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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black
Colour: Z3 Compact Black|Size: 16GB|Change
Price:£259.00+ Free shipping

on 23 February 2016
after initial setup issues, the phone has been reliable and quick since the start. The expandable memory is useful and having been Blackberry for a year beforehand, the android world is a welcome return.

A couple of issues -

1) I took it underwater for less than 20secs. The phone stopped working for a day and would not boot up. I left it off for a long while and it started to work again. I would not recommend taking it under water.

2)The charging port cover gasket has been peeling off and twists so it doesnt close properly. It is fiddly and annoying but necessary if it is to be water proof - which it isnt, so would rather another way of dealing with it.

3) Its not on EEs listed wi-fi calling phones - not Sony's fault but annoying nonetheless.

4) The biggest issue for me is typing. The keyboard is tiny and I often hit the wrong keys rendering it useless of emails of any substance.

I do like the display, and performance. I like the expandable memory and the camera is pretty good - only let down by the screen (but only a little).

Overall, i am happy with it and prefer it to an iPhone. It was not as clear or smart as my BB Passport, but is has been reliable and easy to use - not to mention pretty robust!
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on 14 July 2015
Recently acquired this phone - replaced a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. It was relatively easy to transfer most of the data held on the S4 - all except for the saved wifi connections data, meaning I am having to reconnect again when visiting all the places where I had collected wifi setups. Apart from that, the Xperia calendar is not as helpful as the one on the S4 in that it doesn't show your upcoming events & appointments (the next 3 or so) and the ability to view a whole month in view, while possible, simply displays 'dots' under the days where there are entries and you only get to see what the event is by clicking on the date number. In the end, I discarded the Xperia's in built calendar and am now using Google's, which has the added benefit of syncing across all devices using Chrome browser.

Everything else seems pretty straightforward and the physical properties, whilst a tad 'glossy' are fine. I like the keyboard - even though the phone is very similar in dimensions to the s4 and it fits nicely into my shirt breast pocket, the keys seem to be better spaced out, reducing input errors. I am using the predictive text input at the moment and by & large, it is working well, speeding up my input quite significantly. I can only assume that the s4 has a similar function but it was not set by default and not obvious how to set.

In use, the z3 compact is fast & responsive and the battery life is well up to the claim - although I have yet to use any power hungry apps usch as the 4k video. As I have NAS & Cloud storage, it is pleasing to note that loading images, music & data is a lot quicker than the S4, although this will rely to a large extent on the speed & quality of the wifi connection. What I can say is that using the wifi at my home location has enabled me to make a direct comparison.

The screen is clear & bright and all the controls are 'virtual', so no buttons on the front to go wrong, although I never really had any problems using the S4 in this respect. The only slight issue I might have relates to the phone's battery, which is not removable, so replacing it at some point will involve a trip to a specialist. I've seen You Tube videos about replacing parts & batteries on iPhones and so I assume that there will be similar for the z3. However, given the physical characteristics of the phone, i would not want to tinker.

Pricewise, I paid a similar amount for the z3 compact, so I think that so far, I have a better bang for my buck.

I will update as time goes by in order to share my user experience long term
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on 20 December 2015
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (Orange) on O2.

Firstly I found a second hand for £129.99 from a cash converters seller on Amazon!!! I couldn't believe it! I snapped it up immediately.
It came without a box & the phone is in very good condition!!!

Onto the phone;
I've switched from an iPhone that has an awful battery life, it's practically lost its mobile status as it's plugged in most of the time. I've always had apple devices since the 2nd gen iPod touch, but have wanted to try android for a long time. The changes on iPhones are so minimal over years & I'm just fed up of it.

The Sony Z3 Compact came running 5.1 Lollipop. It was quick to set up using my google account I use for YouTube & then it was onto getting used to a new operating system.
If I'm honest I found it easy to navigate the phone, change settings etc. Phone has numerous battery settings, & you can extend battery life to 7+ days on some settings.

I've got a PlayStation 4 (I've also got the PS TV which isn't great at streaming games) & downloaded the remote play app. I connected my dualshock 4 to the phone via the app, & started to play Fallout 4. The input lag is minimal, & it's actually a pretty good experience, especially playing a game like Fallout 4 on a mobile device! The screen on the Z3 compact is around the same size as an entire iPhone 4S, so I actually found it easy to read.

I have Sony BTN 200 Bluetooth headphones with NFC. Connecting them was simple; just turn the NFC on the earphones, put the phone next to my ear & it beeps & it's connected. NFC switch off for good. Done.

I've ordered the Sony controller mount & imagine it'll be a better gaming experience.

