over Troubled Water, the ever-present gospel number - in this case How Great Though Art, the sensational An American Trilogy, and, of course, the tile song "If I Can Dream, all of which lend themselves to bigger orchestral sound.
It also needs to be said that arrangements such as these enables one to more thoroughly understand and appreciate the exceedingly fine voice that Elvis Presley possessed, across a wide range of songs and in various genres of music. This CD is a most welcome addition to the vast of Elvis discography.
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on 8 November 2015
As a life long Elvis fan I couldn't wait to get my hands on this! And I certainly wasn't disappointed! A great mix of tracks, maybe not the ones I would have chosen but hey we all have our (many) favourites. I wasn't sure how Burning Love would work, being a faster song but I actually think this might be my favourite track. How Great Thou Art is good, but I prefer the concert version, being a bit faster. Heartbreak Hotel sounds very "bluesy"...fantastic! Ok, Fever...a fantastic song BUT...not with Michael Buble. I've nothing against MB but I don't like Elvis duets and wish they had left this with just Elvis, but I guess this is where the "skip forward" button will come in handy. I love the box set, having the vinyl and the more modern CD, I have even have it on my phone now (although I had to get help to do that), this really is a great collectors item! Overall 10/10 from me and I hope the RPO do another one or ten. I would also love to see the RPO do a tour with Elvis on screen...now that would be amazing!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 January 2016
Bought as a Christmas present for my partner, she has had a chance to give it a listen, along with me.
Differing views--- she is a bit of a purist of Elvis Presley and her bottom line is that she prefers to hear his original versions of the songs, and this compilation 'clouds' his work.
While listening she could instantly tell from which period of his life each song came from, from the tone in his voice. So she really appreciates his stuff.

I'm less critical I think (and also I can't compare many of the songs to the original spec) and found the combination of the Royal Philharmonic together with the voice of Elvis will open up the interest of many new fans to the music of the great idol.The orchestral backing wasn't intrusive to me and didn't detract from the voice in my humble opinion.

We did both ask the question why were certain other songs not included.Perhaps copyright? Or is another cd planned for the future?
Time will tell. Personally I'd welcome another compilation, it worked for me.
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on 23 October 2015
Although I was quite happy with the original versions of the songs they are brilliantly enhanced by the new orchestral arrangements and bring out the magical vocals of the greatest singer of the 20th century band beyond..
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on 22 March 2016
Now I'm no Elvis fan but purchased this for my wife, who is.
She was playing the album and I thought that it was really good and asked if it was the one that I bought, I was really impressed with what I was hearing. I imagine that Elvis fans will love this production and that it would appeal to many middle of the roaders out there, but I was so surprised that I liked it as much as I did, so I can only assume that it must be pretty good, as I am a progressive rock fan at heart, but I have mellowed a bit these days.

Give it a try, you may well be surprised at how good this album is.
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on 2 November 2015
Well worth the wait. Ms Presley is quite right Elvis would have loved this and certainly would have felt so proud I am sure. 'And the grass won't pay no mind' is new to me but what a great Neil Diamond song, really like it. Why did no one ever think of this before - RPO and Elvis it's like being in Heaven.
My all time favourite Elvis song is 'If I can Dream' I have many versions of Elvis singing this in numerous formats so was very much looking forward to listening to it. Had to play that first of course..... I love the CD and it is of course a must have for all Elvis fans, my only criticism is that the RPO is just a bit too loud on 'If I can Dream' & 'Burning Love'.

Please can we have more of these.
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on 31 October 2015
Awesome , stunning . I have all the original recordings of all of these tracks but these versions surpass them in every respect. I like the fact that many of the original musicians have been retained like Floyd Cramer & Chet Atkins as well as his regular backing players . But the addition of the LPO ( & Duane Eddy on two tracks ) has given each track an added depth & presence which only seems to enhance Elvis's Voice . The track with Michael Buble ( Fever ) ,which I was dubious about to start with , actually works very well . Even if you are not a great Elvis fan this is a truly memorable popular recording.
Be warned the Auto Rip only includes the first 14 tracks !
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on 7 January 2016
This CD is magnificent! I haven't been an Elvis fan through the years but have always appreciated his voice when singing ballads. This collaboration with the RPO is nothing short of genius. I doubt I would have known about it if I hadn't watched the tv programme Elvis and Me with Joanna Lumley His version of classics like Bridge Over Troubled Water and You've Lost That Loving Feeling really showcase his voice. I always thought he sounded at his best on Its Now or Never but with an orchestra behind him it takes it to a new level. The one negative for me is the duet with Michael Buble on Fever. No one should be on this CD other than Elvis and the RPO but if they had to include a duet Buble was not the best choice. Elvis does one of the best versions of this song his voice is suited to it then Buble comes in with a very weak hollow sound. American Trilogy is him in gospel mode, very moving. You don't have to be an Elvis fan to appreciate and enjoy this CD, I have certainly had my £4.99's worth from it.
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on 14 December 2015
Gorgeous CD showcasing the talent and unforgettable voice of the legend Elvis Presley, while backed by the masters of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Each song track is beautifully given a new fresh coating of paint, whilst retaining the vocals of Elvis. Listening to this album, gives you the sense and makes you think Elvis has come back to life to do this new album.

Some of my favourite song's on this album are An American Trilogy, Burning Love and In The Ghetto, that sound absolutely incredible.

The only downsides I feel with the album was Fever with Michael Bublé featuring, while Michael has a great voice. I would have preferred a restoration of Fever with just Elvis on it and felt the album should have 100% focused on Elvis and the Orchestra.

Would have loved to have seen a remastering of Always On My Mind by the Orchestra, but Elvis sung so many great songs and this is still a fantastic album to own if you are an avid Elvis fan :)
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on 1 November 2015
Two of the best songs on the album, and to have them on a vinyl single makes it more of an experience ro play. Try to listen to these with your headphones on, it is an almost religious experience, Elvis has never sounded clearer. Only down side (but only a smal one) is that there is no picture on the cover.
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