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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 12 February 2016

This 3-CD set, “The Complete US & UK Singles As & Bs 1955 – 62” by Connie Francis, released by reputable reissue label Acrobat Music from UK in 2014, contain 84 songs. I have compiled a detailed song listing (including singles label & number, chart position, debut date, plus personal comments)(BB Pop=Billboard Hot 100; BB R&B=Billboard Rhythm & Blues Chart; BB AC=Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart; CB Pop=Cash Box Singles Chart; RW Pop=Record World Singles Chart; RW C&W=Record World Country Chart; UK=British Singles Chart):

01 FREDDY (MGM K 12015)(a-side)(RW Pop 53/1955)(June 1955)*released only in US; her first single.
02 DIDN’T I LOVE YOU ENOUGH (MGM K 12015)(b-side, June 1955)
03 (OH, PLEASE) MAKE HIM JEALOUS (MGM K 12056)(uncharted a-side, August 1955)*released only in US.
04 GOODY GOODBYE (MGM K 12056)(b-side, August 1955)
05 ARE YOU SATISFIED (MGM K 12122)(b-side, November 1955)
06 MY TREASURE (MGM K 12122)(a-side)(CB Pop 37/1955)(November 1955)*released only in US.
07 MY FIRST REAL LOVE (MGM K 12191)(b-side, February 1956)
08 BELIEVE IN ME (CREDEMI)(MGM K 12191) (uncharted a-side, February 1956)
09 SEND FOR MY BABY (MGM K 12251)(b-side, May 1956)
10 FORGETTING (MGM K 12251)(uncharted a-side, May 1956)*released only in US.
11 I NEVER HAD A SWEETHEART (MGM K 12375)(uncharted a-side, November 1956)*released only in US.
12 LITTLE BLUE WREN (MGM K 12375)(b-side, November 1956)
13 EVERYONE NEEDS SOMEONE (MGM K 12335)(b-side, September 1956)
14 MY SAILOR BOY (MGM K 12335)(uncharted a-side, September 1956)
15 NO OTHER ONE (MGM K 12440)(b-side, March 1957)
16 I LEANED ON A MAN (MGM K 12440)(uncharted a-side, March 1957)*released only in US.
17 EIGHTEEN (MGM K 12490)(a-side)(RW Pop 54/1957)(June 1957)
18 FADED ORCHID (MGM K 12490)(b-side, June 1957)
19 THE MAJESTY OF LOVE (with Marvin Rainwater)(MGM K 12555)(a-side)(BB Pop 93/1957; RW Pop 76/1957; RW C&W 51/1957)(September 1957)
20 YOU, MY DARLIN’ (with Marvin Rainwater)(MGM K 12555)(b-side, September 1957)
21 WHO’S SORRY NOW (MGM K 12588)(a-side)(BB Pop 4/1958; BB R&B 4/1958; CB Pop 3(3)/1958); RW Pop 2(4)/1958; UK 1(6)/1957)(February 1958)
22 YOU WERE ONLY FOOLING (WHILE I WAS FALLING IN LOVE)(MGM K 12588)(b-side, February 1958)
23 I’M SORRY I MADE YOU CRY (MGM K 12647)(a-side)(BB Pop 36/1958; CB Pop 31/1958; RW Pop 10/1958; UK 11/1958)(April 1958)
24 LOCK UP YOUR HEART (MGM K 12647)(b-side, April 1958)
25 HEARTACHES (MGM K 12669)(uncharted US a-side, June 1958)*only in US, not released in UK.
26 I MISS YOU SO (MGM K 12669)(b-side, June 1958)
27 STUPID CUPID (MGM K 12683)(a-side)(BB Pop 14/1958; CB Pop 16/1958; RW Pop 18/1958; UK 1(1)/1958)(August 1958)
28 CAROLINA MOON (MGM K 12683)(b-side, August 1958)(RW Pop 32/1958; UK 1(6)/1958)*double sided hit.
29 FALLIN’ (MGM K 12713)(a-side)(BB Pop 30/1958; CB Pop 39/1958; RW Pop 34/1958; UK 20/1958)(October 1958)

