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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 May 2014
I bought 3 of these fitbit flex devices, one for myself, my husband and my sister. Before purchasing I researched several wristband devices such as the Jawbone UP, the Nike Fuel and and the Polar Loop. I also looked at the fitbit force which is a newer version of this band. The lack of water resistance on the force was a deal breaker for me. I wanted to be able to wear this band 24/7 and to be able to wear it in the shower or when swimming. That was part of what made it attractive to me. Also, after reading reviews about the clasp problems on the force and how many people lost them, I wanted no part of that. They are also quite a bit bigger and look clunckier. The wristband on the UP looked like it would catch on everything and had no display at all. The Polar had lots of quality problems. I wasn't crazy about the looks of the Nike. The display is nice and I can see how people would like them, but not my style. The fitbit flex, to my tastes, had the coolest look. I also know a couple of people who own the fitbit flex and they were very enthusiastic about them so that influenced me as well.

So here is what I like about the flex: I like the way it looks on my wrist. All of us got the slate color. You can also order bands in a few different colors, both here and on the Fitbit site. It is lightweight and even though I don't often wear a watch I don't notice this on my wrist at all. The clasp was VERY difficult to secure the first couple of times until the rubber softened up a bit and until I got the hang of it. I secured it off of my wrist a couple times when it was new. Making sure the band and clasps are lined up correctly and then placing one finger directly below the clasp and my thumb directly above and squeezing hard was the way to do it.

I like that it's water resistant and that I can wear it swimming or in the shower. It is safe down to 10 meters or around 30 feet. I like that the wristband is made of TPU rubber, which according to Wikipedia is a type of rubber used in automotive instrument panels, caster wheels, power tools, sporting goods, medical devices, drive belts, footwear, inflatable rafts, and a variety of extruded film, sheet and profile applications. I think it should hold up for a very long time. I like that the display on the band gives me a rough idea by tapping on it of my progress throughout the day. I can also check my progress on my iPhone 4S and see number of steps so far, calories burned,how many hours of sleep I got last night and how often I woke up or was restless. So far it seems very accurate. I can also track the foods I've eaten and the calories, my weight goals and weight lost, check on the weekly number of steps friend's with Fitbits have taken and compare them with my own.

I like that I can wear it 24/7 and only have to take it off to charge it once every 7 days. It takes about 3 hours to charge with a USB thingie that comes with it. I use a wall adapter to charge it but could also use a USB port on my desktop or laptop computer. I've lost too many pedometers in the past by dropping them out of my pockets or forgetting about them and sending them through the washing machine, so the wristband seems like a much better option for me. I also like that I can connect wirelessly with my smartphone and with the little dongle included that goes into my desktop or laptop, can connect with those wirelessly as well. Software downloads for all of these are free. I'm also able to connect on my first gen Kindle HD 8.9 although I can't see where it's shown as a supported device so far. But it works with the Android fitbit software in the app store.

The step measurements seem reasonably accurate. Waving my hand slowly won't register as a step. Waving wildly will. Driving in the car won't register but reaching around quickly in the car sometimes will. Typing on the computer or Kindle won't register. I've heard that swimming doesn't register either but you can input the time and activity on your phone or tablet. When I first got the flex I started the iPhone app and watched my steps register on my screen as I walked around the house. That, and watching my steps on the treadmill have shown it to be pretty accurate for me, although not perfect. I think that all pedometers have some inaccuracies. What I'm looking for is a comparative trend where I can tell how much exercise I'm getting. The accuracy is good enough for me.

So I wake up in the morning, tap the wristband quickly a few times to tell it I'm awake. Then if I tap it twice I see one tiny blinking light, telling me I'm working on my first 2,000 steps. Later, when I've hit that mark and tap to check again, I'll see one solid light and the second one blinking. There are 5 lights total and each represents 2,000 steps (or 20% of my goal. I could set it up differently on my computer, using a different number of steps as my daily goal if I wanted to.) So I can see my approximate progress any time during the day. When I hit my goal of 10,000 steps the band vibrates and all the lights flash. That means you done good!

