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on 24 March 2017
There is no doubt that the material presented is well done so, and that if you are learning from scratch, you will grasp the concepts neatly.
However, this book is no longer good enough to pass the CCENT exam in the first 30 days as it advises, as the exam specification has changed.

In order for this book to be relevant, it would need to be updated for the new specification.
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on 25 March 2014
I bought the first 'Cisco CCNA in 60 days' book and choose the material because of the great reviews from those who share the same goals. Having passed my CCNA exam with the 1st book and the use of a PT simulator, the book provided guidance for self-study and straight to the point material, making it easier to know what to learn. An easy choice at such a competitive price.
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on 30 August 2017
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on 4 April 2014
Excellent resource. Will deliver the guidance and direction required in an concise and effective manner. Just what I've been searching for.
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on 18 March 2015
Follow the course diligently and you should pass the exam.
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on 11 March 2013
I originally reviewed this book mid-way through reading it and rated it 4 stars, however today I passed my CCNA exam and need to set a few things straight.

As a University student, I had attended the lectures on CCNA 1,2,3,4, but at that time didn't feel confident enough to take the test (needless to say I was a student and did not have the money). I bought this book with the intention of using it to refresh my memory and provide a good structure for me to follow.

Firstly, the structure set out by Paul is to a very high standard and for that I must give him credit!

However, and I must say it is a big however. Whilst reading the book, I kept thinking to myself "I'm sure there is some detail missing on this part..." "From Uni I remember this too...". I dug up my Uni notes and lectures and I found that chunks of information had been cut from the book which were still relevant and still included in the CCNA syllabus. Quite simply, there is not enough detail in parts of this book to pass. I'm so glad I went back to my lecture slides to revise from, in addition to the book, otherwise there may have been a different ending to my exam today. As an example off the top of my head, I was asked a question regarding VTP and configuration revision numbers, (I won't go into any more detail because I do not want to get into trouble with Cisco), but Configuration revision in VTP is not even covered in the book.

Another negative about the author and of the book is found in the introduction, it asks to give the book a review and you'll be sent a free CCNA exam worth $67. This is why there are so many high reviews, people are not reading the book entirely and writing anything just so they get free stuff - I admit, I am guilty of this, but I making amends now. This prize of a free practice test was short lived when I received an email containing a link to an interactive quiz containing 10 of the easiest questions ever! When I emailed Paul questioning this, I received the comment "It's about quality, not quantity." - This, like the book, contains neither. No doubt, I will get another sarcastic response to this review.

I've noticed a few more reviews regarding the lack of detail, so I'm not the only one. If you are thinking of taking the CCNA exam, I would advise you that you may just be better spending the money on the official Cisco Material. Also, note that this book will soon be out of date with the new release of the CCNA exam coming out in September. Paul, if you are planning to update the book, put in more detail and don't put your false promises and sarcasm in there too!
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on 17 June 2014
I have held off writing a review on this book until I got a good way in to ensure that my review was based on experience of the content. Over the past year I have attended a local college and completed the four semesters of Cisco's CCNA Discovery, this was delivered one evening per week for 3 hours, plus access to the curriculum at home. Whilst the CCNA Discovery gave me a better understanding of networking I still felt that I was not confident enough in the CCNA Discovery to take the CCENT or CCNA, Cisco sometimes makes understanding concepts and theories quite hard, especially for someone who is not an academic, like me.

I bought the kindle version of this book in the hope that I would improve my networking knowledge further still, and I'm extremely pleased with the book, it is perfectly written for someone like me, Paul has structured the requirements of the exams into individual daily content, he explains concepts in layman's terms as much as he can, and I must say it does help, the fact that the book is called "CCNA in 60 Days" motivates you, each day he outlines the goal of that particular day, and each day ends with mini exam questions and labs for you to go through to gain experience, for the labs, use either a physical lab or Packet Tracer/GNS3 simulation software. I found the "personal trainer" approach keeps you motivated and on track.

It's a great book, that with your effort could result in you gaining a Cisco certification.
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on 31 August 2015
Firstly a confession, I have not been using the book as intended. I did not want to commit 2 hours a day to studying, so I am not really following the 'in 60 days' ethos. I have previously passed older CCNA exams twice, so I felt confident in not following the book as designed. That said, I can completely understand why the author recommends the 'in 60 days' method. I have seen many friends start studying for the CCNA but give up before taking the exam.

The book is very easy to read and well structured. There are a few mistakes in the book, but they are quite obvious and do not detract from the learning. The book seems more direct and contain less fluff than a lot of the Cisco books I have read.

Overall, I would definately recommend as a great way to study (and pass!) the CCNA. I have my ICND1 exam booked soon and feel confident that I will pass.
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on 15 January 2013
I have been trying to study CCNA for a few years and could never get myself to keep going. I have attended two CCNA courses and one of them was really very good. I did, however not feel confident enought to do the exam afterwards. I have a few CCNA books on my bookshelf but they seem to be more like reference manuals than study manuals.

Paul and Farai presents the info in bite-size lessons. This suits me especially well as I am in full time employment and I have a family. I manage to do a good amount of learning on the train (if I get a seat) and I do my labs when I get home. I have not taken the exam yet but at least I know when I will be taking the exam and I feel confident that I will be prepared if I stick to the program. In my (slightly limited) experience of this book, I would recommend it for easy of use and removing the uncertainty. Paul and Farai answers my questions of
Am I covering everyting?
Am I not wasting time on unnecessary stuff?
Where do I start?

Oh and I now actually understand subnetting and VLSM.....!
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on 8 June 2017
This book has helped me to train for the CCNA exam.
Indeed is well organised and it took me from zero to where I am now.
I have less than a week till my ICND1 exam.

Thank you Paul.
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