01 HAPPY DAYS AND LONELY NIGHTS (MGM K 12713)(US b-side, October 1958)(CB Pop 88/1958; RW Pop 70/1958)*double sided hit.
02 I’LL GET BY (MGM 993)(UK b-side, October 1958)(UK 19/1958)*double sided hit; a-side “Fallin’”.
03 YOU ALWAYS HURT THE ONE YOU LOVE (MGM 998)(UK a-side)(UK 13/1958)(December 1958)*released in UK only.
04 IN THE VALLEY OF LOVE (MGM 998)(UK b-side, December 1958)
05 MY HAPPINESS (MGM K 12738)(a-side)(BB Pop 2/1958; BB R&B 11/1959; CB Pop 2(2)/1958; RW Pop 2(3)/1958; UK 4/1958)(December 1958)
06 NEVER BEFORE (MGM K 12738)(b-side, December 1958)(CB Pop 99/1958)*double sided hit.
07 IF I DIDN’T CARE (MGM K 12769)(a-side)(BB Pop 22/1959; BB R&B 29/1959; CB Pop 15/1959; RW Pop 9/1959)(March 1959)
08 TOWARD THE END OF THE DAY (MGM K 12769)(b-side, March 1959)
09 LIPSTICK ON YOUR COLLAR (MGM K 12793)(a-side)(BB Pop 5/1959; BB R&B 10/1959; CB Pop 3(1)/1959; RW Pop 5/1959; UK 3/1959)(May 1959)
10 FRANKIE (MGM K 12793)(b-side, May 1959)(BB Pop 9/1959; BB R&B 17/1959; CB Pop 9/1959; RW Pop 5/1959)*double sided hit.
11 YOU’RE GONNA MISS ME (MGM K 12824)(a-side)(BB Pop 34/1959; CB Pop 32/1959; RW Pop 22/1959)(September 1959)
12 PLENTY GOOD LOVIN’ (MGM K 12824)(b-side, September 1959)(BB Pop 69/1959; CB Pop 63/1959; RW Pop 39/1959; UK 18/1959)*double sided hit.
13 AMONG MY SOUVENIRS (MGM K 12841)(a-side)(BB Pop 7/1959; BB R&B 10/1960; CB Pop 5/1959; RW Pop 7/1959; UK 11/1959)(November 1959)
14 GOD BLESS AMERICA (MGM K 12841)(US b-side, November 1959)(BB Pop 36/1959; CB Pop 36/1959; RW Pop 29/1959)*double sided hit.
15 DO YOU LOVE ME LIKE YOU KISS ME (MGM 1046)(UK b-side, November 1959)*UK a-side “Among My Souvenirs”
16 VALENTINO (MGM 1060)(UK a-side)(UK 27/1960)(March 1960)*released in UK only.
17 IT WOULD BE WORTH IT (MGM 1060)(UK b-side, March 1960)
18 MAMA (MGM K 12878)(a-side)(BB Pop 8/1960; CB Pop 7/1960; RW Pop 7/1960; UK 2/1960)(February 1960)
19 TEDDY (MGM K 12878)(b-side, February 1960)(BB Pop 17/1960; CB Pop 31/1960; RW Pop 30/1960)*double sided hit; my favourite Connie’s song; extremely popular in Far East.
20 ROBOT MAN (MGM 1076)(UK b-side, May 1960)(UK 2/1960)*double sided hit; UK a-side “Mama” (UK 2/1960).
21 JEALOUS OF YOU (TANGO DELLA GELOSIA)(MGM K 12899)(b-side, May 1960)(BB Pop 18/1960; CB Pop 27/1960; RW Pop 25/1960)*double sided hit.
22 EVERYBODY’S SOMEBODY’S FOOL (MGM K 12899)(a-side)(BB Pop 1(2)/1960; BB R&B 2(1)/1960; BB C&W 24/1960; CB Pop 1(3)/1960; RW Pop 1(3)/1960; RW C&W 28/1960; UK 5/1960)(May 1960)*Connie’s 1st No. 1 hit.
23 MY HEART HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN (MGM K 12899)(a-side)(BB Pop 1(2)/1960; BB R&B 11/1960; CB Pop 1(1)/1960; RW Pop 1(4)/1960; UK 3/1960)(August 1960)*Connie’s 2nd No. 1 hit.
24 MALAGUENA (MGM K 12899)(b-side, August 1960)(BB Pop 42/1960; CB Pop 67/1960; RW Pop 55/1960)*double sided hit.
25 MANY TEARS AGO (MGM K 12964)(a-side)(BB Pop 7/1960; CB Pop 9/1960; RW Pop 6/1960; UK 12/1961)(November 1960)
26 SENZA MAMMA NNAMMURATA (WITH NO ONE)(MGM K 12964)(b-side, November 1960)(BB Pop 87/1960; RW Pop 95/1960)*double sided hit; also released earlier as (MGM SB 31)(b-side, 1960)
27 WHERE THE BOYS ARE (MGM K 12971)(a-side)(BB Pop 4/1961; CB Pop 4/1961; RW Pop 2/1961; UK 5/1961)(January 1961)
28 NO ONE (MGM K 12971)(US b-side, January 1961)(BB Pop 34/1961; CB Pop 63/1961; RW Pop 52/1961)*double sided hit.