I can set up to 8 silent vibrating alarms on this fltbit. I have one to wake me up on weekdays (you can specify which days) and one at 8:00 each night to remind me stop eating for the day. The vibration gets my attention and is effective at waking me up. I set the alarms on my computer or phone.

At night when I'm in bed and ready to go to sleep I tap the wristband rapidly a few times, it vibrates briefly, and goes into the sleep mode until I wake it again in the morning.

So am I happy that I purchased the Fitbits for myself and my family members? Yes I am. It motivates me to walk or run more. I can connect to other friends and family with Fitbits to see everyone's weekly step progress but what really motivates me is just competing against myself. I'll find myself parking in the back of the parking lots at stores to log those extra steps or walking around the store longer because it's a good way to add even more. When I haven't reached my goal at night, I'll sometimes walk around the house several times just to hit a number. Now that can't be all bad, can it?

Update 1/12/14 - I'll keep updating this review with comments and observations as I use this device. I noticed that walking at a rapid pace is counted as "active minutes". Someone on a message board suggested adding a touch of lotion to the clasp if you're having trouble getting it to clasp when it's new.

Update 1/16/14 - A full charge is lasting just a bit over 7 days. It takes about 3 hours to recharge it fully.

Update 1/21/14 - Some people have complained about this band coming undone and losing it. I haven't had any problems with it at all, even when pulling tight coat and shirt sleeves over it, brushing my arm against things or the dog pulling on it once or twice. (I'm sure the dog could have pulled it off if I didn't stop him.) The other day I had the dog's leash wrapped around the wrist with the Fitbit and even with the dog pulling against the leash the fitbit stayed on. We walked this way a couple of miles before I noticed it and unwrapped the leash from my wrist. But even with all that agitation my fitbit stayed put. It has stayed on through enough that I'm not very concerned about losing it. I've only taken it off to charge it. I have the band snug enough that I can only put one finger beneath the band but I can move it a couple of inches back and forth on my wrist.

Update 6/9/14 - Still loving the Fitbit and still wearing it 24/7. The battery is still lasting about 7 days before needing a recharge and it still takes about three hours to charge. It has been working perfectly with no problems at all. My sister gave me these bands for my birthday a couple months ago Fitbit Flex Accessory Wristbands Three-Pack so now I switch to different colors that go with whatever I'm wearing. I really like the navy color. Fitbit is great motivation to keep me moving.

Update 7/3/14 - A new update that works with the iPhone devices that use the Fitbit app was released a few days ago. I've used it with my iPhone 4S and really like the new upgrade. It adds a whole new dimension to my Fitbit app. With the upgrade, I just click on the exercise icon on the dashboard which takes me to a new screen showing the days of the week that I've exercised. (Meaning a walk, run or hike, something in addition to the regular walking in my daily activities.) This screen shows exercise frequency by day of the week, it puts a check on the days that you do some planned exercise. If I click the little stopwatch in the upper right-hand corner, it takes me to a screen where I can click Walk, Run, or Hike. I go back and can then click Cues which takes me to another screen where I can select whether or not I want to hear spoken cues. I can also tell it which cues I want including: Distance, Time, Average Pace, Split Pace, and Calories Burned. Then I go back again an can select the frequency of the cues from every .5 miles to every 5 miles. Or, I can make the cues time based ranging from every 2 minutes, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes. I can also select the volume of the cues. (Medium was perfect for me.) Then, back again to select a playlist from my iPhone's loaded tunes. Last, I allowed location services for Fitbit in my phone settings and I was ready to go. Now I see a big red circle with a Start arrow on the screen over a GPS map showing my location. I pop in my earphones, click Start and my music starts playing.

As I walk, I can see a screen showing how far I've walked, rate per mile, time elapsed. Every half mile a voice interrupts my music telling me how far I've gone and all the other things I've specified in Cues that I wanted to know. Then it goes back to playing my music until it's time for my next designated Cue. How cool is that? It works seamlessly. At the end of my walk I tell it I'm finished (or I could also pause it if I stop to talk to a neighbor or something). When I'm finished (or even during the walk or run) I can see a little red line showing my route on the map. The steps from my walk are added to my steps count, just as they always are. I love these new features. They add a lot to the Fitbit experience.

