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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 April 2014
Love this album. Embrace have always managed to reflect feelings and moods so well in the music and lyrics; this has not changed over the 8 year hiatus – seems longer!!!! Darker than ‘A New Day’ but with Refugess and Follow You Home, the repeat all button is required. Bought this copy to have in the car! #GETNO
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on 28 April 2014
This album is fantastic. Buy it now. It is beautiful, dark and fearless.
The boys have returned with an album that deserves recognition.
It has the feeling of post punk joy division. Climbing to the heights and struggling to breath. The beating heart of the band can be heard in every track. Danny's beautiful voice permeates your soul and you didn't realise how much you needed to hear it. At once, I run and the last chorus of Refugees are especially heartfelt. You are lifted and transported with Refugees. It's as if this is the first album, precious and perfect and complete. Richard's production is precise and evolved with this being especially clear on Protection and A Thief On My Island. You can hear the beating heart of the band throughout.
I will always love the good will out, I will always love out of nothing. Embrace (album) is really is a beautiful thing and it's ours to enjoy.
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on 28 April 2014
Embrace’s first album in 8 years is here and man it’s good to hear new music from these guys! They’ve been saying it’s better than their debut, and they weren’t lying. Not a single skippable track. ‘Protection’ introduces the change in sound perfectly with dark synths and drum machines before bursting into a classic Embrace singalong chorus. ‘In The End’ was amazing live at #SG21 and is as good on the record - it’s probably the best chorus they’ve ever written! Other notable tracks are ‘Quarters’ (massive change in direction with the falsetto chorus and synth parts throughout), ‘At Once’ (a glimpse back to old Embrace ballads with its soaring emotional melodies) and ‘A Thief On My Island’ (that outro… damn). And sorry Amazon, but you're gonna want to get this on iTunes - the bonus track 'DNA' is an amazing widescreen ballad, Embrace at their best.
You’re gonna want to buy this album!
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on 28 April 2014
As a long time Embrace fan I was fortunate enough to recently go to an album playback session with a band Q&A afterwards. The band spoke openly and honestly about how hard they had worked on this new album... and believe me, the end result really is awesome and well worth a listen.

The last eight years have obviously taken there toll on all the band members both physically, mentally and financially. At the playback session it was clear just how tough things had become. Steve Firth the base player can't even afford a decent pair of jeans and had a gaping hole in one of the knees. It transpired that Danny is now living in a shed, in his brother Richards back garden, and he looks in desperate need of a good meal. There were pictures of Richard on Facebook wearing the same clothes two days running. Mike Heaton the drummer has had to work in a pub to make ends meet. The poor keyboarder lives next door to neighbours from hell and can't even afford a decent car.

All these revelations bought a tear to my eye. This great band responsible for some of the greatest songs of the last 18 years are obviously down to their last pennies and have gambled everything on the success of this album.

If you have been moved by these stories of hardship in anyway, please do not hesitate to click on the 'add to basket' button...you can make a donation to the Embrace fund which will go some way to finally giving these guys the rock'n'roll lifestyle they deserve.

As a reward for your donation you will receive a free copy of their latest album....which just so happens to be bloody awesome!
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on 28 April 2014
Loved Embrace back in the days and have been looking forward to this. Having heard Refugee and Follow you Home, I wasn't sure what to expect but impressed with pretty much all of the album. Even Quarters which isn't usually my kind of music is grabbing.
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on 28 April 2014
This is one of the best albums you'll ever buy, every song is beautiful in it's own way. From the stadium anthem of 'Follow You Home' to the electronic sounds of 'Quarters' every song has the potential to be a single in it's own right
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on 2 May 2014
One of the best albums I've heard in a long time, well worth the long wait. What struck me on the first listen is how surprising it is, this is like nothing they've done before- it's fresh and fast paced throughout. Protection features a slow, surging build up to an anthemic chorus with some wonderful bass and Quarters is one of the first songs in many years that genuinely made me sit up and think, 'what on earth is this?', but in a very good way. The falsetto and dance elements are sublime, better in my opinion than Refugees, which is great in itself. Overall, with the possible exception of I Run, every song is worth five stars, a truly remarkable come back. Deserves to reach number one
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on 28 April 2014
This is an album Embrace couldn't have written 8 years ago. After Out Of Nothing propelled them into the upper charts with its (mostly) optimistic ballads the forced follow-up with its under-written selection (the repetitive The End Is Near a low point) seemed to spit them out of the industry machine, fragmented and disillusioned.

