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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 16 February 2016

Some record labels, like Sun and Tamla Motown, are associated with a particular kind of music. Liberty Records, founded by Simon Waronker in 1955, began by releasing orchestral music and film scores, reflecting Waronker’s previous career as an employee of 20th Century Fox, but the picture would change rapidly thereafter. In the late fifties, Liberty moved into pop as the teenage marked attained momentum and the focus switched from albums to singles. There are many major artists in the roster, like Bobby Vee, the Crickets, Jan & Dean, Gene McDaniels, Chipmunks, and Julie London. Liberty effectively ended as an autonomous label when it was sold to United Artists in 1968, but the name has been revived several times in recent memory; Nineties country superstar Garth Brooks wore the Liberty logo on his releases.


This 3CD set contains the enormous singles output for Liberty Records in 1962 only. There are 75 glorious songs, all original versions. I have included a detailed song listing (with chart position, year and personal comments) which is as follows:

Disc 1:
01 Point of No Return – Gene McDaniels (21/1962)
02 Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow – Rivingtons (48/1962)*used to be called The Sharps; backup on Paul Anka’s I Confess, Duane Eddy’s Rebel Rouser and Thurston Harris’s Little Bitty Pretty One.
03 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes – Bobby Vee (3/1962)
04 She’s Gone – Buddy Knox (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
05 Tennessee – Jan & Dean (69/1962)
06 He’s A Rebel – Vicki Carr (115/1962)*rare gem; most popular version belongs to the Crystals (1/1962)
07 Don’t Ever Change – The Crickets (UK 5/1962)
08 Sally Was A Good Old Girl – Hank Cochran (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
09 Surfer’s Stomp – The Marketts (31/1962)
10 Other Side Of Town – P.J. Proby (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem; his biggest hit: Hold Me (UK 3/1964)
11 In The Middle Of A Lonely Night – Johnny Southern (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
12 What’s A Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You) – Timi Yuro (12/1962)
13 Tell Me – Dick & Deedee (22/1962)*rare gem; their biggest hit: The Mountain’s High (2/1961)
14 How Many Nights (How Many Days) – Bobby Sheen (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
15 Why Me – Betty O’Brien (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
16 Handsome Guy – Dick Lory (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
17 Women – Emmett Lord (uncharted single, 1962)
18 Bad News Gets Around – Warren Smith (uncharted single, 1962)*his only charted hit: So Long I’m Gone (72/1957)
19 Someday – Bobby Vee and the Crickets (99/1962)
20 Follow Your Heart – Van McCoy (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem; long before his biggest hit The Hustle (1/1975)
21 Big Daddy – Jay Miller (uncharted single, 1962)
22 Faded Love – Jackie DeShannon (97/1963)
23 There’s Gonna Be Love At My House Tonight – Willie Nelson (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem for this country superstar with 118 entries in the C&W chart.
24 Clown Shoes – Johnny Burnette (113/1962)*rare gem; his biggest hits were of course Dreamin’ and You’re Sixteen in 1960.
25 Old Rivers – Walter Brennan (5/1962)*rare gem
Disc 2:
01 Sharing You – Bobby Vee (15/1962)
02 Spanish Lace – Gene McDaniels (31/1962)
03 Desafinado (Slightly Out Of Tune) – Julie London (110/1962)
04 Lover Doll – Pat Carter (uncharted single, 1962)
05 Alley Oop Was A Two Dab Man – Gary Paxton (uncharted single, 1962)
06 Wild Honey – Gordon Terry (uncharted single, 1962)
07 Struttin’ ‘N Twistin’ – Roosevelt Grier (uncharted single)*rare gem; former all-pro football player; his only charted hit People Make The World (126/1968)
08 Book Of Broken Hearts – Warren Smith (uncharted single, 1962)
09 You Won’t Forgive Me – Jackie DeShannon (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
10 The Time Has Come – George McCurn (uncharted single, 1962)*his only charted song was I’m Just A Country Boy (55/1963)
11 Open (Your Lovin’ Arms) – Buddy Knox (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
12 Anything Will Do – Scott Engel (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem; later became Scott Walker, who was the lead singer for Walker Brothers and separate solo career, with a completely different style.
