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on 5 December 2015
For £85 which the price was roughly including postage, I think this is very good value for money.

I will start off with the bad things about this product.

The build quality is quite solid but definitely not the best.
The screen gets scratched far to easily. It is some kind of plastic that is very poor in comparison to a tablet I have had before. I bought some fusion5 screen protectors and even they get scratched far too easily. I will just have to accept this as a downside. I tend to use this tablet with a mouse and keyboard now anyway and avoid touching the screen.
The display is definitely pretty poor. The resolution is a bit to low even for this price. My old 7 Fusion5 tablet had a resolution that suited its screen size better and that was £39. The text while browsing is a bit grainy but for my eyes, still very easy to read.
This is now what a lot of people would have returned the tablet for. The screen seems to shimmer quite a lot in one specific area. This is whenever a small amount of pressure is put on the back of the screen. It doesn't bother me too much as I pretty much never use it out of my keyboard case now. It is fine when in that.

Another disadvantage is both the audio and the headphone socket. I expected the audio to be poor but I really expected it to be louder than it is. It is really quiet. I hardly ever use it though. I use headphones the whole time when I want sound. I am into my audio quality and the headphone socket seems to sound really, really thin. The bass is very weak compared to pretty much every other device I have plugged my headphones into. That quality of that sound isn't that bad, it just doesn't sound correct. Maybe it is something to do with Android. I'm not sure.

No GPS. My previous fusion5 tablet has this but didn't have enough space to install any app that would work with it due to its hopeless 1.1gb of built in storage. I didn't even think that there would be a chance that it wouldn't have it since this was twice the price. This is a bit of a disappointment.

Others have said this too. The viewing angles are very poor indeed. So poor in fact that I have actually put the tablet into my keyboard case upside down! Looking down on it from slightly above seems to be the best position. It can look pretty good but only from a very limited range of angles. It being upside down hasn't really affected anything as it has just flipped everything around to the correct position.

This next issue doesn't bother me much but it will bother others. In a room with very bright light or outside on a sunny day, the screen brightness is pretty poor. One of my previous tablets was much worse than this so it isn't that bad. I think I have just been a bit let down by that fact that my previous fusion5 tablet that was £39 had a much clearer and brighter display that was pretty good outside.

Now to the advantages.

This tablet is extremely quick and responsive. Although I hardly use the touch screen, when I have, it is very responsive compared to my previous 2 tablets. no delay between touching something and the tabled responding. The speed when browsing is pretty impressive too. This is one of the strong points about this tablet. If it wasn't for the browsing speed, it would easily loose one star. Another advantage is the pin charging port. I really wish more devices had this. It seems to charge quite a bit faster than USB even if you use a 2A USB charger. It gives you the option of charging it quickly while you are transferring data or using the port for something else.
I also really like the fact that it has 2 micro USB ports. My old tablet had 1 full size USB port. I would like it even more if this tablet had one too to replace the micro HOST port. Even so, they are still very good. I have my £6.99 10.1 keyboard case plugged into one of them and a wireless mouse in the other, I now have what is pretty much a laptop. As I said. even with these connected, I can still charge my tablet via the pin charger. I actually use a portable USB charger and this cable to charge it.

I then don't need to have it plugged into a wall. I use pretty every port on the tablet. The mini HDMI is very good too for when I plug it into my TV or monitor.

Yet another advantage is the amount of storage space. 32gb is pretty generous for the price of the tablet. Others did mention this. the storage isn't all in one place. It is instead 2 lots of 16gb. Only one of the 2 lots of 16gb storage seems to be able to store videos. The other works fine for apps you install and still gives you a lot of space.

This really surprised me. It works with 64gb micro SD cards. I have a Lexar one. It said it would work with a max of 32gb. I have now got a few apps and well over 50gb of videos. However, it is pretty slow as putting stuff onto the card through the tablet. I tend to take it out and use a USB 3.0 micro SD card reader and put stuff on that way.
I am now wondering if there is a chance it could work with 128gb cards. The issue there is that the price for that storage is still far to high so that isn't worth trying.

