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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Colour: Black|Size: 8GB|Change
Price:£149.99+ Free shipping

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on 4 October 2014
This was a terrible deal when it was released, at £300 you can find any number of better of phones for a lower price.
Namely, the Moto G 4G model. Which has almost exactly the same specs for over a hundred pounds less.

However, when I bought it a month ago, it cost around the same price as the Moto G 4G and therefore made it a very good budget smartphone.
These two phones are the only ones really worth considering at under £200 at this point in time (Oct 2014).
They both have:
1GB RAM, 1.2 GHz processor, 4G connectivity, 4.4 Kitkat and a good chance to get Android L at some point, Gorrila Glass screens and expandable memory.
The biggest difference of all is that the G2 mini has a better camera but poorer screen resolution. So, according to how you use your phone and what's important to you, you can choose between the two. The Moto G has a 720p screen, and the G2 mini has a 540p screen. The G2 mini has an 8Mp camera that is pretty good for the phone price, the Moto G has a 5Mp camera with poor and limited software.

The G2 mini has a micro SD card slot, and you WILL need one, seeing as you only start with a little over 4GB of storage when new.

The screen's low resolution is one of it's greatest downsides. The 540p x 960p resolution on a 4.7 inch display means you get a 234 ppi pixel density. This is definitely not impressive, and with good eyesight you can just about see the pixelation at arms length. At a comfortable viewing distance, you can definitely see the pixels, but this probably won't be an issue for anyone coming from a smartphone older than 3 years old, as none of them had a much higher pixel density. People new to smartphones, coming from another budget smartphone or who aren't going to use them for videos much shouldn't mind either. If you don't fit into these two categories though, you're going to be disappointed.

The G2 mini is fast and smooth. you won't get much lag in the menus and home screen etc. With 1GB of RAM, it can play games but nothing too strenuous. I haven't used it much for games, but it can play Smash Hit at full graphics without stuttering. You probably won't want to play high graphics games on it much anyway because of the low screen resolution.
The biggest annoyance I had with the G2 mini is it's lack of an ambient light sensor, which should really come as standard. However, the app Lux allows you to use your front camera as a light sensor and, whilst not a perfect solution, does serve as a decent solution for people who like auto brightness.

The design is nice, with a grippy plastic back which feels relatively premium for plastic. The volume and power buttons are on the back, which has become a signature feature for LG phones. It takes some getting used to, but the only real disadvantage is that you can't access them with the phone down. However this issue is mostly avoided by the double-tap-to-wake feature which is getting more common on android devices and the volume slider in the notification bar. The phone is very light, and is easily usable one handed.

The rear camera is 8MP with flash and offers very good pictures, especially at this price. Still, it won't offer a replacement for an SLR camera, but the picture quality is roughly equivalent to an iPhone 4. The front camera is 1.3MP, and gives you enough detail for 720p video calls in good lighting. The camera software includes panorama (works quite well), HDR (although not auto HDR), timer, voice trigger (cheese!), geotagging, white balance, auto / manual focus and 1080p video.

Also, although there is a relatively low level of bloatware, the LG's interface is not as nice as the Motorola's, which is almost pure android. It looks dated, with a very not flat interface using textures in the menus and apps. It does however offer a few nice features such as font change, a good keyboard and nice notifications. However, I've heard there are plans to upgrade to the G3's interface and Android L, which is much, much nicer.
If they DO upgrade to the LG G3's interface and Android L, I will give 5 stars.



The G2 mini is now on 5.0 lollipop! This doesn't give you all the functionalities of the G3, particularly in camera software, but the now design of the interface is definitely refreshing and some new features were added like disabling the volume button shortcuts, scheduled silent and priority modes etc. The phone still runs jusrt as smooth as before.

There are however better alternatives now for this price point:
- the Motorola Moto G 3rd gen. It has a 5 inch 720p display and has a better camera and faster processor. It also has more RAM for multitasking. Current Amazon pricing is ~£150.
- the LG G3S (aka LG G3 Beat). This is the mini version of the LG G3. Comes with a 5.0 inch 720p display. Current Amazon pricing is ~£160.
- the Motorola Moto E 2015 edition. Faster than the G2 mini, but smaller screen with same resolution (higher ppi as a result). Lower quality cameras and no flash. Current Amazon pricing is only ~£100!
The Vodafone Ultra 6 is £125 on pay as you go and offers a 5.5inch Full HD screen, a fast processor, a good set of cameras and good battery life. You will be locked to Vodafone though.
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on 22 November 2014
An excellent handset if you're looking for a capable smartphone but reckon that (even on a contract) paying £550+ for an iPhone is madness :-) This is my first touch-screen phone and it appears to have everything I want:

- fast processor - no time lag for the stuff I'm using it for (email, browser, messages, calendar etc)
- clean but attractive user interface which is well designed: the phone works exactly as you imagine it ought to. Just have a fiddle and you'll work it out. No need to read instructions which is just as well as there's only a single sheet in the box.
- effective email though, at max, it will only sync every 5mins. This isn't true 'push' email but it's OK.
- decent browser
- usable phone
- good camera
- gorilla glass on the screen: it isn't the toughest version of this glass type but with a case I reckon it should survive OK
- replaceable battery: unit, therefore, has the potential to last a few years
- Android OS is a widely used OS which means this unit won't become obsolete anytime soon. Also loads of apps (on Google and LG sites) if that's your thing.

