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on 15 April 2014
They are many reviews on the internet one side very strong loving this album and one side hating this album. I believe if you loved we are the others then you will feel this album is awful/not a great listen. If you didn't like we are the others much, then it seems this album maybe a perfect match and not disappoint you. When I say this its not in any bitterness to any opinion, but this is what it seems to be. The two albums appear to counter balance in the overall power and feelings but when i say this it has nothing to do with the skill the musicians have.

Also it has nothing to do with Delain members and their composing abilities because they are reasonably good (although I would argue they aren't good in having songs that take on a different style, such as Delain don't right big long epic songs!!)

Having listened to the album for only a week I must say I wasn't blown away as I was expecting. As discussed from above I was a massive fan of We Are The Others and so due to this I felt a little disappointed. But there are some good tracks on it! I had listened to track 2 Your Body Is A Battleground for many weeks run up to the album release and though I hoped it was the weakest track on the album after spending time listening to it I have grown to like it. I saw them live two days after I received this album and they played Track 7 Army Of Dolls live and I remember when hearing it live feeling it was too long and boring, but its a very different Delain song and as silly as it sounds after a few listens catchy and a highlight to this album. The track Scarlet is also a highlight with a ballad on piano and vocals this also stands out as a strong one here. In regards to the extras the live tracks sound basically the same as the recorded versions, except for Sever! Its recorded by one of the members doing Marcos vocals in growls, some people will like it some will hate it and some like me find it awesome just to hear a different vocal take on a popular classic Delain song!

Other things in the album left me a bit disappointed was I found various tracks like My Masquerade, Sing To Me, Lullaby, The Tragedy Of The Commons songs with potential that just weren't reached! I also found in this recordings Marco not really doing much for this album. On previous Delain albums (Lucidity, April rain) It felt like his presence was good in the mix and that if no one sang his lines it would affect the song. But in regards to Sing for me and your body is a battleground it doesn't feel like you would miss him as much as you would in other songs! And it does feel like anyone could cover the duty and you wouldn't be bothered.

In regards to Track one and three, (Here Come The Vultures, Stardust) there great but not Delain classics in my opinion, and certainly some better songs that tower these two. Also theres two Orchestral Delain songs on the album. I love songs been made orchestral, but was not keen on the choices! I think something like nothing left or A Day For Ghosts or We Are The Others or something. But that's a personal opinion!

I hope you find this a fair review! And I love this band and it is hard to say weather I would recommend this album but because I know its more personal opinion on why I'm negative about this album I do recommend you give it sometime and listens! Buy it! there an awesome band even on 'a bad album!'
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on 7 April 2014
Really happy that my pre-order arrived on time.

This is a great looking package. It contains 2 cds and an integrated lyric booklet.

The first cd is all new material, and unlike We Are the Others (which i couldn't get into at all) pulled me in straight away. The song-writing structure has more variety and better hooks than the last album and is very close to being as good as April Rain in my opinion.

The second disk has a couple more new tracks, some live recordings from Delain's back-catalogue and two orchestral versions of songs found on disc 1. The instrumentals, especially, are damned good.

All in all, i'm very happy with the album and i am glad i stuck with the band after my disappointment with their last offering. Much better than Within Temptation in my view. The only disappointment i have is that the tour supporting this album is as support for Within Temptation.

Come on guys, surely you rate a tour all of your own? Get it done!
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on 11 April 2014
With their 4th album, Delain manages to recreate the epicness of their first opus Lucidity while giving it a modern aspect, continuing the approach developped in the 3rd album We Are The Others.

The violins and classic keyboard are still here, as well as some choirs, but there are also a few electronic incursions, really heavy guitars (more than usual) on the 9 songs, even those that are mid-tempo (no ballad on the main CD), and just a very contemporary atmosphere coming out of the songs, as opposed to the classic atmosphere of Lucidity or even April Rain. Still, the epic is here, with some great orchestrations, and this is really symphonic metal, not watered down symphonic metal.
I think this modern side makes The Human Contradiction stand out among all the albums of this style.

It's great to have two new collaborations with Marco Hietala, who was missed on the 3rd album. Your Body is a Battleground and Sing to Me are the most epic songs on the opus with Here Comes the Vultures and Army of Dolls.
The single Stardust is simpler but quite efficient. Tell Me, Mechanist lets us hear again the powerful growls of George Oosthoek. My Masquerade and Lullaby are sweeter, but still really heavy, and have seriously catchy choruses (actually, I found the 9 songs very catchy right from the 1st listening). Last but not least, the beautiful duet with Alissa White Gluz (The Tragedy of the Commons), reminds me in a very good way of the song Shattered from Lucidity.

The 2CD version offers 2 new songs, a mostly piano-voice ballad (Scarlet) and a very energetic title (Don't Let Go), 5 live songs, and two orchestral versions (the duets with Marco).

