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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 14 May 2017
a decent looking box set....problem is you can get the single edition discs that already include additional tracks...therefore avoiding this overpriced cash in!
The music is 5 star, but points deducted for the cash in!!
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on 31 July 2014
Hard Road takes its name from the alternate title of the track Wring That Neck. For some reason in the US, the track was originally issued as the former. Perhaps an apt title for a Mk1 box set as Purple were really just coming to grips with forming their sound/style that would eventually crystalize on the In Rock album in 1970.

So what does this box set include? Five discs covering their first three studio albums, including Shades of Deep Purple and Book Of Taliesyn in mono as well as stereo (the self titled 3rd album was never released in mono). Each disc is housed in a reproduction mini LP sleeve and the set is accompanied by a 48 page booklet. The whole set is actually very similar to the Deep Purple Originals 3CD box sets that were released in 1995/7.

Bonus tracks - Although there are loads of 'bonus' tracks here, most were already issued when the 3 albums were remastered in 2000. There are some 2003 remixes of tracks as extras too, though these tracks were originally released on The Early Years album issued in 2004. In fact discounting the mono mixes, there are only 3 unreleased tracks - Why Didn't Rosemary? (early instrumental take), The Bird Has Flown (early version, 2012 stereo mix) and a 2012 stereo mix of Emmaretta. Out of these three, the stereo mix of Emmaretta is great, Ritchie's guitar sounds a bit more seperate in the mix. I love this track and know every nuance so its great to hear it sounding remixed and slightly different. The guitar and drums are allowed to fight on beyond the fade out on this one - great stuff!

The mono mixes - I'm afraid they don't do it for me. Mono mixes were disappearing in 1968/9 and I'm pretty sure the Shades and Taliesyn monos are just fold downs from the stereo mixes. Both these albums were recorded very fast (especially Shades) and I don't think there would have been the time to do a dedicated mono mix. I can't hear any difference to the tracks that I already know in my head so well - I don't think we've got a Sgt Pepper stereo v mono situation here is all I'm saying!

The booklet - pretty good 48 page booklet, actually comparable to some of the EMI remaster booklets from Purple's later catalogue. Good overview of the Mk1 years and includes two recent interviews with bass player Nick Simper and original producer Derek Lawrence. Plenty of photos, foreign sleeve covers etc It gripes me slightly that Nick still slips in that he 'taught' Ritchie the Rick Nelson Summertime riff (which was used in Black Night eventually) - you may have shown him the riff Nick but he and the rest of the band had the know-how to do something with it when the chips were down!

Overall, is this set worth it? Two out of the three Mk1 albums are still going for a fiver on Amazon at the moment. You'll be able to get all 3 for a reasonable price for half the price of this set. If you want everything that was originally released in 68/9 (barring mono mixes) then get those.

If you get those three and still want the 2003 mixes used here as bonus tracks get The Early Years album which has even more mixes than this set.

If you want absolutely every (stereo) Mk1 track released then you'll have to get the 3 previously mentioned unreleased tracks too. Maybe you'll be able to download them individually? They're usually wise to that though.

Personally, I'll have no reason to listen to the mono mixes again. There is no new 'sounds' and I feel its audibly a step backwards from the stereo that fans of these albums already know. I'm sure there will be people that will disagree with that. If you're a completist you'll have to stump up for this set (or go and buy the LP's in mono, Shades was reissued earlier this year on RSD).

If this comes under the twenty quid mark then its worth it for the three studio albums, b-sides and the stereo mix of Emmaretta. Till then, stick with the three remastered studio albums.
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on 15 June 2016
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on 29 June 2017
The order finally received, thank you.
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on 31 October 2014
A lovely box set. It is obvious a lot of care has been put into it. The CDs comes in replica sleeves of the real LP albums and everything looks nice. There is a very tasteful booklet with the history of the and at the time and it is so detailed it took me an hour to read. There are even an interesting interview with Nick Simper (who comes across as a pretty bitter man) and the producer of the albums (who apparently doesn't gives a rats a** as it was only work to him.) A little sad as it seems the box has been put together by devoted fans and they had deserved better. About the CDs. The first two albums are also included in mono. The sound is fine but I cannot figure out if the mixes are ture mono or just fold downs. There is no mono version of the tird album as it was never relased that way. The mono albums are in my opinion for completists only. Nice to have but not essential. The streo album have been remastered in 2014 and they sound really, really good. They are the best sounding versions I have heard so far. The bonus tracks are a bit disappointing. They can mostly be found on the remasters from 2000 or on 'The BBC Sessions 1968-1970.' The only new and previously unreleased tracks are 'Why Didn't Rosemary' (Early instrumental take), an early version of 'Bird Has Flown' and an untrimmed version of 'Blind'. Apart from being a 2003 remix it has about 5 seconds of studio noise at the beginning. Not really any big deal and I could still have lived a happy life without this track. There is, however, an excellent 2012 stereo mix of 'Emmaretta' which is worth to take into consideration as it has an untrimmed ending. Only down side about this box set there are no liner notes about the bonus tracks. Why are there two stereo versions of the intrumental 'Playground'? Sure, one is a remix and the other is a remaster but why are they supposed to be so interesting that both of them had to be included? If only one of them had had the false start which is only found on the old 'Blackmore Rock Profile' CD then that would make some sense but it is not included. However, the box set has an excellent packing, best sound on the stereo albums so far, a few nice new mixes and a couple of unreleased tracks so all in all I am happy for it.
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on 26 October 2014
purple at there most progressive.might not have stood the test off time but they still sound pretty good to me.they might not be up to in rock/machine head/made in japan,but still worth having them in your collection
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on 9 September 2014
There are gatefold sleeves for "The Book Of Taliesyn" and "Deep Purple", American and UK sleeves for "Shades Of Deep Purple" and "The Book Of Taliesyn".
The sound is very good. Nice booklet includes new interview with Derek Lawrence and Nick Simper.
Unfortunately there is no sound of footsteps in the end of "Shades Of Deep Purple" stereo version.
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on 1 August 2014
This set is the best mastering on Cd for this release I have ever heard, better than the original Japan release, the last remasters used to much noise reduction !!
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on 10 November 2014
I just have received what I was waited for. Not more, not less. Description of the item is correct and the item is specifically for Deep Purple collectors, in my personal opinion ;-)
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on 6 April 2015
Nice Package box set. 200% satisfaction. Deep purple and Taliasyn, both are two different version include.
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