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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

on 26 November 2017
This story is a standalone romance with a HEA that forms part of a series with overlapping characters. It is very similar to the first book in the 'Chicago' ice hockey series also by this author.
Like that one it also has a slightly nerdy stay at home heroine, with a bit of an obsession. Last time it was rules for work and relationships, this time it is being organised and doing 'pop' quizzes. Both women accidentally meet the heroes, know nothing about the hometown sports, have started new jobs where they are undermined by their managers and can't cope with social media that surrounds their men. Both relationships have a crisis over this issue before all involved get over their personal demons. The issues that each individual has to overcome are the only really significant difference between the two plots.
Both books have a quirky 'quote' style start to the chapters and from looking at a preview of another book by this author it is clear that this feature is part of this authors style. They also both suffer from over use of product name dropping. It doesn't mean that much to me as I'm from the uk and less bothered about the brands mentioned. It just makes me think that the author is after an advertising/ sponsorship deal! Overall I would say that this is rather predictable, formulaic writing from this author, but it is adequately done apart from an inconsistency that I think I noticed about the heroines skills in the kitchen.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 August 2014
Kylie Reed is organized and clean. She follows the rules and she puts making other people happy in front of her own wishes. She's working in a fancy boutique in Dallas, but is dreaming about making her own designs. She has a file for the future, but she doesn't do any of the things she loves to do yet. That also goes for dating, Kylie wants a prince Harry. When she meets the perfect ginger haired guy Kylie knows she's found the love of her live. He's a gorgeous, gentlemanly and well read person and Kylie instantly likes him a lot. Will that feeling be mutual and who is her prince Harry really? Will she be able to live in the present or will she keep pleasing everyone but herself?

I loved Waiting for Prince Harry. It's such a sweet story. Kylie is a very nice girl who needs to learn to tell people what she really thinks. Is her prince Harry the person who can make her dreams come true or does she make things happen herself? Kylie is very creative and I liked that about her. Her fashion style and every idea she comes up with are great. Her prince isn't what she expected him to be when they first met, but that gives the story such a wonderful angle. I couldn't put this book down, I read it in one go. It's like a delicious cake, you just want to keep eating until you've finished the last crumb.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 April 2014
I was incredibly excited when the lovely Aven sent me a copy of Waiting for Prince Harry. I read her previous novel Connectivity and loved it, so could not wait to start this one.

I had so much resonance with Kylie. She hates confrontation so she basically just lets people walk all over her and tell her what to do. She's the complete opposite to a rule breaker and puts things off that she doesn't want to deal with right now. However if her ideal man Prince Harry came into the picture, then of course she would drop everything to be with him. There's only the slight problem of Prince Harry being all the way in the UK and Kylie being in Dallas...or is it?

One trip and fall into the lap of stranger, Kylie meets Harrison. Harrison is actually my ideal man. He's kind, sensitive, protective and wants nothing but the best for others. I really hope I can find someone like that.

What I really loved about this was the Pop Quiz questions at the start of every chapter, they were tailored to what was going on in each chapter and I answered them honestly myself.

I love Aven's writing style, it is just so unique to her and you just get so involved with the characters, especially Kylie for me. I actually felt like I was experiencing everything Kylie was going through as she was so like me. I was just sad when I got to the end and realised that there was no Harrison in my actual life. It was great reading along and watching Kylie grow and get more confident. I think Aven was giving all of us underlying advice in this and that is to do what you want to do, not what others want you to do and not to be afraid to stand up for yourself. Aven advice well and truly taken!

A really sweet, gorgeous novel that will have you swooning.
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on 28 April 2014
Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review. I read and reviewed Aven’s first book Connectivity which I thoroughly enjoyed so I couldn’t wait to get started on this one – the title really has the smile factor!

The storyline began with Kylie as bridesmaid for her brother’s lavish wedding, sadly she felt uncomfortable and out-of-place because she was the kind of person who preferred her own company. She certainly didn’t seem to have much in common with most of the wedding guests so I could see how she would feel strange about it. On the brighter side, the wedding led to her meeting Harrison for the first time and I have to say I particularly loved the way they met.

