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on 7 November 2014
There are pearls of wisdom in this book, but they are buried within a really annoying narrative about "Goldilocks" getting lessons on writing from "Baby Bear" - and yes, these are the characters in the book: a baby bear on a stage who tells Goldilocks, Big Bad Wolf, and a pig how to write a better book. Baby Bear "grins" constantly, and Goldilocks "shoots looks" at people almost as much. I really wanted to read on, but I couldn't get past chapter 8 because the character interactions were becoming unbearably annoying. I just wish Mr Ingermanson had written a standard how-to book and dispensed with Baby Bear etc.
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on 28 July 2014
I heard of the Snowflake Method a few months ago, but the web sites I was able to track down were ... flaky.

This book tells an allegorical story about a young woman learning to write fiction using the method. It's a story that pulled me in while teaching me the essentials. There are even chapters at the end with an overview of the method, as well as the snowflake information about the story. A wonderful piece of recursion, where the method is used to create the story that describes the method. I discovered that I'm sometimes a bit like Papa Bear and am an Outliner. Sometimes I'm more like Mama Bear and become a seat-of-the-pants writer, and sometimes I'm Baby Bear, using parts of the method. I suppose that makes me a Teddy Bear ... or an author (I hope).

I just have a couple of questions: did Goldilocks ever finish her novel? Did it ever get published? Where can I get a copy?
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on 26 August 2014
I was a little sceptical of this book: anything that has the word "method" in its title sounds a little too pat and easy to my cynical ears. In fact, this is a clever and useful book. The Snowflake method itself is simple, intuitive and easy to perform. You can flick to the end of each chapter for a recap of what to do for each of the ten steps. What's more, Ingermanson has used the method to write the allegorical story that explains the method (if that makes sense!) This might sound complicated but it's actually beautifully simple. The story both explains the method and is an example of the method. Brilliant.

One caveat: this doesn't teach you how to write well. Something like Sol Stein's book would be better for that. But in terms of how to structure your novel, it's terrific.

Conclusion: It would cost you a lot of money to attend a seminar course that explains all this stuff, so the Snowflake Method is a very sensible purchase for any budding novelist.
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on 9 September 2014
Hands down this is the best book on writing a novel I have read. Both my partner and I published via KDP about 6 months ago, Her book is an account of her early life, and I have a few non-fiction books published. Having seen the sales figures for both kinds of books, stories (even real life accounts) sell better because people just love a good story...anyway, I love reading, and decided that it would be worth having a go at a novel. I got the top 20 books on the subject and set about studying. Though some offer some useful insights, generally the creative process, when taught, is dry and uninspiring.

This book turns all that on it's head. It describes one process (there are more) in a completely engaging way through the "story" itself. Though the author says use whichever parts of it you are happy with, there are plenty of parts to get you moving along again should you get stuck in any particular area.

The difference between a subject being easy or difficult (or enjoyable) is a good teacher. Don't let the Goldilocks character put you off. You are not too old or intellectual to learn this way (everybody still loves Tom and Jerry, right?). Randy is an excellent teacher, and I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Thank you, Randy. When my book is finished, I'll be sure to acknowledge you!
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on 16 April 2016
This is a strange book, but it's great at what it's intended to do. The curious decision to teach the method by using the method, while unusual in itself, is overshadowed by the even more curious decision to do so with a cast of characters including Goldilocks, the Big Bad Wolf and Mother Hubbard. For some this will be a stumbling block. If you're expecting a dry textbook, you won't get that here. If you're prepared to put the time in to read the story and absorb the lessons in it, I think you'll find it valuable though.

The method itself is eye-opening. As someone who has tried to write long-form fiction several times over a number of years, and always run out of steam before 20,000 words, I greatly appreciated the framework this book gave me, to plan out what I was going to do, and work out the twists and turns of my story early, long before I've committed thousands of words to paper. I don't have the patience of a traditional plotter, and I can say with some confidence that my pantsing skills leave something to be desired, having painted more than one story into a depressing corner over the years. The snowflake method does seem to give some hope, and I'm trying it out right now. I suppose the best way to judge this book, and my review of it is to wait and see if a novel turns up on Amazon with my name on it in the next year or so :)
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on 4 August 2014
I purchased this out of curiosity as I thought it would just be another hyped up book promising a writing method that promised much but delivered nothing. I was very pleasantly surprised. I read it in less than a day and found it offered a method of writing I could relate to, and better still, one that I could use. It cleverly uses the Snowflake method to demonstrate in story form how it works and then shows you, step by step, exactly how it was done. Well worth reading.
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on 24 February 2016
Great book. The author tells us how to write a novel, but it is a novel, a story about a young woman who wants to know how to write her novel. But as she learns, so do we. Randy keeps us interested throughout with the various things that happen to Goldilocks, the Big Bad Wolf, Little Pig and Baby Bear. A very imaginative and novel approach to teaching, making it a story, with more information after about how he wrote the book, using his snowflake method. He details how he follows his own advice and how he wrote the book.
I would recommend this for anyone who is trying to write a novel, especially if the organic or long outline methods are not working.
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on 8 April 2015
I wish I'd read the reviews before buying this book. As others have said, wrapping the instructional content in a patronising and irritating narrative peopled by fictional characters like Goldilocks, Big Bad Wolf etc, is extremely off-putting. The writing method suggested - creating more and more detailed plans until every scene in the novel is decided and plotted before any creative writing happens may suit writers of sc-if, fantasy and crime fiction. It doesn't suit the way I write. To be fair to Randy Ingermandon, he does say his method won't suit everyone.
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on 8 October 2015
The Snowflake Method is well branded and well marketed, but don't expect it to set your world on fire as a process for pulling that novel out of your head. I'm not opposed to writing "method" books, its just that this one didn't resonate very well with me and I didn't think the approach was very innovative.
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on 17 January 2015
I got a few chapters in and had to stop due to the narrative style; it felt very patronising. I'm only writing this review to warn other buyers: If you love the style of the sample, definitely buy it; if you don't, definitely don't! Sorry. Clearly a book not aimed at me.
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