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on 13 March 2017
I bought two for my two daughters,they both didn't swim for long. They are now can not be swimming mermaids.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This fun play set comes with a swimming mermaid, her little pet seal and a large, plastic bowl (a little like a goldfish bowl) which your child can decorate with stickers. The mermaid herself is quite sweet; although my daughter was a little upset you could not comb her hair – which is plastic. However, unlike many of these types of toys, this does actually swim very well. The toy takes a battery (not included) and there is a small, rubber seal, which should keep the battery dry. The bowl is quite large and I didn’t really feel my daughter could play with it on the floor (even a large towel would not catch all the water if it tipped), so it was relegated to the sink upstairs. Personally, I felt the bowl was quite limiting – the mermaid does twist and turn, but she doesn’t really do as much as she can in a larger area. However, both my daughter and niece do enjoy playing with her in the bowl and they are the target audience, plus it makes a nice ‘home’ for the mermaid.

Although I personally feel the bowl is quite limiting, in the bath the toy really does move very well. A simple button operates the propeller and moving the doll's tail up or down changes her direction. Be careful though if your child has long hair, because it could possibly get caught in the propeller. However, this toy really does work when she enters the water (not quite the sea, but the bath will have to do). My daughter loved playing with her and she enjoyed the way she moved so quickly and trying to make her do `tricks' (pointing her tail down means she does neat loops for example, keep her tail straight and she fairly whizzes around the outside of the bath). A nice toy which will appeal to little girls and which is just the right size for bath time. If you prefer to forget the bowl, you can buy a version of the mermaid on her own which is just as much fun.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 11 September 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The best advice I can give a buyer of this lively little mermaid is to quietly, privately and calmly unpack her; set her power in place, then repack it all again, before any little child is given 'Bella' in Nixies 'Vacay Hideaway'. Undersea Glam on the go, as is so often is the case, requires some surgery and presentation in order to appear perfect.

Use a small cross thread screw driver to undo her back section, after twisting her head and lavish hair around to face the other way. Insert a AAA battery into the hopefully waterproof section with its soft seal, click it shut, tighten the little screw; then press the back button on the top of her tail to check you have placed the battery correctly, she will whirr away and reassure you that you have got her going.

Then it will be straightforward for her new owner to decorate her aquarium with the generous collection of stickers. These come with a page showing one way to design the aquarium sides but really it is fine to be creative, put the sea weeds, the fish and the undersea coral castle, where you choose and maybe rearrange again another time. They can be stuck inside or outside of the bowl. Pop her pet in with Bella, fill the tank with water and enjoy the sight her her 'really swimming', 'diving', 'dancing' and 'flipping'.

I think this will be a lovely present for a four year old, with some prep beforehand. It is hypnotic watching her swoop about in the water - a different and attractive toy - apparently well made and so far, staying 'alive' without problems.

A definite thing to watch out for is little girl's or boy's long fine hair getting caught up in Bella's propellor; it could hurt as it twists around, this is something that could happen in or out of the water. Getting overly affectionate with her could end in tears. Best to tie long hair up and out of the way when she is alive and kicking. You adjust her tail to change her swimming action. Don't let her lie around all day in water, take her out in between play sessions. However, as others have said, she may be OK in her bowl but she is far better in the bath where she can really show off her skills.

There are three different character Mermaid Princesses to collect; Amelia, Narissa and Bella herself. You can see them in action on NixieDolls website too.
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VINE VOICEon 6 September 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This looked like an ideal toy for a little girl, a mermaid in a bowl, that swims, jumps and has its own bowl, seal and stickers with which it can become a more interactive experience. The idea is simple, place the stickers around the included plastic fish bowl, to create an underwater world of your own design, fill with water, put seal in to bob around, find a AAA battery, put in mermaid, adjust tail of said mermaid so that she can do different moves, put in bowl and watch as she swims, jumps etc etc. All this sounds good, the problem as others have indicated, the bowl is too small for the size of mermaid and what in effect she does is just dart around the sides of the bowl, no tricks, no jumping etc. If the same mermaid is put in a bath, she flips and jumps and swims, depending upon the position of the tail.

This could be a great toy, if only the bowl was bigger. Put it in the bath and it does so much more. I am happy to recommend this product if used in the bath, otherwise you are buying a toy that will dart around the sides of the plastic bowl and thats not that much fun.
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on 29 September 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There has been spat of these water based toys recently and I got this one for my 7 year old who loves mermaids.

The first difficulty comes in the awkwardness of applying the decals which are designed to go on the inside of the bowl which isn't very big really and doesn't give you much room to work, especially with the larger decals - they need both hands to stick down flush to the curved edge and it's a real pain to do one-handed.
Secondly, the battery operated mermaid really doesn't like being in such tight confines. The small size of the bowl means that just as it is picking up speed it hits the side and either heads straight for the bottom or gets stuck in the top opening as the one we have, the tail tends to get stuck turned right back so it just does loops until getting stuck at one or the other ends of the bowl.