Another thing this tablet does well is playing videos. It seems to make poor quality videos look a bit better than they are somehow. Maybe it up scales them a little. It even runs well with 1080p videos. This is when the screen does look its best. You do notice something sometimes though. When on a bright background You can sometimes see the pixels a little to easily. As they look pretty large, this shows that the screen is a low resolution. (1024*600)

Wi-fi range is good compared to one of my older tablets. Once it is connected, it rarely drops of when moving around from room to room.

Overall, I think this is a really good tablet for the money. It won't be comparable to Samsung tablets and the like but then that are a whole lot more expensive though. One think I recon though, I don't think they will have 2 USB posts plus a separate port for charging. So few products seem to have this and it is only my 2 fusion 5 tablets that I have that have as many ports as this.

Great tablet.
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on 2 January 2016
I'll start by being honest and saying that, if Tesco hadn't pulled the Hudl2 from sale in October 15, I wouldn't ever have researched the cheap end of the tablet market and discovered the Fusion5.

I bought 2 of the octa-core 2GbRam 32Gb storage tablets for my children's first tablets for Christmas and they were (and remain) thrilled with them. I had set them up in advance of wrapping, to ensure immediate and maximum enjoyment. Set up was very easy (I already have a Google log in) and there are plenty of free games/apps etc to download, plus some good protection, so any apps you don't want the children to access can be password protected.

My children are now faced with losing "tablet time" if they misbehave (or gaining extra time if they are extra good!).

I would recommend the tablet and the seller. Good price, bigger screen and better spec than anything else on the market for the money (to the best of my knowledge and in my opinion).

Perhaps the one downside is that it is impossible to buy a case that actually fits the tablet (i.e. has camera and speaker holes correctly placed) - the cases I bought were advertised as being for Fusion5 but the rear camera and speaker holes are not in the right place. However, the sound is loud enough for this not to be a problem and my children are not interested in photos.

I also bought screen protectors (from a different seller) but it appears that the tablet comes with a protector already installed.
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on 18 February 2016
I paid extra for the top model 1G 32G Octacore, but it freezes when typing etc which can be very annoying. On inserting SD card I checked storage capacity within settings only to find I'd been sent the CHEAPER 16GB Model. The packaging said 32GB model so why would I mistrust this?

So, two weeks in I've already bought a case for this, downloaded and setup umpteen apps etc etc. and Amazon's only response is to return for refund which is not at all feasible. I pushed for partial refund so I ended up paying the same as the model received. Not an ideal solution but what choice do I have.

As to functionality - it freezes occasionally when typing as I've said - but It's passable for the time being. As others have stated the screen is pretty poor - but then this is a budget tablet so I guess you expect that.

Would I buy or trust this brand again? Absolutely not. If you are thinking of buying this make I STRONGLY URGE you to check within settings that you have been sent the model you paid for before doing anything else.

Overall, extremely disappointed.
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on 5 December 2015
For the price you can't complain. It's a good weight, little thicker than Samsung and iPads, but I was surprised with the overall quality at this price range, really well built.

It runs VERY fast, jumps between apps quickly and so far deals with multiple apps open, internet, video, etc without a problem.

"At the right angle" it looks great, ran a big 720p file without any problems whatsoever, the same with YT high def videos. The colour is very slightly duller than i hoped, but there is bound to be a way of adjusting it... I'm still getting used to Android.

The one problem i would bring up is the viewing angle. You need to tilt it to a certain angle(s) for optimum viewing.

Also the sound isn't great as it's very low even at full volume, but i never expected it to be at this price. That being said, listening with headphones is a joy, great sound-stage and crystal clear.