All in all, a very fast phone (quad core) that hasn't taken much time to get used to. Brilliant battery life (my headphones are the same, lasts for days). A quality looking & feeling device, plus connectivity to other Sony devices is simple. Plus I got it for at least £70 cheaper! :-))
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on 17 September 2015
I absolutely love this phone. I wanted something a little smaller than the getting-bigger-by-the-moment current offerings and the Z3 Compact meets my needs exactly. It isn't that small, either, the screen is fine for reading my Kindle books, and the quality of the speakers makes listening to my Audible books a pleasure. The phone is quite chunky, a bit thicker and therefore heavier than some, but this is largely because the quality is so good. Sony has always produced really nice hardware and this is a joy. The screen is brilliant and everything works exactly as it should and is very smooth, responding instantly. It is very intuitive and almost feels like a pet that is anxious to please! And yes, I am anthromorphising it ... I haven't yet used the camera much, but again it is of a superb quality. Fortunately, I haven't tested the waterproof-ness either! All in all, this is the best phone I have had in a long while, I am thrilled with it.
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on 20 May 2015
Great piece of kit. Comes with front and back protective films that were easy to apply (bubbles pushed to side with ease), but one edge could not be completely secured. Have explored many of the functions and downloaded apps with no real issues. Not looked as the media side, which one might expect to be a bit intrusive given the Sony aspect. Luckily can customize the home screen to push it all into the background. The Sony PC suite is disappointing (compare to my previous Nokia experience). Had problems syncing PC Outlook contacts and calendar with phone and only appears to be one way. Trying a workaround using Gmail contacts and Google Calendar, but needs a manual confirmation for access to Outlook on PC (security issue).
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on 21 September 2017
Initially delighted with the Xperia Z3 Compact. I wanted to use it for cycling. The battery life was good. It had BLE and Ant+ and MOST important it was reputedly "waterproof" to 1.5meter for 30 mins. Sadly due to manufacturing deficiencies the phone suffers from my phone is now a brick. £185 paid for the phone and now Sony Mobile UK want a further £230. Let me explain! From Sony Mobile Repair UK "Your device is beyond economical repair. We offer you a functionally equivalent device" You see I used the device as per manufacturer's instructions and without warning and for no reason my device developed a Hairline Fracture on the the fragile glass back. Also, it developed an issue with the seal around the charging flap and together these 2 manufacturing issues resulted in "water ingress" which totally destroyed my phone. Interesting to note that Sony US have agreed an out of court settlement in a class action suit relating to Yes you guessed! waterproofness. Landes v. Sony Mobile Communications (U.S.A.), Inc. et al. see www dot xperiawaterproofsettlement dot com
review image review image review image
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on 9 June 2015
Battery life is beyond words, I've just got back from a five day music festival and still have over 20% remaining thanks to its ingenious stamina modes...and let's not forget it's water proof because it also survived one of the heaviest thunder & lightening storms I've ever found myself in while I casually (and slightly smugly) videoed the passing storm.

The phone suffers no lag at all. This was such a relief as my previous phone (Samsung S4) suffered all the time. This could be due to Sony not messing with Android much.

Call quality is great and much better than my previous S4.

Connectivity is great, operates the PS4 remotely very well indeed. I can now sit with my wife rather than in my 'man cave'.

I really like the fact I can operate the phone with one hand, unlike my old S4. This is something I'll never take for granted again. Grabbing your Z3 compact out of your pocket to check your location with one hand on a busy Street in London is priceless. It'll be the compact sized phones like this for me from now on. Why not do what I did, and get a Z3 compact tablet for home browsing on a bigger screen, then you get the best of both!
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on 7 March 2015
Great little phone! I was resisting to buy a smart phone. Before this I had Nokia E52. Now, I wouldn't bother getting back to long battery life of Nokia. This Sony can Easily last longer than 2 days using the phone reasonably. I mean not playing games. In fact the phone did work without a charger for 3 days and 10 hours leaving 16% battery. How cool is that?

I bought a magnetic charger cable from Magtron so I can charge and the phone keeps being water proof.

4K video is awesome, so are the pictures.

Anything negative?
There are phones with better sound, but having an earbuds fix this. Apart from that I really can't complain. I would buy it again!
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on 14 October 2015
Edit: Although I initially loved the phone, I don't any longer. The glass is just too fragile. I wish I'd paid more attention to the reviews about the cracking issues, and bought a different phone. :(
[original 5-star review] Great phone, and really quick. Easy to customise, connect etc. Like the size - still pocket-sized - too many new phones now are too big. Only downside is the back is too shiny - can't balance it on my knee and use one handed, as it slips off - will look into a case I think to solve that.
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on 30 November 2015
I've had samsungs, iphones, HTCs. Being an active person I had a certain list of requirements:
Decent GPS antenna: it does locate quickly - but that may be more down to googles cleverness.
Not constantly whinging about internal memory being full and an SD card slot.
Waterproof so if it gets sweaty it wont get damage.
Medium sized screen so I can put in my pocket or handle it easily with 1 hand. (ie not a lumbering behemoth)
Relatively good camera... just cos

I waited for the s5 mini to come down in price, then suddenly spotted this beauty.

It ticks all the boxes and if you can get it for a good price, then go for it.

Bonuses for me are: ANT chip (so I can dabble in writing apps to interface with all my garmin sensors)
20+MP camera, with "camera-style" quick photo button. I now never miss a pic waiting for the camera to respond
Its rather quick for what it does.
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