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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 4 August 2014
Every week when the phone rang in Commisioner Gordons' office, his expression would turn grim, then putting the phone down he would turn to Chief O'Hara and say;
"This is too much for us, I'll call Batman."
Even as a child I always got the impression that a cat stuck up a tree would have been too much for Gotham City police. Did they ever attempt to do anything?
Poor Bruce didn't have much of a social life, I'd have stopped answering the phone and drawn the curtains so as not to see the Batsignal.

Batman's adherence to the law was always something I admired, it even extended as far as when pursuing escaping criminals he would always obey the speed limit! No matter how excitedly Robin would shout "Batman they're getting away".
It's no wonder Gotham City Police always placed their caps over their hearts when the Batmobile whizzed by, Batman was doing all their work!, and talking about the Batmobile that was just as much a star of the show as Adam West and Burt Ward.

Something I always found hilarious was the way Batman would take something from his utility belt that had the prefix; "Bat" to it. (Bat-Examples; Bat screwdriver, Bat headache tablets, etc)
In a world short of laughs THIS SHOW IS A MADCAP FROLIC OF FUN, FUN, FUN!
Three major reasons why this show should capitalise on it's still fondly remembered reputation, and get released on DVD/Blu ray soon.
1/ Even up until 1988 the show was playing in 106 countries, with an estimated audience of 400 million.
2/ Modern day Batman purists have complained that this version ruined the look and feel of the Batman from the comics and the latest, "serious" film version's of Batman. However they overlook the fact that even as far back as 1965 DC heroes had been totally overshadowed by the; "Marvel age of comics". This show kept the DC flag flying, and what's wrong with a bit of fun?
3/ Batman creator Bob Kane loved the show, so if the creator of the character liked this interpretation, then thats good enough for me. Even Mr Kane's college Bill Finger liked the show and wrote a second season story with Charles Sinclair called; "The Clock Kings crazy crimes"/"The King gets crowned".
For two seasons this was the biggest hit on TV but by season three it was losing it's zany charm, but hey that's life.
The producers knew this too, so they introduced Batgirl; just for the dads!
120 Bat-episodes of 30 Bat-minutes duration.
I think it's about time William Dozier's lucid tones of; "Same Bat Time, Same Bat channel" were heard again, coming from the TVs of the world!
I can't see any constructive reason why some people knock this show, it was fun, and we could ALL do with a bit more of that!
· ALL 120 Original Broadcast Episodes Fully Remastered In HD
· Highly Collectible Premiums
Hot Wheels® Replica Batmobile
The Adam West Scrapbook
44 Vintage Trading Cards
32-Page Complete Episode Guide
· OVER 3 Hours Of ALL NEW Extras:
. Hanging with Batman - A true slice of life in the words of Adam West
. Holy Memorabilia Batman! - A journey into the most sought after collectables through the eyes of 3 extraordinary collectors
. Batmania Born! - Building the World of Batman - Explore the art and design behind the fiction.
. Bats of the Round Table - A candid conversation with Adam West and his celebrity friends, chatting all things Bat '66.
. Inventing Batman in the words of Adam West (episodes 1&2) - A rare treat for the fans as Adam discusses his script notes on bringing Batman to life.
. Na Na Na Batman! -- Hollywoods favourite stars and producers recount their favorite Batman memories
Bat-trivia - Whenever Adam Wests' unfit looking physique was mentioned he would always reply that was his stuntman.

In 1967 Batman came to Britain to teach us kids about road safety, see I always knew he was real.

KAPOW! So enjoy these tales from the day when Batman was psychedelic; not psychotic.
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on 6 March 2015
I was brought up with the original Batman series, and absolutely loved every last 'Biff' and 'Zowee'.
I bought this set as a Christmas gift for the whole family and - although expensive - it has been worth every last penny. It appeals on so many levels - from the painfully punned humour and the ludicrously choreographed cartoon-captioned fights to Catwomen's impressively feline charms and 60s corsetry (which account for what my 8 year old son refers to as her 'missile boobies').
The villains are terrific - The Penguin (Burgess Meredith) is particularly malevolent and Cesar Romero's Joker is masterful - and predictably steal the scene from the goody goody 'heroes', Batman and Robin. But it is the fate of superheroes is that they are always much less interesting than their foes.
The perspective on future technology is hilarious, but it's all part of the cheesy charm.
And to further sweeten the deal, you get a free scale model Batmobile and a presentation box that plays the irritating 'Nana nana nana nana, Nana nana nana nana' theme tune as long as the battery lasts ... what more could you ask for???
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on 31 March 2015
I've been waiting years for this show to come out on DVD and it hasn't disappointed. Some of my earliest memories are from Monday and Tuesday tea times on ITV in the mid 70s lapping up every cliched and camp moment (I knew no different, then).

Somehow none of the later movies ever recaptured that early magic for me.

Now I'm watching it with my sons aged 7 and 4 who are enjoying it all over again.

The reason for only 4 stars? Shoddy packaging - the discs don't click into the cases and just fall straight out every time you open it - thankfully none of mine have been damaged despite falling on the floor more than once. I don't like to dock a star for this reason but when they've produced such a lavish set, it's a shame for it to be let down in this way.
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on 4 December 2014
UPDATE: According to posts in the discussion forum, UK users are going to have to return the whole set to Amazon if they want the corrected discs, and wait for the corrected version to be released on February 16th.

Originally posted by Paul J Mular on

"Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) will provide fans with replacement discs and digital repairs to the few minor technical issues identified in its recent release of Batman: The Complete Television Series.

