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on 23 June 2014
5 games (if you use the mario kart code in time to cliam the downloadable game) and 2 Wiimote+ majke this the best deal for a wii u in my opinion. You can use a usb stick to expand the storage and I prefer white consoles over black ones. Overall I am happy with this bundle for £240
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on 6 July 2014
Great bundle for the price. In the box you'll find:
- 8gb console and the gamepad;
- 2 WiiMotes;
- Sensor Bar;
- 4 physical disc retail games + Mario Kart 8 free game deal.

8gb is definitely not enough - it is impossible to download the free game on a console. However I have attached 32gb USB to my Wii U which was enough to download Pikmin 3, some demos and I still have more than enough space left. Downloaded software works great; the console reads it really fast from the USB stick. If you have a spare USB stick or portable hard drive go for 8gb version (although I've got to say. black console looks much better!)

Just Dance and Wii Party U are rather average games but if you don't own WiiMotes from the Wii Console it is a great bundle to get started with WIi U! I'm loving the console so far and would highly recommend it to anyway still thinking
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I finally decided to buy a Wii U after sitting on the fence since it's release, with the latest launch of Mario Kart 8 I thought the special edition would make a perfect addition to my collection of Nintendo consoles. This price drop makes it £110 cheaper than the PS4 and a whopping £160 lower than the XB1. Almost 2 years on from it's initial release I think it's time to share my opinions

The console is small in stature and only slightly larger than the Wii, the premium version has a glossy black finish while the basic version is a glossy white. It is considerably smaller than the other next gen systems at about 20% volume of the XB1 + Kinect. Both the Wii U tablet and pro pad are also very well designed, both are built to a very high glossy quality.

You also have to take into consideration that both the PS4 and XB1 are not backward compatible, and the input/output lag of the XB1 obliterates any possibility of using the 'HDMI IN' function for anything other that viewing video. The Wii U however is fully compatible with every Wii game and console accessory which opens it's software library up to well over a thousand games, many of which are considered the best of all time such as Mario Galaxy 1+2, Twilight Princess, Smash Bros Brawl and Metroid Prime Trilogy.

I paid £475 for my XB1 at launch with a bundled Fifa 14 and a separate copy of Forza 5, in the months since I've never felt so mugged off in all my life... While the PS4 and XB1 are more powerful their game libraries are very poor, even almost 1 year after their releases neither have a game worth buying the console for.

The criticisms of the Wii U always centre on two things:

The lower processing power in relation to XB1/PS4, and it's library (or lack of) games. Both of these points I've since discovered are actually false...

The Wii U has less processing power yes, but not a single game has even came close to pushing the hardware. Assassin's Creed 4 is the classic example. The Wii U has a completely different architecture to other systems, this isn't showcasing lower power but rather a lazy conversion which is evident in all the cross format games. Next is the library of games, the Wii U currently has 9 exclusive full release games scoring more than 80% on Metacritic compared to the PS4's 2 (inFamous + The Last of Us) and the XB1's 1 (Titanfall, which is hugely overated).

Next is the online play, Sony and Microsoft has been infested with American, racist, rage kids for the past 10 years and it sours the online experience, you can't go into a pre-game lobby without having some obnoxious child shout abuse at you down the mic. There's entire Youtube channels devoted to abusing gamers and provoking a reaction, such is gaming on MS and Sony machines.

If your not being abused verbally then there's the cheaters using lag switches and aim bots and making it pointless even trying to play online as you have no chance. The absolute worse thing about this is Sony and Microsoft's complete inaction against this even though you're PAYING for online access, chances are if you've played COD online for these systems then you've came across cheaters. This really annoys me as a 12 month XB Live subscription is £40 but MS don't even police their own servers, I stopped my XB Live last year shortly after the XB1 release.

Online access for the Wii U is free, and there is no difference in the speed or availability of servers. In fact when I've been online with Mario Kart 8 I'm almost always instantly put into a pre game lobby.

I bought COD: Ghosts when it was £15 on the Wii U and it was a revelation, first of all you're playing against Nintendo gamers and not rage kids. Pre game lobbies were always filled with mature, like minded gamers who you could chat to and have a joke with, not the typical MS or Sony rage kid.

