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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 17 June 2014
This is an absolutely amazing collection of hot stories to keep you entertained one the summer! I won't attempt to write a full review of each book but needless to say so far the stories have all been five star reads from me!

Having never read anything by any of the other authors before it was such a great way of being introduced to them. I particularly loved His Wicked Games by Ember Casey which is incredibly steamy but had me from the first page. The "game" that Calder plays to give Lily what she needs and wants is something totally different!

I love Fierce by Clarissa Wild and you won't be able to resist falling for Hunter and the story will have you turning the pages until finish! I devoured this book in hours and it certainly leaves you wanting more from Hunter and Leafy (Autumn)!

That First Kiss by J C Valentine is also the first of her books that I have read and I must admit it frustrated me yet I couldn't put it down! Classic one night stand that comes back to bite a girl on the backside and the interaction between Piper and Tate is worth the read!

Slow Burn by V J Chambers - WOW this one was a bonus for me - such a gritty story and it kept me turning the pages. I was gripped from the start with Leigh and Griffin and it is a totally different read to the prior books! A worthy read in its own merits!

Layers Deep by Lacey Silks this was a different spin on the troubled girl meets the wealthy boy story and was a good diversion from the usual! As with most of the books in they boxed set this one is part of a series but I was left feeling a little frustrated at the ending (cliffhanger) and will definitely have to re read when I buy the sequel but all in all it was a good, yet very different book!

And the bonus is that I STILL have five books left to read - Learning Curves by Olivia Regal, Can't Shake You by Molly McLean, His Indecent Lessons by Sky Corgan, Sorority Pledge by Daizie Draper and Rae Omnibus by Blair Babylon. This has to be a 5 star read if nothing else but for the incredible value in getting ten hot books and ten hot book boyfriends to boot!
One click now!!
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on 3 July 2014
This is a really brilliant set if stories by authors that I have not read before but will certainly be following.

Blair Babylon: Billionaires in Disguise, (Rae) This is a fabulous series and one I won't forget in a hurry. It's about Rae, a struggling student from a tiny backwoods community and a completely bigoted religious family still stuck in the middle ages who think she is considering with the devil because she wants to stay in college. She meets Wulf who owns and runs a BDSM club when she goes along with two friends to see if she can work there and earn the money she needs to stay in college. They are instantly attracted to each other and their story has so many pitfalls it keeps you glued, and your heart will go on a roller-coaster ride. Loved this author, loved the story, and will be definitely be reading more.
Casey Embers: HIS WICKED GAMES- is about Calder and Lily. She wants him to honour the pledge by his late father to invest in the arts centre she and her father runs, and he wants her and decides to play games to get her. I can't say too much without giving away the story, but it will really keep you turning pages.

Clarissa Wild: FIERCE- Absolutely loved this one really deep and believable, beautiful too. It's about Hunter and Autumn (Leafy) and their struggling relationship with Lily trying to cope with college and Hunter the hot sexy hunk who keeps winding her up and has some dark friends/secrets. Everyone keeps telling her he's bad, but she befriends him.
It's such a beautiful story and I will certainly be reading more
about them.

IF Valentine: That First Kiss- This book had me giggling like a maniac at times over some of the comments and reactions of the two main characters. You have Piper who has moved to the city and a is out with some of her friends and ends up having sex in the restroom of the club with gorgeous,) sexy, hot, hunky (you get my message) TATE who is a short tempered, moody writer and has one hell of a dirty mouth. Piper attends an interview for a job as an assistant, gets hired inky to find out she will be working for Tate, or should I say nurse-maiding him. This is a really good story aund will have you in stitches, read and enjoy

JC Valentine: Slow Burn--- Oooooo Wow!!!! What a story, it's about Griffin & Leigh. He was asked to protect her by her late father who worked for an arms corporation that had invented a serum that can heal any injury as long as the spinal cord is in tact. Griffin also used work for the same firm before he escaped their clutches and has massive demons he's fighting with
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on 23 August 2014
I've read the first four and enjoyed them so much I've been introduced to new authors. The mighty storm was my favourite. Will never listen to "Hurt" sung by Johnny cash or trent reznor without memories if this book.
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on 19 July 2014
His Wicked Games, by Ember Casey *****

