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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 August 2014
Wow! Wow! Wow! Excellent arrangements. Great harmonies and the voices are so good together. I bought this before listening and the quality has blown me away. Worth every penny and a real joy.
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on 1 September 2014
For a first album, I think the lads did a good job. The way their voices blend is awesome on all of the tracks.

I do agree with some of the other reviews that the instrumentation should be a full orchestra, but I think Simon Cowell wanted to see how they can handle this first.

Track by Track:
Stars - If you've seen the BGT performance, the vocal assignments have changed except for Richard and Matt, but I think they did a good job.
Bring Him Home - The vocal arrangement for this definitely changed but the lads did a good job vocally.
Come What May - One of my favourite tracks, I really like Matt's vocals on this.
With You - I must admit it took me two or three listens before I liked this track. It had nothing to do with the lads' vocals. It's just the song itself didn't appeal to me at first.
Let it Go - I think they did a good job with this, especially when they sang the chorus together.
Anthem - My favourite track. The song is great and I like Jamie's vocals on this.
Secrets - It's a good song and I think the lads did a good job with this song.
Somewhere - I think the lads did a good interpretation of this classic from West Side Story.
All of Me - Despite this song being remade umpteen times by so many artists, I think the lads did a great job. After watching them doing this song a capella, I think they did a good job with the instrumentation.
Over the Rainbow - The lads definitely did a masterful job both individually and as a group.

So what's the final verdict? For the first outing, they did a good job.

What would I like to see on their second album? One or two a capella tracks and a full orchestra.

Well done, Collabro!
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on 21 August 2014
Fabulous is how I would describe this album. I must admit I am surprised how quick (but pleased) it has been put together but think this was to keep the groups name in the forefront of everyone's mind. It is so easy to forget the winners of competitions like BGT when nothing is heard of them until the Royal Variety Performance. Having said that, I would never have forgotten them, they are superb. I love the songs and it is great to be able to hear every word sung clearly rather than the mumbling sounds one gets on so many cd's these days. The boys are versatile and their voices blend together so well. I am sure their next album will also be fantastic.
I wish them every success for their tour, and please don't let the music industry change you Collabro, you are perfect just as you are.
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on 2 October 2014
I along with others was impressed with this group of lads on BGT. That said I feel this album is a bit rushed. I enjoyed three of the songs and the rest I will have to warm to. Not very much information in the CD sleeve either. I hope the boys get a chance to work on a better quality album as opposed to pleasing Simon Cowell and making him some money
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on 3 September 2014
I don't know who did their arrangements for BGT but they did a better job than whoever did it for this album. Having said that, there is no disguising the talent of these five guys. I only hope that they don't now turn their backs on musical theatre and try to emulate the numerous boy bands that proliferate the music industry. A good first album but it could have been so much better with better arrangement. They should find another label as soon as possible as Syco Musichave done them a great disservice.
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on 24 August 2014
I have to agree with the other's critical of this album, sorry to the Collabro guys, no fault of yours as your stunning, 6 star voices still manage to shine through, but I am frankly disappointed on many fronts. Biggest failure is the cheap, tinny backing. Come on guys this is launching your career. The song choices definitely fail to impress. And why bastardise the very songs that put you on the map? This production of Stars and Bring Him Home have none of the oomph of the original BGT versions (go check it on Youtube, and just listen, not watch, the lads, so as to compare fairly), the harmonies of Bring Him Home at around 1.00 min frankly grate!

Advice to Michael, Matt, Richard, Jamie and Thomas, you are unique, great guys with endearing personalities, individual and wonderful voices, with your own wonderful sense of harmony. Please retain it all. Dont sell yourself down the pop route. Whoever managed you with this album is only after a quick buck, and you'll end up the victims, finally tossed on the great heap of rejects that have gone before you.

I cherished you on BGT, and on Youtube since. I believe you have all the right ingredients to succeed. Take your time, stick to what you believe!
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on 20 August 2014
Collabro themselves: 5 Stars
Producers of this album: 3 Stars
Overall: 4 stars

I've been really excited about this release, and I want to say straight away that the guys' voices are as superb as ever. They deserve a 5-star rating, and I feel a bit sad that I can't rightly give this album that rating because there are some major disappointments, all of which trace back to flaws in the seemingly rushed production.

Perhaps the biggest gripe I have is that the backing tracks are mostly synthesized and sound like karaoke tracks instead of accompaniment for a proper album. At least give these guys a real orchestra! They deserve it! Come on, you've got to match the quality of their voices with the quality of the instruments! The producers should have known better. It makes this album feel really rushed and like sort of a snack thrown at the fans while we wait for the real deal.

And that's kind of how I feel, like I'll just be waiting for a live album that'll actually feature them with an orchestra once they gain more traction. Sadly, I don't know if we'll be hearing some of these incredible songs covered that way. Collabro have stated that their passion is to bring musical theater to the public, but for fans of musical theater, who are treated with a live pit orchestra when hearing these songs performed in their respective musicals, it is an instant and unforgivable error (to the ear, if not the tastes) to throw a synthesized backing track in behind these guys.

The gems of the album are the two songs Collabro sung at BGT, as well as "With You" from the movie Ghost.

