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Customer reviews

2.5 out of 5 stars
Unity 2D Game Development
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 13 April 2014
If you're at least Intermediate experiences in OOP and C#, this book is totally useless. And I insist on being more then a beginner at programming as the book focuses on such subjects as Delegates and State Machines. So while the techniques used in this book are good, you will find yourself very confused by the time you finish the first chapter.

However, my biggest convern is how crap the code segments found in the book. The code is not properly structured and required you to download the code directly from the Packt.

So if your an Intermediate experienced programmer you will defintely find some benefir to this book. But if you have minimal programming exprerience I would highly recommend staying away from this book.
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on 27 May 2014
Written in a friendly tone, this book's text is completely let down by the code samples and the structure of the project examples. The printed code samples have absolutely no indentation (which is completely unforgivable and makes the publisher look like amateurs) and contain numerous errors, and by page twenty five you're forced to blindly import code from the supplied code samples, which unfortunately depends on features not yet implemented in other scripts printed in the book. The result is that you end up pulling in more code from the finished project to make things work, and so are skipping forward in the project, using concepts that haven't yet been introduced.
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on 31 August 2014
The book illustrates many basic techniques of 2D Game development. It guides you through the steps of building a 2D platformer game in a simple, very hands-on manner. Unfortunately, the examples are not very well printed and some bugs in the code might put you off if you are not a seasoned programmer. The downloadable code samples are essential to work your way through those pitfalls.
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on 13 April 2014
I really enjoyed this book. Yes it has some errors in the printed code, but download the source and it works fine. I don't think (in some cases) it may suit beginners to both unity and c# programming, as a fair bit of experience of both is sometimes assumed. (If you are a beginner, you'll need to do some other studying of Unity particle systems and c# delegates and events). It is short, (testament to the ease of use and power of Unity) but does pack an entire playable game example from start to finish.

I am well on my way to my own unity 2D game and loving it. Thanks Dave Calabrese!
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on 9 April 2014
I got this book, and the digital versions,

Every single code section in the book is incorrect, now Ive never done C# before, so after going over the book , and the PDF and the epub they were all the same, WRONG
the first code in the book has the first two lines wrong,
This cannot be forgiven because Unity Generates those two lines for you when you say NEW SCRIPT
here is the First two lines from the first code in the book:

Using Unity Engine;
Using System.Collections;

Looks ok you think, C# errors and cannot execute or even compile the code until its fixed, this is how it should be

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

C# is really picky about the upper case and spaces,
because I dont know C# and was using this book to read some of the basics it took me about 2hrs of the first 4hrs of coding to get this fixed, the rest of the code isnt any better with lines like


now the good bit(There is a good bit)
the game theory in this book is Exactly what I wanted, its start to finish one page a time to make a 2d side scrolling game,

I complained to PACKT and all they did was send me the code in a zip file, the same thing that I got off their site to accompany the book, when I looked at the code, I found out what was going on, the zip split into two folders
the orginal and UPDATED folder,
so if you just blindly copy and paste the scripts from the updated folder you will be fine.
but if you want to learn along with the book like I did it was hard to follow because of these errors.

wait for the second edition, there is bound to be one with the errors fixed and save the 15 bucks
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on 6 September 2016
The code samples in this book are terrible. The author only outlines a small section of code and then tells you to look at the larger code file without explaining it. Avoid this book at all costs.
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on 18 June 2014
The book is written by David M. Calabrese and it's certainly not a dull read. Calabrese delivers instructions clearly, in an entertaining but logical and easy to follow manner. The book has been written for the reader to work through the topics from beginning to end. The first chapter takes the reader through the basics of setting up an environment, character creation and basic animation using 2D sprites. The creation of prefabs is also covered which is useful to those new to the Unity engine itself.

I felt that the content of each chapter was important for the goal of creating a 2D game and relevant for the reader. The difficulty of the content was increased little by little and the small chunks that each chapter was divided into helps the reader digest everything slowly and take it in.

The book examples are coded using C# and from a beginner's perspective if you are new to coding, you may not understand everything that's been used. The book does assume that you have some knowledge of coding, however I thought that all the important code chunks were explained so this should give a good idea of what does what.

While working through the book I did come across code formatting that didn't align well within the book as it may have done in the original document. This only affected the comments so there was no harm done. However, I did come across an issue with the code within chapter 2. The code had errors when trying to compile because certain variables introduced in this chapter's code had not yet been defined. Luckily I was able to get around it, but if you were following this book and were new programming in C# this may cause an issue. It was only in the two later chapter's that these variables were defined so I may contact the author about this.

I would have liked to have seen some consistent formatting to each chapter. I found that at the end of the later chapters Calabrese would summarise what he had covered which was a good way for the readers to recap on what they had just learned. I also noticed that during a later chapter Calabrese opened by stating what topics the chapter would cover which would be useful for someone using this book as a cookbook to work through individual topics throughout chapters instead of the entire book from beginning to end.

Overall, I think this book served it's purpose. It introduces current Unity developers to the 2D tools in order to produce a basic 2D game. I wouldn't recommend this book to those completely new to Unity or programming in C# as I think a lot of knowledge used and talked about is assumed i.e. when he refers to events and delegates in the first couple of chapters. But for anyone with a basic grounding in Unity and C# I think this book is a great resource.
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