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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:£214.80 - £478.80

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on 29 March 2016
I have only used CorelDRAW X7 and none of the other programs included in the graphics suite, so cannot comment on these.

Like many people, I decided to switch to Corel from Adobe due to their ridiculous subscription-only policy. I bought Corel for £349, which is quite a lot for a student however I figured it will be worth it for use both in my academic work and professional graphic designing.

The main issue I had with Adobe Illustrator CS2 was that the quality of placed images (or 'bitmaps'in Corel terminology) decreased, making the final image of worse quality than the original (unless completely redrawn and the original image layer removed). This is not the case with Corel and all images stay sharp and no quality is lost. I have also had no issues when importing .tiff, .ps, .eps and .pdf files into Corel, which were an issue when using Adobe CS2.

The user interface is different to Adobe illustrator however as it is a vector graphics design program, it is not that different. It is not hard getting used to the Corel's interface, and there is even a mode which changes the interface to a more 'Adobe Illustrator-like' interface for those who do not like the Corel version. Happy days

The reason why I have given this product 3 stars is because, although when buying the full CorelDRAW Graphics suite X7 for a high price with the belief that there will be one simple one-off-cost, this is not the case. The price includes 'Standard Membership' only, and not 'Premium Membership'. So far the only way in which this has affect me is the inability to turn individual sublayers on/off (i.e. make visible/invisible).

This is a very basic feature however is only available with Premium Membership, which is about £95/year at the time this review is written. In my opinion this is absolutely ridiculous, and I cannot understand why Corel have left out such a basic feature. Noone in their right mind will pay £95/year for this feature alone, and the work-around is to annoyingly keep everything as separate layers and toggle layers on/off as you wish. The entire reason why so many switch to Corel is because of Adobe's subscription-only pricing policy. It is very dissappointing that Corel have created a two-tier product and withold some basic features from the highly-priced standalone licence. I dread to think what the Home/Student version actually contains, which retails for about £75 when this review is written.
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Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 includes six pieces: CorelDraw X7, Photo Paint X7, PowerTrace X7, Connect X7, Website Creator, and Capture X7. The core application is CorelDraw X7, followed by Photo Paint X7, and the rest function as utilities. PowerTrace is a bitmap converter; Website Creator is a site-design tool, and Capture is for screen capture.

CorelDraw X7 has seen a significant redesign. The Workspace presents the biggest redesign and includes presets like a Lite option for beginners, an Illustrator option for those familiar with Adobe Illustrator, dedicated options for Page Layout and Illustration, and a Classic option for those who liked things the way they were. The neatly redesigned interface is totally customisable. You can adapt your workspace to suit your workflow.

A new Docker puts the tools you use most on the right side in collapsible panes that are visible, but out of the way when you want to maximize your workspace. X7 also supports multi-monitor setups and high-DPI screens, so you can let all your Corel designs sprawl across your workspace and see them in high definition.

Another big change is in how pattern fills are handled. They have been split into defined bitmap and vector options, which
is a big improvement after the previous mess of two-colour, full colour, and bitmap sub-options.

More extras include 2,000 high-resolution stock photos, 1,000 fonts, hundreds of design templates, and about five hours of training videos.

More improvements include compatibility with important file formats, such as PSD, AI, and PDF, as well as the RAW file format.

The most unique new feature is a QR-code creator and validation tool. QR stands for Quick Response Code, which is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode. You can change the shape, outline width, color, and fill type of the QR code pixels. You can change the background color and fill type and more. This feature seems targeted at small businesses that are designing brochures, posters, and other marketing materials.

One downside is that Graphics Suite X7 is only for Windows, with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Mac users will need Parallels or some other software that enables a Windows environment on their machine to use it, which is not an ideal solution.

All-in-all, it is a powerful graphics suite which offers a great alternative to Adobe products, especially for those not happy
with the new subscription pricing.
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VINE VOICEon 10 June 2014
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used this program over the years. My last was X4 before I moved to Photoshop and Illustrator. The latter have gone cloud now which I do not like but I still use Lightroom. So, Corel Suite X7 was interesting to look at. This is the standard version with another Premium version available for an extra fee.

It's feel is different from Photoshop and Illustrator which is expected but you can choose an Adobe-like layout. Many items don't work in the same way. However, the GUI looks good, it's straightforward to use and gives very good results.

Photo-paint, the Photoshop equivalent, is nice to use with a similar layout. You can import RAW files like NEFs and adjust them as you can in PS. Indeed, the conversion is very quick but the screen update as you adjust exposure is not so. Once converted, you can adjust as you like with filters (like those in Photoshop) and the like available using the customizable workspace. Results are very good. Screen update as you drag an image is not quite as quick as PS but there's not much in it. Not sure if it uses the graphics card GPU.

