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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Indie Cindy
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 11 October 2017
great record
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on 14 July 2014
I love this album. Too many people have been sniffy about it. What's your problem? It's a great record and I think Kim made a big mistake in not wanting to do new material. There are lots of great Pixie moments here. It's not about trying to re-create the past, it's about moving on and adding to the legacy.
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on 21 February 2015
I expected very little of this album. For me Trompe Le Monde, their last album 23 years ago, was their weakest (although being The Pixies it still featured moments of absolute brilliance) and now that Kim had gone and all the internal troubles in between, I was reticent to even listen to it.

However, I was really surprised. There is tons of Pixies goodness here and in fact I prefer it to Trompe Le Monde in spades. It's very melodic, employing the Pixies' classic use of dark/light, loud/quiet. It's very good, not quite 5 stars as that's Doolittle level in my book, but really very good. Far better than the majority of material from any band since the Pixies, for me they've still got it.
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on 21 July 2014
As a long time Pixies fan of some maturity I was curious as to what new Pixies music might sound like. Unfortunately I made the classic mistake of reading reviews and consequently it took me some time to listen to this properly. I think it's excellent. I enjoy it more than Trampe Le Monde and anyone who thought it would trump earlier releases was in cloud cuckoo land anyway. Albums like Doolittle and Bossanova come along very rarely, for a band to produce two faultless gems puts them up there at the very top of rock n roll.

Apart from here on Amazon I've never read a good review of this cd, but I think it is engaging, electric, edgy, exciting, tuneful, and progressive. All the things I ask of the Pixies. Goes to show what I long suspected, professional music reviewers are more interested in a story and an angle than they are in objective analysis. Most of them are young and can't face up to the facts - their parents and grand parents invented rock, and they've done nothing with it.
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on 30 April 2014
I've heard all these songs before (which is why it gets 4 stars rather than 5), on the three recent EPs, and that does detract somewhat from the experience of hearing a first new Pixies album in 23 years. Is it still fun though? Sure, but don't expect the Pixies of Surfer Rosa, Doolittle and Bossanova. There's glimpses of what they did on those three records, but Indie Cindy is much more in the style of Frank Black's solo work or Trompe Le Monde; a Pixies album that was probably more Frank Black than it was the band. The whole album does remind me very much of Frank's eponymous album or Teenager of the Year.

Kim Deal is gone, and you'll know it in your mind, but you might not notice it had you not known she'd left (sorry Kim). The stand ins do a decent job on the bass. The guitars of Joey are still there; swirling and mind-blowing. It's definitely the Pixies, they've just got older; like all bands do.

The stand out songs are What Goes Boom, Indie Cindy and Magdalena 318; the last one a track that bears a bit of a similarity to Ana and is possibly the most early sounding Pixies song on the album. The video is definitely reminicsent of songs on the earlier albums, and certainly from the mind of Frank Black.

You'll want this if you're a Pixies completionist, but if you're not that and money is a bit tight then remember that these are the same songs as on the EPs. If you have them then you've got everything on this album. There's also the Limited Edition double album for those that want the extras. It's got a great collection of songs on it from a recent concert. The price is a bit steep but is probably worth it for the 40 page book. That, again, would depend on your fiscal state.

It's definitely the Pixies, and you'll love it if you've ever been a fan. You just might be a bit disappointed that it's only the EPs compiled. As for the style, well we've all aged with the band, so perhaps it's just what we all need nowadays. Something unmistakeably Pixies, but a little less raucous for our ageing ears.
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on 15 May 2016
Some stand out rockin' tracks here that improve exponentially the louder they are played.
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on 29 April 2014
I have loved the pixies for many years, so I was worried about this album, I never bothered buying the eps , and the mixed reviews didn't fill me with hope. I had no reason to worry as this is a really good rock and roll album, but it sounds more like a frank black solo album than the pixies. The problem is Kim Deal was a massive part of the pixies sound , and now she is gone, is sadly missed, but Don't let that put you off songs like what goes boom and blue eyed Hexe are upbeat rockers which will make your head rock and your feet tap. Magdalena 318 the most pixies sounding tune on the album is laid back and cool and would have sat well on Doolittle , bag boy is just odd, but then so is frank black. So not strictly a pixies album , but this is a dam good guitar album, and that's all us indie rock fans can ask for in a world of RNB .
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on 6 January 2015
.......the Pixies still cut the mustard.
As an antidote to anodyne cookie cutter Cowell-sponsored excreta, and the caterwauling of awful "singers" like Nicki Minaj and her legion of equally fatuous imitators that infest the charts with their trite, sappy, drippy uninspired and talentless bilge, i wholly recommend Indie Cindy.
Full of great songs with innovative arrangements, this is proper music.
Although Kim Deal may or may not feature on this album ( some reckon she does backing vocals), this is a great return to form for the band after such a long hiatus.
There is not a duff track on this album.
May the Pixies live long and prosper and keep making music to keep us sane.
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on 28 April 2014
I don't often write reviews, but given that I've been a fan of Pixies since their heyday and my mixed feelings about this album I thought, why not? In a nutshell, Indie Cindy is pretty much what I'd expected and, I suppose, feared.

The first 4 tracks are magic and would happily slot into any of their live sets and almost into their back catalog. It's such a huge delight to hear these tracks, it sounds and feels like them and serves as a reminder why they're so loved.
Things seem hit and miss from there. I feel 'Ring the Bell' and 'Andro Queen' both fall flat and are the weakest points on the album. 'Blue Eyed Hexe' begins as if it were related to 'U-Mass' from Trompe le Monde, but doesn't really go anywhere and remains one dimensional except for Black Francis' screaming which sounds slightly out of place and more contrived than it once did.
Given that Pixies albums usually clock in at under 40 minutes, maybe I would have found the album more satisfactory if they'd ditched a couple of the below-par tracks.
Another Toe In The Ocean is a favorite of mine, however, there's no denying because of it's polished, conventional structure it's as if it belongs to Frank Black's Teenager of the Year rather than anything by Pixies. Things end on a high note with 'Snakes' and 'Jamie Bravo' which, convinces me, overall, it's very good to have a new Pixies album.

Indie Cindy hasn't disappointed me, I wasn't expecting them at their best. 23 years have passed, they're different people and it's irrational to expect them to write the same songs they once did, some reviews in the press have been unnecessarily scathing.
I think most fans will be thrilled with about half of it and moderately pleased with the other.
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on 8 March 2015
For those of you looking to revisit the past with this album, you're perhaps not giving the Pixies enough credit. While there are tracks on the album that will certainly bring flashes of Bossanova or Tromp Le Monde to mind, Indy Cindy feels like a logical extension of The Pixies discography, rather than a revisiting of past glories. With a smoother approach to production than ever before, you can expect a more subtle, less raw sound, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. A side effect, though, is that individual talents take a back seat to the overall dynamic, and you may find yourself missing the way the entire balance of a Pixie's song could hang on a lick from an unchained Joey Santiago, or a muted aside from Kim Deal, or that palpably earnest "unrehearsed" quality of a younger Frank Black.

The album veers quite happily onto the verges of good pop, calm but satisfying, and sometimes you'd be forgiven for calling to mind Frank Black's solo efforts , but there's still that unmistakable Pixies edge and tone and flippant disregard for categorisation, and songs like Blue Eyed Hexe and Magdalena will have you cursing the lost years between albums.
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