At this price I would definitely recommend, but don't expect it to compare to high end tablets even if the reviews might suggest so.
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on 5 November 2014
It lasted 3 years before stopping working. Not sure if that’s bad or as expected for a cheap tablet, but a new and different model has now been purchased to replace this. Dropped from 5 stars to 4

Original review:-
I am amazed by this tablet!
I have a Samsung Tab3 which I paid £280 for, and honestly, this is better!
My Samsung keeps dropping connection, is slower, and has an older version of Android.
I bought this tablet for my 78 year old mother many months ago, it's still going strong and she loves it!
WiFi is always ok, she uses it to download and play Android games, Skype her friend in Australia, and general internet use. it's quick and it's reliable, never letting us down once.
There are two downsides to this tablet though:-
1. The screen - looks fine straight on, but tilt it slightly and you see nothing! Not a problem if you're viewing full on, but have 3 of you trying to watch something at the same time like a YouTube clip or a Skype call, and only one of you is getting the picture.
2. The volume - even at full volume it's a little quiet. My mother's half deaf anyway so it could be twice as loud and she'd struggle, but it can be noticeable compared to other more expensive products
But, and it is a BIG but, look at the price! My rating is based on this being nearly 3 times cheaper than my terrible Samsung Tab3.
5 stars for this price, all day!
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on 21 August 2016
Bought this tablet for my husband & it is great. He had a huddle 2 before but had so many problems with the charging + fairly small screen. This tablet, being 10.1 is much clearer and very easy to use. Everything transferred over from his Hudl very quickly and easily, the price is fantastic, we keep wondering what the catch is. I have an iPad and although it is very good, if this had been around at the time this would have suited me saving a lot of money. Delivery was excellent, arrived within a couple of days of ordering. Depends what you want from a tablet and we haven't explored this one fully yet but seems to be able to do all that we need. Picked up wifi easily. My husband is very pleased with it, great value for money, would recommend this to anyone.
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on 10 October 2016
I have had this tablet for months now and had no problems with it. I have taken it to the US and used it as a sat nav with a navvime app and used it for emails back home as well as surfing the web. All was well until last week when I couldnt turn it on. I contacted the seller as it was still in warranty in the hope they could help. I cannot praise then enough. They sent me another charger to see if that was the problem and then ased me to send it in for repair. I sent it Thursday and have received it back today fully working and complete with an old case I sent it in to try to protect it. Well done ! I will purchase from this seller again without a moments worry. Thank you again
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on 19 August 2015
It is ok functional. Compared to an Ipad or other top end tablets, quality difference is very noticeable, even if you aren't exactly tech savvy. But of course we are talking huge price difference, ball parks. For what it is it is cheap and cheerful. Some random notes on it's performance most people look for in a tablet, viewing angle is very limited, you have to hold it just right to get perfect picture quality without shading, paling. Even to get a decent viewable/readable screen you are limited in how to hold it and angle it. Not as dire as i probably make it out to be, picture quality is ok otherwise, not the sharpest vibrant of course but it is fine
Touch screen isn't too responsive, I tried using several different make tablet pens, just wasn't compatible, couldn't scroll, couldn't hold down icons, I took off the screen scratch cover that is factory fitted, still no go with the pens i used. As far as using the old finger to manipulate the screen it's ok, slightly latent screen response. Not silky smooth, just don't expect that. The speed of it when scrolling pages is not smooth or intuitive, loading up apps progs, running them? it is fine, it is not clunky and doesn't take ages to fire up and run things, but not the, again, smoothest or fastest.
This is all actually moot, you know from the price it is not top of the range,it all depends on what you are looking for if you know what you are doing or what you expect if you don't. I f you never used a higher quality tablet you won't know or care what you are missing. Sum up, quality and build is ok fine it works. It's not a duffer, will do you on a budget. All you can do is compare it to similar budget tablets, and really there won't be much difference, lots out there and this one is as good as any budget tablet and with features to match.
