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on 18 July 2017
Still sounds great
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on 22 July 2017
Well pleased with order.
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on 27 March 2014
Far Beyond Driven is widely accepted and known as one of Pantera's heaviest and most successful albums, completely bucking the alternative music trend that was ongoing in the 90s and letting the world know that metal was still healthy and strong! This album is a beast of a record and when i heard there was to be a 20th anniversary edition released, i knew i had to have it.
The stand out for me is the Far beyond Bootleg CD, a live recording of Pantera's performance at Donington's Monsters of Rock in 1994. This band were a brutal machine on stage and turning it up loud in my car makes me wish that i was born 10 years earlier (i would have been only 7 at the time) so i could have been there. It has a mixture of tracks from Cowboys and Vulgar, plus songs from Far Beyond Driven.
This 20th anniversary edition is an excellent addition to any Pantera fan's collection and for any other fans of metal who may not have heard much Pantera.
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on 11 April 2016
This is a truly brilliant album from the band that grabbed Heavy metal by the throat in the early to mid 90's while Metallica counted their money and seemed to go into an early midlife crisis. Vulgar Display of Power showed that Cowboys from Hell was no one-off, but Far Beyond Driven solidified Pantera as the market leader. Indeed I remember watching them on the tour that followed, and especially at Donington when they played after a superb Sepultura set, I thought that it couldn't be topped but Pantera did because of their massive personality, sound and strength of songs that they had developed. I'm Broken, Slaughtered, shedding Skin, Use my third arm, Becoming, need I name the rest. This is angry, brooding, powerful, cosmic stuff. It's an album that ages well because of the skill and because of the right choices in production. Thank you fellas, no better an epitaph for Diamond, Dimebag Darrel Abbott.
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on 10 December 2014
...in my humble opinion.

'Far Beyond Driven' created the sound that is utilised by a large proportion of contemporary metal artists. It's thrash, but it's modern and experimental. It's simultaneously heavy and personal (not obsessed with the Devil or dragons or whatever). It's damn streetwise, and distinctly Southern in character. The technical proficiency of the band on this record is awesome, but the playing never descends into self-indulgence. Every song is a banger, and several are amongst the genre's best ever.

Without this seminal album, it's likely that we would never have experienced metalcore or Lamb Of God, to name just two examples of its influence. If you like heavy music, you need 'Far Beyond Driven' in your life.
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on 5 May 2006
This is a dirty, snarling monster of an album, the illigitimate son of Motorhead's attitude and the birth of thrash. Guitarist Dimebag does more with his guitar than many bands do with a two-guitar attack, with heavy riffs and deadly hooks.

Vocalist Phil Anselmo crawls filthy from the gutter with the sole intention of making your ears bleed with his diatribe of attitude. He's screaming without affectation about himself and the world. My goodness children, this chap really is a cross man!

This far outshines anything else Pantera did and is one of the most complete metal records of all time. There's creativity all the way through and each track stands alone. Somehow, they seem to have acheived this naturally.

There's bags of attitude in their attempt to scare the establishment. Listen and enjoy.
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on 22 September 2000
This album just flows like the morning after a very hot curry. It has all the usual flair and pounding beats that all Pantera fans have come to love, but then there is that little bit extra. The guitar rifs are amazing, flowing effortlessly, and the drums are just in your face heavy! This album is a must for all pantera fans to complete their collction, and it is ideal for any one who just loves an album full of perfect music. Please buy it. It might save your life!
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on 19 September 2007
I had Vulgar and went on to listen to this - it took time to grow on me, as all great albums do (a LONG time for this one) but the pure guttural nastiness of the vocals, percussive guitars, growling bass, infectious drum patterns and insane solos make this without a doubt one of the greatest albums I've ever listened to.

It has a certain dirty, gritty quality that makes it a very unique album in my books.

Dime does so many things with that axe that you didn't think were possible, and the lyrics and songwriting are amongst the best I've heard.

The album begins with a thrashy number, goes on to more groove orientated songs and then drops down into a well of wallowing self loathing and putridity nearer the climax - don't get me wrong - thats a good thing!

Also the cover of Planet Caravan is good, and Dimes interpretation of Iommis solo is even better than the original! Pure guitar genius!

Buy now!!

The solo in Throes of Rejection is worth the admission price alone!
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on 12 January 2002
Quite simply put Far Beyond Driven is a great Metal album. What first attracted me to Pantera was their sceaming but rythmic vocal style mixed with REALLY awsome riffs, which, together, just kick ass.
The first song off this album gets you straight into the action followed by Becoming which is one of my favourites with great vocals. Then 5 minutes alone which is an outstanding track followed by (The best track in my opinion) I'm Broken, which is a great song with Chucking riffs and a jaw dropping solo. Next comes a downfall in the album (in my opinion) Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills, which I think is the worst on the album, but the rest of the tracks (Slaughtered, Shedding Skin and Planet Caravan in particular) are very good.
I would recommend this album to anyone. Really good, REALLY heavy and a great listen.
P.S Dimebag Darrell can really kill his guitar
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on 25 September 2014
One of the greatest heavy albums ever. I needed a new copy after losing an old one. Must have bought this 5 times over the years.

My favourite track is Hard Lines & Sunken Cheeks.
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