01 BABY ROO (MGM 1121)(UK b-side, January 1961)(UK 5/1961)*double sided hit; UK a-side “Where The Boys Are”
02 BREAKIN’ IN A BRAND NEW BROKEN HEART (MGM K 12995)(a-side)(BB Pop 7/1961; CB 5/1961; RW 3(1)/1961; UK 12/1961)(April 1961)
03 SOMEONE ELSE’S BOY (MGM K 12995)(b-side, April 1961)(Cb Pop 109/1961; RW Pop 93/1961)*double sided hit; extremely popular in Far East.
04 ATASHI-NO (WHERE THE BOYS ARE)(MGM K 13005)(b-side, April 1961)
05 SWANEE (MGM K 13005)(uncharted a-side, April 1961)*not released in UK.
06 TOGETHER (MGM K 13019)(a-side)(BB Pop 6/1961; BB AC 1(1)/1961; CB Pop 7/1961; RW Pop 4/1961; UK 6/1961)(June 1961)
07 TOO MANY RULES (MGM K 13019)(b-side, June 1961)(BB Pop 72/1961; CB Pop 64/1961; RW Pop 70/1961)*double sided hit.
08 (HE’S MY) DREAMBOAT (MGM K 13039)(a-side)(BB Pop 14/1961; CB Pop 22/1961; RW Pop 15/1961)(September 1961)*not released in UK.
09 HOLLYWOOD (MGM K 13039)(b-side, September 1961)(BB Pop 42/1961; CB Pop 26/1961; RW Pop 20/1961)*double sided hit.
10 WHEN THE BOY IN YOUR ARMS (MGM K 13051)(a-side)(BB Pop 10/1961; BB AC 2(2)/1961; CB Pop 8/1961; RW Pop 7/1961)(November 1961)*not released in UK.
11 BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS (MGM K 13051)(US b-side, November 1961)(BB Pop 26/1961; BB AC 7/1961; CB Pop 52/1961; RW Pop 22/1961; UK 30/1961)*double sided hit.
12 I’M FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU TONIGHT (MGM 1145)(UK b-side, December 1961)*UK a-side “Baby’s First Christmas”
13 DON’T CRY ON MY SHOULDER (MGM 1151)(uncharted UK a-side, February 1962)*not released in US
14 MISTER TWISTER (MGM 1151)(UK b-side, February 1962)
15 DON’T BREAK THE HEART THAT LOVES YOU (MGM K 13059)(a-side)(BB Pop 1(1)/1962; BB AC 1(4)/1962; CB Pop 2(2)/1962; RW Pop 2(2)/1962; UK 39/1962)(February 1962)*her 3rd and final No. 1 single.
16 DROP IT, JOE (MGM K 13059)(a-side)(US b-side, February 1962)
17 AIN’T THAT BETTER, BABY (MGM 1157)(UK b-side, April 1962)*UK a-side “Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You”
18 SECOND HAND LOVE (MGM K 13074)(a-side)(BB Pop 7/1962; BB AC 3(2)/1962; CB Pop 7/1962; RW Pop 6/1962)(April 1962)*not released in UK.
19 GONNA GIT THAT MAN (MGM K 13074)(b-side, April 1962)(CB Pop 117/1962)*double sided hit.
20 V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N (MGM K 13087)(a-side)(BB Pop 9/1962; CB Pop 10/1962; RW Pop 9/1962; UK 10/1962)(July 1962)
21 THE BIGGEST SIN OF ALL (MGM K 13087)(US b-side, July 1962)(BB Pop 116/1962; CB Pop 69/1962; RW Pop 95/1962)*double sided hit.
22 IT’S GONNA TAKE ME SOME TIME (MGM 1165)(UK b-side, July 1962)*UK a-side “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N”
23 I WAS SUCH A FOOL (TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU)(MGM K 13096)(a-side)(BB Pop 24/1962; BB AC 8/1962; CB Pop 18/1962; RW Pop 19/1962)(October 1962)
24 HE THINKS I STILL CARE (MGM K 13096)(US b-side, October 1962)(BB Pop 57/1962; BB AC 18/1962; CB Pop 51/1962; RW Pop 51/1962)(October 1962)
25 PLAYIN’ GAMES (MGM 1171)(UK b-side, October 1962)*UK a-side “I Was Such A Fool”
26 I’M GONNA BE WARM THIS WINTER (MGM K 13116)(a-side)(BB Pop 18/1962; BB AC 19/1962; CB Pop 18/1962; RW 17/1962; UK 48/1962)(December 1962)
27 AL DI LA (MGM K 13116)(US b-side, December 1962)(BB Pop 90/1963; CB Pop 87/1963; RW Pop 59/1962)*double sided hit.
28 PRETTY LITTLE BABY (MGM 1185)(UK b-side, December 1962)*a-side “I’m Gonna Be Warm This Winter”