11/25/14 - Being such a big Fitbit fan, my friends keep asking if I'm going to buy one of the new Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker & Sleep Wristband bands that have just come out or one of the newer ones to be released next year. I'm still thinking about it, but one of the big things I like about the Fitbit I have is it's simplicity. I don't have to take it off in the shower or when swimming and I can wear it 24/7. I also have accumulated quite a collection of different color bands, both from Fitbit and third party sellers. I mostly wear the black, slate, navy and white ones, but I like having some of the other colors too, to match my outfits. The new ones have a built-in watch. Most of the time I think I would like that. But I do have quite a few regular watches that I like to wear. With this Fitbit, I can wear them on my other arm. Fitbit on one arm, regular watch on the other. But with the new ones it would look kind of silly wearing two watches. Right now, only one Fitbit can be registered and used at a time. I think if they were interchangeable I would consider using both, simply because I like new technology.

Update 12/3/14 - If something happened to this Fitbit today, what would I replace it with? Another one just like it.

Update 12/26/14 - After almost a year of wearing these 24/7, none of us have had one come off accidentally. Even the cheap knock-off bands seem sturdy and reliable like the original. And I'm not a very careful person about pulling tight sleeves over it or draping grocery bag handles over my arm.
I have the steps across our back patio counted out by counting them myself. It is 60 steps back and forth once. (Yeah, I know, way too anal.) Oftentimes when I haven't hit my 10,000 steps for the day, I'll go out and walk back and forth with my iPad on the patio table to check my progress. I know from doing this that the Fitbit step count is dead-on accurate for counting steps when walking. Dancing will add steps which I think is fair since it's at least as good as walking for exercise.

Update 4/30/15 - Fitbit has an update that now allows you to track multiple Fitbit devices on your Fitbit app. I haven't tried this, but from what I understand this will allow you to go back and forth between other models and once registered it will recognize them automatically. It's tempting to try the Fitbit Charge or the Surge that can measure heart rate or pulse or have caller ID. They're bulkier than I would like to wear on an all-the-time basis, but would be nice for workouts. And new technology is always fun. The Flex is still my first love and I like the switchable bands, but I'll look at the new models now that it isn't an either/or decision. Here are their instructions for adding another Fitbit:

Update your Fitbit app (if you haven't already)
`Set Up a New Fitbit Device' from the Account tab in the Fitbit mobile app or Fitbit Connect
Finish the setup instructions, and start swapping - we'll take care of the rest!

Update 4/30/15 - With the nice Spring weather it's been a great time to get out and walk. Still loving my Fitbit which keeps track of all those steps. I've ordered a few more band from third party sellers, not because I really need them, but because there are so many new colors available. They even have prints and patterns now. My husband was asking why we need so many, but I noticed that he's been wearing the camo pattern one a lot this week. So hard to resist and they make my Fitbit look all new again!

5/1/15 - I just saw this Fitbit commercial on TV tonight and can't get that song out of my head. You can watch it on YouTube here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K0qVi_nF6y8. Great ad, Fitbit!

Update 11/30/15 - Almost 2 years and our Fitbits are still going strong. I've been wearing mine 24/7 the whole time except for a couple hours, once a week to recharge it. If anything happened to this one, I would replace it with another one just like it. It's simple to use, works well, and I love being able to switch to different color or patterned bands when I feel like it.

Update 12/8/15 - Fitbit just added a new firmware update for the sleep timer feature. Once updated it's no longer necessary to tap the Fitbit before going to sleep or when waking it. It will now recognize when you're inactive and have gone to sleep. It also has some new goal setting software in the app relating to sleep to make it easier to focus on getting more (or less) sleep. The graphic interface is pretty nice. I'm looking forward to using this since I've become something of a night owl and could really stand to get on a better schedule. One more thing to like about my Fitbit.
The update took about 5 minutes using my iPad and plugging my Fitbit into its charger while it updated. The whole thing was simple. A red arrow on the dashboard, in the sync area alerted me to the upgrade. I really like this new feature.

