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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Journey To The Centre Of The Earth.

This is a new offering of an old favourite of mine, Journey was one of the first albums I ever bought and I still love it today although the original vinyl was worn out long ago and replaced with the CD. I loved the original and like this newer version too. I have always liked Rick’s music and the ups and downs of his life. Met him a couple of times and he and he was great and full of his usual stories and antics.

On a more personal note I met my now wife through this album at college. She used to play it in the college theatre during lunch breaks, she was the sound and lights lady and I was an actor (quite a bad one in fact). This music brought us together !
This new recording is very well produced and the instruments sound better placed which just shows how technology has come on since the first LP. The synthesizers are more focused and the scale of the whole thing amazing. You have to play it loud through big speakers to really get the full effect, lucky I have a great system to play this on.

As I have a Kindle HD Fire Amazon also sent me the digital copy to use on that which is a great and very useful service.
If you like Rick Wakman or want to discover some great orchestration and brilliant playing then this is for you. Rick has always been different and that’s why I like his music. Lots about him and many music samples on You Tube if you need to get acquainted. Arthur is also another favourite of mine.
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on 23 June 2014
Loved this new recording, brilliant orchestration, and seems much more rounded and complete than the original live recording! I am so pleased I 'splashed out'. Thanks Rick, glad you found the box and delved down to the bottom! X
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on 30 June 2014
Rick Wakeman originally recorded Journey back in 1974, however he was restricted by his record label to a single lp. this vinyl
re-recording is a double album in a beautifully illustrated gatefold sleeve. The artwork is classic Roger Dean, with a full colour sleeve note booklet inside.

The pressings are very good quality heavy vinyl. although not the quietest I have heard.

If you enjoy Ricks keyboard work, this is an essential album, the extra length makes the music complete, and the new recording allows the dynamic swings room to breathe. the space in the extra vinyl allows more room for instrument placement, allowing the various strands to be heard clearly.

Worth buying even when you already own the original recording.
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on 12 August 2014
This is of course superb. Anyone who went to the live concerts of Journey in 2014 will be very familiar with the work, which includes all of the original material, plus much more as well. This is Journey as Rick wanted it to be way back in the 70s. The sound is rich and full, and it's just marvelous. If you have either the original Journey or the Return, you need to add this to the collection. If you've not heard either, then you are in for a real treat. It's a perfect introduction to the worlds best keyboard player. Yes, I am biased towards him, because he's so damn good. And so is this album.
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on 1 July 2014
Wow, just listened for the first time, and it blew me away! Its great to hear this classic with todays recording quality, no dodgy missed notes, and a perfectly in tune synth [ Ricks Moog always sounded ever so slightly out to me, I know they suffered from drifting out back in the day]. So if you are a fan you have to have this for your collection, it is excellent!!
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on 9 September 2014
I'm always a bit sceptical about artists re-recording their classic work but this is a very good project indeed. First off, it afforded Rick the chance of recording the work in a studio environment for the first time - I never knew that all the original scores were lost. The version of the music that was discovered and subsequently transcribed onto computer for the first time also included two songs that were left out of the original work. Without being too unkind you can see why they were left out. At the time they pushed the work over the time limit for a single album. Maybe it's because I've not got that 40 year familiarity with those two tracks that they do not sit right for me. Maybe it's because without them the original work is just the right length. The performances and production are absolutely spot on and, of course, in this iTunes age we can do a cheeky playlist to miss out the tracks that don't fit...
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on 5 December 2014
I had the original and loved it. Also saw the live performance in London in I believe 1974? With a brilliant narrator. Some extra material here on this cd, but the singers seemed to struggle with some of the higher notes ... perhaps the English Chamber Choir used to have better singers? However as a dramatic score .. this piece stood the test of time... I
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on 3 August 2014
This took me right back to my twenties in a very good way. I liked the bits that were edited out from the original vinyl LP. Having not heard it for a long time my first thoughts were, 'was this an inspiration for Jeff Waynes "War of the Worlds"? Rick Wakeman, in my humble opinion, can do no wrong.
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on 4 November 2014
This is the brilliant studio album of the recently revised full-length 40th Anniversary Concert that was on tour in 2014. Any Rick Wakeman fan should include this album in their collection even if you already have the classic original.
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on 8 September 2014
I loved the original, and also "Return to the Centre of the Earth" with Patrick Stewart as narrator. I was not sure what this version would offer. I do like it; but not so sure about the narrator- for me David Hemings and Patrick Stewart had great voices and brought a theatrical element to it, which seems to be lacking in this version. Having said that, it is still enjoyable and I do like playing it. There is some difference in the orchestrations which appeals to me.
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