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on 19 August 2015
It is ok functional. Compared to an Ipad or other top end tablets, quality difference is very noticeable, even if you aren't exactly tech savvy. But of course we are talking huge price difference, ball parks. For what it is it is cheap and cheerful. Some random notes on it's performance most people look for in a tablet, viewing angle is very limited, you have to hold it just right to get perfect picture quality without shading, paling. Even to get a decent viewable/readable screen you are limited in how to hold it and angle it. Not as dire as i probably make it out to be, picture quality is ok otherwise, not the sharpest vibrant of course but it is fine
Touch screen isn't too responsive, I tried using several different make tablet pens, just wasn't compatible, couldn't scroll, couldn't hold down icons, I took off the screen scratch cover that is factory fitted, still no go with the pens i used. As far as using the old finger to manipulate the screen it's ok, slightly latent screen response. Not silky smooth, just don't expect that. The speed of it when scrolling pages is not smooth or intuitive, loading up apps progs, running them? it is fine, it is not clunky and doesn't take ages to fire up and run things, but not the, again, smoothest or fastest.
This is all actually moot, you know from the price it is not top of the range,it all depends on what you are looking for if you know what you are doing or what you expect if you don't. I f you never used a higher quality tablet you won't know or care what you are missing. Sum up, quality and build is ok fine it works. It's not a duffer, will do you on a budget. All you can do is compare it to similar budget tablets, and really there won't be much difference, lots out there and this one is as good as any budget tablet and with features to match.
One important thing to note is it doesn't have GPS, you probably think you don't need it or don't care but it is extremely useful. So be aware of that too. You can't use it in your car as Navigation aid, a £60/70 quid tablet is as good as if not better then a dedicated car GPS navigation system depending on the app you use. You can't use it when biking or hiking etc to help navigate, as a further example. A multitude of apps for many purposes actually use GPS or are much enhanced by it. This was the reason i personally was disappointed somewhat with this tablet. But it might not matter to you.
EDIT:Since I bought it and in fact when i was writing this review, this thing is updated in it's core components regularly it seems, so you will be buying a totally different beast from when i did. My review doesn't really apply, I think this is a good thing. What you will be getting is more advanced than my version, i raised 1 star for this discrepancy. BUT VERY IMPORTANT, you can only use 2 gb to install programs/Apps, the rest of storage you can only use for pics, vids, docs etc. This is true for a lot of these cheaper tablets, reason, pls google it, very briefly it is due to architecture of components. Took 1 star away for this handicap i discovered late on, so still a 3 star review in the end.
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on 27 December 2014
Had this for about 3 months as replacement for bricked nexus 7. OK screen quality not HD but perfectly OK for streaming Netflix etc. So far no problems. Charges in about 3 hours and will hold for around 4 days if you turn off WiFi between usage. Its an excellent bit of kit and for around £80 is superb value. Haven't missed the nexus and with a cubit 5 " smartphone for about £70 I have two great bits of kit for home and on the go. Just picked up 32 gig SD card from aldi and this works fine in fusion meaning can store lots of spotify etc for offline access. Can't imagine spending anything over the odds for branded kit like apple, Samsung etc for the same functionality as this.

Well about 15 months after purchase still going great - battery life fine and no faults to report yet. I use it every day for all sorts of stuff - browsing, streaming video etc and copes excellently with all these tasks. Would I ever invest in a high price tablet - on the basis of this cracking cheap and reliable gadget no chance - just about to replace the cheap false leather case which is finally starting to fall apart.
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on 18 February 2015
After hours of research, I brought this for my parents at Christmas. I was so nervous about it and the price but could not ignore the other reviews. The packaging etc was ok, maybe a little cheap looking and no instructions. However this seems to be a really good buy, at first my parents couldn't connect when at home to the Internet. This has now been resolved with a new router. However it is ideal for their needs, apart from the sound quality for Skype. They mainy use it for reading the newspaper, checking emails etc so didn't need a too fancy set up. Therefore I would recommend to anyone with basic requirements for a tablet.
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on 12 February 2015
Fusion extra space tablet I have to say that this tablet is very good value for the money.the only it arrived very quickly and the packaging was exelent. I was able to use it straight away as there was some charge in the battery.the only gripe I have is that you had. To pay for the delivery.amazon say that everything over ten pounds is free delivery,but that is not correct,that should be made known by amazon. If out require any extras like screen protectors carry case etc,this makes those items very expensive.but having said that its still for the tablet itself is a very good product,hence the five star rating I have. Given
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on 1 July 2014
I was amazed at the price of this tablett. OK it was any introductory deal but it seemed a bit too good to be true. This is the second Android tablet I have owned. The first one was not very good and it cost more. So I was not sure what to expect. Big pluses for me were Bluetooth and charging from mini USB port. It arrived the day after order opened it saw it was 50% charged, so switched it on. The new Kit Kat interface is nice and quite like the Jelly Bean I am used to. First thing it is very fast, second it feels good. .Play store is there so I uploaded some favourite apps. I also put my mini card in and immediately my pics and files were available. Very quick and smooth. Next I tried connecting to my laptop. Once I switched on USB interface to media device the Fusion5 was visible but not connected. I ran the troubleshooter and windows found a new driver and I could see everything on the Fusion. Transfer of files was fast as well.

This is an amazing tablet for the money. Watch out IPad!
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on 9 May 2014
I'm very happy with this product. The only negative comments I have are the packaging could be improved - the product didn't suffer any damage apart from a bit of denting of the box, but if you have a postie who is not so careful as ours there might be a problem so a bit of bubble wrap might be a good idea, but thats up to F5CF. The battery seems to run down quite quickly, but to be fair I haven't timed the useage. The screen is very sensative; items sometimes move just when the pen is hovered over them and conversely can sometimes require repeat strokes. The little manual is written in pigeon English and I would have thought there were enough people in China with an excellent knowledge of English to produce a coherent manual. As for the print size, I can only read this with the aid of a magnifying glass!. It's still early days but everything else seems just fine. The product is not up to the standard of the Nexus that I bought for my wife but it was about a third of the price so i would say it represents excellent value for money .Recommendation - buy it.
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on 12 January 2017
Having this product for almost a year, I don't use it anymore. It is very very slow since day one. Keeps rebooting every once and a while mainly when it updates many apps together.
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on 7 October 2014
Adult Son more than happy. I chose this product following researching reviews -very helpful
Easy to set up. Good battery life (don't cut corners when charging first time. The supplier provides guideline and it works.
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on 19 April 2014
Absolutley fantastic for the price. Does everything well, don't worry about the screen resolution, it's pretty good even for viewing videos. Mine arrived within 2 days of order and had a screen protector already fitted. The protector makes the screen feel a little course to the touch, but so far I have left it in place. Highly recommmended.
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on 2 October 2014
Bought this for the kids since they were already sharing one. Can't say much about since I don't use it but I will say it is functionally perfect for what it does and has kept the kids amused.

One tiny downside is that the screen resolution isn't pin-sharp, but I must say that it is more than adequate in every other department (so report my kids) for its value and features.
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