Second is the cheats, I've put about 20 hours into this and I haven't came across a single cheater, no lag switches or aim bots. The Wii U has restored my faith in online gaming.

At this moment in time the Wii U is the best choice for next gen gaming, it has the better exclusive games currently out and coming in the future, is cheaper and has far better online community which is free.
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on 15 July 2014
If you decide you want a Wii U then this is amazing value. In the box you get
- Mario Kart 8
- Just Dance 2014 (*)
- Wii Party U (*)
- Nintendo Land (*)
- Two wii remotes (*)
- Sensor bar
- Wii U
- HDMI cable
plus a free game to download because you bought Mario Kart

So you actually get quite a lot that was not included in the original basic pack and the only differences from the standard Mario Kart premium bundle are that you get a white console instead of a black one, there is no stand for the console, no stand / posh charger for the controller and the internal memory is 8GB rather than 32GB. You also get all the (*) items in addition to the original basic pack.

Given that each disc can potentially hold 25GB then the 32GB you get with the premium is still not going to be enough and you are going to end up buying external storage anyway then this no longer becomes an issue leaving just the stands and charger that you are missing but you get a load more stuff.

Even if you don't want the extra items you can get about £45 trade in for some of a few of the games and the remotes which will pay for a decent game.

A console is only ever as good as the games and the games here are good (Mario Kart excellent) so the games are reviewed separately but the console has so far been better than expected and the games are great,
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on 8 August 2014
Ok first things first this console was for my Partner he has been going on and on about the Wii U for a while so I got this bundle.

For £249.99 at the time of buying you got 4 Games plus 2 Wii remotes to me thats a bargin ok its the 8GB model so I bought a WD Desktop 1TB Drive for £40 problem solved for my partners E Shop buys.

My Partner has introduce me to some original and easy to get into games example is Mario Kart 8 it's just a super game also Wii Party U which makes full use of the game pad with me and my partner fighting over it LOL!!!

The other feature I like is Off TV play so when it's Soap time for me my fella can carry on gaming with the game pad and he can also play old Wii games and still play them with the game pad alone (But you need a Wii remote to play Wii Mode)

All in all I am pleased with this myself my fella on the other hand who is a veteran gamer says this machine is the best current gen console out so do yourself a favour and buy one I have noticed all the games are around 25 to 50 percent off to other versions so why wait buy one.

p.s I just bought Zombi U can't wait to see his face in a few days
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on 17 July 2014
This is the best deal you're gonna find on any site for a new Wii U console with games.

£239.99 for the 8GB console, 3 of the best-selling games and NintendoLand is daylight robbery (us robbing them)!
In fact, with your copy of Mario Kart 8, if you register it with Club Nintendo before the end of July (google "Club Nintendo Mario Kart 8 promotion"), you can get yourself a free download of another best-selling Wii U game (I chose New Super Mario Bros U).

The graphics and speed of the console are a phenomenal step up from the last system, and the multiplayer features of all the games make them really enjoyable. I was worried the GamePad would be a massive gimmick too, but it's really not - it's a magnificent addition and you'll really enjoy getting to grips with it. Couldn't recommend this deal more!
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on 11 August 2014
Great way to get hold of a Wii at a bargain price. Don't worry about the smaller hard drive size, I just used an old USB memory stick with 16gb to expand the memory, seems to work well so far. Bought it mainly for Mario Kart 8, but other games are also great (haven't played Just Dance as my kids aren't really into this).
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on 8 August 2014
An amazing deal. For your £240, you get no less than four free games and 2 Wiimote Pluses (Plusi?), making this whole package worth about £410 by my calculations, and that's not including your choice of one of 10 downloadable games if you register your copy of Mariokart 8 by July 31st. Get it now, you won't regret it!
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on 19 April 2015
Great bundle, the prices have come down heavily now which is unfortunate, but at the time It was a gamble as I recieved a free game with the Mario Kart. Still a great console, and the wii u controller pad is a brilliant design. PC and Wii U cover all my gaming needs!
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on 17 August 2014
Great value, and arrived when expected. The WII U is fantastic even better than expected. Previously my son had said it wasn't worth the money as he only wanted 2 or 3 of the games, but since receiving the WII U his wish list is ever increasing.
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