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on 20 July 2015
A really easy to use and comfortable running watch.

I bought this watch as an upgrade from my Garmin FR410. I was getting tired of having to stand outside looking at my wrist for 3-4 minutes before a run waiting for GPS signal. It wasn't too bad if you were running from roughly the same place but if you suddenly turned up in another country it took the watch by surprise and would take forever to pin point you. Also wearing a HR strap while running isn't the most comfortable thing, I don't mind it so much while cycling but while running I could really feel it bouncing up and down.

When I received the TomTom, I had to do a brief plug in to the laptop to update the software register it to your account, its a bit annoying this can't be done over the bluetooth connection to the phone as it seems this is the only time it has to be plugged into a computer, but it is simple and quick to do.

After that it was ready to go, simply strap it on your wrist, select run and wait maybe 10 secs for it to pick up enough satellites and you are off.

The heart rate is apparently accurate within 1% of a Garmin HR strap from the online tests I read, which is more than close enough for me. It is a fairly light watch and although the strap is quite wide you it never bothered me while running. The control is easy to use while running, up and down for selecting which metric you want to view on the screen (you can pick 2 to always be displayed in the top corners), right to view heart rate graphs and left to pause and stop.

As for functionality, it is a fairly simple running watch with the benefit of being able to control everything from the watch. My old Garmin watch had more custom features, for example you could set up intervals for pyramid training so each interval was different but you had to plug into a computer and edit everything in Garmin Connect. With the TomTom watch you can only set how long/far you watch your quick interval and rest interval to be and how many sets you want to do. But this can be all set using the control on the watch and with only left/right/up/down buttons its very simple.

It is a simple running watch, that shows everything you need to know clearly and simply. When you have a little play with it there are some nice features like heart rate graphs and bar charts that update as you run but nothing too in-depth like some of the more advanced Garmin Forerunners.


Very quick to pick up GPS (As long as you update QuickGPS from your phone, takes about a minute and lasts 3 days)
Built in HR monitor
Simple to use and everything is control from the watch.
Can upload activities straight to phone and set up to auto sync with Strava


Could do with a Freestyle mode as on the Multisport version to keep track of your heart rate while in the gym.
Possibly the option to set up more in depth intervals using the tomtom software but this might defeat the object of keeping it simple.
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on 8 October 2017
Too chunky and toggle control outdated in the era of touch screen.

Heart rate only available when running which is a problem because the device won’t start until GPS is picked up. Would be nice to be able to check resting heart rate during the day without having to set up a new activity (which then syncs to strava etc and needs deleting).

Very good sync with computer and phone apps.

I think there are better and more modern and flexible products at the same price.
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on 13 July 2015
This is a fantastic watch. I do quite a bit of running and I find it is very comfortable to wear, easy to read and to navigate through the menu.

This was a replacement for my Garmin 620. I was tempted to go Garmin again but the poor customer service experience I got from them put me off the company.

I’m glad I switched allegiances. This watch is easier to read, has a larger digital display, is weatherproof with an integral heart monitor in the form of a green laser which reads your wrist’s blood supply to obtain your vital stats.

I find that it catches the GPS signal better than the Garmin ever did. And the built in heart monitor function (which you can disable) means no separate chest pinching, heart monitor strap is required.

It links to the Tom Tom website and you can upload your stats to the site and view your run on a google earth like map.

Down side? A bit pricey. I took the plunge as I had birthday money and an Amazon gift voucher to cushion the financial impact.

