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on 23 November 2014
I've already reviewed this great book on Goodreads ... so here's the review I wrote for them ... though now especially pleased to have my paperback copy, so I can underline relevant passages!

I love this book. It's full of useful, vital, information for us Indie Authors - and those others who should be 'opening up', the libraries, bookstores, reviewers, event organisers... Clearly written, accessible, well researched, and experienced (the authors are Indie published).

5 stars even though I have one criticism: I need the paperback version to come out soon! As a person who underlines I feel the need to be able to highlight, and then easily turn to, the best bits for future use and it;ls just easier to grab a book from a shelf and flip the pages than use a Kindle!

Yep - Kindles and other e-readers are best for holiday etc fiction, and especially stories you probably won't read again. For books you aren't totally sure you'd buy, but as the Kindle is cheaper and takes up less room you'll give it a go ... paperbacks for reference - what do others think? (less)
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on 23 September 2015
It's useful, professional, empowering, clear and sensible. The book gives a useful overview of the contemporary publishing scene, as well as specific suggestions for improving it in terms of letting the best books rise to the top, regardless of what route they take to readers' hands. It also challenges a number of assumptions which gave me a few things to think about.
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on 12 June 2014
Debbie Young, Dan Holloway and Orna Ross have got together to compile an essential guide to the rise of ‘Indie’ authors.

Anyone who was at this year’s Crimefest convention will tell you that Indie authors are finally on their way to being accepted like their counterparts in the music, film and tv industry. It's only really since the inception of direct publishing that they have been given a proper voice. Before then anyone who dared to put a book before the public, without it having journeyed along the traditional route, was tarnished with the old ‘vanity press’ label... but how things have changed!

The last five years has seen this largely eroded. Authors can now publish directly via the likes of Amazon etc and what this book does is offer advice and assistance on how to go about things in a professional manner.

Readers now swap effortlessly from directly published to traditionally published works, and do so with confidence largely due to the rise of reviews and chatter on the internet. This, coupled with the fact that sample chapters are now widely available, has broken down the old barriers which were in place.

Change is happening at a break-neck speed, and what ‘Opening Up To Indie Authors’ does is encourage the industry to keep pace. There are quite a few guides available now on the actual process of publishing your novel, but this takes a look at the other side of the coin.

How do you go about getting your book in your local library or bookstore? How do you get reviews in magazines and papers? How do you get to be included in literary events or become eligible for literary prizes? This guide addresses those issues and will help you open doors.

It’s aimed at writers, readers, publishers, agents, consultants, award bodies, book fairs, conventions, conferences, libraries, literary festivals and event organisers, retailers, reviewers and just about anyone who has an interest in all things bookish.

This is really all about equality of opportunity. If a book is of poor quality it will soon get found out and readers will dwindle. A really good read though remains a really good read, whatever its route to publication. This book shouts from the rooftops that the route itself should never be a barrier to success.
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on 24 June 2014
This is a very useful guide to what seems at times like the slow, tentative acceptance indie authors are gaining in the publishing world. What I particularly liked was the way it reflects both "sides" so that, for example, while offering advice to festival and event organisers about how self-published authors might make a valuable contribution to their events, it also draws the attention of authors to the challenges facing organisers. A little mutual understanding goes a long way! It also draws on the experience of both of the authors and other contributors, which I welcomed as I always think one of the best ways to learn is from hearing other people's stories - which are usually interesting in their own right anyway.
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on 27 July 2014
Before deciding whether to become an Indie author (or even if you have already decided it's the route you want to take), you would be well advised to read this book. While there are many websites, blog posts and articles on the subject, the downside is that trawling through these for honest, relevant and reliable information can become overwhelming.
Opening Up To Indies sets out such essential information in an organised, easy-to-digest and balanced way, and includes personal experiences from authors who've already travelled along the Indie road. And as well as being a valuable reference and guide, it also offers a useful insight into the quality of support that becoming a member of ALLi could give you.
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on 26 June 2016
'Opening up to Indie Authors' - is a really excellent, thought provoking source of information.

In Part Two, ‘Equal Opportunities for all Books’, the reality of reaching readers and making sales, is tackled from both perspectives – that of the self-published (indie) author and that of: bookshops, bookstores, festivals, libraries, reviewers and various other organisations likely to be encountered. This is extremely helpful, because it enables indies to understand what to do, how to do it and ‘why’ to do it!

Ultimately, Debbie Young, Dan Holloway and Orna Ross offer the reader a fair and forthright insight re: the challenges and advantages of beginning, surviving and succeeding, as an Indie Author.

There are still sections of the book I will need to ‘re-visit’, probably on numerous occasions, to check and double check my options - as I continue my journey within the exciting world of Indie Authorship.

Thank you Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLI)
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on 20 May 2016
As a fledgling author I found this book a revelation. If only I had read this before I published my first book. It takes you into the world of the independent author / publisher. Loaded with tons of practical advice and links which will help authors to get their cherished books out there to the reader. I found it well written and easy to follow but it also goes a long way in removing the stigma of self publishing. A must for any serious indie author.
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on 11 March 2015
The Alliance of Independent Authors continues to be the definitive guide to self publishing. This latest book represents both sides of the story and encourages greater dialogue and co-operation between authors, event organisers and publishers. Buy five and sneak them under the door of your local libraries, universities and book shops. Highly recommended.
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on 29 September 2014
This is a must-have guide for every author, whether self-published, hybrid or traditionally published. The world of publishing is in a constant state of flux. The certainty is that there is no certainty. Yesterday's trade published author gets dropped by their publisher and agent and becomes tomorrow's indie author. Then there are the self-published authors, who couldn't interest an agent or publisher who go on to sell well and then get wooed by the gatekeepers....

Navigating your way through the brave new world of publishing is tricky and for self-publishing authors that can be even more of a challenge. This book is part of a campaign promoting equal opportunity for all authors no matter how they choose to publish. It is full of great tips for those of you trying to get your work into a bricks-and-mortar book shop, a library or a literary festival.

I'm a member of ALLi and received a free download of this book as part of my membership.
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on 15 November 2014
I'm an ALLi member and got a free copy as part of my membership, although between juggling work / writing / that elusive thing called a private life it took me a while to finish reading, with my scrawled notes and prompts filling half a notebook.

I might change my 4 stars to 5 on my second read. Right now, it only lost a 5th star because there was almost too much information and I am very slightly bewildered. One thing is definite, I'll be reading it again. And again. And referring to it often. (Especially when I can't read my own scrawl).

The stars already given were for direction, guidance, inspiration and good advice and the book has that in spades. It is very good indeed.
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