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Reading Hudson made my heart ache all over again for Alayna, and the depth of emotions I felt for Hudson further cemented my love for him as his thoughts came into view. I loved reading his pov especially on seeing Alayna for the first time, which left me with butterflies followed by anticipation to see his rationalised thoughts on love being swayed. His instant need to protect Alayna from Celia was heart-warming and sweet, you could feel his battle to keep her safe and away from the game plans Celia concocted, in order to examine the depth of emotions being played and wanting to prove how easily someone with a past compulsive disorder could still be broken down. God I hated Celia the woman was even more evil as we got to understand her friendship with Hudson, and the sick influence she had on his life made me want to slap her! I hurt for Hudson as his life before Alayna was played out, keeping himself void of emotions and detached from the world always studying others, until he felt Alayna's presence touch his soul and shift everything into focus, trying to stay one step ahead of Celia as he worked on liberating himself from his cognitive patterns of behaviour to finally find happiness and real love. The scenes between Hudson and Alayna were even hotter in his pov! Great insight into Hudson's mind and the epilogue stole the show!
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on 2 January 2017
A perfect finish to an excellent series, "Fixed". A story told from Hudson point of view and gives an indepth insight into the extremities to his and Celia, his lifelong friend's sick games to appease their warped minds. Which nearly lost Hudson the only woman that ever meant ànything to him, besides his family. This love was so deep, that he would do anything to mâke right his betrayal of Alayna with his and Celia's sick games. This he managed to do by obtaining Celia's fathers Company which Celia relied on for her lavish lifestyle and blackmailed her to stop her from Continuing with her Agnès, which she reluctantly agréés. Which leaves Hudson free to get back the only woman who haunts his lonely nights and can heal his broken heart. It was a good insight into understanding Hudson's story from his prospective and makes you understand what made him tick and why. I just loved the whole story,so well written. So congrats to you Ms Paige for such à wonderful séries. I enjoyed it immensely.
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on 22 August 2016
I loved this book, especially because we get to see more into Hudson and Alaynas future at the end!
I read a couple of reviews complaining about it being the same story and to just add it to the end! But that's the whole point of these type of pov books and I always end up loving the males pov more than the original book, which is exactly what happened!
When I got to the end of the 3rd book it made me want to start from the beginning again to remind me of how Hudson was from the start but following up with this book I no longer needed to and loved that you get even more of an insight into what he was feeling! I didn't feel like I overly got to know Hudson in the first 3 and this one I did and really fell for his character!
I enjoyed the 'after' chapters more than the 'before' as they had me really gripped but I did love the insight to his and celias past and games with the 'before' chapters! It was cleverly done and I haven't read any books like this style before! The Hudson book just finished it off and linked them so well!
I loved that the key characters had problems and probably problems that exist more than we realise in people! I certainly could relate to Alayna in the past after a couple of drinks :) (not to the extreme) and ive known plenty of guys that enjoy game playing (again not to that extreme) and it really does show you the effects of what needing love can actually do to you!
Loved them! Can't wait for Chandler!
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on 30 November 2016
I loved the fixed series, so much so I bored people to death always going on about it, but everyone that read it from my recommendation loved it too!
I've had Hudson on my kindle for ages but forgot about it!!! So I approached it with some trepidation, would I enjoy it as much? Would I remember all that had happened in the series, it's been a while since I read the 3 books. The answer is a big fat YES, this book adds so much more depth to the others, Hudson is fabulous as he was before but so much more in this tale, you feel his pain and although knowing the ending I was still on tenterhooks cheering him on. In this book his emotions are raw and consuming and add so much more to the relationship. The epilogue was wonderful, I can't see anyone being disappointed with this great addition to the trilogy.
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on 16 May 2016
Brilliant series and definitely a must read...and there is plenty to read! Nice to get a series that isn't split into a trilogy for the sake of earning extra money, but for the fact that each book is long enough to be separate!

This series has obsessions, manipulation, twists, turns, passion, love, heartache, friendship, compassion, betrayal, secrets and a storyline that will have you hooked, and characters that you will absolutely love as well as a few who you will absolutely hate!

Its a perfect read and a well deserved rating of 5 stars!!
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on 20 June 2016
This book is a must read for anyone who has read the rest of the fixed series and I'd say it's a must read for pretty much every romance lover out there. I've loved reading this story from Hudson's point of view. It was beautiful to see how he saw the world and how he sees himself.