UPDATE 1/24/16 - Update 1/24/16 - When I purchased my Flex a little over 2 years ago it was advertised as being "Water resistant to 10 meters or 33 feet" which is 1 ATM. Their website now states: "Flex has been tested up to 1 ATM meaning it is sweat, rain and splash proof. However, the device is not swim proof. We also recommend taking Flex off before showering because, as with any wearable device, it’s best for your skin if the band stays dry and clean." The definition of 1 ATM, as I understand it is that it indicates that under static (nonmoving) conditions at 10 meters below the surface of the water the pressure of the water will not breach the seals on the device. But I can't take it into the shower? Perhaps even more confusing is the Fitbit Surge is rated at 5 ATM (50 meters) and has the same warning about not being swim proof and not to be worn in the shower. Are they just trying to ensure that users don't abuse the tracker?
That said, I always shower with mine, I never dry it off afterward except the top when I'm drying my arms. I don't swim often but when I do, I leave it on. If I were going to spend a lot of time swimming on a regular basis I might take it off since it doesn't track swimming anyway. But for splashing around in a pool occasionally, I don't worry about it.
My skin is somewhat sensitive to watch bands and I'm allergic to some metals and other materials. I couldn't be much LESS careful about the Fitbit and have never had a problem with the band and my skin. The underside is often damp from getting wet in the shower even half an hour later and it hasn't bothered my wrist. Being able to wear this 24/7 was a major selling point for me and it has worked just fine since January 2014.
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I have a Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker (now replaced by the Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker). I've had it for eighteen months and I'm never without it. However, like anything else, if something different comes along I'm willing to give it a go. This looked ideal. The flex101 is about a quarter of the size of the ultra and fits neatly into a wristband (trendy). So this review is written from the point of view of a fitbit product user testing and comparing a new fitbit product against an existing fitbit product that supposedly does more or less the same thing.

Fitbit products all come with a basic website that logs the information the pedometers generate and you can link the website with other websites like MyFitnessPal to transfer data between sites. You can pay more money for the premium Fitbit site, which includes motivational tools and other material. I tried it when I bought my Ultra but it didn't give me any more useful information so I cancelled it before the end of the trial period.

I'll declare straight away that I'm not a fan of this new piece of kit. Yes, the wristband is neat (You do get two; one large and one small), you can even shower with it on, you can set it to discreetly wake you up or remind you of something (set up via the website) and the size of the flex101 is amazing, but... and it's a big but... I have some major concerns as detailed below.

Background before comment. I set up a dummy account, using a different email address and entered all my current details onto that account's database: height, weight, stride length, etc. So I have my Ultra on one account and the Flex101 on the dummy both containing exactly the same information. So far so good. Because I wear my watch on my left hand (non-dominant, the one Fitbit recommend you wear the flex on) and I'm a fairly large (6'4") I had to use my right (dominant) hand and thicker wrist to wear the wristband on (it only just fit) - the website does allow you to identify that you're using the (effectively) wrong hand, so I presume the algorithm the Flex101 uses takes this into account. The Ultra you can wear just about anywhere - waist to neck, I wear mine on my trousers waistband.

My first concern is to accuracy. After wearing both the Ultra and Flex101 for 11 days there is a significant difference between the two in steps recording. The Flex101 is recording anywhere between 30-40% more steps than my Ultra. The fewer steps and the greater the disparity between the two. Because the Ultra has a display that will stay on for a few seconds when pressed I can actually see what it's recording in real time and can step count actual steps and see that those are being recorded. I also know my Ultra is correct because over the last eighteen months I've checked the distance against a portable GPS device Garmin Forerunner 410 GPS Sportswatch with Heart Rate Monitor, maps, and steps multiplied by stride length, each method gives figures within 50 metres of each other on a 15k walk.

