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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 31 December 2014
I have the most repulsive feet. I have a lot of cracked, dry and very thick, rough skin on the heels of my feet. In the past, I have used metal scrapers and even scissors to remove the rough skin. This has not only cut my feet, bled a lot but also left scars on my feet.

I bought this gadget out of desperation, not thinking it would do any good, how wrong I was.
I have used it once and it is quite simply amazing. It has already removed a large amount of rough skin on my feet and my feet already feel so much softer. The roller is very gentle but effective and removes a lot of dry skin.

I chose this product as I didn't want to run out of batteries and the lead with this is great - about 2 metres long so you can reach every bit of your foot. You quite simply plug it in and use it. It also comes with a spare roller and cleaning brush.

For anyone with bad feet, I would highly recommend.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Over the years I've bought and reviewed hard skin removers and I've received a few of these devices to test and review from Amazon. So I have a little experience of the benefits of these machines.

I was provided with the latest to test and review via Amazon Vine.

Now all the machines on the market all are much of the same- all battery powered.
This, the latest in Emjoi is mains powered.

Firstly I can guarantee that when you actually get a foot sander and use it you too will be amazed at just how good the results are.
I'm not kidding here they are wonderful.

Now if I had to choose one brand from the many that are on offer it would have to be the Emjoi.

They are really well built and designed.
They are robust and do the job well and they tend to be a little cheaper than the others despite being better but the main reason is that you can get cheap replacements for the rollers which are of course the business end of the machine at around 4 for a tenner.

The Emjoi machines have the added bonus that they include two rollers of different coarseness for you to try.
Other companies only include one.

So with Emjoi you are actually saving more money from the off and if the rollers are different in coarseness you can see which is the better for you.

This is the first machine that I've tried that runs off the mains rather than from batteries- rechargeable or otherwise. before I go into that I will comment on the use of the machines in general- so bear with me?

I have hard skin on my feet.
When you reach a certain age this is one of the things you develop along with.... Well I don't need to go into that here do I??

I was quite frankly amazed with the results.
After singing the praises of this machine I persuaded my wife to try one. Now she does have hard skin from years of Badminton, squash and sports.
The results were excellent also so we are both converts to this form of getting hard skin from your feet.
So when offered them latest mains powered Emjoi I was keen to compare it to the battery Emjois I have and the Scholl and other machines

So this review may be slightly different from others in that I actually am comparing hard skin removers from different companies.

The first thing you notice is that they actually operate on the same principle.
The coarse covered roller is powered by a battery and spins.
You hold it by the handle and apply to your foot's hard skin.

You will be amazed at the cloud of 'dust' which comes off the soles of your feet.

And compared to the Emjo and others it works just as well. BUT the mains lead is a problem.

I think if you are going to sand your feet you need to do it somewhere that is private and where the 'dust' that comes off from your feet is easily cleaned up and wiped clean.
The bathroom comes to mind. (I will explain that later with some tips)
A mains lead in the bathroom is a no no for safety purposes.
The battery operated are light enough to manoeuvre in to all the nooks and crannies that you need and are light weight.
The battery is a whole lot safer to me as well as being a lot more convenient.

BUT I do realise that many people prefer the constant power rate and the savings on batteries that a mains device provides.

Now a few tips from an old pro.

1. To get the best results you should wash your feet well first- this gets rid of a lot of stuff and lets the dog see the rabbit so to speak.
In other words soap and water are a heck of a lot cheaper than the roller replacements.
If you can get rid of a whole lot of hard skin easily before this means you are not wasting the rollers life and in a way your own by time.
Make sure you really dry the feet before using the rollers

2. Don't press too hard- this only slows the rollers and makes the motor groan like a 'past its sell by date Zeppelin'.

3. Apply gentle and I do mean gentle pressure ensures the roller really smooths the hard skin.
Let the machine do the work for you.
It's just like going for a professional manicure. You don't file your nails down you let her do her job. Likewise you let the machine do its job.

4. A warning- there's dust! A fine cloud of...... well let's face it.. it is `you', your dust that is given off so make sure you do it somewhere where bits of you won't clog up stuff? Over the bath/toilet/bidet seems fine. This is the best place to do it and I'm afraid a mains powered one is not recommended,

5. It says you can clean the rollers and machine with water under the tap.
I think an old toothbrush ensures a good clean and makes the rollers last longer.
(BUT remove the device from the mains if you do this!!!)

6. Don't waste money by buying a replacement set of rollers until you have actually tried the machine.
Refills cost under a tenner for two from Amazon at the time of writing.

I think they are brilliant but some may not.

Think of all those bread machines that people bought and stored away?

All in all?
This is a machine that works a whole lot better than the old emery board methods.
It produces faster and MUCH BETTER results.
It is Ultra safe when compared to those old razor bladed 'safety' cutters.
It's a whole lot easier to use than fiddly boards where you may not be able to see your soles..

This is a good machine that works well.
You have the choice to get this or a battery powered one.

