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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 January 2015
This is a quite compact (94 cm), great value soundbar + subwoofer sound system that works very well with modern flatscreen TVs and other devices that can use Bluetooth or digital optical sound connections. We have found it very easy to use once we got the setup sorted and the sound is a major improvement over the built-in speakers on our flatscreen TV.

(UPDATE: After almost a year we’re still very pleased with the HW-H355, but it might now be worth looking at the new 2015 model HW-J355)

There are various sound modes (standard, music, voice, movie, etc.) and simple +/- adjustment of treble and bass. The soundbar stores all settings when off, except volume which seems to start at 20 each time. The sound is clear and distortion-free with good bass, we've watched various classical performances over the last month and it sounds far better even than the large speakers on our previous non-flatscreen TV.

This system is `wireless' but not all Samsung TVs will connect to it wirelessly - our TV is a new 2014 model but it seems only the largest screen sizes have SoundShare / SoundConnect even though the TV *does* wirelessly connect to networks - but does not support Bluetooth, so check your TV specifications carefully if wireless connection with the soundbar is important to you. The subwoofer plugs into the soundbar so that's one lead you'll have anyway, plus the power cable!

You will probably need to synchronise the soundbar with your TV if you want to use both sets of speakers together; using the remote you can adjust the delay in 25ms steps, a speech programme is easiest to hear when you've got it right as the `echo' effect will stop when both sets of speakers work together. The setting is stored from then on.

We used a digital optical lead (not included with the soundbar) to connect our TV, very easy to set up with a firm `click' plug at each end, then select `D In' on the soundbar remote and that's it. TV sound will play through the TV speakers (unless you turn the volume down of course) and also the soundbar system. If you want the soundbar to turn on automatically when the TV is turned on, select the `Auto Power Link' option on the remote. It turns back to standby a few minutes after the TV is turned off.

The disadvantage of using a digital optical lead to connect is that you cannot control the soundbar volume from your TV remote, only the soundbar remote. However, there is a real advantage, which is that the soundbar can only pair with one Bluetooth device at a time - so if you connect to the TV with a digital optical lead this leaves the soundbar free to also connect by Bluetooth to your tablet or phone for playing music tracks etc.

To pair your Bluetooth device:
1.Press `BT' on the soundbar remote
2.On the device you want to connect, scan for Bluetooth devices and select `[Samsung] Soundbar'.
3.The paired device name will appear on the soundbar front display.

To have the soundbar turn on when your paired device connects every time, after pairing, with the soundbar turned off, press and hold the F+ button on top of the soundbar until the soundbar displays `Bluetooth Power On'. From then on the soundbar will turn on in Bluetooth mode when you activate the connection from your phone or tablet. This is so useful for playing music tracks from my tablet I was pleased I'd connected the TV with a lead, not with Bluetooth.

After a month of general use, we are very pleased with the sound, quality and ease of use of this soundbar system.

(According to the manual, to pair with a SoundShare / SoundConnect compatible TV use the F+ button on the soundbar to change to `TV' mode, then scan for the soundbar from your TV. After pairing, the soundbar should turn on in `TV' mode whenever the TV is turned on.)
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on 23 January 2015
There are contradictory views on here regarding the issue of whether its possible to control this soundbar using the TV remote (or a sky TV remote). I'm posting this to clarify - yes it is possible using the samsung 'sound connect' system, so long as you have one of the newer, larger Samsung TV's (2014 and 40 inch plus to be on the safe side). If you want to set this up, the soundbar and the TV need to be paired first, so you need to check that 'add new device' is set to 'on' in the TV sound menu. Bring the soundbar close to your TV then press the 'F' button on the front of the soundbar until 'TV' is displayed. The TV should then show a message asking whether to pair the soundbar. Select Yes. You should hear TV sound from the soundbar after a few seconds. From now on the soundbar will turn itself off and on in tandem with the TV, and the soundbar volume and mute functions will work with the TV/ Sky remote. Note: if you are connecting in this way, do not connect the TV and the soundbar together using an optical cable. If you do, the sound connect features will be overridden. If you ever use the soundbar for something else eg an auxiliary input, you can revert back to the TV by pressing the 'sound connect' button on the soundbar remote control.
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on 29 December 2014
After setting up a 5.1 surround system we got really annoyed with the wires and speakers around the room and decided to go for a Soundbar instead - we selected this one and purchased from a local store.

It was to be used with our 5 year old Non-Smart Samsung TV (LE40C530) we opted to use the optical connection using a 2m optical cable we purchased on an auction site for £2. As all of our music is on mobile phones and tablets the bluetooth streaming would come in handy too if the audio quality was good.

So, setting up was easy - soundbar in place with a wire to the mains (Easily hidden in fireplace surround - lengthy cable), one connection to the TV itself (This could be connected direct to Sky/TiVo/Xbox/Etc if desired) and then the very thin cable to the unpowered subwoofer (Also a lengthy cable, easily hidden between carpet and skirting board). Overall the look was excellent - wife was happy with that over the old system.

So I then turned the TV on and automatically the soundbar detected the feed through the optical cable and powered itself on - we instantly recognized the good sound quality, upped the volume and switched to a music channel - perfect!

Next, switched the soundbar to bluetooth - the screen reads "BT Ready" and on my iPhone searched for devices - selected the soundbar (Comes up as SAMSUNG-SOUNDBAR) and played some music and the sound quality was excellent. Overall very satisfied with the setup and quality.

Something that does bug me but not enough to drop a star, it may be to do with my iPhone but each time I switch the soundbar to bluetooth I need to reconnect it from the bluetooth settings on my iPhone - it would be good to have this happen automatically.
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on 6 September 2014
Bought this a few days ago and it was delivered within 24 hours (did not pay for special delivery). Great service. The set up was really easy and my TV recognised the soundbar almost immediately when i put it on the bluetooth setting. It is really easy to switch between devices. The subwoofer really adds some excellent bass to the TV however I would say that on some occasions voices in TV shows can be quite hard to hear as the music of background noise in the show seems to be given priority over actors voices. This was an issue when going through all of the pre-set choices (Standard, Music, Sports, Cinema, Voice).
The issue may be solved by using an optical cable instead of the wireless function but I am yet to try that out.
I will say however that the pre-set choices, in particular sports and music, were excellent.
Really looking forward to sitting down to watch some movies with the added depth of sound. Any questions please ask.
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on 17 July 2014
Excellent sound quality, bluetooth option works great and the various modes and sound presets offer variety depending on the setting. While not true surround sound, the 3D sound plus function works a charm. Bass is punchy and is adjustable. Great little device for the price!
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on 20 August 2014
Good value. Does what it says. Linked to Samsung television without a problem
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on 18 July 2014
Brilliant, easy to set up and use the sound is excellent and compliments my Samsung TV brilliantly
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on 23 June 2014
Great item, very good value for money and great match for any Samsung tv. Enhances the dialogue a treat with clear voice.
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on 26 May 2014
The sound bar was easy to set up and has a great sound connecting to our Samsung TV. Really quick service from Hughes
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on 30 August 2014
This is a great product, the sound is amazing, it's easy to install and easy to use. Within 5 minutes of opening the box I was palying songs off my phone wirelessly through the soundbar. This soundbar was really as much as my budget would stretch to and i'm really happy with it. To top it off delivery timescale said 3-5 working days and it arrived in 2 days.
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