So, first problem. If I can't trust the information on the number of steps recorded then it becomes worthless. Because the Flex101 (like the Ultra) works on an algorithm that converts steps into other information this then impacts the number of calories burned, activity levels and distance. So my Flex101 was telling me I was burning more calories, more active and walking further than my Ultra, and like I said I know that from [number of steps x distance recorded] that the Ultra is reasonably accurate (99% on my usage), so this one fault of the Flex101 massively over-recording the step count renders the information it provides useless. Some may say that it's recording activity: i.e. more upper body movement = more activity so the calorie burn and activity indication is more accurate, but it isn't sold as that. It's sold as a high tech pedometer. So again if the step count is significantly out it's not doing the job you've paid £90+ for.

Second problem. No display on the Flex101, for me that is another serious problem as it doesn't give me any usable information when I'm nowhere near the computer I download to. With the Ultra I get basic information; time, steps, floors climbed, calories burned and activity level in real time, the Flex gives me nothing, no indication, not even basic information through the day, nada. I am aware that you can use a smartphone to sync, but in some respects I am a techno-dinosaur my phone is basic.

Thirdly, speaking from personal experience of having lost my first Ultra, I have doubts about how long this will last before I lose it. Well I should clarify that. I don't think I would necessarily lose the Flex101 itself but my main concerns would be as follows: 1) the charger unit is small enough to misplace (then you've no means of charging it) and just as important is 2) the incredibly small dongle that you sync your flex to your computer with. In the Ultra both these functions are performed by a fairly large base unit. Fitbit don't do separate bits of kit so if you lose, or misplace, either of these items you're stuffed and currently will have to buy another Flex. ** see update note below **

Another negative point for me is that it doesn't record the number of floors, or height, climbed which the Ultra does and on the Ultra this information feeds into the algorithm that then shows calorie burn and activity level based on what you've done. If all you are recording is the number of steps but not the type of terrain then you're not getting an accurate indication of activity levels that then means that your calories burned figure is also going to be inaccurate.

I did email Fitbit support about a week after I got this to share my concerns that there was such a massive discrepancy between the information the two products were recording but to date haven't had a reply. I am really confused as to how two products that reportedly do the same job can be so far apart in terms of the information recorded.

Both are supposed to be able to hold information and charge for a week but I normally (habit) recharge every three days so I'll have to trust the company stats on that one. Both can record sleep by a simple tap (Flex101) or holding the button (Ultra).

Because of all of the above concerns I am sticking with my Ultra. From my experience with it over the last two weeks there appear to be significant problems with the Flex101 of over-recording which you do not want, particularly if you are using this as part of a weight management and exercise programme, because of the knock-on effect this over-recording has on the other information generated. If it's over recording by at least 30% then that is no good. I also have concerns about losing one or both of the two small pieces of kit that either charges it, or transfers the data, given that you cannot buy any of the Fitbit accessories separately. You have to be incredibly organised keeping this kit together.

In summary; it's tiny, its (!?) trendy and you can wear it in the shower and you can set an alarm. But if it's inaccurate it's worthless. If you're going to spend this amount of money on an advanced pedometer then you'd be better off with an Ultra or Fitbit One.

Update: 14/7/13 After writing the review I swopped wrists to see if it made a difference. After wearing it for a further ten days and getting similar results the answer is no. There is still a 30-40% disparity in recording with the Flex101 over-recording when compared to the Ultra. The over recording is worse the less active you are. Another reviewer has also pointed out that you can now buy accessories on the FitBit website. However, the list of accessories you can buy does not include a charger for the Flex101, although you can buy the dongle as it's the same dongle used for the FitBit One & FitBit Zip.

Update: 22/7/13. I've now worn the flex next to my Ultra in the belt loot of my trousers and there has been a significant decrease in the over-recording. The disparity between the two is now between 10-17% depending on activity: i.e. The less walking I do, the greater the difference. Usually if I'm walking less then I'm on a bike, either at my geriatric spin class or on a static bike. So by the looks of things this is picking up activity. It's one of the few things where I complain about the Ultra, in that I have to manually input time spent on non-walking activity, as generally if you're not walking the Ultra assumes you're sedentary.