Kylie and Harrison had fab chemistry, there were many moments between them that made my heart skip a beat – it was very easy to see what she saw in him because I personally think he was kind of perfect. The effect that Harrison had on Kylie was lots of fun to read especially when she was trying to avoid facing her feelings. Later on their kisses were electrifying, they almost sizzled off the Kindle screen at me!

The author’s comfortable writing style made this so easy and fun to read, the references to Connectivity added some familiarity to the book and I really liked that. I also liked the way Aven brought social media into the storyline, for me it made it so current and relatable.

This was a unputdownable, feel-good read that held my attention throughout.
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on 1 July 2014
I would like to thank Fictionaddictionbooktours for allowing my to be part of this blog tour and sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I have got to say the title of the book had me intrigued from the start, Waiting for Prince Harry, how would this be? I love the book cover and it grabs your attention especially with the Union Jack.

We meet Kylie when she is attending the wedding of her brother, not wanting to be there and trying to avoid her mum from setting her up with any more of the groomsmen she heads to a quiet bar in the hotel. In doing this she gets her dress caught and inadvertently lands in the lap of the sexy, gorgeous, perfect Harrison.

Wow what can I say about Harrison, he is everything that you could wish for in a book boyfriend, handsome with a body to die for, gorgeous, can't you tell I'm in love here. Part of me wishes I could find a man like Harrison. He is sweet, gentle and totally different from his public persona, Kylie is instantly bewitched by him as I was and I am sure everyone that reads this book will be.

We follow Kylie and Harrison as they get to know each other in the first few weeks of their relationship, it is a sweet mix with both their emotions as well as trying to deal with the effects of Harrison's stardom, being the Captain of the Dallas Demons. I don't think I would be able to cope in Kylie shoes.

I have got to say though Kylie is just perfect for Harrison, she doesn't know how much of a star he is and never wanted him for anything his stardom brings. I loved their relationship, a bit tempestuous at times but both Kylie and Harrison have issues, little do they know they need each other to sort through them.

Aven asked me on twitter does Harrison make my book boyfriend list the answer is a definate Yes, yes, yes! I had written my review a couple of weeks ago but felt I had to go back and tell you how much I loved this book, I think everyone should go out and buy this.

Think I have left part of my heart behind with Harrison and hoping to be seeing more of him (hopefully in other books). Aven sure knows how to write a hot man that captures your heart.
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on 2 June 2014
If you’re looking for a story that will warm the cockles of your heart and slap a stupid grin on your face then Waiting For Prince Harry is definitely the book for you.

On the face of it, the story is similar to every other romance read out there: uptight, type A personality woman meets handsome, closed off, yet sensitive manly man who are instantly attracted to one another. But Aven Ellis somehow manages to set this book apart from the rest; I’m not sure if it’s the uplifting nature of the story or just sheer writing skill but it’s fabulous.There’s some nice bumps along the way for the characters to overcome, which mixes things up a little, and helps to unravel their personalities.

It’s easy, relaxing reading at it’s best – the perfect way to unwind after a hard day and/or the perfect way to spend your weekend.

review by Charlotte Foreman on behalf of BestChickLit.com
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on 2 April 2014
*Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

I don’t even know where to begin, cause I have so many thoughts in my head and I feel like there are not enough words to describe how I feel about this amazing story.
First of all I’d like to thank Aven for sending me an ARC for her second novel. I was dancing and screaming around the house when I got your email dear, thank you, for everything xxx

Let’s start with this gorgeous cover, I absolutely adore it. The flag on top melting into the skyline of Dallas, the hockey player, the girl, the colours... WOW ♥

The first few words and I was already deep into this story and loving it. Kylie is such a charismatic and lovely character. She reminded me of myself in some ways and that made it so easy to relate to her.
Her biggest dream is to become a fashion designer and she works for a store called Boutique Dallas in Highland Park doing their visual displays.
Now she just has to find her Prince Harry and I mean who hasn’t been thinking about their personal one, I certainly have.

The story is set in Dallas, I really liked reading about this city, I think I have to go there and visit now.

