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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 4|Edition: Limited Edition|Change
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on 6 June 2014
First things first, it is genuinely nice to see an almost new type of game, far away from FPS, Driving and Sports games that seem to dominate this and the last generation. The story is pretty good, as you play Ronan O'Connor, a man who has been brutally murdered. And you yourself have to solve the crime in the real town of Salem, Massachussetts (USA). To call this game an open world sandbox game though is a bit misleading, as Ronan can’t pass through other ghostly matter because he’s a ghost, and he can’t access three quarters of the town’s buildings as they’ve been ‘consecrated’ by Salem’s citizens. The developer didn’t have time to make a bigger, more interesting world, in other words. Also the limitations extend to your toolbox. Ronan can, theoretically, do all the cool things you’d want a ghost detective to be able to do: walk through (some) walls, analyse the ghostly residue of a murder scene, interrogate other ghosts, possess humans and animals to influence them and read their thoughts, and move objects about like a poltergeist - you’ll rarely find any use for his abilities outside of the tightly scripted story which you’re funneled through.
It is a quite short-ish game, and took me about 10 hours of gameplay to finish.
Overall, there is a compelling central mystery with some genuinely scary enemies, but it is a bit of a shame as there are some really great concepts in here, but I felt a bit short changed. Like the game was rushed to release, and there is little genuine challenge in completing it. Despite this, I feel it's worth a look to most gamers.
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on 15 June 2014
Murdered: Soul Suspect is a game with some great ideas at its core; however the game seems somewhat hesitant to utilize them in a way that would turn it from an okay game and in to a good game. Hell if implemented correctly it could have even been a great game. But sadly this wasn't to be it seems.

You play the recently departed Ronan, who sets out to solve his own murder at the hands of a serial killer who has been terrorizing the sleepy and creepy town of Salem. Okay from the location alone, you know where this story is going, right? Salem has a nice vibe to it, with ghostly remnants of the past fused (usually violently) into the present architecture. During your ten-or-so hour play through the game you’ll visit slightly cliqued locations, however given that this story is clearly going for a certain kind of theme I can forgive it. As a ghost you can pass through walls and other such objects, unfortunately however the entire damn town has been consecrated (thank you puritans) and as such your ghostly freedoms are now really restricted. Okay I understand there had to be limitations of just how far you can go, but why did it just about every single building in town need to be just as solid in death as in life?
Speaking of powers, this was where the game could have really shined. However yet again you’re hampered with a lack of commitment to the powers that should have been on offer to you. Your abilities are heavily contextualised and their effects and range seem to change to suit whatever you find before you. Of all my faults with the game, it is this that disappointed me the most.

I know from the above it sounds like I hated the game; however nothing could be further from the truth. I actually enjoyed the story, and if you play this game, please be aware that is exactly what you are getting – a story. The risks and challenges are almost none existent and replay vale is truly none existent. There is an outline of good game here, and while I indeed enjoyed my time in Salem, I just feel that so much more could have been accomplished with the pieces that were already assembled.
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on 6 June 2014
I am kind of annoyed I played full price for this, because the devs did not deliver on their promises of an open world, free to explore. You are not free at all in this game, it's nearly entirely scripted and limits you to using what skills it wants you to use to solve puzzles.

It's like L.A Noire, minus the polish, and has been watered down in the difficulty department to the point of 'my mum could play it'. In fact, now that I think about it, this is probably the kind of game that my mum might play if she were remotely into games. It's just such a shame because the premise is so good, the first 10-15 mins I thought I was in for a treat... then, pants.

I would 'maybe' recommend the story, if it was not so riddled with cliche and predictability. There really is not much here for your money. The end credits were rolling just 7 hours after I started the game, completed in one sitting....

+Nice graphcs
+Good voice acting and overall presentation is it's strong point

- Just about everything else. Gameplay, story and fun is terrible.
- Will be in the bargain bins and pre-owned section of GAME for £4.99 before you know it.
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on 6 June 2014
I received this game two days ahead of release and have just finished it taking between 8-10 hours.

The game is a bit like LA Noire mixed with heavy rain but is still it's own unique game which alone gives the game a reason worth playing.

The story is simple, Ronan, a criminal turned cop, gets killed by a serial killer and is now hunting him down from the afterlife so that he will complete his final goal and get sent to heaven, or someplace to spend eternity with his dead wife ( he probably didn't think that one through).

When it comes to gameplay it breaks down to three things; walking to the next area, finding clues and then working out what happened and finally dealing with demons which I absolutely despised.

When you get to investigation areas you have to look around the room for clues, some obvious, others you may spend a while finding though not all the clues are necessary to find, when you find the clues or at the least the necessary ones you can attempt to give the answer(s) to a question such as "what was the killer doing here" when it comes to these questions they are pretty easy to solve, I had trouble sometimes but came down to misunderstanding what it was asking. Although the game sometimes treats you like an idiot sometimes, I did feel like a detective which is a big plus.