I LOVED this erotic contemporary take on Beauty and the Beast! The tale concerns the reclusive Billionaire Calder Cunningham and Lily Frazer, who trespasses onto his estate, to convince him not to pull the plug on his family’s funding of the community arts centre she runs with her father. I adored the increasingly passionate encounters between the couple as Lily risks all, including her heart to secure the future of the centre. Both characters were fun to get to know and the love-making scenes were particularly inventive AND super sizzling! Suffice to say that I have added a couple of fantasies to my list after reading this novel. I am looking forward to reading His Wicked Games, book #2.

Fierce, by Clarissa Wild *****

This is an emotionally intense and oh SO sexy New Adult read. I ADORED how the author pairs geeky Freshman Autumn with the super-hot bad boy Hunter and how they bring out the best in each other. Hunter is following a dark path and when Autumn falls hard for him will he drag her down with him or will she be his light and saving grace? The plot is full of suspense and twists and turns and Clarissa Wild has a real gift for character building. There are some sizzling scenes and plenty of angst as Autumn unravels the many secrets that Hunter is hiding behind his rough persona. The read contains lots of hot and sweet sex between the couple and also violence and drug references. Book #2 Flame, which continues their romance promises to be a must read.

That First Kiss, by J. C. Valentine *****

A sexy and memorable read featuring a sassy heroine and a loveable playboy, which brims with passion, humour and some great characterisations. It is impossible not to like the spunky heroine Piper who wants to escape her poverty stricken roots as she is hardworking, fun loving and independent. The scene where she first hooks up with Tate is a SIZZLING one! There were times when I could have cheerfully slapped Tate for being such a cad to Piper, but he DID grow on me. I particularly loved how Piper stood up to him and tried to ignore the attraction between them. Of course, although Tate has commitment issues he cannot deny the attraction he feels for Piper, yet will he lose her before it is too late?

Slow Burn, by V.J Chambers ****

In this romance I loved the fact that the hero Griffin and the heroine Leigh, two individuals who are very much broken in their own way, come together and help each other to mend. Leigh is leading an aimless life at college, indulging in drugs and meaningless sex, until Griffin appears. Realising she is in dire danger and at the same time becoming more and more attracted to the taciturn bodyguard hottie that is Griffin, Leigh decides to turn her life around. Despite their attraction, Griffin hides a dark secret that could jeopardise their future relationship and enemies are hot on their heels trying to destroy them. The tale contains some hot scenes, jealousy, drugs, violence and suspense. There are also references to psychological and physical abuse. Slow Agony is the next read in this series.

Layers, by Lacey Silks *****

This is SUPER SEXY erotic Romantic Suspense and one of my favourite within the boxed set in terms of its sizzling scenes and its intricate plot which kept me guessing. The heroine Allie wants revenge on a man responsible for destroying her life. The hero Tristan needs her expertise to help him rescue someone close to him and the mission puts her in great danger. I LOVED the chemistry between them – it is off the Richter scale and they cannot keep their hands off each other! Yet will Allie escape physically and emotionally from the mission once it’s complete and will she succeed in garnering Tristan’s help in exacting revenge? The read is very suspenseful and secrets are slowly revealed as the story progresses. It does end on one helluva cliff hanger and I will definitely read the next book, Layers Peeled, as I badly need to know what happens next!

Learning Curves I and II: French Cooking 101 and Advanced French Kissing, by Olivia Rigal ****

This novel is cleverly and expertly written – just when I thought that I had got the measure of some of the main characters I began to question my opinions and wonder if they are at all what they seem! I liked how it was written from the different POV of the main characters, giving me a real insight into their motivations and their actions. The novel is inter-dispersed with delightful French recipes, much humour and some hot lovemaking scenes. The principal characters have some baggage from previous relationships which they have to come to terms with. The book mainly focuses on the romances of siblings Mary and Peter. Peter, a widowed academic, who has accompanied his sister to Paris. Both siblings find romance – Mary with the taciturn George, an author and Peter with the owner of the cooking school, Ariane. The path to true love is not straightforward for Ariane and Peter however, as there are sacrifices ahead and also secrets from the past that the couple will have to contend with. Also is Peter the right man for Ariane after all she has been though? The next book in the series, Learning Curves 3, Detention, continues the tale.

