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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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I really like Dawn O'Porter. She is witty, and funny and I have enjoyed her television documentaries and a lot of her articles. I read Paper Aeroplanes and was slightly less enamoured than I wanted to be by the book. This sequel, Goose, I found less appealing than the first book, despite wanting quite desperately to like it.

I think the main thing for me is that although the themes are strong and the storylines are commendable, the girls voices, both inner and in dialogue with others seems quite juvenile in relation to what they are experiencing and what they are supposed to be like. It is as if a primary aged child is talking sometimes, and after a while I found this really grating, particularly for Renee's voice, as she is supposed to be the more precocious and 'mature' of the two girls.

I think if you loved the first book you will need to read this and you will probably enjoy it just as much, particularly if you're in your teens and the target audience.
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on 11 May 2014
Paper Aeroplanes was my 2013 YA book of the Year, so I had extremely high expections for Goose.
I was so excited to be back in Guernsey with Renee and Flo and to see what had changed and what on earth they could be getting themselves into.

OK, what to say?
It's extremely dark.
It's practically a teenagers worst nightmare.
Flo is still extremely insecure and Renee is still her loud mouth protector.

To be totally honest with you I just wasn't engrossed enough to get the big shock factor that Goose gives. The first book had me gripped from the start and didn't let go at all. Even now if I think back I'm instantly gripped again. I so needed Goose to be like that, and although it is very good it just does not have that metal fist that grips you hard, pulls you in and doesn't let go. I just felt like there wasn't much point to some of it. It focused a lot more on Flo and her Bible bashing which was a bit on the boring side. I do see that both charcters need and deserve their own plots and time, and this was a test in their relationship hence two different stories merging into one, but it just dragged a bit.
It's good, please don't think I hated it because that's not true. The plot is strong and the characters still amazing. Their are issues that have been treated with care and it's extremely funny. I just wanted it to on the same level as Paper Aeroplanes and unfortunately it wasn't.

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on 16 October 2015
A harmless read - and at the risk of becoming sexist, a bit 'girlie'. Having read paper airplanes, I wanted to see how the girls were getting on. The author's thorough knowledge of Guernsey and its quirks makes it a good holiday-read for visitors and locals alike.
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on 18 August 2014
I actually feel a bit mean about what I am going to say about this book because I love Dawn, she is so warm and friendly and funny to all of her twitter followers and I really loved the first book. However, I feel like this book was a little bit flat. I didn’t feel the empathy for the characters that I felt in the first book. It almost felt like the book was written in a rush. That said, I would love to read a short story catching up with both Renée and Flo NOW in 2014. I want to know if they are still friends, do they both still live in Guernsey or not?

For me, the stories weren’t intertwined enough to grip me. I felt like i was following 2 completely different stories. I didn’t actually care what happened to Renée, I started to dislike her…..a lot! Maybe this was what Dawn wanted because just when you started to think “what a dick”, WHOSH something happens which throws you. I didn’t expect that to happen and I actually didn’t care too much about Renée and what would happen to her, i felt like she was the cog that moved Flo’s story on at that point and it made you want a happy ending for Flo.

Maybe it was because it had been 2years since i read Paper Aeroplanes or maybe because I am a little older than I think Dawn’s target audience is but it’s not a book i would go out of my way to recommend. If you have read the first book, read this one. If you haven’t read the first one, read it and then read this one.

Do make sure you have tissues handy though because it did make me cry towards the end!
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on 5 April 2014
I enjoyed Dawns first book paper airplanes and wanted to know more about what happened to the characters. I read this book extremely quickly. Started well but it just descended into silliness and I was quite frankly bored towards the end. Shame as the first novel was better thought out. I love Dawns documentaries on TV so would read another book of hers just not this one.
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on 16 August 2015
I had to laugh as I read this, not because the situation is funny but I went from reading a sedate Amish fiction romance book (with only a kiss/glance shared) to a read which has extremely colourful language and intense romantic situations which taught me things I possibly could have done without learning.

But overall this is a sweet tale, definitely one I couldn't put down as the two girls help each other out at a tricky time in their life. It was hard to watch the friction between then, although it didn't bother me that I hadn't read Paper Aeroplanes where the story first started. Their friendship isn't without issues, but they manage to surmount them and get through life's ups and downs together, even when that meant having to be apart for a while.

I received a copy from the publisher for review on my blog Nayu's Reading Corner
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on 16 April 2014
As a big fan of Dawns, obviously I loved the book. I completed Paper Aeroplanes in a day and did this one in two. Thoroughly entertaining, hilarious and relatable to anybody thats ever been an 18 year old girl! I have become some what attached to Renee and Flo, cant wait for the 3rd book.
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In Paper Aeroplanes Renée and Flo become best friends. A year and a half later they are still close. They're in their final months of high school and things are about to change. Flo has a plan, she wants them to go to university together. Renée isn't so sure about that though. They both have to go their own way and discover what they want which is putting pressure on their friendship. While Flo discovers a way to be comforted and secure by going to church, Renée meets a guy who is sweet and kind to her. She's fallen for him pretty hard, but is he really right for her? Does their friendship survive the completely different paths they've chosen?

I loved Paper Aeroplanes. I was really happy when Goose came out and I'm glad I've read the book. Flo is lost, but finds herself again in an unexpected way. Renée is still not very interested in school and she doesn't want to spend much of her time studying. Her life has changed a lot since she moved in with her aunt Jo, but she still isn't very good at making the right decisions and she has a lot to learn. Both girls develop in Goose and I really liked that. Friendship and love are important and if the bond is strong enough it can take a lot. The two girls were already a lot more mature in this book and I'm looking forward to see what will happen to them next. I like Flo and Renée, they aren't the most popular girls and life isn't easy for them. Still, they're trying to survive as well as they can. It's how things went when I was that age as well and I think that's such a strong point of this book. Flo and Renée are almost opposites, but they are still just girls who need each other's friendship. Dawn O'Porter has written such a great novel again, I loved it!
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on 11 August 2014
As soon as I finished reading the first book I downloaded this one and started reading it right away. I read both books in 2 days. This book continues the story shortly after where the first book leaves. I couldn't put it down. It had me laughing out loud and weeping in equal measure.
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on 24 May 2014
If you want something that is a quick read , maybe whilst travelling then this is for you. Nothing bad about it, just lacks the depth I enjoy when I a read.
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