I'm really happy with some of the songs, but some choices were really odd. Secrets by OneRepublic is really dated as far as modern music goes. There have been a ton of covers of this song and none have surpassed the original. In some ways I'm sure OneRepublic is proud that they've created such a well-liked song, and in other ways I feel sorry for them with everyone trying to steal their thunder. Just go and listen to the original. It will always be the best iteration. It's a wonderful song, but I think we're all a little tired of hearing it rehashed by others. It doesn't fit into the theme of musical theater and film music on this album at all and reminds me of cheesy uninteresting musical numbers like that Asian traditional instrument ensemble that tried to go big by covering songs like Coldplay's Clocks back in the early 00's. Collabro almost makes Secrets sound like a march, the way they dictate every word. It's clunky and staccato and the opposite of what OneRepublic's sound is. The best part of the track is the strings intro simply because it is smooth and fluid and a unique lead-in to the song. After that the style of the cover is crippling.

Speaking of songs we're tired of hearing that have thousands of unnecessary covers... Let it Go... Can we just do as the title suggests already? It's not even a very well-written song from a musical or lyrical standpoint, and wouldn't be garnering the popularity it has now if it wasn't Disney's chosen highlight of it's latest animated film. It wasn't the best song in Frozen, and there are some in that film that Collabro could have had a whack at to glorious effect, I think. I have no idea if Collabro chose the songs for this album or if the producers of the album did. I imagine there was something of a collaborative effort as far as that goes, but some of the song choices seem to lack sensibility and seem meant to ride trends or pander to cliches. Let it Go is the case in point, with Secrets trailing. Not sure what led to the choice for Somewhere Over The Rainbow, but I think this is one of the tracks other reviewers are talking about when they mention songs that have been run into the ground. The arrangement is quite beautiful, but I can hardly listen to it because the song is just so worn out. There's a thin line between classic and cliche. Ah, to dream of a day when burgeoning talent show vocalists spare us the obligatory "Over The Rainbow" cover...

The cover of Come What May from Moulin Rouge is a welcome choice, but they really got denied the potential for some high-soaring and wonderful harmonies in the last parts of that song that are in the original, and the guys have proven themselves capable of reaching those heights in other tracks. It's a decent arrangement for the first half, then the second half falls a bit flat. Whereas Ewan and Anna sound quite enamored and lovestruck in the original, Collabro mostly just sounds like they're trying to sing pretty. The emotion doesn't really come through, and I blame the producers for rushing this album and rushing the guys through the recording studio. There are a lot of moments on this album that could have really shone if they had just slowed down the production.

I feel sorry for the guys a bit. Their singing is BRILLIANT, as always, but they mentioned in an interview only having 9 days to record the album and this is just months after they won BGT. Why rush genius? We fans are willing to wait for mastery, not some quickly shot out album to try to keep Collabro "relevant". A debut album should be overflowing with freshness, not feel tinny and shot full of holes. I'd rather not imagine the guys are singing about a flashlight shining through perforated aluminium in the title track.

So much more work could have gone into this on the producers' part. There are times when it just sounds like a choir instead of a five piece ensemble and I feel like the guys are a little lost in what's happening.

All that said, I love what the guys are doing. I love their spirit and determination and their energy. I hope they keep doing what they love and showing us all how beautiful musical theater music can be. If I'm honest, I'm a little scared for them though because they are still riding the coattails of their talent show victory and have very quickly gone from a newly-formed group of unknowns with a boyish energy and charm to being processed through the corporate media and shot quickly onto the market. It is absolutely crucial to their success that they retain what made us fall in love with them on Britain's Got Talent and not turn into tools for the labels to use at their whims.

They deserve a brighter debut than this and a brighter path forward for their talents and efforts. The pop-hungry public may be fooled, but the trained ear can hear the cheapness of this album's production values. Don't sell them short, Mr. Cowell! Give them real accompaniment next time! There are churches here in Kansas with bigger musical production values. Yeesh.
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on 18 August 2014
Having sung in both my church and high school choirs, and having been a professional Top 40 radio DJ, I know a little bit about music. I have listened to the album more than half a dozen times since it was posted in the cloud, and I am overwhelmed by how good it is, how glorious are the harmonies, how fantastic the arrangements, and how astounding the song choice. My all-time favorite show tune was Somewhere from West Side Story, which I first heard in 1962, until I heard Collabro sing Bring Him Home. Now it becomes a difficult choice. There is not a false note on this recording. Every song is perfection. Each individual voice is outstanding, and the harmonies they achieve are transcendental. I have never anticipated an album with the fervor I have felt waiting for the release of Stars. It has been worth the wait. These five young men bring something fresh and new to the music industry, to their legion of fans, and to the world. I am more than proud to be a Collaborator. Thank you all so very much.
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on 23 August 2014
Disappointing. Very talented singers but the choice of music, it seems, has been rather rushed to get a CD out. The arrangements are somewhat poor and whilst I wish these lads a lot of success, I cannot see that Syco have done them any favours with this first album.
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on 18 August 2014
I have loved their sound since I first heard them. Their voices and harmonies are so fresh and they do justice to all the songs on this album. I would however suggest you hear it a few times before commenting, as it just gets better and better with each hearing.

I hope they are destined for great success and more albums, I am now certainly a fan.
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