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on 10 May 2014
In this the sixth book in the Diana Rivers series, author Faith Mortimer delivers another absorbing whodunit with all the depth, mystery and intrigue we’ve come to expect. As in all of her writing, it’s the attention to detail – that ‘you could be there’ feeling – that sets the story apart from more routine mysteries. You feel you are right there alongside Diana as she meticulously investigates a double murder in an International School on the Algarve in Portugal. The clues – and red herrings – are many but Diana picks her way skilfully through the evidence to identify those responsible. Highly recommended.
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on 12 March 2014
I received an advance reader's copy of this book in return for an honest review.

I've always been an admirer of writers who an craft a convoluted, yet convincing plot that can keep me gripped right to the end of a story without me guessing whodunnit before the very end, and A Deadly Learning by Faith Mortimer is just such a story.

I changed my mind several times along the way before the identity of the culprit became clear. Good red-herrings (essential), the perfect setting to engage the reader's senses, great and varied characters are all necessary, plus good pacing and the right tone and language to carry the reader along with the story without worrying about meaning. In this story, Faith Mortimer has carried off all these essential components in an excellent story that will keep the reader intrigued right to the end. Highly recommended.
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on 19 March 2015
This is the sixth book in the series of mysteries solved by “author” Diana Rivers, but as the real author, Faith Mortimer, says each one can be read in isolation.

Diana Rivers and her husband Steve have decided to take a break from their home in Cyprus by going to stay with their old friend, Wendy, who is assistant head at Lagos International School and College in Portugal. She has asked them to come to help celebrate the twenty first birthday of her god-daughter, Louise.

But their relaxing holiday is soon interrupted by a gruesome discovery, buried behind a wall in the cellar of the science block which is being renovated. The remains of the body have been there for three years and while Steve has to travel to Lisbon and London, Diana applies her detecting abilities to solving this murder. She questions students and staff, putting herself in severe danger. Many of them are involved in illegal and unpleasant activities which they wish to remain secret, whether or not there is a connection to the body.

Louise is a worry to both Diana and Wendy, as she has become involved with a fellow student who is a particularly unpleasant young man, affecting both her studies and her behaviour. The staff are a disparate group of men and women, young and mature, who also have their own problems and no-one can be excluded from the investigation, especially after another death occurs.

There are a large cast of characters in this story but they are clearly described with well-defined characteristics and the reader feels that Diana is a safe pair of hands, even if she is rather fool-hardy. The mystery is maintained almost to the last page, in a very complex plot.

I read this while staying in the Algarve, which I know well, and although I could imagine the rather different environment of a college I didn’t feel a strong sense of place beyond the scenes on the beach.

I will certainly read another “Diana Rivers” mystery even though she is so annoyingly perfect, as Faith Mortimer writes fluent enjoyable prose keeping me guessing up to the last minute.
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A Deadly Learning is the sixth book in the Diana Rivers series.

Diana certainly seems to get around a bit. In this book, her and her husband Steve go to Portugal to visit an old friend as always murder and mayhem is never far away from where ever Diana is.

Even if you haven't read the other five books in the series, A Deadly Learning can easily be read as a stand alone novel.

I don't know if it's just me but I personally feel that this series is getting a bit darker and definitely more thrilling with each new book. Faith manages to capture the readers attention right from the start and keeps their interest through out the whole book. It is certainly full of suspense and I have yet to figure out who the culprits are before Diana does.

As usual we meet a mixture of new characters who are very intriguing, though have to admit I took an instant dislike to the very self assured Jake.

The Diana Rivers series is a must for all lovers of murder, mystery and suspense.
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on 22 March 2014
I love this series of books following the adventures of writer and amateur sleuth, Diana Rivers and her husband Steve. This one is set in a college in Portugal, where they are staying with a friend of Diana's. From the beginning I was engrossed in the story from when the first body was found. Steve has business problems and goes to London leaving Diana who carries on doing detective work in Portugal and putting herself into danger again. The plot is well thought out and keeps you in suspense until the end. Thank you, Faith Mortimer, for another enjoyable read.
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on 19 April 2014
The more books I read by this author, the more I like her writing. She reminds me of that other great British author Agatha Christie! The writing flows evenly and the plotline develops well. This author captured the atmosphere of the setting from the very beginning. A thoroughly good read.
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on 25 April 2014
Faith Mortimer is my current favourite author. As with all of her books, A Deadly Learning is a real page turner, full of suspense and mystery. The plot is well crafted with many twists and turns. You won't know who did it until the end!
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on 13 March 2014
It's always good to catch up with novelist Diana Rivers, our glamorous, twenty-first-century Miss Marple. But I'm beginning to worry about her...she seems to find herself in deeper and deeper hot water with every case!

In this adventure, Diana leaves her beloved Cyprus for a business trip/combined holiday with husband Steve, while their young daughter is being cooed over and thoroughly spoilt by her parents. The Algarve in Portugal is the enviable destination, where, coincidentally, she is invited to a twenty-first-cum-engagement party of a friend's god-daughter. Wendy, Diana's friend, tutors at the nearby university. But this seat of learning is more than just a place of education it seems: it's a hive of secrets, lies, obsession, drug dealings, sex and...murder.

Despite Steve's strict warnings that Diana is to keep well away from any sleuthing, our much loved amateur detective can do no such thing and finds herself, yet again, solving a murder mystery in the sultry summer heat.

Faith, as always, delivers a crisp, clear, well-conceived, entertaining and enjoyable mystery. Diana Rivers is now such a familiar and much-loved character, she's almost tangible: you are tempted to yell out and tell her to follow her husband's warnings to stick to her writing, and not get into any more trouble. For all that, her next adventure is always eagerly awaited.

Top marks once again, Faith.

I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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on 20 March 2014
Faith Mortimer. Brilliant.
A Deadly Learning.
This is the latest novel in the Diana Rivers series, and it's set in sunny Portugal. As always with Faiths book, you feel as though you are right there in whatever country it is set in. Steve has business to attend to in Portugal and so Diana goes along with him and they both stay at a friends house. Diana's friend is Wendy and she works at the local school, this is where crimes have been committed and Diana gets involved.whilst they are there Steve finds out his business partner is involved with dodgy dealings, so Steve heads to the UK to see if he can sort this problem out. Diana stays on in Portugal to investigate a couple of strange always with Faiths books it cracks on at a fair pace, and there are always a couple of things on the go at once. I've read all the Diana Rivers books and this one is a very good addition to the series. Roll on the next book is what I say.
5 stars. 20 March 2014.
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on 13 July 2015
Diana and her husband accept an invitation to spend a few days vacation visiting a friend who teaches at the International College of Portugal. Needless to say Diana becomes embroiled in investigating the murder of a woman who is found encased inside a wall of the college. Various themes run through this book with a lot of characters to get to grips with, it is fast paced action with Diana in the thick of things.
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