At her brother’s wedding she is really bored and goes to the hotel bar and there she accidentally falls into Harrison Flynn’s lap. I so loved this moment and the way the two of them got to know each other is just so sweet.

Harrison Flynn is a famous hockey player of the Dallas Demons and me as a huge hockey fan was so happy that sport was included in this novel. Harrison is gorgeous and sexy with his green eyes and ginger hair. The connection between him and Kylie was there the first second and I couldn’t wait for their story to continue.

It’s so great how he finds her again and just stands in front of her when she’s working. Aven described all their scenes in such detail and with so much heart. It was funny, flirty and really refreshing.
The way their relationship develops after that is so adorable, with some unexpected situations which made me never want to leave the story again. I was shocked at one time and then relieved again, let’s say I went through a big range of emotions and was so hooked! I couldn’t put the book down.

Harrison is the perfect man, oh my… He’s so attentive, caring, passionate, sexy, gorgeous, clever, and intelligent… Can I have him please?! ;)

I loved reading about their dates. All their scenes were so adorable, cute and sexy. They are the perfect match and that really comes across all the time. The way they treat each other and want to be there for each other all the time, so cute.
Kylie wants to find HER Prince Harry and it’s great to read about her feelings developing for Harrison and realising that he might be it. I laughed so much in the scene where Harrison sees that Kylie has Prince Harry as a screensaver on her phone, LOL.

Life isn’t perfect though and they soon have to deal with her family, the decisions they made in the past and most of all his life in the tabloids. He wants to protect her from this, which made me love him even more. The question was whether Kylie was really ok with the media and her sudden stamp of being his girlfriend in the press.

Aven has a real gift to make a story feel so real, authentic and vivid. To say it in Harrison’s words: This novel is WICKED!!! I felt like being part of this wonderful story and seeing it as a movie in my head. Isn’t that what reading is all about?

Both characters still have to learn things about life and it’s great how they help each other see that light. The road to get there is rocky, but eventually they find it. Both Kylie and Harrison are so passionate for both their dreams to come true and they fight for it together.
There is still enough drama to make this story even more gripping, fascinating and absorbing.

This novel shows that you can do anything in life when you found your “Prince Harry” to share it with. Believe in your dreams and make them happen.

Every single scene was unique and special, described in detail and with so much heart and emotion.
There is also a lot of flirting involved, which made this story so bubbly, sexy and passionate.

The epilogue is so charming, I need more Kylie and Harrison, please!!!

Each chapter started with a pop quiz question describing the content of the chapter. That’s such a great idea :)

British royals are also mentioned in this novel, yay!!! ;)

Brilliant job Aven! This novel is amazing! You’re writing is perfect ♥ This story is an awesome summer read, you’re in for a real treat!


WICKED , to say it in Harrison’s words. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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on 2 November 2014
Having just read several gritty, thrillers back to back Waiting for Prince Harry was just what the doctor ordered. A light, feel good book that just melted my heart and made me sigh and smile with happiness.

The story begins at the wedding of Kylie's brother to Candace - picture perfection and indulgence in every possible way and that's what this wedding was like. None of it is really Kylie's style and she just wants to melt into the background and dream about her fantasy romance with Prince Harry. She does her best to blend into the background escaping the main wedding hall for a bit of quiet time in another bar only to end up spending the evening chatting and laughing with a 'Prince Harry' lookalike.

Harrison and Kylie were so perfectly matched I was disappointed when the evening ended and they went their separate ways. Aven didn't make us wait too long though, the next day he turned up, just like Prince Charming to Kylie's place of work and so the romance begins.

This was a delightful read. In Kylie and Harrison Aven gave us a match made in heaven. I loved the way their attraction literally pulsed off the page, they were a classic case of ying and yang - each complimenting the other confident yet reticent in equal measures. Life isn't all plain sailing everyday problems, family and life get in the way but I loved how many of these situations was overcome with humour - the light hearted bantering between the two was a real plus for me - a sure sign they were meant to be together.

I read this book almost in one evening, not just because I'm a fairly quick reader but because the words just flowed making for a relaxed evening of smiles and sighs. Don't get me wrong it's not all hearts and flowers - throw family, friends, the press and obsessive fans into the mix and you're bound to have a few issues to work through.