Can’t Shake You, by Molly McBain *****

This romance is also a favourite of mine from this boxed set. It tells of Josh and Carissa, who spent a passionate night together four years ago, after which fate drew them part. Yet a few years down the line Josh returns to the small town and he finds himself honour bound to assist Carissa with a property renovation. A permanent relationship seems out of the question as since their initial encounter, Carissa has had a relationship with Josh’s best friend. I loved the emotional and physical attraction between the couple and how their mutual lust turns to passion and they become friends with benefits and more! Will Josh’s sense of honour, coupled with the fact he does not feel good enough for Carissa mean their relationship is doomed? Carissa also has her own emotional issues to deal with. Can these two wounded people help each other to heal? An unexpected enemy puts adds an element of danger and suspense to the scorching plot.

His Indecent Lessons, by Sky Corrigan ****

This is a bold piece of work as it deals with what is regarded as a taboo subject – a relationship between a student (albeit one who has reached her majority of 18) and a college professor who is older than her. Whereas Cheyenne fantasized about meeting a more mature student who would show her the ropes in terms of sex, she strikes gold with her sexy college professor Damien. The way Cheyenne inadvertently draws his attention to her is a scene that I will NOT forget in a hurry and had me cringing and laughing out loud at the same time! Little does she realise the consequences of her actions as she embarks on college lessons of a totally unexpected kind, where she begins to explore her sexuality more fully! Yet is there a future for them when she is so young and Damien has his position as a professor to protect, not to mention the age gap? Is it just sex or is there something more? This works well as a standalone but Sky Corrigan continues their romance in His Indecent Training, which promises to take their relationship to the next level.

Rae Omnibus. Billionaire In Disguise: Rae, by Blair Babylon *****

OMG – this book is by far my favourite! It is downright sexy, the scorching love-making scenes being something very special indeed. I just loved the characters of both the hero and the heroine and as the plot progresses the emotionally intense scenes at times moved me to tears. When Rae Stone agrees to work at the Devilhouse, a BDSM club run by Wulf a mysterious and controlling Dom, so that she can fund her college course and her dream of a clinic for autistic children, little does she know how her life will never be the same again. The imagination of the author knows no bounds, the love-making scenes are sublime and their rollercoaster romance went in directions that I could not have anticipated, but the storyline flowed beautifully. I was totally emotionally invested in the characters and I will certainly be seeking this author out again. This book is a standalone, but the next book in the series, Falling Hard: (Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy) sounds a must read too.

Sorority Pledge (Books 1-6), by Daizie Draper ****

This is a coming of age story, comprising the first six books in a ten book serialization that follows a rocky romance where the hero Logan and the heroine Addison delve into the BDSM lifestyle in a big way! It contains many heated scenes of power play between the couple as they explore the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle for themselves and what their own limits are. It balances this with the impact this has on their studies and their growing bond with one another. It is sexually explicit and a good introduction to readers who are not familiar with reading books on this lifestyle but want to read more.

A copy of this boxed set was given to me for the purpose of a fair and honest review.
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on 12 July 2014
"I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."

So far, I have read only two of the stories - see below - but I can see this is going to introduce me to some great new series already.

Learning Curves - by Olivia Regal
This series (two episodes are provided) is set in Paris and starts at a Cookery School; already two major pluses for me. There is an amazing amount of detail about all of the characters, which submerges you into their world very quickly, and had me worrying and smiling in equal measure. I was a Peter shipper, until the elderly landlady Caroline uncovered some of his proclivities. Now I am not so sure... will have to get the next book to find out how it all turns out! This is a fun, steamy read, with something for everyone.

His Indecent Lessons - by Sky Corgan
This is the first in a series - which splits depending on what you would prefer to read - erotica or BDSM - which I think is a clever idea, and can give you twice as much of the characters, if you like them.The first introduces us to Skylar. She is newly enrolled in college and ready for an adventure. Possibly unwisely, she falls for one of her professors, who agrees to give her private lessons in sex. Combine this with a high school friend who is desperate to take things further and Skylar gets into all kind of tangles! There are a whole host of ethical issues which she wrestles with too, which are interesting to observe.
This is a fun, sexy romp, which starts Skylar on a voyage of discovery.