Battery typically lasts me a couple of days with modest use. Compared to my last mobile (Nokia E72) this isn't that great. Compared to current mobiles (incl iPhone) it seems to be pretty good. Performance-wise, I reckon you're getting something not too far from an iPhone minus a few bells & whistles, obviously.

The unit is, though, less heavy, less beautiful and less expensively constructed than an iPhone. The fit and finish is actually very precise but it's 100% plastic. I reckon that probably makes it less likely to break and I've no issue with it. It also ticks the price and environmental boxes too. Screen resolution isn't as fine as an iPhone, either, but unless I'd read that, I really wouldn't have known because it seems perfect, particularly if this isn't your primary browsing device.

Fyi, when I first switched it on, the phone couldn't detect the micro-SIM card and so it wouldn't connect to the Voda network. I messed about for ages and was ready to return it to Amazon for a full refund. I finally sorted this with a full reset (menu -> System Settings -> General -> Backup & Reset). Beware, two resets WITHOUT the SIM fitted in the handset achieved NOTHING: with the SIM FITTED, however, a full reset enabled connection to the Voda network and then an over-the-air OS update. Since then it's worked pretty much perfectly. It's only been 5 days but so far I'm pleased. Recommended.
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on 22 November 2014
Great little phone, keep loosing it cos it's so light and slim, I can't find in my pockets.
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on 16 October 2014
I had the chance to spend a couple of days with this phone and the Moto 4G to compare them side by side and as good as the Moto G was, I much preferred this phone. But it probably comes down to personal preference.

The Moto G has the better screen, no question about that. It looks great. And the UI response is a little snappier - but only a little. On the flipside the camera is dire: no better than the 5mp camera you'd get on a £50 phone. Meanwhile I am really liking the camera on this LG. It's 8mp but also the quality in general of the shots are just loads better.

I also quite like the LG ui - it's pleasant to use, has some good, intuitive features and it looks nice (superficial, I know). I prefer it to the vanilla Android on the Moto G which I find sort of threadbare and basic. Although other people prefer that.

Also the build of the Moto feels cheap alongside the LG. As soon as I got the LG out of the box you could sense the quality. It feels solid yet light, sturdy and yet (for me) quite beautiful, with the metal side strip and textured back, and iPhone-esque square shape. It's a great looking phone.

I should also mention the battery life which is amazing on the LG. I email, use facebook, take the odd picture - it gets steady use throughout the day - and yet I can get the best part of two days use out of it. If I charge it one morning, it'll be the next evening before I have to charge it again. Admittedly this is not using LTE though.

The only thing I don't really like is that the volume & on/off buttons are on the back of the phone rather than on the sides. It's great for the camera, but slightly annoying when you want to quickly take the phone in and out of standby.

If it had been the full original price, this would have been terrible value. But at half that price it's a great phone. Not a bargain I don't think, but not a bad price for a really nice phone. The screen res is the only thing that it loses for me in the battle against the Moto G. And as I don't play games or watch movies on the phone, this isn't a big deal.

EDIT: June 2015

So I've had this phone more than 6 months now. And I still like it a lot. However there are a couple of things that have started to grate a little. First of all, as I've added apps etc it's started to get more laggy and unresponsive. It's does the job but there are plenty of occasions when it needs to have a think about things for 3 or 4 seconds when you ask it to do something, particularly when switching apps. And also the size/resolution of the screen has turned out to be more of a annoyance than I thought. Fast typing is tough and I find myself longing for more space and detail. The one thing that's remained good though is the battery life - I still regularly get the best part of two days out of it and that's great.
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on 16 October 2014
As phones get more technically advanced almost by the day it seems only natural for the mid range bracket to follow suit. Gone are the days when only the flagship's offered delivered a top class experience and the G2 mini is a prime example of this. I say mini but with a screen size of 4.7 ' (comparable to the HTC one) it's not small but then similar to it's big brother LG have managed to have hardly an bezel at the sides meaning it still feels comfortable in the hand. Everything you would expect is available on the G2 mini, the only difference to the G2 is obviously reduced processing power and a lower (non hd) screen resolution, the first is negligable in that if you wanted more power you wouldn't be looking at this device and secondly the screen is fine if you don't have something with a higher ppi next to it to show it up. Of course the camera is in a different league as well but the 8mp shooter is more than sufficient for onscreen and facebook viewing. The build id solid enough, it has a removeable battery (though you will get 1 1/2 - 2 days out of it no proble) sd card slot, and the bonus is it's 4g compatable unlike similar models. In some ways it's a shame the screen isn't top notch like the xperia z1 compact but then that retails for nearly £200 more. If you've come from cutting you may be disappointed but for £160 it's as good as it gets...
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on 15 April 2017
As described.
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on 17 July 2014
Very impressed with this phone and actually writing this review on it now
Fast and stable. Easy to use once you get to grips with the layout of the menu options
I am using this as my work phone. So calls, email, texts and web browsing and it is handling everything without problems
One thing that makes this phone stand out is the battery life. It is quite amazing and lasts a good couple of days before thinking about recharging. Also has the benefit of being able to swap the battery and add an SD card for extra memory
Strongly recommended
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on 14 December 2014
The LG G2 mini is a great phone. Apart from a long lasting battery it has a good sized screen. Its ideal for watching movies or the BBC I player.
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on 31 December 2014
Teenage son says this is the best phone he has ever had. He loves it. It was delivered quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you.
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on 4 June 2016
Very upset not as described , phone still had Facebook, and email address on it it had not even been factory reset
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