CorelDraw is a vector drawing program like Illustrator. For many, this is 'the' program. If you have the patience, you can create all manner of logos and vector art. You can layout pages, create headlines, etc with all manner of tools. I find this much easier to use than Illustrator.

There are many excellent tutorials included with oodles of clipart, fonts, stock photos, design templates, etc. There are also four more good programs: Website Creator, PowerTrace X7, Connect X7 and Capture X7. For the loot, I think it offers excellent value.
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VINE VOICEon 13 June 2014
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It’s been many years since I last used CorelDraw, but what’s obvious on first use is that they are keen to keep their users happy. The First run you are presented with options on how you want the user interface to appear, keeping the familiar interface for established users, having a streamlined interface for new users, or having something more tailored for power users. This is a nice touch.

As I haven't used CorelDraw for so long, I decided to give the training videos you have access to, a whirl. There is over 5 hours of content here, I didn’t go through all of it, but the bits I felt I needed refreshers on were very well done indeed, and well worth the investment in time.

The software itself, installation was fine, I’m running Windows 7 64bit on a i7 with 16GB of RAM, and Coreldraw certainly uses this to it’s advantage, it’s very fast indeed, fast to launch, fast to render.

One negative I did encounter was the registration, which was clumsy at best, you need to sign up for a online Corel account, and until you do so, alot of the templates, samples and clip art are available to you. I got myself into a situation where I thought I had an account, as I couldn't create a new one, but I couldn’t log onto the existing on either. I eventually untangled myself from that mess, but I felt it was poorly handled by the application.

The Application suite itself is better than it’s ever been, the classic Vector based Coreldraw of course being the real draw here, but the supporting apps are also of a very high standard, in particular the bitmap editing PhotoPaint, and the Power-Trace apps.

I also found the What’s The Font feature very handy on more than one occasion, and it was very accurate it int’s identification.

I certainly found very little wrong with the suite, it’s hard to find faults with something of the calibre of CorelDraw, each release just brings more goodness without sacrificing anything that made it so good in the first place. Stability-wise, it’s been rock solid, no issues whatsoever.

I’ve not yet explored the website creation part of the package (which I believe is a download), but this does feel like it’s not really a good fit for the rest of the suite, more an add-on. I will update this review once I have a need to use it in anger. However based on my experiences with the rest of the suite, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be good.
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Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Compared to the previous CorelDRAW release this newest version is more streamlined, with less effort needed to switch between documents. Tabs are now featured to flick between them (much like internet pages). The text options are now considerably improved (still no idea what 'loren ipsum' means though).

With 4k monitors becoming more and more commonplace and affordable for the ordinary consumer you'll find some amazing results combining one with this graphics suite. If your into any kind of graphic design - be it fliers, posters, t-shirts or even vinyl decal stickers for cars - you really cannot ask for a better package than this. It even supports 3 side-by-side monitors for those of you who need a lot of real estate when planning your epic artworks.

X7 also features content exchange if you want to take advantage of stuff created by artists more talented than yourself (like I do), but if you are new to digital graphic design don't be put off by how complex it looks - you can get used to it very quickly just by messing around and there are loads of YouTube tutorials to get you started.

I maintain the opinion that Corel offer the best graphics suites to average consumer. You'll never need better than this unless you're working on Hollywood special effects team, and even Corel can still get the job done.
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Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Corel Draw Suite X7.
I own a small web design business and we have just about all of the photo, drawing and project management software out there. We produce web sites, produce marketing materials and do a lot of photography for clients from small businesses to multinational organisations.
Personally I have used Corel Draw from the first iteration many years ago – then it arrived in a huge box with 17 + floppy disks ! I have been using Corel Draw X6 and Corel Aftershot (Raw processing software) all last year.

What’s in the box.
You get the DVD,
An examples sheet,
Keyboard shortcuts sheet,
You can also download the software directly from Corel if you do not have a DVD drive, the instructions for this are on inside the DVD case.

Set up.
I used the DVD in the pack and installation was plain sailing, I went for a full install but you get the option to pick the packages you need during installation. You can register with Corel to get updates and support at the same time. I have only used Corel support once and when I did it was a bit good compared to other software developers. Corel know about customer care and that’s a big bonus in my opinion.

The Modules.
The main applications are Coral Draw, vector drawing package and its good !

