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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 May 2014
I give life after Taylah 5 stars and would give more if I could.bella is such a clever writer to be able to write a theme like this and you still love the main characters.just brilliantly written. And yes bella I definitely want more from this series pretty please!!!!!!!! Now as for the extra heaven sinners (which was why I bought this).this series was the first bella books I read and first mc books I had read and I was hooked on both! Please bella do more and I know you are a busy lady but I wouldn't like a mini series I want a bigger series I can really get my teeth into!!!!!
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on 26 May 2014
You think you know what Bella writes, well think again, this is completely different from anything else and I think it's her best work yet. Avery's mum disappeared when she was a little girl and it has shaped not only her life but her families as well. Her brother Liam has struggled the most he drowns his pain in women and drugs and Avery try's to be the perfect daughter for a father who has forgotten she exists. Avery meets Nate, bad boy Motorcross rider at a time when they both need a friend, but Nate is married with an adorable little girl, he's not happy , he feels trapped but he won't leave his little girl. Sometimes we can't help who we fall in love with, sometimes that connection is just too strong, sometimes you have to make difficult choices, it hurts, it's painful but not taking that one chance may just break you.
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on 15 June 2014
I totally loved this story. I couldn't put the book down. This book made me mad and sad. I'm so glad Avery and Nate
found their happy ever after.
I hope we go on to read stories of all the other characters.
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on 29 May 2014
I really wanted the love this book, and it was good, but could have been amazing.

The story was so fresh, the missing mum, the affair.....and there was angst which I love. Also the supporting cast...mmmm those are some lush boys and I will look forward to reading more about them...

I also thought Avery was pitched right, she could be seen as a bit weak with Nate, but she's had a hard life and needs love, so is maybe more forgiving than usual heroines.


I got a bit annoyed with some of the back and forth, we will we wont etc... Which seemed to happen every few pages. If it was a roller coaster there would be lots of ups and downs but none massively high or low.....would have prefer longer climbs and bigger dips....
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on 27 May 2014
Sadly this book was just ok for me I didn't really connect with either character & I found the story lacking, the big reveal in what happened to the mum sort of fell flat for me, overall disappointing...
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on 26 October 2014
So far I have religiously read everything Bella Jewel published but I hesitated up until now to read "Life After Taylah", knowing it contains cheating which is normally a deal-breaker for me in a book.
But since I can't withstand the lure of a Bella Jewel story, I decided to read it and I am glad that I did.
Surprisingly, I enjoyed the book a lot, despite the main characters cheating. Maybe it was because they didn't take it lightly. They felt guilt and regret, shame and self-loathing. I suppose that this made it easier for me to enjoy the story. Cheating wasn't portrayed as a carefree, sexy activity.
What personally bugged me was the hidden justification of their behaviour by vilifying their partners. They were portrayed as selfish, cold-hearted, uncaring, neglectful and downright mean people. It seemed like a way to make the reader feel better about the unfaithfulness.
Personally, I was irritated by it because it isn't an excuse to cheat, but also because it took away depth and intensity that the story had potential for. Truth is, people that get cheated on aren't always a waste of space and therefore deserving of their partners behaviour.
But despite this hiccup, I did enjoy the story and the characters.

Avery, a young woman who has experienced tragedy in her childhood, still hasn't come to terms with it and is struggling with her reality and the fact she never go any closure. But despite her tragic past, she managed to become a loving and caring person, that cares about others deeply. What makes her seem a bit naive is the fact that apparently every person she meets is absolutely stunning and beautiful, a vision-of-God type of beauty. I was waiting for her to meet a normal looking human being - unsuccessfully.
She has an open mind and hear towards the people that are in her life. But she doesn't allow herself to really feel, despite her loving and open nature. The fear of being flooded by emotions is too big for her to let it happen. This all chances when Nate comes into her life. She can't help but feel and this awakens a thirst for life, love and happiness inside of her - something she didn't think she was capable of. Suddenly, she doesn't want to continue down the road of safety and predictability at the expense of joy. This makes her turn around her life completely, not letting anyone or any risk stop her.
But while she work on the life she wants to have, the past catches up to her with a violent ferocity and knocks the breath out of her. And the only the she wants and needs in her new life, she can't have - Nate. Because he isn't hers to want.