1 This set represents the most complete, comprehensive coverage of her all singles released from 1955 to 1962, a and b-sides, US & UK (as advertised), sequenced more or less chronologically.
2 The sound is very well remastered, as per usual high standards at Acrobat Music.
3 The 16-page booklet is priceless, containing detailed information on discography, label, number, year, chart position, composers, and orchestra. Thanks to these details, I managed to update my own Complete Singles Discography on Connie Francis. The essay by Paul Watts was first class, giving us the details about the story behind each song.


1 As per usual practice with UK reissue labels, the compilation would stop at 1962 due to local Public Domain laws. From 1963 – 1983, there are 83 more songs. I hope someday Bear Family will release all her output from 1963 onwards (same for Pat Boone please).
2 Theoretically, there are twenty songs missing, but they were listed as special edition 45 singles, and they are found in the Bear Family box sets: (1) SINGING THE BLUES (MGM SB 6)(a-side, 1959), (2) HALF AS MUCH (MGM SB 6)(b-side, 1959), (3) HEARTS OF STONE (MGM SB 7)(a-side, 1959), (4) LET ME GO LOVER (MGM SB 7)(b-side, 1959), (5) HEARTBREAK HOTEL (MGM SB 8)(a-side, 1959), (6) THERE’S NO TOMORROW (O SOLE MIO)(MGM SB 8)(b-side, 1959), (7) I ALMOST LOST MY MIND (MGM SB 9)(a-side, 1959), (8) COME BACK TO SORRENTO (MGM SB 9)(b-side, 1959), (9) ROCK-A-BYE YOUR BABY WITH THE DIXIE MELODY (MGM SB 10)(a-side, 1959), (10) CIA CIA BAMBINA (MGM SB 10)(b-side, 1959), (11) GUAGLIONE (MGM SB 31)(a-side, 1960), (12) SENZA MAMMA (WITH NO ONE)(MGM SB 31)(b-side, 1960), (13) JUST SAY I LOVE HIM (MGM SB 32)(a-side, 1960), (14) FUNICULI FUNICULA (MGM SB 32)(b-side, 1960), (15) SUMMERTIME IN VENICE (MGM SB 33)(a-side, 1960), (16) ROMAN GUITAR (MGM SB 33)(b-side, 1960), (17) TORERO (MGM SB 34)(a-side, 1960), (18) NIGHTS OF SPLENDOR (MGM SB 34)(b-side, 1960), (19) RETURN TO ME (MGM SB 35)(a-side, 1960), and (20) THE LOVELIEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR (MGM SB 35)(b-side, 1960).


Although Connie Francis has 67 charted singles on Billboard Hot 100, I have done a Complete Singles Discography, and found that she has 98 singles (a and b-sides, US & UK, 1955 – 1973)(only 193 songs, not 196 songs, because 3 were repeat releases). Her labels are (1) MGM (1955 – 1969), (2) POSP (1969) and (3) GSF (1973).