Corel Photo Paint, a full photo editing package - up there with the best,

Corel Power Trace, image tracing and conversion tool (has been very useful),

Corel Connect, content organiser rather like a photo storage and finding package,

Corel Capture, a screen capture tool that is much more advanced and flexible than the Windows cut out tool,

Corel Website designer – you have to download this after registering; It offers all the design elements of a menu driving page creator. Personally I don’t use it as I like to code but if you want to get a site up and running quickly this will do it.

Corel Photo Zoom Pro 3, this software allows the blowing up of images with minimal loss of quality – this has come in very useful when we had to crop into newspaper images that were over a hundred years old to get useable images for a town history website. This is a very capable and useful tool for people like me.

Corel Concept Share, this is a project management tool that allows files to be shared with colleagues in the office and anywhere in the World working on a project – very useful when we pull in an expert to work on specialist applications like security issues, exchange rates conversions, language conversions for overseas sites and many other collaboration issues that would otherwise be difficult to manage.

Corel also supplies lots of templates and images as part of the package. These are ready to go.

Using the packages since the X7 update.
Coral have given the interface a nice makeover since X6. The new interface is cleaner and easier on the eye compared to the dated X6 interface.

Menus are more logical and have been tidied up in Coral Draw and Photo Paint. The whole suite is now 64 bit and this shows in the average speeds. Speed overall is way up on the older X6 version. Coral have given the software more horsepower in just about every area and it definitely shows when you are working on multi-layer photos or complex logo designs in Draw.
Corel Photo painter is as good as any of the competition, I know it well and prefer it to Photoshop as it is more responsive and the tools work well. Photoshop only scores because of the third party plugins in my opinion as on its own I don’t like it. Many of my employee’s will disagree as they have grown up with it and only know it.

Corel Draw is still a massive and very capable package; it has never failed to deliver for me or the others in the office that use it. The new cleaner interface is a bonus and it’s now easier to get to the power of the package as the menus are better than before. I use it with a tablet for designing web elements and logos, using a mouse with this sort of package is not easy, get a graphics tablet to fully exploit the power.

The screen capture function is very logical and powerful at the same time. Along with the Photo Zoom it allows images to be captured and enlarged for use in the main elements of the software.
The web design software uses simple design logic and if you need simple sites then it will be fine but you can get underneath the automation to tweak the functions to produce complex multi-functional sites. This is the one part of the software I have not really delved into as I use a coding editor to make sites with.

This is where Corel scores big-time over the competition this software is rock solid and I can manipulate many files all day long and it has never missed a beat. This is important and an often underrated aspect of modern software. I have many wonderfully reviewed box’s of software on my shelf but one thing that never seems to be considered in these reviews is stability. Have no fear this suite of packages leads the rest by a long way. How many times a day do I have to untangle a Photoshop mess on one of my employee’s Mac’s, I loose count.

The software is efficient and runs on quite modest hardware. I am using it on an i5 based PC (original i5 Intel CPU not the newer Haswell ones). With 16 Gb of RAM and a fast hard disk it is fine. Even on my laptop is useable.

Corel have done a good job in making an already solid and productive package better. The interface is easier on the eye and functionality is up there with the best. It looks a lot of money but for what you get it is priced very affordably against its competitors offerings. If you buy this package you are buying into a long and established pedigree that will be there for you and a very vibrant Corel community.
I can confidently say again that your own imagination and abilities will be the limiting factors with this software and not the software itself. If you can imagine it then Corel Draw X7 will do it for you. It may be the underdog but I like backing the underdog and being an individual rather than one of the Sheep.

