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on 27 May 2014
My review might be a little biased as I never liked Damian. I would have given it 3 1/2 stars but the action just edges it to 4 stars for me rather than round down to 3. The animation is great. In keeping with the all the other recent DC releases more anime style. There is not that much dialogue, and what is there is not bad. The fights, cuts and bruises and innuendo mean this is aimed at a more mature audience. This for me is great.

The story is a bit of the new school ninjas, (led by Slade Wilson), taking over from the old school, (led by Ra's al Ghul). The New school seem to have the advantage of not being shy about using guns and bazookas and missiles. Ra seems to have the Jedi ability to deflect bullets with his blade despite being surrounded or fired on by machine gun rapid fire. I do like this incarnation of Ra it does show how deadly he is. To become the undisputed leader of the League of Assassins my must kill the Al Ghul blood line including Damian. Knowing this Talia, take puts Damian under the protection of the father he has never met. Everyone seems to accept this incredibly well. Especially the suspicious to the point of paranoid Bruce. Damian seems to suffer the superior rich boy complex, making him just completely unlikable. I have to agree with Alfred in his statement "I am for the shrubbery". Something that does not seem to add up is Ra seem to favour old to little technology, yet Damian seem to have enough computer skills to hack into through the Bat-computer systems like a Knife through butter.

This is an action orientated, ninja fest. As long as you accept that going into the film. If you like that you will love this, if you prefer more story with action Batman: Under The Red Hood [DVD] [2010] would be a better choice.
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on 2 October 2015
With a new animated Batman story now being released on a yearly basis by WB, its great to see the franchise and world of Gotham being more fully explored.

As a Batman FAN this is a major part of the never ending Jigsaw Puzzle of the Gotham World and its History.
It answers many questions, as well as raises new questions...

Sorry I am not going to spoil the story for you, Just Buy IT and see it for yourself!
can't wait for the next animated film.

IF you're a FAN of the original WB 1970's Animated Batman series, this is a lot more in-depth​ view of the Gotham world, and the animation is far superior, but it also retains the look and feel of the original series.
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on 3 September 2016
Excellent film. I loved it. Brought it as part of a triple pack.
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on 30 October 2014
Marvelous DVD I love it
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on 23 December 2014
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on 9 July 2014
I really loved this animated Batman movie. I came to it cold as I haven't been following the whole Damian drama - although I knew who he was, etc. My era was the 70's/80's and I tend to keep to that era for nostalgia while dipping in now and then in to the DC universe. As for this movie I loved it and thought it a very strong one after a few recent disappointments (JL: Doom and Flashpoint). DC always seem to excel themselves when Batman is the star of the show. It was really gripping and the time flew by. I cannot be hundred percent sure if this is exactly the same as the DC comics, but for me it was a vast improvement. Highly recommended.
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on 25 March 2015
With a title like Son of Batman, I initially thought it would be awful. Where it is no way one of the better Batman animation's, it is not terrible.
Batman's voice does not sound right. The animation is fantastic.
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on 22 July 2014
I am an absolutely huge Batman fan and i take every opportunity to see the charactor from comics through to video games. I felt that this was a strong entry into the Batman animated universe, as is the way with DCU animated features this film takes the events of two different comic book arcs and makes them into a single narrative.
I felt that the animation in particular on this film was incredible with the action scenes slick, exciting and above all intense. I thought that the changes that had to be made to the existing stories were handled sympathetically. However i would say that if you were just stumbling onto Batman animated films then this would not be the best to start with. There is plenty of assuming that the vieiwer is aware of some of the Mythology (Batman has a Son and the villains motivations etc)
I would say that this is a fine addition to an already existing collection, but if you are wanting to start one then choose the animated series, or if you just want an amazing film pick under the red hood.
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After a sustained assault on the League of Shadow's lair, Ra's al Ghul is murdered by his former protégé, Deathstroke (Slade Wilson). His daughter Talia flees with her son Damian to Gotham. Damian has spent his entire life in the walls of the League of Shadows compound and is a highly skilled fighter for such a young man. Talia, being targeted by Deathstroke, thinks it would be safer for Damian to stay with his father, the Dark Knight - apparently Damian is the result of a little date-rape by Talia...

Damian is bloodthirsty and Batman struggles to temper his will; trying to teach him that you do not fight crime by being a criminal. But when Deathstroke's master plan becomes apparent, the Dark Knight will have to team up with the impetuous young Damian to topple them, will they suceed? Time will tell...

Son of Batman is an excellently animated adventure, credit to Warner Animation who have done a sterling job. The action is constant with some excellent characters making an appearance; Nightwing, Killer Croc, Manbats and a prominent performance from Alfred. Whilst Damian is an impetuous little SOB (Son of Batman) - he is skilled and earns Batman's respect. The story is solid but the action is a little over the top sometimes - an eight-year-old being able to go sword to sword with a 400lb body builder and hold his ground is a bit much, as are arrow launching mini-guns and trebuchets able to take out moving helicopters. Despite these points, this is a great addition to the DC animated universe.

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on 20 April 2014
Well it seems Batman got drugged one night and did the nasty with Talia al Ghul who had a son Damian. Damian is a fighter and intellect like Batman. Damian wants to avenge the death of his grandfather Ra's al Ghul who was killed by Death Stroke. Damian has untempered anger which Batman attempts to control. Meanwhile Death Stroke has a scientist making mutants for him.

The film utilizes the dry humor of Alfred and some dark humor. Modern automatic weapons seem to have a tough time against medieval swords. It makes me wonder how Hitler conquered Poland. Fun popcorn film.
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