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on 3 August 2017
Good tablet purchased a few years ago for the purpose of going into hospital a lot and gave me something to use.
Must admit over the years has become a little slower but that's what is expected when I have a ton of things on it.
However its great still, would recommend for those who need something small and to help pass the time while you're in hospital etc.
Now that i'm out of hospital the kids use it a load so its definitely getting its use.
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on 23 April 2015
Excellent tablet! Excellent value for money! The only thing is, though, that you can no longer use the keyboard unit to power the screen, as you could with the older version, and this seems to be a backward step by Asus, as the unit does run its charge down very quickly.
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on 17 January 2015
Very pleased with my tablet after looking at reviews for different tablets. I wanted a tablet with a good keyboard so I had the flexibility to use as a tablet or laptop. Not disappointed at all. Would recommend it.
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Purchased for my lad for a christmas present, he wanted one that the keyboard clipped on rather than sat loose, this seemed the best priced so opted for it.

The tablet is great, when working, good screen, keyboard connects brilliant, but the product isn't fit for purpose.

First lasted around 5-6 weeks, wouldn't power up, spoke to Amazon who agreed to replace, this was end of January 2015, end of April 2015 and the replacement has failed, won't charge, phoned Amazon who for the first time passed the buck, I've got to contact Asus, I now have to send it back for a repair, which I don't want as these tablets obviously have a problem which isn't going to go away, a new battery will last what two months then off I go again, phone Amazon, contact Asus, then its out of warranty £240 down the drain, plus the cost of a replacement.

Sorry Asus and Amazon the product is rubbish and so is the service, I have a few Asus products all from Amazon, I doubt I will be buying a tablet or PC item from Amazon again, I can get crap service from the high Street thanks

Will keep posted as to outcome, I'm happy to contact the guardian consumer champion to resolve, will keep posting.

Within 10 minutes of my email complaint Amazon rang me and agreed to refund the product, then to return to them, that's why I've shopped with Amazon all these years, service that is better than anywhere I have ever come across.

After Amazon had email and sorted, next day I had an email from Asus, offering repair, but message was auto reply with link, follow link you then have to fill in and send back to Asus, nothing personal from Asus, terrible service in this day and age.
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on 28 January 2015
Love it! Get one! Just be aware that it wont charge from all 5V micro USB power supplies. The one that it is supplied with says 5.2V 1.35A which is slightly more than the more common 5V 1A chargers. Had a problem with the keyboard USB port which didnt recognise anything plugged into it. A software update a few days ago seems to have fixed it. Only time will tell!
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on 19 December 2014
Very good all-round portable device, an excellent balance of features for the money and a good-quality keyboard which is easily removable. However there is one significant problem in practical use, which seems to be a feature of Android KitKat. Only a very restricted range of applications can directly write to a selected folder on an inserted micro-sd card, such as the included camera software, and the included file manager application. Other applications can write to the card (allegedly) if they are allocated a specially created directory, making interchange of data between apps extremely cumbersome.

ES File Explorer which is a must-have for any serious tablet user, cannot write to a directory such as "documents" or "downloads" created on the card, so you cannot use it for directly controlling the download location (for example). Neither have we yet discovered an office application that can do this, and clearly a device like this with a keyboard ought to be usable for rather more serious work than facebook/youtube et al.
Consequently files must generally be created/downloaded on the internally emulated "sdcard" and then copied over if you want to save space, or a specially-named directory would have to be created on the micro-sd card EXCLUSIVELY for each app.
Having said that, you can of course download anything onto a Windows PC and transfer files over a cable using Windows Explorer which ignores the Linux file permissions completely (so what were Google thinking of here?)
A query to Asus support resulted in the helpful suggestion to do a factory reset(!) so they obviously haven't researched this on the internet (or don't want to know). Android Jelly Bean didn't have this restriction and I believe it has been fixed in Lollipop as well, so maybe an OS upgrade will appear?
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on 16 December 2015
Can't fault Amazon delivery at all, fast and smooth as ever. The tablet itself on the other hand...