Update: 10/8/13. For the last fortnight I've worn the flex clingfilmed to my Ultra so they're in exactly the same place. It's still managing to over record but now it's consistently at around 7% (spread from 2% to 9% with the greater disparity remaining on less active days), however this is much better than the 30+% that I was getting when I was wearing it on my wrist, but then that's the point to even get close to the figure produced by my Ultra it's now no longer on my wrist it's on my belt loop. I'd still recommend the Ultra/fitbit one if you want an intelligent pedometer.
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on 3 June 2013
Waited 5 months to finally get the Flex after it was announced in Jan and as a big Fitbit fan - we all have them in my household now as I keep buying the latest ones - I have to say this has been worth the wait! The live data feed syncing via the app works brilliantly and it doesn't affect battery on my phone or the Flex - I've not had to charge it yet and I've had it since Tuesday (sorry Amazon I got it from John Lewis as you launched later than everyone else?). Very comfortable and light, although clasp is quite tight initially but softens up after a couple of attempts. Overall it's a great motivator, great app and the wristband approach to tracking is certainly my preference and it seems to be as accurate as my other Fitbit that the wife now uses, who has now lost 6lbs since I got her hooked on it!!
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on 28 March 2017
My fitbit flex was a Christmas present in 2013 - so I'm a long term user. I use activity and sleep functions, not calorie counting. If I'd have reviewed it during the 1st year I would probably have given it 5 stars as it presented meaningful information in a punchy, clear way, was easy to set up, wear and use. As time goes on my satisfaction level goes down and down, and today it hit 1 star so I decided to write the review at last. Good points - pretty accurate and consistent monitoring of steps/distance - that side of counting my activity has been reliable. Another massive plus point has been being able to change the strap and at a reasonable price too - I have probably used about 5 so far. I started having difficulty charging my fitbit flex tracker after the 1st year and saw it's a common problem - it holds its charge OK (weekly charging required), but I still have to get it positioned just so and keep the contacts super clean - I use a USB mains charger plug as I found that if I used my laptop I couldn't get it to stay in perfect position to charge. Bad points - Fitbit messing around with the software to both sync your device and present your activity data. The most recent update means you can't see anything useful at a glance and the sleep that I found so useful in improving my sleep quality is now of no help at all - auto sleep means you don't know how long you spent trying to nod off and not having the sleep quality percentage any more means I lost the main thing that told me how well I was sleeping. They also no longer support syncing with anything prior to Windows 8 on a PC/laptop - I don't have an android device and can't afford to upgrade my laptop and since the recent changes I can't sync regularly or reliably. Part of the joy (and point) of having a device like this is making it part of your day to day routine - I've given up logging in everyday to sync, when I do bother to log in, I see I haven't synced for several days and can't do so. Now when I do log in to see my activity and sleep data, the information is presented in such a way as to be meaningless and of little motivational value. I am actively looking for another make of device.
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on 18 June 2013
I waited a long time for this to be released onto the market and now I've used it for a few weeks I'm not quite sure about it. There's an expectation (probably fuelled by the hype around these devices) that they're something more sophisticated than a pedometer that sits on your wrist - well, even with all the complex algorithms and blurb, they're still measuring movement at wrist level. That said, if you understand this and make the necessary allowances you should be able to get a decent benchmark on your daily activities but a £10 manual pedometer will do the same for you.

Here are my pro's and con's:


Sits nicely on your wrist and is comfortable and unobtrusive.
Quick indication of your planned "steps" for the day.
Great app with continual bluetooth connection - this is the best out there.
Doesn't need to be removed for bathing.
Tracks sleep pretty effectively.
You can integrate other data (BP, food, water weight etc.) on the web site. This is a novelty when you first start out but who seriously has the time to do all this?

Water gets in the bracelet and it gets gunky in the strap.
Unpredictable tracking of movements - it tracks cycling but for no logical reason and not accurate so it throws the figures way out. Same for cross trainer. Same for typing.
Battery life is short - 4 days max for me so far.
If the battery goes flat you lose all the unsynchronised data - easy to do if you're not near a charging point and I don't think there's any indication on the device that it's going to fail - you have to refer to the app.