That said, I’d thoroughly recommend the watch to all fellow runners.
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on 31 May 2015
I bought this as an aid to my preparations for my first marathon. I've only used it in its most basic mode so far, to track and record my training runs, rather than setting heart rate targets, using the 'race' feature etc. I followed the instructions by first downloading the MySports Connect software to my Mac from the TomTom website then connecting the watch to the computer to get the latest software updates on the device. I also downloaded the user manual from the website in .pdf form as the provided instructions aren't very comprehensive.
The watch locks onto the GPS satellites very quickly and the heart rate monitor works fine without the watch being too tight. It looks quite big but is comfortable to wear. After a training run, I just connect it to the Mac and it automatically downloads the data to the MySports app, where it can be easily reviewed and compared to previous runs It's not cheap but it works exactly as advertised and I'm very pleased with it.
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on 10 February 2015
I dont normally leave reviews but i want people to know this is an excellent product. Im super picky about this sort of technology and originally bought a Garmin Fenix 2 - it was awful, kept crashing and GPS lock took 10 minutes whatever i did to fix/improve. The TomTom worked straight out of the box, incredibly quick GPS lock even in high rise central london and the heart rate monitor on the watch rather than a chest strap works really well. The GPS also seems accurate. only criticism is that i didnt love the strap the watch comes with so i ordered a thinner strap (the slim comfort strap) separately and now i love it enough to wear it throughout the day. night time illumination also works very well. Thank you Tomtom for making a product that actually works! People say its for basic/intermediate runners and the software is too basic - i say thats nonsense - it gives you all the feedback you need. Im a sub-1:30 half marathon runner and it has all the feedback and info i could possibly need...
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on 26 July 2016
I run three times a week and this has given me the motivation to run further and faster. It is 100% reliable and the heart rate monitor is really helpful. It is so easy to use and connects really quickly. Then all I have to do is plug it into my comp when I get home and it takes me straight to my route and information. I have a small wrist and although the watch is big; I don't have any problems with it and it is very comfortable. It's really easy to go through the menu whilst running too, seeing how fast, heart rate, calories, distance. I love it. Brilliant product!
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on 23 January 2017
This was bought for me for Christmas 2014 and subsequently had to be changed as the first was faulty. It is a super watch and I'm very pleased with it. I would have given 5 stars but recently found that the strap was cracking. I have had great difficulty in finding a replacement as this is a 1st generation watch. Eventually rang TomTom customer services only to be told that they do not have replacement straps - the latest models are a slightly different size. Eventually got one from the other side of the world! However, I think it is poor customer service that TomTom do not hold spare watch straps for a 1st generation model for say 5 years as I would expect the life of the watch to be at least that.
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on 17 February 2016
I am going to review this product as a watch rather than a running watch as i did not have enough time to test it fully before it broke. I have done some research and found a common problem that the square button around the control panel dose tend to come off. I have uploaded a picture so you can see what i mean. This is the main reason that i gave this product a 2 star rating. As a watch i found it was very comfortable. The menu was very easy to understand and buttons to operate was easy, maybe even to easy to operate because the buttons got activated by mistake at times because of the placement of the buttons. We are in a age of high definition so we are use to sharp screens so the screen in today's term is not very sharp and some times hard to see in different lighting conditions. I managed to get just over 11 days use with all the sensors turned off.
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on 2 May 2017
I started to use this watch which replaced a Garmin, last year. Whilst the downloading of the data was tricky and I wasn't that happy about using My phone as a bridge I put the effort in and got it to work. All was ok although it was always a bit of a faff to download the data. The trouble started when I got a new phone. The Watch refused to recognise the new phone. Several hours of fiddling about and not getting very far, I just left it. Then magically it started to work. BUT when it did, the information I got was that the watches software needed updating. So I connected the watch to my PC to update the software, the Connect software wouldn't recognise the watch. 3 PC's and 2 cables later and the software still won't recognise the watch. The watch's memory became full very quickly and once full you can't use it as a GPS tracker. Online support was basic and TomTom customer care was hard to find. When I did, it asked me to try to connect it to another PC. By the time I did, they had closed the ticket and I had to open another one. Still waiting on them to come back to me.If I don''t get a response or the offer of another watch, I'm buying another Garmin
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on 1 November 2015
Very pleased with my watch. Its fairly easy to work. There are lots of useful Videos on the Tom Tom website you connect your watch to that shows you how to do different training options. Gps is quick to track if you update your watch the night before, or day of your next run.It's a large face. If you wear reading glasses though (i do 1.75) its difficult to see the two top figures but the large middle one is easy. Saying that it is easy to scroll through the different things as you are running to make something else the bigger number eg avrg pace, cals,beats per min,milage.I love mine I'd definately get Tom Tom again.There's a backlight that can be turned on 'night mode' that stays on throughout the run and makes the screen blue to see things easier.
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