Each have their advantages and disadvantages..
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VINE VOICEon 22 October 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This has been a bit of a treat for the family after a summer of sandal-feet. The device works a treat - plugging in at the mains, you're ready to go straight away. It has a protective pressure sensor that makes it stop rotating if you press too hard so no need to give it any manual lift at all: the rollers are doing the work. Of course, the better part of this is that you don't slough off too much but instead just give yourself a nice buff. It sends up little clouds of...foot-dust? so best to lay out some newspaper or use it on a wooden floor so it's easy to clean.

It's a good idea to clean off the heads after each use as well, which means you're keeping it efficient and extending the roller's life. I also like to have a good foot-soak *after* each use, and then rub in some foot cream to really make it pretty!
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on 22 March 2015
pleased with this unit; and very glad I bought this mains driven one as opposed to having to deal with batteries; definitely worth the initial outlay increased cost. because the skin on my heels is particularly hard (having been ignored for the past half century) I have now upgraded to the green rollers which are a little more coarse and therefore more effective. only small outlay for 4 rollers (£10) so think I'm now set for a further year of smooth feet which at a little over £40 is well worth it to me.
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on 24 April 2016
I've bought battery powered pedicure sets before and been very dissapointed with the performance. However this being mains powered it doesn't seem to fall victim to the same problems. Unless you are pushing too hard the roller doesn't stop. The rollers it comes with are flexible and very effective. I've used it twice since i got it and it's like the equivalent 4 or five salon pedicures. My feet are smooth and ready for flip-flop weather. I think a few more goes and they won't just be smooth but also will have tackled all the hard skin a salon pedicure never seems to touch.
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on 21 January 2015
I am a little disappointed I paid so much for this product. I had read the excellent reviews saying " your feet will than you " etc. i had been using the ped egg for a while as I have to smooth my rough skin. I liked the idea of a less manual way of removing hard skin and thought the mains connection would be better than the batteries option. I am finding, even with the rough attachment, that it really only skims tge skin. If you press too hard it slow down and stops. Compared to what is removed with a ped egg, this is really only good to soften and smooth. If you have hard skin I suggest only using this to soften but it will not remove hard skin. For that you will need to use a ped egg or chiropodist to remove hard skin with a scalpel, then use this to smooth.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the first mains electricity operated hard skin remover as opposed to the first wave of machines launched over the last couple of years which were battery powered. At home have a battery powered one that is being replaced by this mains power model made by Emjoi and distributed in most of Europe by Lifes2Good. Our battery model has served us well but the motor is now showing signs of wearing down and it eats batteries. The 'we' I refer to is a family of one diabetic male and two fashion/beauty conscious females.

I find this mains model a definite step up from the battery operated model it is replacing, the electric motor spins the anti bacterial roller at an impressive 30 revolutions per second which whizzes off the toughest old skin in seconds. The secret of using these machines is to gently rotate the roller for just a couple of seconds at a time over the area being smoothed.Stop, start, stop,start, couple of seconds each pass and before you know it you are rid of the hard,tough,ugly stuff from the bottom of your feet. The fast spinning, extra course buffer smooths your soles and heels in a matter of seconds - no problems with batteries running low and the machine losing power,, no waiting for batteries to charge or looking for replacement batteries, just plug in and use!

As a chronic diabetic I have to pay special attention to the upkeep of my feet and these hard skin removers are a great help as excess hard skin growth can lead to diabetic ulcers and all sorts of other nasties, however, I did consult my diabetic nurse before using. If you are diabetic, have skin conditions or poor circulation - speak to your doctor before use! My aforementioned beauty and fashion conscious wife and daughter have both given thumbs up and say this machine is an improvement over the battery model we were using.

As with all electrical machines you must read and follow the instructions closely and use the MicroPedi in the correct way to avoid possible damage and injury to you and your feet, Four stars for the moment, i will review this after a few months to see how the MicroPedi is standing up to normal use by 3 people. Replacement rollers are easily available as are other accessories either online or in retail outlets. The product comes with a 2 (two) year warranty.
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My poor feet have been a bit neglected and I was considering visiting a chiropodist for the first time ever but this pedicure device is the bees knees. It's effective and has just removed so much hard skin under my big toes and on the balls of my feet in a smooth painless way. I suspect it would have taken many hours with a pumice stone to get the same effect. I'm very impressed with how much this has miraculously removed from my feet like a bad case of dandruff down to fine dust. It's also 2/3 the way of sorting out my cracked heels in one treatment. Followed up by scholl foot cream they look good to go. Happy feet :)
It's not rough on your feet and is safe to use. I mistakenly got my maxi dress rolled up in it twice but it just stooped rolling without breaking and didn't rip my dress. The cord is nice and long and there's no flaff with batteries or recharging.
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on 24 May 2016
I already had the battery operated version of this and loved it but was tired of batteries running out whilst in use. The product is excellent at removing rough skin and is in my opinion the best around, and believe me I have tried all sorts of gadgets and gizmos for removing hard skin. Not sure why but my heels have always been really bad, this leaves then silky smooth. When first using it took about 3 uses to get them smooth and now I use about once a week to keep them that way.
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on 15 April 2016
Love this pedicure device it does the job really well. I had been using a hand held manual grater which was hard work & a bit harsh on the feet. Being electric there are no batteries to wear down & it is quiet & easy on the feet. My feet have never looked or felt so good. Great buy & I highly recommend it.
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