13 My Heart Comes Running Back To You – Nick Noble (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
14 The Fool Of The Year – Johnny Burnette (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
15 The Love Of A Boy – Timi Yuro (44/1962)
16 Watch Me Walk Away – P.J. Proby (b-side to Other Side Of Town, 1962)*rare gem
17 Kickapoo Joy Juice – The Rivingtons (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
18 Until – Billy Barnes (uncharted single, 1962)
19 Na Ne Do – Troy Shondell (107/1962)*rare gem
20 Punish Her – Bobby Vee (20/1962)
21 I’ll Walk The Rest Of The Way – Vicki Carr (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem; should have included the b-side of He’s A Rebel: Be My Love.
22 Little Hollywood Girl – The Crickets (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
23 Touch Me – Willie Nelson (109/1962; C&W 7/1962)*rare gem
24 Hey There Mountain – Obrey Wilson (uncharted single, 1962)
25 Armen’s Theme – Ross Bagdasarian (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem; cover version originally made popular by Joe Reisman & His Orchestra in 1956.
Disc 3:
01 Stompin’ Room Only – The Marketts (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem; should have included the b-side to Surfer’s Stomp: Start, and Balboa Blue (48/1962)
02 Who Put The Bomp – Jan & Dean (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem; cover version of the hit by Barry Mann
03 Please Don’t Ask About Barbara – Bobby Vee (15/1962)
04 The Proud Don’t Cry – Dean Jones (uncharted single, 1962)
05 Parisian Girl – The Crickets (b-side to Little Hollywood Girl,
06 The Mail Must Go Through – Roosevelt Grier (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
07 Just Like In The Movies – Jackie DeShannon (uncharted single, 1962)*should have included the chart song The Prince (108/1962)
08 Teen Age Crush – Gary Paxton (uncharted single, 1962)*cover version of hit by Tommy Sands
09 Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow – The Rivingtons (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem; answer to their Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow.
10 Dear Abby – Buddy Knox (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
11 I Ain’t Givin’ Up Nothing – Jewel Brown (uncharted single, 1962)
12 Let Me Call You Sweetheart – Timi Yuro (66/1962)
13 Chip Chip – Gene McDaniel (10/1962)
14 Five Minutes Of The Latest Blues – Warren Smith (uncharted single, 1962)
15 Softly As I Leave You – Matt Monro (UK 10/1962)*one of my favourite male singers
16 I Can’t Say Goodbye – Bobby Vee (92/1962, b-side to Please Don’t Ask About Barbara)
17 Money Honey – Betty O’Brien (uncharted single, 1962)
18 Lonesome Waters – Johnny Burnette (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
19 Queen Of The Angels – Deane Hawley (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem; his rise to fame was his cover version of Look For A Star (a respectable 29/1960)
20 Hello Out There – Nick Noble (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem; his biggest hit: The Bible Tells Me So (22/1955)
21 Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down – Johnny Olenn (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
22 The Alvin Twist – David Seville & The Chipmunks (40/1962)
23 You Dream About Me – Willie Nelson & Shirley Collie (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem
24 Papa – The Untouchables (uncharted single, 1962)*rare gem; their only charted song: 60 Minute Man (104/1960)
25 The Old Kelly Place – Walter Brennan (b-side to Houdini, 1962)*rare gem; should have included the a-side in this compilation

The audio is very well remastered, with great clean sound and no hiss.


I am very thankful to One Day Music, a new reissue label from UK, who has released over 100 sets on various labels. And I am glad that I have purchased them all, and very happy with the many rare gems. Liberty is a major label. In this set, you get a lot of charted hits from Bobby Vee, the Crickets, Gene McDaniels, etc. There are also many rare gems, like those two songs by Walter Brennan. You also hear Jan & Dean before they reach the top in 2 years time with Surf City. The sound is also very well remastered. This set is highly recommended.
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Liberty Records was founded in 1955 and specialised in soundtracks- however that soon changed when they saw the record buying public had switched to the youth who now had money to spend.