For a bargain price, there is definitely enough here to whet your appetite and have you discovering a whole range of new books to read - Enjoy!

~~Wicked Reads Review Team~~
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on 10 July 2014
The Red Hot Obsessions box set is a fabulous thing to have in your ebook collection, with ten top selling authors and ten full length novels you have endless amounts of steamy books all in one place. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I have spent many nights now, meeting new characters who are just as hot as the next. I have already had one of my reviewers Looby review layers deep prior to the release of this box set and she gave it 5 panty dropping stars, so can you imagine how good the other 9 books are. So obviously I will be here all day going into detail about each book, so what I will say is this, some of my favorite erotic authors have come together to create this book, and I for one am so bloody happy that they did. I still haven’t got through the book completely I have so much to discover, this is an investment my friends, a steamy, sexy, sizzling investment guaranteed to keep those winter nights hot, and those summer nights that much hotter, Its perfect for erotic & romance fans. Its perfect for us all so, While you're here reading this buy this boxset today for a super low price and prepare for one sexy journey with some divine men and fabulous women. Thanks For Reading Lovelies, Chicks That Read xoxo
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on 16 June 2014
This review is from: Rae Falling: An Erotic Romance, Episode #1 (Billionaires in Disguise: Rae) (Kindle Edition)
Rae is put in a situation where she feels there's no way out. A chain of events push her into working in the Devilhouse. The Dom sees something special in her and she sees the real man beneath the public persona. Together they make their way through some tough situations and fall in love. But Wulf has a BIG secret to reveal, will it be too much for Rae, will her lose her due to his secret and his enemies. Blair Babylon is an amazing author, her books stand out by far and her characters stay with you once the book has come to an end. I would certainly buy books from B Babylon!
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on 24 June 2014
So for this tour, I decided to choose x3 out of the x10 books in the Red Hot Obsessions Boxset.

Here they are:

Layers Deep By Lacey Silks
Rookie cop Allie has been on the run for the last couple of years of her life

Running from a past

Running from pain

Running from her guilt

She has a chance in a lifetime to finally get rid of the guilt that is weighing so heavily on her shoulders....all she has to do is become the infamous Tristan Cross's "HOOKER"

Tristan Cross needs help

He needs a "HOOKER" to go undercover to find someone who is close to him

Can he ask that of Allie?

Will these two rookies let the feelings and emotions that are starting to build up and fizzle come between their undercover missions?

When emotions arise and one hell of a surprise springs on them, how will these two deal with the outcome?

They will have to do one thing....

and that is to search within....



Wicked Games By Amber Casey
Holy hell hotness!

Lily works with her father at an art centre that works with children in the community, but unfortunately their biggest sponsor is retracting their pledge causing the donations to the centre to stop, in result the thought of having to shut down the centre.

She is a tough, feisty girl who knows what she wants and won’t back down until she gets it. She can't let the Cunningham's retract their pledge, it was an agreement, so she's out for blood, one way or another.

Calder Cunningham is the ever so sexy, billionaire. Due to unfortunate events he is now in charge of the Cunningham estate, the wealth and everything that comes with it..including the donations his late father used to dish out.

Don't be fooled by his image though...all he's known for by the tabloids is sun, s*x & model type bimbo' this the real Calder Cunningham?

I wasn't sure about him at first. He's got the whole moody, closed-off, mysterious façade about him...but eh? We'll see

It's a game of cat and mouse, but who will fair to be the winner?

Casey did an excellent job in giving these two characters real-life problems outside of the romance. Although this book is erotic, it has a lot more to it than just s*x, or even just romance, it has something running deeper.

Lily doesn't know what's hit here when she breaks into the Cunningham estate...but she's about to meet the handsome Calder Cunningham and be subjected to His Wicked Games .

I am looking forward to divulging in the second instalment...


Fierce By Clarissa Wild
Holy Hotness!

