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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2014
I couldn't even finish reading Cross and Crown. I just reached a point where the plot seemed so silly and uninteresting that I put it down and started reading something else. These kinds of stories seem so done-to-death now. Both Dan Brown and National Treasure type mysteries seem so tired and dull these days. Perhaps the author was writing a parody? I don't know what the intention was but it didn't work for me. Authors need original stories. Fish and Chips was a clever, original, entertaining story. This was not.
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on 10 May 2015
I liked it, a lot. It's not Ty and Zane, and the simmering passion we have come to know and love from our Cut and Run protagonists is...different, between Nick and Kelly - as it should be, these are different characters.
This novel is more history and adventure, less passion and action unlike the Cut and Run series, which is passion and action less history and adventure. Reminded me a little of a gay version of "The Da Vinci Code" no bad thing I hasten to add.
I enjoyed the history aspect to the plot, I loved the fact that the two protagonists were not copulating at every possible opportunity and the characters are growing on me (if Kelly wore specs and was a little more nerdy doctor, I'd like him even more :) .
I've read the other reviews and I have to say that I was pleased the sex in this novel was not as blatant or as graphic as those in the C&R series. This novel relies on plot more than sex and I personally thought the plot was great. Totally Boys Adventure.
4 x Stars. I'm not quite sure why I couldn't give it that extra star. Probably because I haven't as yet warmed to the characters as much as I feel I should have done by Book 2.
Oh yes.....Alex Cross. He's back, and deserves another novel to himself.
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on 14 October 2014
Ok what can I say yes the story bid feel like a treasure hunt which was not great but I did like seeing how thing's where going with nick and Kelly to see how they where together you get to see how nick is still not quite there since they all came back and how thing's are changing with ty and there is a distance there which may even be a good think for them both in the long run also Julian cross is also in this book as he is trying to find his husband who has been taken to force Julian to find the treasure or they will kill him so j works with nick and Kelly. The treasure hunt side of thing's is good don't get me wrong if you like that sort of thing with a lot of history in just not my thing but you have a lot of people looking for it throw in a killing and a man with no memory and that is where nick come's into it. So yes good will get the next one to thing's go.
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on 25 November 2014
Oh wow I loved this one...All my Nick and Kelly with a dash of Julian.....and Poor Cam......Nick is joined by his boyfriend Kelly in Boston while he's on the case of a man caught up in a murder and treasure hunt with Amnesia....Nick and Kelly are again hot as sin in and out of bed.....This story just flowed so easily and i finished it in three hours....I loved the mystery of the treasure hunt and it reminded me of The Da Vinci Code but with two/three hot guys in it.....Nick and Kelly work well together and Kelly keeps Nick calmed when he needs it....I have to say I didn't think this would work as the cut and run books did but it did and I will definitely be adding this to my paperback collection...A sizzling hot read x
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on 26 August 2014
I have a great fondness for the characters in this series. They show strength in their abilities and weakness at the knees when their loves come into view. There is a strong story line for the characters to move through which kept me engaged throughout. The sex is good but doesn't overwhelm the story. I hope to see more books in this series.
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on 9 June 2014
Since i discovered Abigail Roux first book, she was in my list of auto buy authors, pre orders, paperback and all the rest, but with the last two books, that kind of made me think twice before i buy one of her books.

Cross & Crown it's the second book in the Sidewinder series and i wanted to love it before i start it, i really did but till in the end i couldn't. I gave it a go even if i didn't really enjoyed the first book in this series and in the end i should've listen to my gut cause for me it end up being kind a disaster.

The book started ok, nothing special, but around 40% it really went down hill. I didn't really felt Nick and Kelly since i spotted them and guessed that at some point they will end up together. They don't really make sense to me what so ever. I can't connect with them as much as i tried. They hot together but not that HOT. They chemistry is not really off the charts or something like this. They kind of give me an "off" sensation. It just feels, "blah", to quote one of my friends. I can't feel the sparks flying between them and the connection this two suppose to have or that they could have, and it feels more like an insta-love to me more than anything.

Another thing i loved about Abi was the amazing s*x scenes she could write. They were off the charts. But with Nick and Kelly is not the same, well for me at least. It was more like sometime i could feel the chemistry between them and sometime i didn't. Nothing like what i read before.

I am really but really gutted that i end up feeling like this about one of my fave author for m/m books. I have no words to express my disappointment. Sometime i really wonder if she lost her touch or my expectation for this author it's so much high than it was.

Would i recommend this book???

No, not really but you can give it a go maybe you will like it.
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on 14 June 2014
Thank you Ms Roux, another great instalment of the continuing saga of these sexy men. I liked the mystery, I liked the continued development of Nick and Kelly's relationship, I liked the amusing bits of dialogue to keep the characters fresh, and I loved the inclusion of Julian again. *taps foot waiting for more Ty and Zane, with Nick, Kelly, Julian and his gentle Cam thrown in...
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on 10 June 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was an interesting and fast paced story, written with both humour and panache. It was nice to read about Nick and Kelly's developing relationship, and to revisit some of the characters from the author's former books. Look forward to the next book in the series.
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on 15 October 2014
Well written spin-off from the "Cut & Run" series, well developed plot and complex, interesting characters. Plenty of humour, and Julian Cross & Cameron - what can be bad about it?
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on 6 June 2016
Love these characters and enjoyed the read. I would love to know more and will definitely read the next Sidewinder. I'm dreading not having Ty and Zane or Nick and Kelly in my life.
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