The label tended to grab anyone they thought would sell so Liberty has been critcised as being a hotch potch of artists..

this 3 CD set is excellent
Every track is the original by the original artist and each and every track has passed the magic 50 years so public domain!!


Amazon have cramped the tracks together which makes the artists and the actual tracks hard to read so I',ve spaced them out for you.

I'm far too old for a paper round and too young to retire!!

SO please have pity?

jCD 1
1.Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow -The Rivingtons
2.The Night Has A Thousand Eyes-Bobby Vee
3.Chip Chip-Gene McDaniels
4.She's Gone-Buddy Knox
5.Tennessee-Jan & Dean
6.He's A Rebel-Vikki Carr
7.Don't Ever Change-The Crickets
8.Sally Was A Good Old Girl-Hank Cochran
9.Surfer's Stomp-The Mar-Ketts
10.Other Side Of Town -P.J.Proby
11.In The Middle Of A Lonely Night-Johnny Southern
12.What's A Matter Baby ( Is It Hurting You )- Timi Yuro
13.Tell Me-Dick And Deedee
14.How Many Nights (How Many Days)- Bobby Sheen
15.Why Me-Betty O'Brian
16.Handsome Guy-Dick Lory
17.Women-Emmett Lord
18.Bad News Gets Around-Warren Smith
19.Someday-Bobby Vee With The Crickets
20.Follow Your Heart-Van McCoy
21.Big Daddy-Jay Miller
22.Faded Love-Jackie DeShannon
23.There's Gonna Be Love At My House Tonight- Willie Nelson
24.Clown Shoes-Johnny Burnette
25.Old Rivers-Walter Brennan


1.Sharing You-Bobby Vee
2.Spanish Lace-Gene McDaniels
3.Desafinado (Slightly Out Of Tune)- Julie London
4.Lover Doll-Pat Carter
5.Alley Oop Was A Two Dab Man-Gary Paxton
6.Wild Honey-Gordon Terry
7.Struttin' 'N Twistin'-Roosevelt Grier
8.Book Of Broken Hearts-Warren Smith
9.You Won't Forget Me-Jackie De Shannon
10.The Time Has Come-George McCurn
11.Open (Your Lovin' Arms)-Buddy Knox
12.Anything Will Do-Scott Engel
13.My Heart Comes Running Back To You- Nick Noble
14.The Fool Of The Year-Johnny Burnette
15.The Love of a Boy-Timi Yuro
16.Watch Me Walk Away-P.J. Proby
17.Kickapoo Joy Juice-The Rivingtons
18.Until-Billy Barnes
19.a Ne Do-Troy Shondell
20.Punish Her-Bobby Vee
21.I'll Walk the Rest of the Way-Vikki Carr
22.Little Hollywood Girl-The Crickets
23.Touch Me-Willie Nelson
24.Hey There Mountain-Obrey Wilson
25.Armen's Theme-Ross Bagdasarian

1.Stompin' Room Only-The Mar-Ketts
2.Who Put The Bomp-Jan & Dean
3.Please Don't Ask About Barbara-Bobby Vee
4.The Proud Don't Cry-Dean Jones
5.Parisian Girl-The Crickets
6.The Mail Must Go Through-Roosevelt Grier
7.Just Like In The Movies-Jackie De Shannon
8.Teen Age Crush-Gary Paxton
9.Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow-The Rivingtons
10.Dear Abby-Buddy Knox
11.I Ain't Givin' Up Nothing-Jewel Brown
12.Let Me Call You Sweethear-Timi Yuro
13.Point Of No Return-Gene McDaniels
14.Five Minutes Of The Latest Blues-Warren Smith
15.Softly As I Leave You-Matt Monroe
16.I Can't Say Goodbye-Bobby Vee
17.Money Honey-Betty O'Brian
18.Lonesome Waters-Johnny Burnette
19.Queen Of The Angels-Deane Hawley
20.Hello Out There-Nick Noble
21.Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down- Johnny Olenn
22.The Alvin Twist- David Seville And The Chipmunks
23.You Dream About Me- Willie Nelson And Shirley Collie
25. Down in The ole
24.Papa-The Untouchables
25.The Old Kelly Place-Walter Brennan
26. Down in the Ole Glen - Stevie D'or and the Dockers.