One important thing to note is it doesn't have GPS, you probably think you don't need it or don't care but it is extremely useful. So be aware of that too. You can't use it in your car as Navigation aid, a £60/70 quid tablet is as good as if not better then a dedicated car GPS navigation system depending on the app you use. You can't use it when biking or hiking etc to help navigate, as a further example. A multitude of apps for many purposes actually use GPS or are much enhanced by it. This was the reason i personally was disappointed somewhat with this tablet. But it might not matter to you.
EDIT:Since I bought it and in fact when i was writing this review, this thing is updated in it's core components regularly it seems, so you will be buying a totally different beast from when i did. My review doesn't really apply, I think this is a good thing. What you will be getting is more advanced than my version, i raised 1 star for this discrepancy. BUT VERY IMPORTANT, you can only use 2 gb to install programs/Apps, the rest of storage you can only use for pics, vids, docs etc. This is true for a lot of these cheaper tablets, reason, pls google it, very briefly it is due to architecture of components. Took 1 star away for this handicap i discovered late on, so still a 3 star review in the end.
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on 26 October 2015
This tablet was purchased for my middle-aged son who has an Android smartphone thereby dictating an Android tablet as a 'first-foray' into the world of tablets.
It was well packaged, coming with the stated accesories. When first turned on it booted up within 30 seconds but because it only had 18% battery charge it required charging before use - about 5 hours.
When fully charged I looked at it more closely. The screen is crisp and has a very acceptable viewing angle given that it is for personal use. Unlike a lot of tablets this one comes with a 'sparse' set of Apps loaded which I find good - removing a load of 'unwanted' apps is both time consuming and frustrating.
It connected to wifi immediately and has good sensitivity, maintaining a fast connection anywhere in my large house. Likewise the bluetooth connected without problems and also has a reasonable range.
I use a Sony Experia Z tablet so decided to compare this tablet with it by running the Antutu app. I was pleasantly suprised by the results - my Experia scores just over 20,000 and this tablet scored 15,000 - a respectable score considering the price difference between them.
When analysing the Antutu results it is worth noting that only a single processor core's speed is measured, so doesn't really indicate the 'user-experience' that having four cores can give when running suitable Apps. Having said that, the Antutu 3D graphics test had fast motion with very smooth lag-free scrolling and every game subsequently loaded has performed flawlessly.
I have only one extremely minor criticism - the sound volume is not great (small speakers dictate low wattage). With the speaker grills on the rear of the tablet, when the tablet is in a protective case the volume is even further reduced. This isn't a real problem since earphones will be used when out-and-about and a bluetooth speaker solves the problem indoors.
So to sum up - deserves five stars and is a very good tablet for the money when compared to the Experia Z (which cost over four times as much). Would I buy another one? I already have for my other son!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 December 2014
I ordered two of these for my Daughters for Xmas and they are so chuffed. My youngest loves anything to do with technology and so I asked her to review the tablet. So she says - Its a lovely size and comfortable in the hand - not too heavy and a great size for games / facebook/ google etc.It charges quite quickly ( as tablets go) and lasted for 3 hrs constant use with playing games. This is a lot longer than my tablet lasts with the same use....my android tablet was twice the price of this! With moderate use you would get a couple of days out of it. It uses hardly any charge playing music and having a nosey on google. The camera is ok - dont know why lots of people seem to worry about the cameras on tablets so much. If you want to take amazing pictures then maybe get a camera. It is good enough to take decent photos in good light and actually this tablet is again better than mine. Its never going to perform like a decent SLR camera though.
The sound quality is also pretty good. We listened to downloaded Xmas tracks and I was quite impressed. I got a decent protective cover for the tablets and the sound didnt appear muffled and I could certainly have it loud enough to enjoy while I moved around doing my housework.
Really I suppose the best indication of how impressed I am with the tablet is to say that my Kids are thrilled and I have ordered another one for my husband for his birthday. I would also like to say that the seller -Fusions- are a superb company - very concerned that the customer experience is a good one and I am very confident that I will get the same quality experience with my latest order.
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