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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

on 1 April 2016
Ask Any Charles Bronson Fan Their Favourite Movie featuring Their Hero and Mr Majestyk will feature High on Their list. To most fans This is Charles Bronson The Mellon picker. The movie as Gained a Cult following over The years you know The plot Bronson innocently gets mixed up with The local Mafia while defending His mellon crops and crew of mellon pickers. look out for Linda Cristal from TVs The High Chaparral as The female lead Mr Majestyk's blu ray Transfer is what you expect Very Good and a vast improvement over past DVD releases of The film and The Disc comes with an interesting set of special features. A special poster gallery Depicting The movies posters around The world, an interview with Majestyk's only other female star Lee Purcell. Not so much a making of The movie rather Purcell Discussing How she got The role and a Audio commentary with Bronson critic expert Paul Talbot. This is a special Edition of The Movie and it shows Highly Recommended for Action film fans.
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on 28 March 2016
Charles Bronson, what a unique actor. The original hard man. Such a brooding presence, and he almost looks irritated when he has to speak, but his anti-acting makes him so effective. Mr Majestyk is a strange film in many ways, wonderfully filmed, but a bizarre story. The film must hold the record for how many times the word "Melons" is spoken. However the acting is strong, and the action effectively staged, and brutal at times. Bronson is excellent, but Paul Koslo offers a strong co-supporting role as the cocky gang cowboy. Absorbing, surreal and memorable. Definitely worth 2 hours of your time.
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''Vince Majestyk' (Bronson) is a 'Mellon' farmer, when the crop is ready he hires a
team of pickers to harvest the crop, however would-be hardman 'Bobby Kopas'
(Paul Koslo) try's to impose his own workers on 'Vince' who is having none of it.
A short while later after his encounter with 'Kopas' who he'd turned off his property
'Vince' is arrested for assault.
This proves to be only the beginning of 'Vince's' problems, when with other prisoners
he is being transported for a hearing, gunmen try to hijack the Bus and Police escort
with the intention of releasing 'Mafia' Hit-Man 'Frank Renda' (Al Letteira)
During a frantic fire-fight 'Vince' takes over the Bus and speeds off with just the Hitman
still cuffed on-board.
'Vince' try's to do the right thing, however the Police aren't listening, 'Frank' gives
'Vince' a lucrative option, which is worth considering.
The transfer goes pear-shaped, 'Vince' has clearly made an enemy of the Hit-man.
'Frank' has issues he wants to resolve with a 'bullet'
When 'Frank' has 'Vince's' crops partially destroyed and scares 'Vince's' migrant workers
off, 'Vince' gets somewhat vengeful toward his pursuer.
'Frank' try's to corner 'Vince' who now has 'Nancy' (Linda Cristal) in tow, what follows see's
the Hunter become the Hunted as 'Vince' turns the tables on the Hit-man.
With 'Corrupt -Cops' often looking the other way, an intense car-chase on the back-roads
and dust tracks along with bullets flying the '1974' 'Hollywood-Hardman' 'Bronson' action-
movie is definitely worth a visit.
I thank fellow 'reviewers' 'Timelord' and 'Caligula' for the recommendation.
(No Oscars to be won, however more than worth a viewing)
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on 25 July 2011
I saw this film many years ago on tv, Not the usual Bronson type, but the usual Bronson action. It is full of action once it gets going and the support actors are well selected for their parts.One normally expects Bronson to give back plenty of revenge once he gets wound up and this film shows him at his best. I recommend this to all Bronson fans as well as those that enjoy gangster come-upance. Very enjoyable with the hint of romance with rather a lovely co-star. Recommended.
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on 22 June 2018
Charles Bronson at his best.This is a really good movie with Bronson as the fearless Mr Majestyk.
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on 19 December 2016
Bronson kicks butt in this classic '70's actioner. Linda Cristal looks gorgeous, Al Lettieri rocks as the no.1 greasy bad guy of the 70s [see also McQ and The Getaway] and sleazy Paul Koslo gets a new one torn as always. Blu ray is a major step up from the dvd, some good extras too. BUY IT NOW!
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on 13 September 2017
Another good film, i remember this from years ago, 43 to be exact eek!
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on 17 May 2015
TYPICAL TOUGH GUY Bronson movie. Great tension and exciting action. Acting honours must go though to AL LETTIERI who is totally convincing as a tough hodlum with no morals who could easily kill you just for looking at him. KAN
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on 7 April 2017
Charles Bronson doing what he does best, killing lots of bad guys
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on 6 April 2017
Bought as a present,excellent price,prompt service,very pleased
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