I cannot find a reason for not giving this version my whole hearted recommendation – remember I am not a paid software reviewer; I use this software to earn my living and have done so for a long time.
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on 20 July 2014
As a long-time Corel user, I liked this latest version - it's stable and efficient, with an cleaner interface and improved tools. That said, there is nothing here I would describe as a major new feature. But it is a solid, reliable Windows product, very stable in this version, steadily refined over the years, to do everything you need in a vector graphics program, and to do it well. Also it enjoys a certain level of commercial credibility, without being as exorbitantly priced as Adobe Illustrator. Even so, it is still a bit too expensive, and burdened with the baggage of unnecessary (for me) extras like Photo-Paint, Connect, Capture, Website Creator etc. (To be fair, Corel does offer the reduced-function "Home & Student" version as a cheaper alternative.) I might have been tempted by Xara's more reasonably-priced Designer Pro, were it not for the fact that the time and effort involved in learning new software is a serious drawback. All in all, CorelDraw remains a sound investment, with pretty good support from Corel; their promptly-issued 17.1 update brought some definite speed improvements.
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on 18 October 2014
I've used Corel Draw for over 20 years and can't imagine being without it on my PC. In some ways I don't fully tap its core talents, as I don't do huge amounts of vector graphics work, but what I do do really demonstrates how versatile it is. I use it mainly for creating media for village events - newletters, posters, flyers, greetings cards, a 24 page magazine, etc - and in that capacity it is outstanding. The text capabilities are amazing considering it's ostensibly a graphics program, while Photopaint deals with all your image work, making the production of something like a local magazine wonderfully easy - whatever you want to do, there's a way of doing it. It's beneficial to fast a powerful/fast PC, but it run OK on an older one, just a little slower. All round, all good.
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VINE VOICEon 28 June 2014
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Now that Adobe have predominantly switched to the subscription-only model and completely abandoned selling disks, the underdog competitor Corel is perhaps all the more appealing. Unlike Adobe, CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 offers support for both 32 and 64 bit systems and the software suite includes six applications - you can purchase a complete suite, upgrade from precious X4, X5 and X6 versions, and for those that like the subscription model, that option exists also.

Both CorelDraw and Photo-Paint, which are the heart of the suite, see some slight updates. The interface has been refined and modernised since the previous incarnation and offers a degree of customisation and offer the option to use collapsible panes that users may find useful for maximising workspace. These are probably not significant enough changes to make upgrading essential, but the suite supports a good range of standard formats, including some of the adobe standards like AI, PSD and PDF and continue to support the RAW file format. Despite the changes, the interface remains familiar to people with experience of vector and image editing software and the inbuilt tools still offer enough scope to allow artists to achieve what they want, even if their scope and scale don't always quite rival the adobe alternatives there are many who feel Corel is simpler and therefore easier to work with.

The usefulness of the other tools is entirely dependent on the user. For me, PowerTrace isn't something I've had much need for, but it allows for conversion of bitmap files. Connect is useful for helping to browse through multiple image files (although I find this can be time-consuming especially if you don't use good file naming and filing practices). Capture is a screen capture package, again, something I have no need of, and Website Creator is a useful tool if you have an interest in web design.

Sadly, the package no longer comes with the slim hardback user guides that are useful for new users, but Corel does offer a good range of training videos that some may find are more helpful.
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Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the 25th anniversary of CorelDraw, though Corel seems to be making no fuss about it. However, this version is one worthy of the milestone. I have been using it since version 1, way back in 1989, and have used most versions over those years. There have been highs and lows, but the package returned to a high with X6 in 2012 (see my review of that here on Amazon), and now X7 offers even more improvements. If you are using an older version, I would not hesitate to upgrade.

Some reviewers have said that 64-bit support is a new feature in X7. It isn't. 64-bit has been supported since X6, which was launched in 2012. There are a great many enhancements in X7, and literally dozens of new features. For the whole list plus feature comparisons, visit the Corel website. The website includes a terrific guide to these new features - a guide aimed at product reviewers but actually makes a very useful primer for a professional use upgrading to X7.

The user interfaces have had an overhaul throughout the package, mainly to put features fewer clicks away. MDI is a very welcome plus, making swicthing between parallel projects a little tidier on the desktop. Among the numerous new things in X7, fountain fills have received one of the most useful improvements, in that transparency is now available on a per node basis. This single addition opens up plenty of new graphical possibilities that I have only just begun to experiment with. The new vector-smoothing tool is also terrific, though long overdue. The silly-named Font Playground is another long overdue feature. It is a panel in which you may select a range of fonts, and try them out before committing to use them in your work. as a feature it is easy to use but I think it could have been more powerful than it is. One of the nicest new things, though, is the ability to view a list of all properties of an entity as a list, which you may edit. For example, if you want to change font size, just enter it into the properties. This makes changing several properties quicker than clicking around menus and panels to get to the thing you want to change.

While CorelDraw is my main package of interest, I see that the Photopaint UI has also received some welcome updates, and has also has many new features. Among the best of those are liquid tools, planar mask tool, and lens correction.

This huge publishing package has gone through something of a renaissance in recent years, with its developers hammering competitors hard on features and performance. Its nemesis, Adobe Illustrator, is a great package, and both can produce professional results, but for me Coreldraw is the most natural fit for my way of working. My only gripe is that the wonderful user guide that was in X6 - hardback, glossy and informative - is no more. If you have a copy of X6, I suggest you hang on to its user guide. That said, Corel has provided an excellent range of tutorial videos online for X7.
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