Autumn is your typical college geek, having recently making it into college she's hoping this one will be different. No more teases, no more taunts, no more bullying....and to her surprise she gets more than she's bargained for.

She lives inside her head but she grows out of that a little. She has some serious attitude

She prefers her books and studying over attending parties, which is cool, hell I'd prefer to read than party ;)

Autumn has no experience with relationships but she is drawn to Hunter which excites and terrifies her at the same time.


His fricking name screams s*x & domination!

Unfortunately for him he's been dealt a s****y card in his life, he is your typical bad boy, gorgeous, arrogant, a womaniser, and people know not to mess with him.

For Hunter college is a means to an end and he is determined to not let anybody interfere with his goal.

There is suspense, drama, lies, deception and so much more that will lure you in and have you enjoy this book all the way up until the very end.

Can Autumn come out of her shell?

Will Hunter help her become Fierce?

I hope to see more of Autumn and Hunter in the future. There are questions that still need to be answered...
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My Review of Red Hot Obsessions

5 Stars!!!

I was given this book to read in turn for an honest review!!!

Firstly this is a great collection of books, you will not be disappointed. So many Alpha Males to fantasise over and live the story every step of the way with them. I had only come across Ember Casey’s writing before but I now have more Great Authors to read and follow. This seriously is the hottest collection of books you can come across and what better way to get such a collection then to buy Red Hot Obsessions. However your TBR List will get a whole lot longer after you have read this collection of books that I can guarantee because mine sure has.

His Wicked Games by Ember Casey
Story of a Billionaire with a huge secret, it takes the falling for a rich Batchelor to a whole new level and I loved it. It’s a great read and you will be quick to add the other books in the series to your TBR List. Ask for Calder OMG I loved him, you are attracted to his hidden character immediately, however Ember Casey keeps you guessing till the very end as to what secret he is hiding.

Fierce by Clarissa Wild
Great read and I can’t wait to read more. Clarissa Wild put on many twists and turns to the story keeping you guessing and still making the ending unpredictable, I absolutely loved it. Not your normal love story but boy did it pull at those hearts strings in places. You can’t not love Hunter Bane he is strong in every sense of the word and what a life he is living. My TBR List just got a whole lot longer.

That First Kiss by J.C. Valentine
Another great read, but this is one story you will find yourself shouting at, it’s so obvious yet so unobvious to them. However you can not put the book down you just need to know what they are going to do next. Tate Larson has a broken heart and he has met his match in Piper Donovan, but can he realise what he has in front of him before it’s too late. Can’t wait to read more of J.C. Valentine’s books.

Slow Burn by V.J. Chambers
Taking romance and action to a whole new level, Leigh and Griffin both hold a huge secret. Her life’s in danger no thanks to her Father and Griffin was begged by him to keep her safe. However neither knew they would end up falling for each other and helping the other with there broken souls. The story has a great twist to it and a few things left unanswered, I can not wait to read more in the series to see What V.J. Chambers has in store for Leigh and Griffin.

Layers Deep by Lacey Silks
Firstly OMG what a cliff hanger Lacey Silks leaves you with, what will happen next and how, why etc. Great read, could not put it down. The passion and attraction between Tristan and Allie is HOT really HOT. From the moment they meet neither can deny they have a strong attraction. She needs to work for his company to seek her revenge and Tristan needs Allie to help him find a kidnapped friend; emotions are high on so many levels. Can they complete the mission and keep their emotions professional? I can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy.

Learning Curves 1&2 by Olivia Rigal
Two short but great reads, book two leaves you with a moment off, seriously your ending the story there??? And yes she does. Set in the world’s most romantic city of Paris, Ariane sets up an intense cooking workshop weekend for a few American clients. Not only does Ariane find an attraction in one of the clients but two other clients also find an attraction in each other. The first book follows the story of two couples but book two goes onto Ariane and Peters story with updates on a few of the characters from the first book. Loved the story outline and again can’t wait to read the third book.

Will add the reviews of the other books as soon as I have read them.
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on 23 July 2014
What can I say... Excellent value... I really enjoyed reading most of these. Especially Lacey Silks, I ended up reading het follow-up books. Would definitely recommend this to be read...
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