Nate is a hot, alpha, testosterone-fueled young man, trying desperately to keep this family together - despite feeling that it is a wasted effort. But he wants to give his daughter Macy what he grew up with - a happy, loving family.
For that, he is willing to keep on trying to repair his relationship with his wife Lena - even if it kills him on the inside.
What he hasn't taken into account is meeting Avery - who makes him feel again. Who brings his heart back to life.
She allows him to feel something other than anger and frustration.
Torn between the obligation he feels towards his wife and the intense feelings he has for Avery, he is in a constant battle with himself - not wanting to deny himself a new chance at love, but also unwilling to go back on the promise he gave. But as he soon realizes, this can only lead to more heartache and ends up hurting everyone involved.
Suddenly, he might be faced with losing both women for good. I really liked about him how driven he was to repair his family life, putting his daughter first - regardless of his own desires.
Though he sometimes came across as a caveman, he also had a very sweet, soft and vulnerable side.

The revelations that the book has in store were heart-breaking and made me sob like a little girl. Thankfully, the heaviness was lightened by the sweetness that is Macy, as well as by the absolutely sizzling sex between Nate and Avery.

3.5 can't control love stars.
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on 26 December 2014
Bella Jewel has fast become one not only one of my favourite authors, but also an author that's proved how versatile she is with her stories, from MC books to Pirates of the Ocean To this one - Life After Taylah.

I first heard about this book on Facebook, on one of Bella's posts, I read what she had said about it and was intrigued to read it. Once this landed in my inbox I was excited to get started.

Any time an author writes a book you have to respect everything they put into it , work, emotions, time, maybe part of them selves, but ultimately there is always some kind of message the author is trying to get across.

In Life After Taylah. Bella tries to " bring the emotional turmoil experienced within a family after a loved one is lost or a life taken." This is a subject close to Bella's heart after she experienced this herself. This isn't about whom ever Bella's experience is with, this is purely fiction and about the message.

I think Bella has truly achieved getting the message across in this book. This book is very emotionally stunning. It enthrals you from the beginning.

Usually I with a review I give you my synopsis on the book I have decided not to do that with this, I think anything I tell you will take away from the story, ruin it for you. So this is what I will tell you.....

The characters are exceptionally written. Although it sometimes may seem that there is a lot going on, it works beautifully, in order for the story to play out. The pace and flow of the book just ..... flow perfectly.

I loved this book. I loved everything about it. There wasn't anything I didn't like.

Bella, another exceptionally written book. It's beautifully stunning. Truly emotional. Fantastic characters. It pulls at your soul.

This one HAS to be added to your "TBR" list. But be warned you will not want to let go of this book once you start reading it. and will almost definitely need the supplies.

This gets 5/5 stars and 5/5 for movie moments.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 January 2015
Bella Jewel has a way of writing that makes you feel for the characters. Avery and Nate were great characters.

She was so strong one minute then love took hold and commonsense went out the window as she decided to follow her heart.

Nate, lol oh Nate you dawg! He had a wife at home, yes she was the worst wife and I can sympathise with him on that score (I mean my ex wife not my current forever wife!) but he really should have ended that before hooking up or even pursuing Avery. But I do understand his reasons for staying with his wife. I've been in a situation that I didn't want to be in but then didn't know how to get out of it, especially hard when children are involved and obviously lashings of emotional blackmail.

The cheating in this book may not be to everyone's taste, but to me it was kind of acceptable considering the circumstance!

One thing that was interesting about this book was that there was no ripping condom wrappers all over the place! Yeh yeh yeh irresponsible sex but who cares! I certainly don't! I hate watching porn where they wear them and I don't need to know if they are wearing them or not in a book so big high five to the author for not chucking the safe sex lecture at me!

All in all a top read that I would recommend.
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on 11 January 2015
Kind of speechless right now.
The subject of cheating is a hard limit for a lot of people...understandingly so...there is never an excuse that will make up for that sort of betrayal however there are always different sides of each story and here we have 3 sides...all tragic in their own way...with that and the backstory of Avery's mother makes for a truly gripping read.
Avery is a good soul who's had a hard life...Nate's a motocross rider having a tough time...two souls that find each other when they needed someone the most and bingo a beautiful friendship forms but......lines blur and are crossed and you can't see a happy way out for anyone here.
It is once again beautifully written, you even can feel yourself being pulled in to their life and problems...decisions are made and hearts are broken but even then there feels like there is no-one to blame in total and no-one to dislike...it was just sad.
A great job on very difficult subjects that are faced by many people every day and it was done with care, courage and own experience.
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on 23 August 2014
This book was ok, but thats all it was. I do have high expectations with bella though and this didn't live up to them at all, it is very predictable, one minute nate is talking filthy like a biker all slang, the next he sounds like a toff, just didn't make sense. Will still read bellas books just sad this one didn't do it for me.
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