Watching Kylie emerge as a beautiful butterfly gaining confidence as she grew under the protective wing of her Prince was heart warming to read. Thank you Aven for the antidote to all the dark things I've read lately - this book was just what the doctor ordered for me at this time. I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting a feel good book with a good mix of hearts and flowers along with family life and your very own Prince Charming to dream about - sheer heaven.
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on 3 April 2014
I am so, so happy to belong to those lucky beggars who were approached by Aven with a question if they want to read and review her new book Waiting for Prince Harry. Well, firstly, Aven is a very sweet and nice person. Secondly, who says "no" to such an offer. Thirdly, everything that has a "prince" in a title is a winner for me already from the start. And I have heard only good things about her other novel, Connectivity. So yes, of course I immediately said yes to Aven and her book.

Meet Kylie, who is a little OCD, plans everything and, shortly, is a very sweet and naive girl, dreaming that her future is going to be totally different from her present life. Kylie doesn't like partying, Kylie follows rules, Kylie does pop quizes, and Kylie does what other people want or await from her because she'd rather do this than cause a displeasure. She'd rather suffer that cause a problem. She's working in a boutique although her biggest dream is to have her own business where she can sew. Because she can beautifully sew. But right now she's designing the window - displays and lets some of her colleagues to bully her because she doesn't have the guts to take a stand.
But other than that, Kylie is sweet, funny, with a great dose of sarcasm and distance to herself. I have warmed to her immediately and I enjoyed her presence in the story totally.

Meet Harrison. He and Kylie meet by a chance when Kylie fleets from her brother's wedding and literally falls into Harrison's lap. They spent the evening together, evening full of chatter and exploring common passions. But because Kylie doesn't do dates, they part their ways thinking they are not going to meet again. Although Harrison is like her ideal Prince Harry: tall, handsome, with ginger hair...
What Kylie doesn't know is that Harrison is very stubborn and that HE does dates. What she also doesn't know is the fact that he is a very famous hockey - player, captain of Dallas Demons, who has a lot of female fans and is Dallas's most eligible bachelor. Perhaps even the whole America's.
Harrison does want to see Kylie again. And what Harrison wants, Harrison gets.
And here starts a rollercoaster of lessons in love. They both must learn how to love people with such different backgrounds.

Like I already said, I liked Kylie from the very beginning. There were moments that she reminded me of a little child lost in a fog but other than that, she was nice, girly, very friendly and loyal, and except the fact that she only dreamed about the future and did actually nothing to made her dreams come true, she was very easy to like.
But what Aven mastered in is Harrison. She has written a fantastic, brilliant male character and I enjoyed him double so much because we don't get such heroes too often. The last one that was similar to Harrison was Alasdair from The Wedding Cake Tree. They are both not only handsome, but they are also beautiful inside. Harrison was modest, didn't behave as if he was a centre of the world, thought nothing about his celebrity status and he only thought about those who he loved and about their safety. I wouldn't say no to Harrison.

Aven has a talent to write brilliant characters. As well as our two main heroes we have a great cast of sub - characters and all of them are very vivid, they pop out of the pages, they feel very real and I could respond to them all.

What I missed in the book was more action, more drama, more suspense. I have been waiting all the time for something to happen, like for example when Harrison and Kylie made a date to meet in his hotel in an hour. I have expected, no, I was sure, that something is going to happen then and there, something that add spice and fire to the plot. And there were moments that I couldn't believe how childish and selfish Harrison is, that in every little situation of uncertainty or when something doesn't go like he'd wanted it to be, he just walked away and said he's not sure if there is future for them both. Hellooooo, Harrison. I knew that there is future for you and Kylie, you knew it, Kylie knew it and I think all people reading the book knew it, so what.is.your.problem?
But other than that, I have enjoyed this book thoroughly. It doesn't need any fireworks but I wouldn't say no to some more twists and turns and one or two complications. But nevertheless, the pace was only right, the chemistry between the main characters was there. Perhaps there were moments it was über - sweet, too smooth but well, everything found its place in the story, every puzzle fitted another one and it was a great, optimistic, uplifting read! The writing was brilliant, very engaging, very funny, very organised and Aven is a fantastic storyteller! Really vividly written with elegant storyline. Would really recommend it!

