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I put off buying this, the 17 book in the series due to some mixed reviews, but I live this series of books so much that I eventually succumbed. A couple of the later books in the series have not been quite as good as some of the earlier books and I was worried that the author was getting tired or bored with his creation, but found that Angelica's Smile is very much 'Up There' in terms of qaulity of writing and storyline about a mysterious series of house breakings that seem to be linked and the perpetrator is goading the inspector, challenging him to solve the mystery. Montalbano, for his part is less jaded than in some of his most recent cases, but nonetheless, perplexed: is his judgement clouded by his obvious crush on Angelica, old age or what?
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on 24 March 2017
The Inspector Montalbano franchise is good to read and set on the lovely island of Sicily. Interesting characters and the Inspectors menu choices make my mouth water, every time. Read in order of publication to fully enjoy the character development.
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on 21 July 2017
Arrived, In Time. On Time, & Exactly as Reviewed.
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on 28 April 2017
Montalbano never fails and when he does it's not his fault.
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on 28 June 2017
This is one of the best works jn the series, well plotted and the usual wonderful descriptions of meals
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on 24 July 2017
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on 31 October 2015
Excellent book enjoyed every minute of reading every chapter I read it in one day I have bought a few more books since
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on 10 March 2017
Another winner
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on 21 August 2017
Excellent plot
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Angelica’s Smile – Sunny Montalabano Mystery

I have an admission I love Inspector Montalabano since I first saw the subtitled Italian series, to reading the books, while the bad guys get caught you are able to salivate at the meals and laugh with and at Montalabano. Like many Brits I discovered the joys of Andrea Camilleri’s prose from those television episodes. The difference between the small screen and his books is the richness in the prose, the imagery of the beauty of Sicily oh and the food. Is it just me that likes to eat like Montalabano, the only thing the book does not have is the smells as it has everything else.

Angelica’s smile is the seventeenth book in the Montalabano series and it is another brilliant book for the reader to enjoy. We are treated to Montalabano at his best; contemptuous of his colleagues and Italian bureaucracy and plagued by bumbling Catarella, but dogged and determined to investigate the crimes while falling in lust with the beautiful Angelica Cosulich a victim of one of the crimes.

Montalabano is awoken by Catarella’s phone call to tell him there has been another ‘buggery’; once he has worked out it means burglary he tries to pass it off to his colleagues who are otherwise engaged. Under duress he gets up and goes to the crime scene to one of Vigata’s elite members of society. He finds that their other house as well as their Vigata house has been burgled and a list of expensive objects has been taken. One of the victims Angelica Cosulich is a beautiful woman who manages to dazzle Montalabano and make him feel young once again.

During the course of the investigation Montalabano is sure there is a connection between all the members of the elite that are being broken in to but he cannot see the link. Once he sees the link he is able to solve the burglaries and bring the book to its conclusion. Not before we have been to Enzo’s for quite a few excellent fish dishes and the food that his housekeeper cooks for him, especially his favourite Pasta ncasciata (baked pasta with aubergines, cheese and tomato sauce).

Angelica’s smile is an alluring evocative mystery novel that has humour, a sense of despair and the encounters with the beauty of Sicily. There is none of the violence that one would normally associate with Sicily and their families who usually only ever remain nothing more than footnotes in the series.

Andrea Camilleri is one of Italy’s most famous writers and it is a wonderful treat that his novels are translated in to English so that we too can enjoy his novel’s. Even in a mystery novel we are treated to the beauty and depths of Sicily with which you want to visit and eat. There is humour on every page even when there is despair which is resplendent in Sicily. The Montalabano series is an evocative story of Sicily and its tortured past and present and Camilleri is the narrator who brings this to life. Stunning, wonderful and beautiful.
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