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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 March 2014
There are books and there are stand out books that every one should read. This is one of them.

So I will.. If there is only one book you read in 2014 read this one. Set around 2 characters, Jessie and Toni. Jessie is lonely and makes friends with Toni, the person she feels she can depend on. Toni lets her down big time... Can she learn to trust anyone let alone love again. Ten years later it is Toni who needs help and they both meet up again. Can Jessie let bygones be bygones and forgive. We look at their respective families and why they became what they are today.

Ms Winters has done it again and has written another master-peace. Not pulling any punches the subjects of bullying, self harm and rejection are given the respect and compassion they deserve.

With the highs and lows, laughter and tears, you will find out whether Jessie and Toni can finally love each other and leave the past behind...

This is her best book so far and can't wait to read her next one...
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on 24 March 2014
Bullying seems to be rearing its ugly head quite a lot these days and, 'Say Something' is not afraid to tackle the subject head on. Plus, it's all wrapped up in a story of lost love and how it's rekindled against a backdrop of greed, jealousy and more bullying. Skilfully done and well written. It was a pleasure to read.
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on 20 April 2014
Having read a few books by Jade Winters this one by far surpasses them all until the next one ?. The story covers a ten year period of two women in which they love each other as childhood sweethearts.It covers bullying,abuse,secrets and how each one comes to terms with what happened to them. Friends help even though they have there own problems. Well written with a lot that made you think, especially the bullying and abuse. My only complaint was the ending it felt rushed.
4+ stars would have gave it 5++ but for the ending. But I still say give it a go you may disagree ??.
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on 23 June 2014
Almost from the first page I was shouting this in my head. Not just to the main protagonists, Toni and Jessie, but every one in the book. There are many complex relationships here, straight and lesbian. The book is richer for all of them
I don't usually read books like these. But, I'm glad I took a chance on this one. No, it isn't the deep. It tackles a subject close to my heart: Bullying. The story revolves around trying to forgive people, making amends and moving on.
It sends out a message that life is too short it you love someone. So, if that person is meant to be with you and it pains you that you aren't, just 'Say Something'. It might just make you happier than you have ever been.
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on 22 April 2014
This book took me back to a place that I thought was buried a long time ago. The effects of this book showed me how far I have come as a person and a human being and how others have stood still with time.

This my first read of a Jade Winters book and one thing I can say is that I was not disappointed. On the contrary. This book had me hooked from the first page, so much so that I was secretly reading it at work from the drawer in my desk.

The way it is written gets you emotionally attached with the characters and you feel the emotions throughout.

I won't give anything away as YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!
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on 21 January 2016
This book was just amazing, I cant begin to tell you how much i reccomend it. I just coudn't put it down!
the characters in my eyes were fawless; the main characters not only battling with their feelings with eachother but, with themselves in terms of self empowerment.
To how the side of the "villian" was a nice touch, so often you never see the face of evil and their story/character development.
While the story so well written, it felt cut short with a rushed end. That, or my dream of wanting it to never end took over.
I will definitely read this again, and check out some of the authors other books.
100% recommend.
Well done, Winters!
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on 2 May 2014
When teenage sweet hearts, Jessie and Toni's clandestine love affair is exposed, not only does their world come crashing down around them, it nearly destroys one of them. It's said that a first love is the sweetest, but not in their case.

Jessie's world had been spiralling out of control for sometime, it was only Toni's love and friendship that helped her cope. Unfortunately, the constant bullying by her peers and Toni's ultimate betrayal leaves Jessie bereft and with no choice but to make some drastic changes. Jessie vows never to trust anyone again.

Ten years elapse. Jessie is now a powerful and prominent employment lawyer. When Jessie comes face to face with Toni, the woman who had betrayed her ten years earlier, her world begins to spin. Will Jessie be able to forgive Toni and put the past behind her? Will she be able to deny all the old feelings that come rushing back to her? Toni was her first love and her only love, will she be her last?

Another page turner from the very first page through to the last from Jade Winters. Each of her books are so very different. This book is about bullying and the consequences of a person being bullied. Not only bullying in schools amongst children and teens, but bullying within the work place. It happens far too often. Jade has portrayed these cases with knowledge, care and understanding. She has obviously researched the subject very well. Jade has picked a tough subject to write about, she's done it extremely well and fearlessly.

Both Jessie and Toni are damaged, flawed characters in different ways. Each carrying their own secrets and living with their own personal hell. Each coping in her own way to get her life back on track.

In her school days, Jessie is the one needing help from Toni to stay strong. She is let down and betrayed. Fast forward ten years and the roles are reversed, Toni needs Jessie's help. Whether Jessie will help Toni or not, is really down to whether she can find it in her heart to forgive her. It's this journey that makes for powerful reading.

There are a few typos throughout, but nothing that pulled me out of the story. For the very reasonable price of the book, they can easily be forgiven.

I'm looking forward to Jade's next book. She's become one of my favorite authors.
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on 1 August 2014
When I read a novel, I really want to like the main characters. At first I despised one of the main characters here, though, and I was wondering how I could ever like Toni. But as the story unfolds, it soon nearly physically hurts watching Toni not only how she betrays and hurts her love Jessie, but also how she ruins every chance of a happy life for herself.

Toni and Jessie are both well thought-through characters, who make mistakes, who suffer, who try to make things good, who fail, who don't dare to trust, who suffer more, who are so very real and so very loveable - yes, even Toni, especially Toni - that it is eventually a joy to follow their lovestory.

But it is also painful reading about it. How we grow up influences our lives, whether we like that or not. And sometimes things are harder for some people than for others. While Jessie has learned to make the best from her experiences, or so she thinks, Toni's past keeps pulling her back into being someone Toni despises herself.

But apparently they still love each other - so they have to start fighting for their love and for themselves. And as I said above, it's quite a pleasure watching them doing so.
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on 22 March 2014
This is another amazing read from the highly talented Ms Winters. I have read every one of her books and each one leaves me wanting to read more. Well done.
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on 25 March 2014
I can't believe how much I enjoyed this. Bought it on a whim and actually by accident and then read it until the bath water was cold and I got cramp. AND I'm a bloke - no I'm not a perv, it appeared in my recommendations, don't know why, and I really enjoyed it. I loved the characters, some of the dialogue is a bit clunky and unnatural, but it's a lot better than many.
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