There are quite a few similar “Singles Collection” sets out there, let me point out their deficiencies:

1 “THE USA & UK SINGLES 1962 – 55” (Real Gone Music, 4CDs, 85 songs, 2014) deficiencies: although the content is the same, the songs are not arranged chronologically, with the last 15 songs in disc 4 like an afterthoughts filling-in; there is no booklet, and no discography; sound is inferior.
2 “THE SINGLES COLLECTION” (Not Now Music, 3CDs, 60 songs, 2015) deficiencies: 24 songs are missing; songs not arranged chronologically; no booklet; definitely inferior collection.


I have done a detailed comparison and my conclusion is that the current set is the BEST and definitive collection for Connie’s singles with good sound and great booklet. This set is very highly recommended.
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Those who just want the hits should choose one of the single CD compilations instead. This compilation is for those of us who want to explore further. For us, it provides a lot of tracks that we've never heard before, especially the first 20 tracks on the first CD. These were the A and B sides of Connie's first ten singles that failed utterly. As far as I know, none of these were ever re-issued after Connie became famous.

Connie reluctantly agreed to record a song (that she hated) at the behest of her father. She had been told that her recording contract would not be renewed and she already had an alternative career arranged. The song was Who's sorry now? It was released without much fanfare or enthusiasm, but was played by an influential DJ and subsequently started climbing the American charts. The rest, as they say, is history. The record label offered Connie a new contract that eventually lasted 15 years, during which time Connie was very successful. All the British and American successes - and the failures - up to 1962 are included here. As Connie never had any top 10 hits in either country after 1962, all the really important music is here, but Connie had big hits elsewhere in the world after 1962 and I think she may have recorded some great albums later in the sixties too. For the time being, I am content with this comprehensive collection of recordings from her first eight years with MGM.

Most of the material is made up of ballads, but the up-tempo songs (Stupid Cupid, Lipstick on your collar, Plenty good lovin') are there too. I get the impression that Connie would like to have recorded more of these songs (apparently, Stupid Cupid was written with a girl group in mind, but Connie wanted to record it) but while she showed that she can do these songs superbly, she really shines with those ballads - even those she hates :-) I wonder if she still hates the song that made her famous. Probably not.

This is an outstanding collection, well annotated, and will surely please Connie's legions of fans who wanted the B-sides that they used to own on singles back in the day, some of which are only now appearing on CD.
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on 21 October 2014
Well all the singles are here as advertised and all but 9 of the 85 tracks are in glorious mono. Tracks 2-23 and 3-5/8/10/16/18/19/24/27 are in some version of stereo. Track 3-11 is a poor quality source. Also one or two of the early tracks on disc one sound as if they might have been lifted from vinyl.

All in all a good set but a shame Jealous Heart didn't come out til 1965 and is therefore missing.
11 Comment| 5 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 14 March 2014
What can you say about Connie Francis that hasn't already been said?.

Suffice to say this is the cream of her recordings from the early days and I am delighted to say the full version of Don't Cry On My Shoulder in included and not the edited version that was released as a single all those years ago.

Connie had an amazing range in those days just listen to her sing God Bless America - there won't be a dry eye in the house.

An absolully stunning set with crystal clear sound and good sleeve notes..
0Comment| 7 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 9 June 2014
Connie Francis and Brenda Lee dominated the late 50s and 60s. One never realizes just how much recording they did,
until you start collecting olf lps on CD. Connie could see Italian, French and who knows what else, and you just knew
her voice. The passion she placed in each song she sang. No wonder Ed Sullivan had her on his show so many times.
As they say, long live......
0Comment|Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 27 May 2014
This a good purchase. It is complete & the tracks are the original recordings just as I remember them.
I have pulled off my favourites for my computer library. There are some no so good tracks, in amongst the best!
0Comment|Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 4 May 2014
To hear these track's again is wonderful, i forgot how good she was. All her best recording are here, and no scratches. Even if you own only one of her songs i recommend you get this triple cd, you will be glad you did.
0Comment|Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 20 May 2016
This set not only includes classic hits by Connie but songs that i haven't found on other CDs.

This has been a welcome addition to my collection.
0Comment|Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 20 May 2014
This is a collectors dream , to have the As and Bs of USA and UK songs on this album is the ultimate collection of early songs.
0Comment|Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 29 January 2015
Some of these tracks are taken off poor quality vinyl a lot of crackling & popping also some tracks are cut off before they end. Altogether this is a rubbish box set for the money I am surprised that AMAZON are even selling such rubbish
0Comment| 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse

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