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on 6 February 2014
I have 3 girls - two are 5, one is 8. They love this story, it is certainly a timeless classic. Lovely scenes, lots of funny bits and lovely songs. The evil queen is also great. Be aware that my girls did find the bit with the woodcutter at the start quite scary, it is only short - snow white is talking to the animals and you see the shadow behind her of him lifting his axe to kill her. She then turns around and screams and the scene stops. He tells her to run away as the queen is out to kill her. She runs into the woods which are dark and she imagines lots of scary things out to get her. After a few minutes she stops and lies crying, all the woodland animals appear and the whole atmosphere changes. That is the only scary bit.
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on 14 February 2016
When I read some of the reviews, they were quite mixed but I thought I would give it a chance, and I am very glad I did!
It arrived early and when I opened it, it was in immaculate condition. The artwork sleeve is so shiny and pretty.
I have watched the film and it brought back a lot of nostalgia. It is one disc and the only special feature is the audio commentary, it isn't widescreen or anything but I am not too fussed about that. I love Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and I am very happy with my purchase.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 22 October 2007
The final words of the film, above, are perhaps just as important to the film industry (and, indeed culture) as the opening sequence of a grand old book being opened.

'Snow White' just about sums up why Walt Disney was a special individual. This is perhaps more prevalent when comparing the film to his second outing, Pinnochio, which is undoubtedly his masterpiece when it comes to artwork and technicality, where you can clearly understand how this film was a learning curve for both Disney and his artists.

But Snow White is just special - it is the natural progression of Walt's storytelling that makes this 'the' perfect fairy-tale. The film is so compact and neat that no scene is ever without a purpose, leaving little room for the viewer to rest from the story. What's also apparent is a delightful innocence in the script and style of dialogue, leading the main characters to explaining actions and thoughts much more directly and thoroughly as if the film was indeed a childs picture-book. This youthful nature makes Snow White much more idealistic and safe than any Disney film after, which is purely down to Disney becoming more ambitious.

The animation of this film is easily up their with Disney's Top 3 (Snow White, Pinocchio and Fantasia), and offers probably the best landscaping artwork of all his films - it's that beautiful. The character artwork isn't as texturized as later films, but uses block colours for simplicity which is indefinitely more effective for the story-book feel. Don't forget about the immense technical advances that were not only discovered during production, but made just for the film (inevitably, being used for every animation after). Not only was Snow White the first feature length animation in Technicolor, but it was the first to be Multi-Planed (multiple 'cels' placed above each other to create the illusion of depth), the first to be rotoscoped with live actors, and the first animation to be nominated and earn awards. Not bad, eh?

If you've never seen Snow White before, then you may be genuinely surprised and, hopefully, delighted at just how neat and tidy it is as a film. To some, this may be seen as a weakness because the story is inevitably predictable and in many respects primitive to latter standard, but their is a point being missed here. Disney was the father of 'the happy ending' - the single most important feature of Disneyfication. He took an old fable about a princess, and turned it into an idealistic, dreamlike experience that has become timeless. The way in which he did it, I've found hard to describe, but Snow White remains both the bench-mark and the framework for tales of later films.

And if you're not welling up in the eyes by the end, then make sure you're watching the right film!
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on 3 March 2015
...if you didn't already know that. 2017 will mark the 80th anniversary of its release - hard to believe! In terms of picture quality this particular Blu-ray edition cannot be much improved. If you own a Region-B/C (or region-free) player you are set to enjoy this masterpiece, on the largest, highest-resolution screen possible. You also might first want to search out the late, great Roger Ebert's 2001 review of this VERY "Great Movie" - it's spot on. (Kids like it as well.)
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on 29 January 2014
It's hard to believe this film is 77 years old this year, it is a brilliant film, the platinum edition has remastered the drawings and the film looks great. I bought this for my almost 3 year old daughter to replace the VHS I had as a child. I missed the Diamond edition when it came out of the vault as at the time I was child free and not into watching Disney films. The delivery was prompt the only downside is there is no number on the spine of the DVD, out of the 50 classics we have in our collection so far there are about 6 like this with no numbers on. I don't know why Disney did that but I have managed to put them in order as the back of the cover tells you the number. This film is the original and the best, the songs are memorable and my daughter loves it.
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on 3 May 2015
The beautifully crafted classic Snow White. I purchased this mainly for my granddaughters to watch when they come to visit, but the adults enjoy it just as much!
The picture restoration is stunning considering the original was made in the late 30's. The soundtrack also has been enhanced and the film is as enjoyable as any up to date Disney movie!
Every Disney fan should have this wonderfully restored version in their collection.
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on 4 September 2013
l ordered this as a last minute birthday gift for my 5 year old granddaughter who loves the Disney films.
lt came 2 days later!! Who wouldn't be happy with service this prompt!
lt was well packaged- and when opened was just as the advert picture.
lt was competitively priced at the time l purchased it- sept 2013.
Having watched the film- she loved it- which is obviously down to personal taste!
l would definitely recommend the seller and would definitely purchase from them again.
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on 16 December 2015
This was my very favourite Disney movie when I was a child, so I was keen to introduce it to my own children. Whilst I went to the cinema to watch it, my children watched it on our tv, but they were completely engrossed and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. A true timeless classic which I hope they will one day watch with their own children if they are so blessed!
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on 21 March 2018
I watched this film as a child many, many years ago. It is as magical now as it was then. I am approaching 60 but I was taken back to my childhood while watching this film.
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on 1 August 2017
After having gotmrid of my entire dvd collection, imcluding the Disney films, 😱, I purchase Snow White for my 3yr old granddaughter to watch. She thoroughly loved it, so did I. Classic Disney at its best.
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