Overall I loved this tablet (having bought it for its large screen and more substantial keyboard than most tablets) it was exactly what I wanted, but the product's build and component quality is terrible:
- After less than 3 months the battery died seemingly for no reason. Asus warranty people did replace it relatively quickly but there's no way this battery problem wasn't with the product as first put together.
- It worked for a little longer after this then the screen cracked one day as I (quite literally!) dropped it 2 or 3 inches onto a sofa, accidentally hitting a plastic tv remote with the edge... Great screen strength there.
- Shortly after that the power button stopped working with no noticeable cause, meaning that the tablet couldn't ever be turned off as there is no other way to turn it back on. I managed with this for a while (not fancying the warranty repair procedure over again) but one day the battery charge disappeared too quickly (supposedly from 15% to 0% in a few minutes) for me to get the charger connected - end result: will charge but will never turn on again.

As I said, I loved this product and it was exactly what I was after, but now (after less than 9 months!) I'm just left with a broken and unusable block of glass and metal. I might try the warranty procedure again but I suspect they won't fix it with a damaged screen and tbh I'm sure something else will just break soon afterwards. Not worth buying.
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on 4 October 2014
So here is a genuine customer review. To begin with, I like to say I am not a tech guru, I am just a guy looking for a good deal.

Motivation for buying:
I had the pad for just one a month now, I bought because I switched from using a laptop to using a desktop, so I figure I need something on the move as all. At first this seems like a great pick, it's a pad which transforms into a basic laptop, I can use it at home like a pad and take it out for traveling as a mini laptop. I did some research on the internet about this product and most of them seem pretty positive, its even on the A-list by PC Pro, which is my goto for reviews.

- It is really cheap for a 10 inch pad, the design looks nice, the back is rubber which gives a nice feel, but I put it in a sleeve so it doesnt actually matter.
- In general the product is well built and nicely put together, it feels solid, steady and its probably something you can expect to last a good year or two.
- 10 inch screen is a nice size, especially if you are going to do some office work on it, thats one of the reasons why I didnt go for the smaller Nexus 7.
- The screen resolution isnt as bad as you would think even though its lower compared to other devices out there, it is definitely nice enough to look at but its not going to wow you.

- The operating system, it is a normal android loaded with Asus rubbish.
- It seems fast when you are just swiping your desktop left and right for no reason, but when you are trying to switch between current apps, it is...lets say not snappy.
- Sometimes it would crash for no reason, especially on the facebook messenger app.
- The responsiveness of the touch screen gets weird as well sometimes, as in it will get slower and misinterpret your inputs, although you can just switch the screen off and on to solve this problem, but its still annoying.

It's the good old saying, you get what you price for. Its a good product for its price, but if you are used to higher end products, you will definitely feel the difference. I am not sure if the problems I listed above is due to hardware or software, but I am looking forward to getting it rooted and just install the basic android system and see if it makes it any better. However, since this product isnt considered mainstream, the chances of someone developing a customer rom for it is slim to none.

Honestly, if you have the cash to spend, I wont recommend this one.
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on 22 July 2014
This is a very good mid-range 10" Android tablet with optional detachable keyboard. But never mind what I think: it gets a very good review in the September 2014 issue of PC Pro magazine (£240 inc keyboard). They like the price, build quality, and performance. They don't like the cameras (but you are not buying a tablet to take good photos, are you). The screen is bright but the resolution is good rather than exceptional (1200 x 800) as is battery life (9hrs). They strongly recommend the optional keyboard dock (£40).

If you want a Windows 8 tablet they also recommend the Asus T100TA inc MS Office (currently £280). Alternatively if you want a smaller 7" screen their recommendation is still for the (Google Android) Nexus 7 (October issue).

The December issue again recommends this tablet (with keyboard). They also recommend the Sony Xperia Z2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and the iPad Air - but these all cost around £400 without a keyboard, which is around double the price of this Asus, and the standard iPad Air doesn't include GPS or a micro-SD card slot for extra memory.

Note the price of the Asus may vary between the black and the white versions.
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on 2 December 2014
Great tablet for the price. Makes using a tablet possible for business use with it's full keyboard.
Light and portable. Only problem is battery loses charge very fast even on standby so you can't just pull it out when you need it. You always need to plan the night before and charge it.
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