This album gives a voice to the experiences they've clearly endured, equal parts melancholy, uplifting anthems as you'd expect but infused with electronic production drawing on New Order, Depeche Mode, The Cure, the buzzsaw post-punk of Joy Division (the riff of Self-Attack Mechanism in particular sounding like 'Dead Souls' played at 100mph) and chiming guitars the Edge would be proud of. A new deal seems to have freed them from throwing mid-tempo rock/ballads out in quick succession and allowed them to channel their influences.

The album centrepiece, though, is the epic closing track Thief On My Island, starting as gently as their classic Drawn From Memory but enhanced with haunting echo effects, lamenting a disintegrating, acid-tainted relationship through several lushly instrumented verses before exploding in an assault on the senses clearly as brutal as its subjects death throes. It's up their with their best.
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VINE VOICEon 28 April 2014
Well, here it is. 8 years since This New Day, a self-titled CD appears. It has been promised for a while too, so expectation amongst the fanbase is riding high.Is it any good? Does it finally have their cover of Bohemian Rhapsody on it? Well..yes, and (sadly) no.

I've given this a number of listens now and the first thing you notice is the bright and sparkly production. It really is a fantastic sounding record, one of the best I've heard. The stated ambition of the band was to not return until the songs of The Good Will Out were bettered. A tough ask that: Fireworks, Retread, Higher Sights, AYGGP, CBTWYK, etc etc? I think the comparisons have been dodged though as this new album is less about classic songwriting structure and more about sound: exploring new electro sounds and amping up the kick drums etc.

It starts with Protection, a good opener. Anthemic. All ten tracks can be described as anthemic actually. All of them could soundtrack Match of the Day's golden goal roundup. Protection introduces the thumping bass drum, and the electro noises. These are kind of ditched on track 2, which is a real New Order sounding song. (Just listen to that bass, was it nicked from Republic? Refugees comes next: an advert for uncompressed sound vs mp3. On pre-order of the CD I was gifted an mp3 of this song. It sounds so much better on the CD, I'll be ripping to lossless in future, I hadn't realised how poor mp3 sound is sometimes. Anyway - good single, spoiled by indecipherable, unclear lyrics. I Run, track 4, is a slowie, a Coldplay-ish stadium lighters aloft moment. Then onto the marmite Follow You Home. I reckon people will love it or loathe it. The vocals are double tracked (I'm guessing its both brothers) like Squeeze used to do, and the propulsive drumming is back, but the sticking point is that chorus of "woahs". It does kind of smother the song and you are left with that as the sole identity. Actually, I hate it.

The second batch of 5 songs starts with the synth stabs of Quarters, my favourite on the album. It is like Embrace meets Scissor Sisters. Yes, sounds awful, but is really great, Unconventional and fantastically catchy. Track 6, At Once is a conventional Embrace ballad, Good, we needed one of those. Lovely guitar there in the background. Self Attack Mechanism comes next - all punky distorted guitars and a treated vocal line. The Devil Looks After His Own builds and builds until it sounds like every guitar and cymbal on the planet is being played at once. Nice. Finally we get Thief On My Island. Starts slowly - builds into something sinister and dark.

So, there we are. The songs are not really up there with the best they've written in my opinion. But the way they are presented, the thrilling guitar chops, the synths, the drumming, make for a glorious ride. Its certainly something you can repeat listen to and find something new each time. But...do this band really have a market anymore? 8 years is a long time.
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on 28 April 2014
An absolutely stunning comeback from the Brighouse five-piece. If you want slow burners with trademark heartfelt lyrics that will reduce you to a blubbering wreck ( I Run, At Once) Perfectly crafted pop (Follow You Home) Soaring anthems (Refugees, In The End) and more then this is for you. But moving in a synth-drums-and-bass direction that draws on the influences of New Order and Depeche Mode there is also a fresh twist with songs like Quarters and Self Attack Mechanism. Well worth the eight-year wait
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