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on 15 June 2017
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Note: The manufacturer supplied me with a sample to review, no attempt was made to influence my review.

This is a pretty extensive kit for anyone who's into their water activities just about all the bits you would need are here including:

1 x Yellow Bobber (15cm tall, diameter is about 125mm) this has a thumbscrew and nut on it as well as a thread at the bottom for mounting to other items (like a pole etc)
3 x 3M Adhesive pads one is water resistant double sided adhesive (to stick to the floaty) and 2 Velcro adhesive backs
1 x Yellow "Floaty" this is a spongy type material covered in water resistant coating
1 x Hand strap and easy open tool (for use with thumbscrews)
1x Pack of "20" small anti fog re-usable inserts,
1 x Lens cloth for cleaning the camera/lens

In use there are a few choices here on the "Bobber" this is a nicely made solid plastic item that can be hand held (you can also attach the strap over the top) it has metal screw thread at the bottom, and you can stand it up on it's own (the base is flat). Of course the other obvious part here is it also floats! You have a thumb screw and dome head bold attached to the Bobber out of the box.

Onto the "Floaty" this is a rectangular shape which perfectly fits the back of the WR housing on a camera, but you have an option of using the permanent double sided adhesive attachment, or a Velcro pad one side onto the housing back the other on the Floaty itself.

"Anti Fog inserts" you get a generous kit of 20 pads to prepare the pads simply "oven bake" them for about 5 minutes at around 150 degrees, the back of the pack warns against using a toaster (ie keep the pads away from a direct element) Once done use two pads one on each side and they're good for a few uses, and you can just re-bake them when required so you've enough pads here to last a long time.

Performance well excellent the Bobber has quite a few uses not just in the water it's a comfy grip too and can be mounted on a pole or free standing, and the Floaty works a treat too though I prefer to use the Velcro attaching method. The important part here though is the provided pads are good, once stuck on that's it they are on, which is exactly what you want these cameras are not cheap so I think it's worth getting some decent accessories for it. I've tried a few super budget kits from various makers and some are not bad, but none have come up to this kit in terms of the quality that's here, everything is well made and feels solid. Of course there are other makers of cameras out there so you can use this with alternative products just fine not just the GoPro range.

A really good bundle and highly recommended.
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on 7 April 2016
As a recent covert to the world of go-pro-esque action cams, I have been exploring the various accessories available to them.

Full disclosure from the start: I don't own a go pro, instead I have a couple of 'action cams' which are based on the go-pro model design.

This bundle contains some anti-fogging inserts. I haven't used these yet, as i've yet to use my cameras in the water. They look like they will fit in easily enough and I can see that they would do the job properly. It contains a thumbscrew tool - which you wouldn't think you'd need, but it actually provides a lot of leverage when tightening or loosening the screws with cold hands or gloves on.

There is also a foam float-back, which attaches with sticky pads and velcro to the outside of your camera housing. This would be very useful if you have a genuine go-pro without an LCD screen on the back. If you have the go pro LCD model, or if you have an action cam with an LCD, then this will be no good for you as it will obscure the LCD screen.

The best bit of this bundle is the floaty grip. It attaches to the waterproof housing using the standard go-pro mount, and provides a buoyancy to stop your camera sinking to the bottom of the sea! Unlike other similar accessories, this has a flat bottom, so it can also be used as a stable mount for propping up your camera on dry land. It also has a standard screw-mount on the bottom, so you can combine it with non-go-pro accessories (for example, if you're using a gorilla grip on a boat, you might want the added reassurance of a floater!)

I received a discount on this in exchange for providing an honest and unbiased review.
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on 17 July 2016
Fantastic addition to our ever growing collection of gopro accessories.
The floating handle is good but sadly isn't weighted at the bottom so it tips horizontal in the sea and would be great if in was able to float upright.
The foam pad had nothing to stick it to the camera with. But all in all is a great addition
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on 28 February 2016
Great kit. I use my Go Pro a lot but have always been way to overly caution with it around water. Go Pro's are designed to be rugged so you can capture some truly amazing shots. However, they are not buoyant. With fear of losing it in water i brought this product, tested it out and could not believe how well it worked.

It is super buoyant and allows your to use the Go Pro how it is designed to be used. I have thrown it off waterfalls and dropped it into oceans. The vibrant yellow colour allows for it to be easily recognized and the buoyancy aids in keeping it floating until retrieved

Recommend this product if like me, you use your Go Pro round water and are nervous about losing it.

Great product, highly recommend. Love a product that does what it is designed to do.

Adventure is what makes life exciting, lets have one less worry, focus more on the experience.
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on 24 April 2016
An outstanding accessory kit! It arrived in its own plastic sealable bag which allows storage after use.
The kit includes a large flexible floaty sponge, that can be attached via the supplied velcro for instant removal or permanently with the 3M double sided pad. As i have a few spare backs for my GoPro 4 I have now used a permanent option.
The pack of dehumidifying pads are a great addition especially as condensation easily occurs when transferring the housing from cold sea water to back pack and reverse through out the day.
The real bonus is the screw key that can be looped onto the base of your GoPro housing which allows instant removal of the screw connection however cold or wet your hands are.
I have received this pouch of accessories os part of giving a review, that however has not swayed my opinion and i wold hesitate to recommend this outfit to all.
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on 19 June 2016
Very happy with this purchase. Each item is very high quality and I have been able to use them all in a very short period of time. They are very durable and the floaty back door sticks very well. I am very confident that it will stay on and have used it in surf conditions. Would recommend this product to anyone with a go pro. I received this at a reduced price for an honest review.
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on 18 July 2015
Great Products,
Floaty back door adhesive pads and velcro are very strong,
Float stick is great although the wrist strap does look very weak had no problems diving at >30m.
Condensation pads do the job well, replaced daily, shame they are not individually wrapped tho.
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on 30 June 2016
Arrived quickly and was very well packaged, arrived all in one piece. This set comes in a sealed bag, which is also resealable. Floats really well, and is a great much needed accessory for water sport lovers and go pro fans, The wrist strap is adjustable, also works very well.
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on 11 January 2015
Exactly what it says on the tin, everything came well within delivery date and seems to be what I was after. The grip, although plastic, feels of sufficiant quality, and is more than good enough to replace what should be £65 from the official GoPro range. Very happy.
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