So, I'm unsure about it. It's as good if not better than any of the others out there but it's really not much different to the old fashioned pedometers. Probably the natural successor that we've all got to have, which is why I bought it! I'll keep it going but can see it eventually making it's way to the back of the drawer like all the other life-changing gadgets that I've bought........

UPDATE 22 JULY 2013...
Well, I've stuck with it and reckon it may end up in the back of the drawer. Couple of things that really don't do it for me:

If you do anything fairly active (like a bit of DIY), you can easily put it into sleep mode.

Battery life is pretty poor.

Just tried to update the software - completely hung and needs a reset.

Strap is really nasty in the hot weather.

UPDATE 28 AUGUST 2013....
It froze completely and went into no response mode. Tried all the reset recommendations and nothing. Wouldn't hold a charge, didn't respond to taps etc. Sent it back (thanks Amazon and Fitbit - great customer service) and got a new one.
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on 1 October 2016
Not over the moon with this item. It's really just an expensive pedometer with a few extras which are sold as things that will really change your life and therefore make it worth paying £60. As with a lot of IT gadgets it is not easy to work out how to use all these extras. And if you've got lots of time to work it out and input all the data I still can't see how it's any different from good old pen and paper. It does not recognise the exercise I do on my cross trainer and the cycling I do everyday other than sometimes it will show that I have been doing active exercise. In fact sometimes when I'm cycling it will go into sleep mode because it's been shaken whilst riding. If I don't realise it has gone into sleep mode I lose all the walking I do afterwards. The sleep tracking is interesting but for the manufacturer to claim it can help improve your quality of sleep I ask How? Set an alarm to tell you 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep to start winding down. For goodness sake! Do you really need a FitBit to do this? There are a lot of other things you can do with this which to be honest I'm just not interested in, the challenges etc. I realise that for some people this might be what they want but it's not for me. Another problem is I find it hard to fasten the bracelet. The little metal bits will not easily fit into the holes.I suppose this also means they won't easily come out either so it's not going to drop off your wrist but I think it's a poor design. Ok, so the good things about it. I do find that I get pleasure from hitting my 10,000 steps target each day. It does make me get up and move around more and at work go to the printer farthest away from my desk. But that's about it sadly. I've had the FitBit for nearly two weeks and I anticipate using it to count my steps for the forseeable future. And lastly, I actually wanted a red bracelet but it was £20 more on Amazon so I
bought the cheaper slate colour version. You can always buy other coloured bracelets and I don't believe they cost £20 each.
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on 5 November 2014
I don't write reviews. I am too busy. But for this I am making an exception as I've already wasted an hour trying to contact Fitbit customer services, to no avail. There is zero customer support for this product.

Initially I was pleased with my Fitbit Flex. I wore it day and night and found the results of my activity and sleep patterns very interesting. It even helped to motivate my to meet my targets, slightly. I am quite serious about exercising and regularly use GPS tracking apps on my phone-which are brilliant. This will do very little to improve on the apps. To be honest, it's a bit of a gimmick and an interesting novelty, in hind sigh, a waste of money. This was my opinion before the band broke. Within a few days of wearing the band began to split, it held on for dear life for a good while but eventually broke completely. I have fairly small wrist and I could just about make the smaller band fit, which broke within about 2 days. Then the dongle also broke for use with a computer.

The app is also very intermittent, seemingly whenever you actually need to view what results you just have a blank screen, even though it says it's linked. The sleep tracker doesn't give you any time reference, so even though you can see times of good/disturbed sleep and how long you slept for, you work out at what time different things may have effected your sleep. Similar thing with 'active' minutes. And the accuracy of the tracking itself is really poor(I wasn't expecting much so I'm not being unfair here), I burn more calories having a shower and brushing my teeth than running 5 miles.

As I've mentioned I've been trying to contact customer support and after some effort had to except all I could do is fill in an online form and wait for a reply, but I've already been warned by them that they are dealing with high volume(no surprise there), so they will reply by email some time this year. Maybe.