In short: an highly catchy, heavy and modern symphonic metal album with great collaborations, both familiar and new. Really nice work from an underrated band.
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on 7 April 2014
If you don’t already know Delain–or maybe even if you do- then check out two clips on their website “Stardust ” and “Your Body Is a Battleground”, between them they give a great sample for the feel of this new album overall, carrying forward from ‘Interlude’ a heavier, “truer-to –live” sound , with Otto’s bass cranked up to max in the mix.

Like all three previous “all-new” albums before Interlude, “Human Contradiction” though not a “concept “ album in any contrived way, works very well as whole through having a theme or three weaving in and out of its lyrics (all now credited to Charlotte this time round –and unlike “WATO” all printed with the CD) -well worth looking up Charlotte’s on line interview in “Sonic Cathedral” for anyone who wants the full picture on what inspired much of the album .

Every Delain album has its guests, this is no exception – Marco Hietala makes a welcome return duetting on “Sing To Me “ and “My Body Is a Battleground”, George Oesthook grunts on “Tell Me Machinist”, on “The Tragedy Of The Commons” Alissa White-Gluz, (Ex The Agonist (nowArch Enemy Sweden)adds both growled and sung vocals dueting with Charlotte.

The Bonus CD2 with this version also looks very promising...but I’ll save that until after I’ve got to the bottom of CD1 !!
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on 14 April 2014
I pre-ordered this on the back of the superb Lucidity, April Rain and We Are The Others and how disappointed I was.

Personally I feel that this is much slower, far less energy and to be honest very plain and dull. The second disc really is not that much more but better than disc 1. I was really hoping for something meaty to get stuck into something that you could easily turn the volume up and be blown away and this is not it. Not for me anyhow, hence my 2 star rating and that is for the second disc.

I have edited my original after listening to this a number of times and I have to say it is a really good album. There are a few slow bits that feel as though they go on for a few weeks but overall the album is as good if not better in some ways to the previous albums. I am not sure what it is but Charlotte has a hypnotic voice, I think if it was possible to hear the voice of an angel then Delain's album take you that much closer.

My final point to make is to listen to this album as a one off, don't try and rate it against the others and persevere and I can assure you that this album will not disappoint!
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on 21 April 2014
As a recent convert to this genre of this music via Within Temptation and You Tube!. This band supported WT at a gig i attended and thus the research via the web. All i can say is to have found WT 3 years ago was good fortune to say the least but to find and see these live with WT. Good fortune x 2..Bought this album and three others by Delain in the last 7 days and cant stop playing them. Enjoy!
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on 7 June 2014
A rating of 3 out of 5.
If you listen to all the songs in isolation there are some good tracks on the album, but if you listen to the album all they way through, by the time you get to the middle, you start to wonder if they used the same drum track all the way through the album. According to the album notes they used 3 different drummers, but it doesn’t show, as all sound as if they are electronic beats. Leaving the drums aside there is good blend of vocals from everyone, and Charlotte Wessels vocals stand out again. Marco Hietala (Nigtwish) makes an appearance on the second track. Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) growls her way through the last track. Overall I was disappointed with the album it starts of well with the first 3 tracks the best of the bunch, but the album cover is iconic and there are a few good tracks for me to put on the radio playlist (Radio Thunder UK), but I do think fans of the group will like it and see it as progress.
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on 22 July 2014
Really liked 'Lucidity' and 'April Rain', but was very disappointed with 'We Are The Others', so wasn't really expecting much from this. All I can say is, being proven wrong has never felt so good! 'Here Come The Vultures' is a strong contender with 'Pristine' for the best track Delain have put to record. If you're only thinking of downloading a few tracks, 'Your Body is a Battleground', 'Sing to Me', 'Tell Me, Mechanist' and 'Army of Dolls' are also good ones to go for, but overall, there isn't a bad track on the album. 'Stardust' is probably the weakest, being quite obviously written as the radio friendly 'hit', so if that's put you off, I'd advise you to give some of the other tracks a chance.

N.B. If you're debating the extended version, 'Scarlet' is an absolute gem, and the live tracks are of good quality. If you're not a fan of live tracks though, it's probably not worth it - just download Scarlet as an MP3.
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on 18 May 2015
What a return to form, with Lullaby my favourite song of the year, an absolutel melodic slice of rock perfection, especially when the end kicks in. Intelligent, twisting songs which sometimes can take a few listens, this feels like a leap forward to me, a natural evolution and has firmly planted them as a band who should stick around for quite some time. My only very VERY slight criticism would be that sometimes I wish Charlotte would let rip a little more, she has a lovely melodic voice but occasionally I'd love to hear her really put everything into it. My favourite album of last year possibly, here's hoping Nemesea's impending album lives up to it :)
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on 29 April 2014
It took me a while to get used to The Human Contradiction. Same thing happened with We Are the Others, which I felt was not like previous ones, but I grew to like it, and The Human Contradiction goes back to be "more metal", IMO. After listening to it many times, I like it a lot. The music feels complex and interesting.

The bonus disc is nice and IMO worth the extra price. Having the lyrics is also appreciated, but the red on black is hard to read. The box is too wide to store in standard CD storage, so I'm not sure where to store this album.
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