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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 2 May 2014
Rylee the tracker has gone further in her journey to fulfil the prophecy and destroy Orion thereby saving the world from Demons and destruction.
Shannon Mayer is a superb writer. As I read I am there with Rylee, her faithful sidekick Alex and Liam her soulmate. I laugh along with them, share their pain and get totally absorbed into the story. Why is Rylee different,who will stand with her and who will be there in the end? I want the answers but don't want to loose Rylee and never know what happens to her afterwards.
I thoroughly recommend Shannon's books. It is best to read them in order so you don't miss out.
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on 14 June 2017
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on 28 June 2014
It was awesome to finish Book 6 and move directly on to Book 7 - a far meatier read for me who can munch through a book this length in around 4 hours…

I was happy to see that the action started almost from the first page and didn't let up till the end. It was also wonderful to get further insight into how Rylee was supposed to be the saviour of the world - that was a left hook I didn't see coming but it was all the more poignant for its unpredictability and purity.

In this instalment, we see so much more character development going on…. Liam, Milly, Pamela, Evie - all maturing at a rate of knots alongside Rylee. And Alex, oh boy, do I love Alex! I honestly believe (or maybe hope) that Ms Mayer is planning something really big for Alex. Yuppy Doody I do! And Blaz ....soooo good to learn more about dragons and their role in the end game!

Orion is starting to make his move and, confident in his belief that the demons will win, is using everything he has to divide, conquer and deceive. Rylee is making headway in bringing the good guys together, she's introduced to a new family member and continues to grow her own menagerie family. The race is on. Those that were once seen as a threat are now her staunch supporters - but Orion is nothing if not determined to kill off any advantage Rylee might have. This results in her trying to make headway while dashing back to protect those she loves, creating havoc in the interim - after all, chaos is her middle name!

And the Blood of the Lost seems to be found again…. And those threads Rylee tracks are slowing weaving together - I'm sure to a fantastical finale!

Bring on Book 8!
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on 17 March 2017
Still really enjoying the series and are looking forward to the next one its fast paced filled with action and entertaining characters
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on 16 July 2014
Before you read this book you need to know:

1. It's NOT a stand alone book. In fact books 4 through 7 of the series are pretty much one story and unless you read them all, in order, in close proximity, you're going to get lost and frustrated.
2. Apart from the storyline, the other reason that you really need to read them all together is the number of characters. Chapter 1 of this book introduces 14 characters, excluding the heroine, 10 of them within the first three pages. By the end of chapter 3, there are 20 characters and counting. The author has provided footnotes explaining who they are but this really only makes things more confusing. Very few of them seem relevant to current events and mentioning them distracts from an already confusing storyline.

So, if you haven't read books 4 through 6, yes, all of them, read them before buying this one. Aside from the unnecessary number of characters and overly complicated storyline, this is an okay book.
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VINE VOICEon 15 May 2014
I just couldn't get up any enthusiasm for this latest installment of the Rylee Adamson series. The characters somehow fell flat for me, despite my having been hooked on the series up until now, and the story just jogged along. Events seemed to be jumpy and pretty unrealistic even for the genre - I loved suspending belief and just enjoying the escapism of the forerunners of this novel - and so I found myself speed-reading instead of really enjoying. It didn't help that it seemed the author was preparing us for Liam's imminent demise: I think she'll really upset a lot of readers if she does go ahead and kill him off! Also, the ending was an anticlimatic cliff-hanger (if you can have such a thing ..) and altogether left me feeling that I may not be interested enough in finding what happens next to the characters, to buy the next installment which is due out in August.
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This is probably my most favourite book so far in this gritty urban fantasy romance series; despite the fact I'm still waiting for the axe to fall when an event prophesised in book 6 occurs. Despite expecting the worst every time a particular character faced danger, this wasn't enough to side-track me from the absolutely spellbinding action and drama unfolding around heroine Rylee and the host of supernatural allies she has accrued. Add to Rylee's posse a new character with close ties to her, plus at last Rylee reveals unknown abilities and proves exactly why her enemy Orion should fear her. This is a brilliant action packed addition to this series. An amazing read that'll leave you eager for the next book "Wounded".
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on 27 May 2014
I may have mentioned this once or twice but I love these books! Is a fabulous supernatural, urban fantasy series and is well worth a look. Great characters, fab story line. Love that Alex is coming into his own - he's so sweet and funny. Rylee continues to be overwhelmed by the prophecies that she faces but just doesn't give up, despite all the loss, heartbreak and double crossing she goes through.
I cannot wait for the next in the series and would recommend these to everyone!

I like the links in the books to the characters, is a useful addition and is something a lot of other authors should employ.
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on 5 May 2014
This latest addition to the series is fast paced ,action packed fun.Our unique band of characters face ever increasing dangers as the fight against the demons escalates.As they each face their own battles so their characters develop and evolve.They lose old allies and find new ones as they get ever closer to the final battle.With a quirky cast of appealing witches,werewolves,vampires,dragons,trolls etc.,a fiery heroine and a great hero this is urban fantasy at its best.Shannon Mayer writing stands alongside the likes of Karen Chance,Kelly Armstrong etc.and is a joy to read.Enjoy.
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on 29 June 2014
This book is the seventh in the series,you realy need to read the rest in the series as the characters are very well developed. This is not a stand alone book. There was alot as running about here and there and it takes alot of keep up..
All that said as i have read the all the other books in this series i will continue to read the next as i want tt find the conclusion to the books.
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