Seriously people, save your money. If it's genuine fitness tracking you want, get an app, get a smart watch, get a heart rate monitor, preferably with GPS, don't get this. If it's just some motivation to get off your bum a bit more and maybe loose a bit of weight then spend the money you were going to spend on this on some decent trainers and go out for a brisk walk or jog for a couple of miles a day and write down your results, you'll soon see big improvements. Forget about Fitbit, I urge you.
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on 13 August 2016
I've been a user of Fitbit products for 4 years and purchased several for my family and recommended them to friends. I have to admit that I thought long and hard before buying the Charge HR due to the many times we have had to return products in the past. All models we have owned, with the exception of only the Fitbit One, have at some point had problems meaning replacements have been required. I have to say, dealing with Fitbit's support is quick and easy, and they are always willing to replace faulty products. That's all well and good, but I'd rather not be dealing with them in the first place. An activity tracker by its very nature needs to be durable and in my experience Fitbit's products are not.

I looked at alternatives to the Charge but with all past data tied-up in the Fitbit site I felt too invested in the system to walk away (I own the Aria scales as well), so despite my reservations about product quality I bought the Fitbit Charge. Just prior to the weekend of this review I had cause to contact support yet again, this time because the band has developed a large air bubble next to the LED display. I'd cared for it, never having taken it near water, and I had also been careful to keep it out of extreme heat, e.g. removing it if riding my bike for a few hours in the heat. All to no avail, this one has failed me too.

What triggered this review is meeting-up with a family member just 3 days after contacting support. I'd recommended Fitbit to him last Christmas but now noticed he was wearing a different coloured band than his original. He too has had to seek a replacement following the failure of his device, also with the bubbling problem.

Sadly, I am done with Fitibit products. I have no confidence in their ability to produce a product that lasts a reasonable amount of time. I think this is the kind of product that many people will want to upgrade occasionally as new models with new features are released, but Fitbit seem unable to give me a device that will last long enough even for a relatively short life when compared with other electronic devices we buy.
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on 23 November 2015
This product finally arrived and when trying to set it up I am told it is COUNTERFEIT. Do not buy, it wont work!!!!
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on 30 March 2016
I was extremely ecstatic to finally purchase the Fitbit Flex, I took time to look at online reviews and research alternative fitness watches, and the Fitbit met the requirement I desired. I have had the product for several hours, it might seem pre-mature for a review. Despite this there are a few things that were notice which sparked some curiosity and some discomforting inklings.
The delivery arrived as quickly as expected, i opted for the next day delivery and the were no damages to the packaging.

As soon I opened the box of the Fitbit, the first thing I looked for was the instruction manual, which was not in the packaging. I had to look up the instructions online, which was not difficult to find. I now understand why.... the box it quiet small for the 37 page manual. I read the manual a couple of times to be certain crucial details were not missed.

The instructions detailed that "Once all five lights pulse in unison, your Flex will be fully charged." As soon as I first plugged the device to charge all the five lights were pulsing in unison before it was fully charged, the Flex charged for 2 to 3 hours, this is the recommended duration for it to be fully charged. This was when I began to set up the Flex on Fitbit Connect. Every step went smoothly, however when it came to syncing, it did not work. I thought it may not have been fully powered so I put back to charge.

I was successful with the set up on my phone, but there was something odd that I did not expect when the set up was completed. On the Fitbit dashboard it showed that I had burnt 675 calories. This was odd because the device had been charging for the last couple of hours and i had not had a chance to test it out yet. What's the deal with that glitch?
I was also perplexed to discover that there were records dating from February 29th onward to today 30th March of burnt calories. I find this very odd, did anyone have this experience with pre-existing information? It was similar on my laptop but it does not date as further as it did on the phone.

This has made me wonder and have suspicions as to whether my Fitbit is genuine or either not completely new and was owned previously. I would not mind if it was pre-owned, but this was not stated when I purchased it, so this is an issue.

Regarding the syncing process, I will give it another attempt and may be try it out for a day or two and see if it records my activity. At the moment my thoughts are weighing heavily on returning this product which disappointing as my realistic expectations have been dashed.
Thank you.
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