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on 8 March 2016
The only reason I didn't give the 5 stars, is because the touch pad is too big. If you have an average palm size, you will constantly touch and move the cursor by mistake. The only reason I haven't returned it is because my wife is happy with it.
I really don't get those designers, you have a touch screen, and still, they design a huge size touch pad!
Apart of the touch pad, the rest is impeccable.
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on 13 June 2017
Almost instant boot.
Solid performance
Handled everthing with ease that a computer science degree could throw at it.
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on 19 November 2015
Had the i7 512gb version for 3 months now and it's an excellent laptop. Happy with the purchase. Other reviewers are right that there are a few minor niggles - sounds occasionally (i.e. twice in the 3 months I've had it) gets fuzzy on videos and I have to restart (some kind of Windows 10 driver issue I think) and the trackpad is not the best one going - but then you don't need it much as the touchscreen is great. Windows 10 upgrade was straightforward and, other than the occasional fuzzy sound issue mentioned above, the Windows 10 experience has been very pleasant. Does a fine job of combining the flexibility and power of a PC with the portability, battery life, user experience and build quality of a premium tablet.
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on 26 September 2015
High-end laptop with exceptionally high quality screen and fast performance with Windows 10 installed. Thoroughly recommend.
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on 6 November 2015
Great computer. very lightweight, responsive touchscreen and touchpad. works fast. A battery charge lasts for a very long time.
I use it as a student and i'm very pleased with it.
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on 6 October 2015
This is a mixed bag. Expensive and premium, the Spectre x360 ultrabook is very good looking and of great construction with a few problems that shouldn't exist. Speakers got crackly driver error so needed to reset entire laptop. Some issues with the OS. Updates needed to be manually done on many of the components (track pad, etc.). Get it if you know your way around a PC but not for newbs as too many niggling issues for the money that will mean seeking tech help for some time.
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VINE VOICEon 14 September 2015
Very pleased with this laptop - so far.

Mine is the HD (none 4K) screen, i5 with 256BG of memory. I deliberately avoided the 4K screen as I had considerable grief trying to get Adobe and some other products to run at sensible resolutions on my Lenovo Yoga 3. This situation is improving but believe me, you won't regret leaving 4K alone - it adds nothing, eats battery life and gives the aforementioned resolution problems.

Looks - not bad - aluminium tribute to a well-known Apple product but somehow anonymous. Lacks the cool alternative vibe of the Lenovo Yoga 3 with its trick hinge but in a different world to the black plastic rectangles out there.

Performance is great - Switch on is a few seconds and wake up is near as instant as you need. Operation is really sharp, can have loads of applicaitons open and multiple tabs with no slow down. Renders video, animations etc in Adobe products and Serif products quickly (I use these all the time) and doesn't throttle the processor to cope with heating issues - it doesn't have them. It had Windows 8 on it when I bought it and now runs Windows 10 flawlessly with no driver issues etc which is what you would expect but not always get from a premium priced item from a big manufacturer . I really don't know what the i7 might add to this laptop other than shortened battery life.

Battery life - this is worth mentioning on it's own - outstanding for a Windows laptop - I have read smaller number for online tests but I get 8 hours out of mine with mixed, including some quite power-hungry activities. Double a Yoga 3 but not in the same universe as a Macbook but then they don't have touch-screens which I love.

Feel is probably more familiar to Macbook owners - solid slab of aluminium but a bit heftier than a Macbook Air and a lot heavier than the ultra-light Yoga 3. I like the feel but miss the impossible lightness of the Yoga. This laptop does of course, twist around, something that most laptops don't and this can be useful for viewing vids etc. I had issues with mine sensing the correct orientation for the screen when rotated - took a surprising amount of messing around to get it to work. This issue returned with the Windows 10 upgrade but was sorted with more messing around, still....

Screen - mine has a super HD IPS screen - this has massive viewing angles and goes bright - buttons at the top of the kwyboard allow you to choose your brightness quickly without menus. Touch-response is beyond reproach and i can't criticise this part of the laptop. i have never regretted not going for the 4K item. It's glossy though - you won't use this laptop outside but you do get the saturated colours and great movie viewing benefits of that glossiness.

Keyboard - this is well, ok. Better than a Yoga and in my opinion an Apple one but limited key travel and squished space are the price you pay for having small, thin laptops.

Touchpad - ah, my main bone of contention - this is so-so component. It's insanely big - look at the pictures before you buy and the registration of clicks and movements can be hit and miss. I've got used to it to a certain extent but it compares poorly to the £500 Dell Inspiron I am typing on - having said that, the Dell one is superb - closest thing to a Macbook touchpad i have tried.

So in summary - Great Performance, Screen and Battery Life, Keyboard ok and Touchpad needs improvement.

Not the perfect small laptop but Mac alternatives aside, about as goo as it gets for a small Windows laptop.
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on 16 November 2016
Would discourage anyone from buying an HP spectre computer - this is a flawed product (defective wifi card) and they seem incapable of fixing it - had my computer taken away 3 times already for repair without fixing it, all within one year of buying it, and HP refuses to replace the computer with a new one or buy it back from me. Poor product, poor customer service and poor repair processes - thumbs down!
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on 11 September 2015
Super amazing laptop!!! Highly recommended.
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on 25 May 2016
I purchased the 4109na version of this laptop (same machine with a few extras) because it has excellent specifications. Unfortunately, it started to emit a strange electrical sputtering sound from the keyboard over the CPU area. The sound was very faint, but noticeable in a quiet room. It's not the fan because it's constant from the start even when the machine is cold. I sent it back to HP twice to fix the issue and they sent it back to me stating it is normal and within specification - in other words, it makes a faint, but constant noise as normal. I wasn't happy because I know that solid state devices (excluding the fan) do not make any noise at all. HP refused to refund the product because I had owned it for 6 weeks longer than the prescribed one month return period. They refused to change any of the components either to see if that might have made a difference and told me there was nothing they could do. This has cost me and them a lot of time, but they won’t budge on their policy.

I asked HP to confirm if it was normal for HP products to make strange electrical noises as part of their specification, but they refused to comment on this. The (outsourced) repairer however, did confirm that it makes a faint noise and compared it to another machine of the same specification confirming that the noise was the same indicating that this is normal.

To put into context, imagine if your iPad or MacBook Pro made faint, but constant electrical sputtering noises from the CPU area. You would automatically think that your machine was defective. The Apple build quality is very high and this would never be acceptable. HP are essentially saying this noise is acceptable.

Nice specifications, nice-looking machine, but beware of the build quality. HP have never really had a great reputation for build quality and I suppose this proves it. I naively thought they might have improved over the years, but I was wrong. Do your research first. I'm now stuck with this machine and HP have dug their heals in by refusing to acknowledge they might have build quality issues. They continue to quote 'it is within specification'.
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