Now onto the demons. I hate them, their annoying and did not need to be in this game. It turns into a very bad stealth/action game. The way it works is you either try to get around them or you can try to execute them by simply getting behind one, pressing R2 and then moving in a direction and pressing one of the buttons. But if they spot you they will suck out your soul (I think) and you will... die? Or you can try to get away by hiding in these ghost shadow things that are in there plenty when needed, but the demons will look for you in there and what always seems to happen is that I kept having to jump from one to another constantly until it gave up, if it spots you in it, do it all over again.

Other things to note is that there are a lot of collectibles, I picked up over 175 different items and there are still a lot more. They range from notes about the killer, the towns past and also notes from Ronan's dead wife all of which are short and because of that, readable. There are also stories you get through collecting specific objects in each area

I've only played a few ps4 games but when it comes to the graphics there nothing special but doesn't ruin the he game in anyway, it's not trying to look pretty.

Aside from the demons there was something else that was in a way a negative and that was the ending. This game needed a great ending but unfortunately it didn't do it for me. I won't spoil it but It didn't make me go Whaaaaaat! or anything, in fact I actually got it correct, partially. I also felt it cheated me a bit, I won't say what because it may ruin it.

Overall I did enjoy this game and would give it 31/2 stars. It's unique and interesting but the ending for me let it down.
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on 21 August 2016
It's ok to pass the time. The only problem is that it's repetitive. You basically do the same thing in every chapter and even the side missions you do the same thing. It's cheap though and looks good. If it had just a bit more to it, it would of been a good game.
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on 28 June 2014
With the premise of solving your own murder in ghost form, you'd think the game would be really interesting with original and entertaining gameplay. I sadly did not find this to be the case.

As a spectre, detective work has been both limiting (as you can no longer physically interact with anything) and advantageous (as paranormal abilities can be used to read minds or to possess). Unfortunately it felt like this area was glanced over as the abilities become repetitive very fast and seem almost pointless at times. The idea of possessing a human and making them act up sounds interesting, but the extent of your possession allows you to merely read their thoughts (which usually consist of two lines of boring dialogue) or to look through their eyes... Which is kinda weird and unnecessary.

The story however seemed compelling but the gameplay, scenery and atmosphere was so dull it was hard to find a reason to continue.

Of course this is merely an opinion and if you think you can overlook certain things and do enjoy a detective story with a twist then you could enjoy this game.
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on 7 July 2014
I had high hopes for this game, hoping it would be a paranormal LA Noire, but am very disappointed. Graphically, it's nothing special, and it feels like a poor interpretation of the 'point and click' philosophy that LA Noire, Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead excelled at. Being able to walk through walls is about the only 'wow' factor it has, and that's not saying much. I'm giving it a three instead of a two because it has the bones of a great game. It just fell short.

I also didn't know that, to use the map, I had to go and create an account somewhere else. If this was a four or five star game, then I just might have done that.
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on 18 June 2014
It is nice to see a fresh game on the now-current generation of consoles.

The story for this is not too shabby, you play Ronan O'Connor, a detective whom has been murdered brutally. It is upto you to solve your own murder. You have access to the town of Salem, Massachussetts (a real US town i might add). The game makers say this is open world, i wouldn't call it that myself. The areas you visit are 3/4 open (at best), you can't pass through ghostly matter (being a ghost and all that). The main hub isn't exactly open, you can't enter every building, this is explained as you play the game. Bit disapointing really i might say. As other reviewers have said, the developers seemingly became a little "lazy" in development, but hey ho

As a ghost, you can do all the ghostly things you can imagine a ghost can do, albeit limitations again. You can walk through walls (when in a building, and only walls which don't "glow"). You can posses citizens/animals, interogate other "ghosts" and cause polterguist-esque stuff to objects. These powers however have limited appeal outside of missions, which is a shame.

The game itself is short (it can be done in between 6-10 hours at best). If it wasn't for the side-stuff, it would be even shorter. Which is a shame really, the developers had a good chance to make a great game.

I'd give this a 6.5/10, worth a look but wait until it's reduced.
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on 9 August 2014
A very nice game, great ideas utilised and some truly unique gameplay techniques.
I particularly enjoyed being a cat...
The graphics are average and not likely to push your PS4 in any way, but nothing to grumble about.
The plot is concise and well delivered.
The huge problem is that it is far far far too short!
9hrs of gameplay had the game finished and out if the PS4, to me that isn't any where near enough value for money.
I'd have to say it's worth a play but get it second hand and ensure it doesn't cost you much.
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on 24 December 2014
This game is awesome! The very first game in nearly a decade that I've completed 100%. It was gripping, you got really involved on the story, and the demon things are really scary! The only reason I've marked otnas four stars instead of five is the special edition isn't worth it, all you get is a special book to go with it and you'll struggle to trade the game in afterwards because it's marked 'don't sell separately'.
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