Amounting to less than five minutes of footage within the 50-plus hours of entertainment, the issues encompass one 60-second dropped scene in the episode entitled "Marsha's Scheme of Diamonds"; a brief piece of rarely-heard William Dozier narration that originally opened the pilot episode, "Hi Diddle Riddle"; and an assembly of villain tags from the end of assorted episodes.

"The restoration process of this footage - spanning 48 years and two major studios - has been a super heroic task, and we deeply regret even the smallest of glitches occurring in that process," said Rosemary Markson, Senior Vice President, TV Brand Management & Retail Marketing, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. "We recognize our obligation to the fans of this landmark series, and we have worked diligently to identify all issues and provide resolutions as quickly as possible."

To resolve these issues for consumers purchasing Batman: The Complete Television Series, WBHE will make available complete replacement discs for the discs that originally included the episodes "Marsha's Scheme of Diamonds" and "Hi Diddle Riddle." The villain tags will be re-issued as an assembled string on one of the aforementioned discs and, as an added bonus, WBHE has acquired rights and legal clearances to both a Bat-vehicle teaser that originally aired as part of the second season-opening "Shoot A Crooked Arrow" episode, and one of the original promotional tags that aired on the original showing of the "The Duo Defy" episode. Additionally, all fixes will be made to all Digital HD versions of Batman: The Complete Television Series.

To obtain the replacement discs, consumers who have purchased Batman: The Complete Television Series are directed to www(dot)warnerbros(dot)com/help/customer-service.

Worldwide demand for the Limited Edition box set of Batman: The Complete Television Series has been tremendous, resulting in widespread retailer sellouts and rapidly dwindling inventories heading into the holiday season. To fulfill consumer interest, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced a new streamlined Blu-ray(tm) box set that includes all 120 episodes and matching enhanced content from the limited edition set, but without the added premium items or Digital HD copy. Purchasers of this set will also need to utilize the customer service website to obtain replacement discs."
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on 25 August 2015
Ridiculous price, ridiculously entertaining! Those of us who missed the first batch have been denied the digital copies the US customers got, which is highly unfair, but other than that this is a fine release. Yes, the physical extras' worth is debatable but it's still a fine looking set, even down to having the theme tune playing from the box.

It's dropped £11 from when I bought it, which more closely reflects what I think it should have cost originally, but I didn't want to risk it selling out.
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on 14 March 2015
Just received this, and all I cas say, it is fantastic. The packaging is excellent ( saw a negative review about this,must have been reviewing another product). sturdy box, the way it opens at the front, the packaging of the car,discs etc all good. Then there is the picture quality.Just superb- no other word can describe it. Bright colours,clean,vibrant. Also, some negative reviews about the price. Think about it - 3 series, most series these days go for around £50 a pop, so all of this for just over £100 is value indeed. So, if you are undecided about buying this - go for it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 April 2016
This is the limited edition deluxe version of "Batman" - the live-action TV series from the 1960's, on Blu-ray.

In addition to the series itself, this item comes with: a replica Batmobile; 44 Vintage Trading Cards (exact reproductions of the ones from the '60's); an Adam West Scrapbook; and a glossy 32 page episode guide. This set is £35 more expensive that the standard Blu-ray collection - so you're paying quite a lot for the tiny Batmobile and the cards ... the episode guide is included in the standard edition.

The picture and sound quality of this show are superb. I'm amazed at how good it looks, given that it was made for TV some 50 years ago! Okay, this is a silly show - full of parody and humour. It's certainly not my favourite Batman. But it's a fun Batman. Adam West and Burt Ward portray their characters so seriously, in such absurdly comical circumstances, yet the series captured the imagination of millions. The theme tune, the Batmobile, the 'zap' and 'pow' ... it's all so great!

I intend to watch an episode once every so often ... as I couldn't sit though all of this in a short period of time! There are 120 episodes in total, all in glorious colour. The sturdy box it comes in is nice. And there are lots of hours of extras.

Yet unless you're an avid fan, or intend this to be something for the kids to watch (as children seem to love it), I'd not by it.

But as I am an avid fan of Batman, so I bought it ... and I'm enjoying it!
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on 10 November 2014
The box,in a great way was a lot bigger than i expected it to be,and it is strong and sturdy.I was like a little kid again opening up this beauty,especially when i saw the bat mobile in the window slot.
The contents are beautiful to behold and it seems a lot of care and attention has went into this release.
4.3 picture which is what you would expect.
Mono sound which while is right,a nice stereo or even 5.1 option would have been great.
Picture quality,well, you would think they were made yesterday....Fantastic!!!
Over all this has been a long time coming,but believe you me well worth the wait.
It remains to be seen whether they will at some point in the future get an individual release,selfishly i hope not after spending a good chunk on this,but hey wollop what the hell,its worth it,and i havent even started watching the bonus content yet,that will have to wait until all episodes have been watched.
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on 11 November 2014
Fantastic package and picture quality is outstanding.In fact picture quality is as good as recent films or tv shows i've recently bought.Subtitles available for the likes of me with dodgy ears.If you have any doubts about buying this then don't.Money well spent.
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on 28 June 2015
As has been commented elsewhere, the discs just don't stay in place and this can be a little frustrating. However, once the discs are inside the box itself, they stay there so it is only a problem when you open the box to get one of the seasons out.

Otherwise this is a brilliant package - lots of extras plus a little toy batmobile! I've introduced my own children to this series and they love it. I suppose it shows how timeless this series is. When I watched it as a child I never realised how dim the police were. "There's only one person who can help us now...." All eyes turn to the red bat phone. I don't think the police could do anything other than take calls for Batman!

Without doubt a classic series with some brilliant extras.
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