We very quickly abandoned the bowl and now use the mermaid as a bath toy which it seems more suited to be used as. My daughter loves it as a bath toy, but very quickly got bored of it in the form that it comes supplied.
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VINE VOICEon 11 September 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The idea of this toy is great; your own mermaid in a decorated fishtank swimming and flipping around. The packaging was certainly better than for the individual mermaid I received earlier.

The tank is easy to decorate but sadly it isn't big enough to accommodate the movements of the mermaid included, she ends up skimming the sides of the bowl and doing little else.

The motor on the mermaid is fairly powerful and she zips along at a good rate if you put her in the bath or a bigger tank, so you might be better saving some money and getting the individual mermaids instead of this pack.
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on 27 August 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Being a big fan of Disney’s Little Mermaid, my daughter was very excited about this. In the box you get a plastic bowl, about the size of the small goldfish bowls you used to win at the fayre, a pink mermaid, her pet seal and some nice colorful undersea stickers.

The mermaid takes a single AAA battery (inserted into her back), and the seal doesn’t require any sort of battery, as it doesn’t actually do anything except bob up and down looking cute!

On paper this looks good, but in practice the bowl is just two small to actually allow the mermaid to do anything ‘mermaidy’. The tail can be adjusted to determine how she swims, but 9 times out of 10, regardless of what angle her tail is, she’ll just whizz round and round like a bath bomb! In fact, as a bath toy, the mermaid would be better suited as she’d have more room to swim around.

So all in all, it looks pretty, but as far as fun factor goes, I think most children will become quite frustrated with this after a very short period of time.
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VINE VOICEon 25 August 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Fun. Little one likes it.

I was so amused by this that I was going to post a video review, but I see its already been done so I wont double up.

This is a cute little mermaid that comes with a pet seal. The mermaid takes a AA battery (not supplied) and you need a small screwdriver to unscrew the waterproof compartment.

Not wanting to let children at a lightweight bowlful of water in the house (not a good idea) we decided that she would like a swim in the ocean (the bathtub to you and I!).

With her legs straight she does indeed swim in a straight line. When it hit the plug chain she got tangled for a minute before moving on - on her own. We tried with the flippers back and she did some underwater movements but not really what I'd describe as a backflip. She was just going round in circles. Same really with her flipper going the other way..so Ariel (as she's been nicknamed) doesnt appear to be very good at backflips but cam move enogh to keep a 3 year old amused and giggling!

Both mermaid and her baby seal (who doesnt do much apart from bobbing up and down) are of a sturdy construction and the fishbowl is a nice size and lightweight. It comes with stickers of fish, seaweed and rocks that your child can stick on themselves to their own design.

Personally, I would only allow the water bowl in the garden, and the rest of the time Mrs Mermaid will have to make do with the bathtub. Obviously I'm not going to drop the bowl to test it for durability, so I will assume it is a durable unbreakable plastic.

Its a very amusing toy. The children really loved it. A very nice toy.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Although a "four inch battery powered mermaid" might sound somewhat like a luxurious high-end product within the sex and sensuality section, this is actually a toy for young children. Half human and half fish, the mermaid has long been a part of folklore. By executing the blend via a human top half and a piscine lower half, the concept creates an enigmatic figure of enticing feminine allure, which is nevertheless quite chastely abstracted from the notion of sexuality. Reverse the process (so as to place a giant fish-like head upon the legs and genitalia of a female human) and somehow the concept is no longer embued with quite the same idyllic romanticism. Personally, I think such a figure would be far more appropriate, given the altogether more dionysian nature of reality. For the average guy on the street, we already spend more than enough time lusting after creatures with pretty faces that sit on top of a lower half that (to us, at least) is altogether sexually inaccesible. Who needs further romanticised ideals, based on a similarly frustrating concept- that (oral possibilities aside) doesn't even offer illusions of hope? The kinds of gals that I've had real world experiences with have all had a good deal more in common with a gigantic slobbering fish head- with the solitary saving grace of coming attached to a readily accessible set of human female sex organs. I know for sure which type of beast my wife Doreen most closely resembles!

Anyway, all in all this a pretty good toy, but personally I found the tiny size of the bowl to be completely unacceptable. The kids have had a lot of fun watching a free-range mermaid- left to swim around the bath at her own personal liberty. However, I will not have them growing up thinking that it's anything less than morally reprehensible to battery farm human/fish hybrids within such an inappropriately confined habitat.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 13 October 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I did not expect too much from this mermaid and her large fish-bowl; we've had battery-powered swimming toys before and they really haven't been much fun at bath time. Well; I'm happy to say I've been proven wrong about the mermaid... she really does zip along, altering the angle of the tail results in all sorts of great swimming moves and my daughters (4 & 7) just love having a swimming mermaid in their bath.

We have quickly tried it out in a pool after swimming lessons ... if you get the chance to do this I hope you'll be as impressed as we were. The mermaid really does swim; excellent!

One does need to provide a AAA battery (she works on a rechargeable by the way) and a small screwdriver. As for the bowl; well it's rather fun to decorate with all of the stickers (the girls enjoyed that) but as others have noted, the bowl is rather restrictive for the swimming capabilities of the mermaid and it has that "Dad; We've knocked the bowl over" potential so unless the bowl is a particularly enticing feature I'd suggest buying two of these for almost the same price.
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