I struggle to read books like this one. I'm not good with reading the same plot from a different point of view. I get lazy and impatient but I really did enjoy this one. I really enjoyed the back story too. It was great to finally understand what happened between him and Celia. This was a really emotional read and the clarity this book provided was outstanding. Paige is an amazing author and she's done a beautiful job with this book. I can't wait to see what story she tells us next.
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on 15 September 2014
I am going to write about this book as I have literally just finished all 3 books and I am hot under the collar. “If you want possessive alpha male, I can certainly comply.” with a line like this it gives you and idea of the type of book I am writing about. It begins with a pretty normal female character in Alayna she has had her issues in the past with wanting to find love but taking it to a certain extent that is deemed "STALKER" after over coming these issues a seriously hot suited man walks into the bar she works in and from that moment although she knows deep down he would not be good for her after a little persuasion on his part she is soon falling for him.

Hudson (the suited man) soon has her just where he wants her in his bed but what he doesn't count on is falling in love with her, the relationship was meant to be a deal to throw people of course but instead he wants Alayna and not for show but for everything.

It is a very hot book with plenty of naughty added in, it also has an extremely bitchy female character in Celia who is trying to bring Alayna's past back to haunt her by making it look like she was stalking Celia when the whole time it was Celia being the stalker little to Alayna's knowledge.

What I liked as well even though Hudson and Alayna have their own issues when you put the pair together it made them whole gave them hope. Nothing like a good story to warm your heart.

All in all considering I stumbled on this trilogy by accident I found it pretty darn good and look forward to reading Hudson which is things from his view point as far as I know which should be interesting I hope it goes into the reason behind his game playing and tell us more about his super bitch of a mother because I grew to hate that women with her horrible comments.

I love the fact this book drew me into there world the characters jumping off the pages like you are watching a tv programme. Looking forward to finding more books by Laurelin Paige.

Hope this helps you guys and you enjoy this book as much as I did especially the rollercoaster of emotions it will send you on.
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on 19 January 2016
This is the Fixed trilogy from Hudson ' s point of view. It flips from the past to the present, filling in the back story of Hudson ' s involvement with Celia and his complicated relationship with his family. The story from Alayna 's side fills three books and this one at 300 pages attempts to cover the same ground plus the background. I think that explains why this felt slightly unsatisfactory to me; bits seemed to be missing or glossed over and yet the pace flagged. I didn't feel the compulsion to turn the page and actually skim read some.
I enjoyed this, and it certainly filled in the gaps and went a long way to explaining Hudson ' s behaviour, but I didn't love it. It certainly should be read after the first three and not as a stand alone, but isn't a must buy
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on 14 July 2014
"Alayna Withers changed everything for me. I can easily divide my life into two parts - before her and after......... Before her, I never really lived. So there's is only after."

I've enjoyed other books retelling the story from the male perspective, such as the Legal Affairs series by Sawyer Bennett, and so was very much looking forward to seeing the story from Hudson's viewpoint, and it's great. Some of the book is retelling the story of the Fixed trilogy from his side but some of the book is his past and how he became the man he is. We're told the story of how his 'experiment' with Celia changed her making her his future partner in crime. He teaches her well and in terms of the game, she outplays him in the end but is put to a stop by his clever business mind backing her into a corner. Even though did a horrid thing to Celia I still hate her! Hudson carries out his 'experiments' so he can study people's reactions to circumstances, he's curious because he doesn't feel these emotions himself. He is cruel but what's worse is Celia helping only because she wants to see people hurt and in pain.
Before Laynie Hudson doesn't understand emotions, not feeling was his "superpower", believes they play no important part in life. "Emotions. How they weakened the strong. How they deluded the intelligent. How they transformed a person into someone unrecognizable". After meeting Alayna he's confused. "I'm also completely lost. I've never been so without answers......Has therapy actually changed me? Is that why she makes me feel the way she does? Because as scared as I am to admit it, that's exactly what's going on with Alayna - I'm feeling. She makes me feel. What, I can't say. I'm not familiar enough with these sensations to explain any of it."
The way Hudson speaks of Laynie shows he's truly in love, deep, painful, breathtaking, love. "She's not just my light; she's my sun. My world revolves around her." When he thinks he's lost her and he is crying, hugging himself, feeling all the emotions he has refused to feel before, it's heartbreaking.

This is a great book, seeing the change in Hudson is beautiful; seeing Celia's plotting is frustrating; seeing Alayna's suffering is painful. Fantastic follow up to the trilogy.
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on 6 September 2016
I wavered with my rating as there were parts which were 4 maybe 5 stars, then others where it was more like 1 or 2 stars, so I worked on an overall compromise.

This is a long trilogy with a fairly standard premise - rich, single billionaire Hudson discovers poor, hard working graduate Alayne and buys the club she works in to get their romance started.

The writing was pretty good and the sex scenes pretty hot, but it was just too long for the storyline. Although there was in depth exploration of the characters' personality flaws and how they navigate through their relationship, there wasn't enough substance for me.
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