Don't include the last track 26 on your listing.

It's a sad thought that many of these artist will now have passed away after over 50 years or more since the tracks were originally recorded.

In a way it's really good that when we hear them again today we can think back to the original artists.
It would be nice if you could say a little prayer for them.
Like the add for Tesco says `Every little helps'.
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on 20 January 2017
Normally I would give this cd 5 stars. The variety of music on this three CD box set is good for the collector of pop music from this era, pre Beatles
etc. NOT NOW MUSIC have a habit of finding some rare material which can't be found on other labels CD's,(the recent licencing on many of these tracks ending) Unlike other CD's from NOT NOW MUSIC the majority of the tracks are of good sound quality but then these CD's are of a reasonable price under a fiver so they have been value for money,although, recently the price has to started increase. I have taken umbrage with the track listing,
which is why the overall CD gets 4 stars, because of shoddy research by the company, (if the sleeve note compiler, Joe Adair put the CD together then he doesn't know his Jan and Dean material very well. CD3, track 2 is not 'Who Put The Bomp' by Jan and Dean (if it was, it should read 'We Put The Bomp' by Jan & Dean (an answer song) it is, after researching the track online, a mature Frankie Lymon's answer song 'I Put The Bomp' (with Lymon's trademark ooh wah ooh wah (Why do fools fall in love). The other clue, the young lady with a slight southern drawl who features
at the start and at end of the song. I personally prefer the Frankie Lymon version (compare this with the Jan & Dean version on line) however, the CD should include the songs listed on the sleeve. Tinckity Tonk.
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on 9 May 2016
Yes, many tracks sound fine but I have quite a few of these OneDayMusic compilations and I find that "Liberty" has the most number of inferior sounding remasters.. take a listen to "Chip Chip" by Gene McDaniels. The sibilance and the hissy cymbals.. I can't live with the tinny compression. It sounds worse than a Joe Meek production. OneDay should have sourced it from an old cd rather than a worn 45 because that's what it sounds like... and "Old Rivers" by Walter Brennan is hard enough to listen to at the best of times but here also the record sounds worn. Maybe turning down the treble will help.. but it's a shame that lo-fi is the way to go..
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on 15 July 2013
The item is brilliant and I and enjoying the CD immensely. Great item. In future I am not prepared to write an essay, what is wrong with "A brilliant CD. Thank you"?
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on 8 October 2013
This set focus on 1962 with 75 songs. It was a very good year for Liberty. There are even some Phil Spector produced songs which weren't hits, but still sound good. I'm not sure how many songs Liberty put out in 1962, but this set can't be missing many of them. There are not all hits, but they're fun!
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on 9 January 2014
A couple of rare early PJ Proby recordings really show what a good singer he used to be. Bobby Vee classics and early Willie Nelson nestled nicely in this bunch from a label that had money behind it and some top producers. Would like to hear more such compilations.
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on 18 May 2013
Excellent compilation of one of the best of all the independant record companies during the 50s and 60s in the US. Some genuine rarities in this lot, although there's one major blunder with the inclusion of Frankie Lymon's Roulette recording of 'I Put The Bomp' on CD3....hence only a 3 star rating. The mind boggles how these people got that track so wrong and yet billed it as "Jan & Dean"! I hope in time they do earlier years of Liberty releases in the same in-depth way.

Incidentally, the previous reviewer (as well as Amazon) has the track listing WRONG. The lead track on CD1 is Gene McDaniels 'Point Of No Return', and 'Chip Chip' which is listed at track 3, is actually track #13 on CD3.
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on 26 June 2013
yet again another quality release by one day, just hope they keep coming, the selection is just right, and packing and information first class.
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on 1 August 2014
Disc one has most of the 'good stuff' 2 & 3 run of the mill tracks that don't really rate a 'hit' assessment. Not bad though. 'Snuff' Garrett prouctions always worth a listen.
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