Copy received from author in exchange for a review.
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on 27 October 2014
Firstly, a massive thank you to Aven Ellis for gifting this book to me, I absolutely adored it! This is the second Aven Ellis novel I have read and when I think they can't get any better, each one I read I love more than the last. I read this book in a day and a half because I got hooked straight away.

I was intrigued by this book just from the cover, the title, straight away had me wondering what could possibly happen. Is Prince Harry in this book? How could Kylie be waiting for him? And of course it has the Union Jack on the front, so what’s not to love about the cover image?

I loved Kylie, she was a down to earth, clumsy, selfless, normal girl who was slightly OCD, had to live her life by rules and had to be organised with everything planned, even the decoration of her house in the future (which she doesn't have and isn't making any steps to get). When we first meet her she is completing a pop quiz (which she lives her life by) on her iPhone, whilst trying to avoid being set up with a groomsman, at her brother’s wedding, by her mum. She sees her chance and sneaks out of the wedding party, finding a quiet bar to grab a few moments to herself, that is until she gets caught in her dress and ends up in the lap of gorgeous Harrison, drenching him with wine in the process. Although she has a rule to never pick up a guy in a bar, after hours of chatting, Kylie knows Harrison could be the love of her life – her Prince Harry. He’s gorgeous, intelligent, caring, red-haired and generous and Kylie can’t just let him walk away, but she can't go against her rule, will this feeling be mutual and who is Harrison?
Although I loved Kylie I really wished she would stand up for herself sometimes, I saw a lot of myself in her when she let herself be told what to do and walked all over. Seeing her eventually stand up for herself made me very happy as I had been hoping she would, especially with her work colleagues, it actually made me think that I should be a little bit more like Kylie at times!

When we find out who Harrison is, we see Kylie struggle to handle the life she has been thrown into, we see the troubles it causes between Kylie and Harrison even though there is so much love between them, it does look like the power of his star status will take over and ruin their relationship. It gives us an insight to the celebrity world and what it is like for them trying to have a normal relationship, being bothered by press and fans everywhere you go and having to deal with reading things about yourself on the internet. I thought this was great because it is not something we would see and it makes you feel sorry for them, because it is completely different for us ‘normal’ people who can have a normal life, without having to worry about any of that.

Harrison is everything you want in a book boyfriend. Very much like Deke in Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista (although in no way did they look alike), he is caring, protective and you can see he likes Kylie a lot and will do anything to keep her around. I think there is a pattern emerging here with the guys in Aven’s books! I do hope there is!

Kylie and Harrison are the perfect couple, Kylie is afraid of the now and is incredibly planned for the future, whereas Harrison is living in the now and is afraid of his future. By them both having their issues they help each other and through this they are both able to face their fears. I also found it great that Kylie didn't know who Harrison was at first as it meant we got to see him as Harrison instead of Harrison the celebrity and she fell in love with who he really is.

This is another brilliantly written novel by Aven. She writes so effortlessly and gets you hooked within the first few pages. I loved that she put pop quiz questions at the beginning of every chapter, It was a great added bonus into Kylie’s life and we could see that she really does live her life by them, we also kind of see the answers being played out in each chapter and as you get further into the book you can guess which answer Kylie will choose. Aven has the ability to make me feel all warm inside just by adding one hugely romantic line into her book, this makes me adore her books so much more and remember them just because of a few lines. Cute, romantic lines make books for me!

I think everybody should go out and buy this book! I cannot recommend it enough! It is such a heart-warming, laugh out loud funny, romantic novel that you just can’t put down. I am very sad to be finished with Kylie and Harrison’s story as I feel that a part of me is still with them, however, Aven did tell me the other day that they do pop up in her new book The Definition of Icing, which is out in May, so I am definitely going to be reading that! I have Connectivity on my TBR so that will definitely be being pushed up the list as I don't want to part with Aven's writing just yet!
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