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on 2 June 2014
I've had my Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet for a week now so feel I've got to know it well. The real big positives of the physical aspects of the tablet are its light weight, it really is very light, and the very vibrant and detailed screen. The pixels per inch isn't as high as other top end tablets but in reality it's like splitting hairs - images and text are very sharp, and the colours are beautifully rich. Comparing my Z2 to my IPad Mini Retina display and there is little in it, maybe my IPad is a touch better in sharpness but it is barely noticeable. The lightness is incredible though. I've never wanted a 10 inch tablet before because I don't find them comfortable to hold in one hand - too heavy - but no such problems with the Z2. Appearances wise the Z2 has an elegant and contemporary design, simple but modern. Biggest negative is the finger print magnet back - it will smudge within a matter of minutes. OK it's supposed to be non-slip but the downside is it looks a mess with all the smudges and spoils the clean appearance. One other downside is that the touchscreen isn't as accurate or as responsive as my IPad Mini Retina - it's good enough but I find myself having to re-tap the screen more than once especially on small graphical links (which would otherwise just work on my IPad). It's no deal breaker for me but others might not be so forgiving.

Software wise there is little Sony software (or reskinning) on the Tablet so it's almost a clean Android experience. If you're a subscriber of Music Unlimited like myself then the Walkman app is a beautifully graphically rich universal music player bringing together Music Unlimited and your own on tablet owned MP3 albums. And there are Sony widgets which allow you to create drag-able windows on the screen for Hangouts messaging and browsing, plus other apps. Nice little feature.

So on to the real negatives. First night I had the tablet it crashed three times. Next day though a system software update arrived and I've not experienced any further crashes so hopefully it's been fixed in the latest system update. Next problem - music unlimited (MU) was down for almost two days. Not a problem of the Tablet but when MU eventually came back up the Walkman app stopped working with MU. The following day the Walkman app said it needed to update but when I went into the dedicated Sony App update centre (an app on the Z2) it said no updates were available. So I had an app requesting an update but no update was available. After getting no luck on Sony forums (even speaking to Sony employees) for a solution I eventually found the latest Walkman update on the XDA (Android Community) developers website - so I downloaded it with the nagging concern of downloading viruses - but it worked, the Walkman App is up to date and finally I can use Music Unlimited again in the Walkman app. Thing is - I shouldn't have to do this and this is one example of where I think Sony lacks - bug free and reliable software! Most Sony products I have owned have had pretty buggy software. My concern now is that for some reason the Update Centre app on my Z2 isn't working and that future app updates won't be received. Time will tell.

Besides the aforementioned software problem (albeit seemingly fixed through my own efforts and not Sony's) this is a very nice tablet and well worth the money.
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on 8 August 2014
Well it really is a very light and slim 10" tablet which is also waterproof which might come in handy, the screen is bright and has deep colours, it is not too cluttered with built in apps etc and is really very easy to use and setup overall.

I have been using it for about a month now with no problems detected, the battery can run down fairly quickly depending on what you are using it for of course like watching a movie or video etc but this is generally what to expect with a higher quality screen, charge time can be a while too, but again probably around the usual for an hd tablet.

Overall I would recommend this Sony Tablet as it looks great, is slim, has a great hd screen and quite importantly very light to hold in one hand or two for reading.
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on 25 August 2015
This is my first review so be kind. First of all the tablet seemed to be top quality and performed really well as I've owned an ipad and a Samsung I thought it was the better of the top brands. Then all of a sudden the battery life started to get shorter and shorter. I contacted Sony and in the end I was advised to send it one of their repair centers. The fault is the main circuit board which will have to be replaced. I am unable to give it any more stars or a better review as Sony still have it 3 weeks on and are still waiting for parts!!!!!!!!!!!
So two stars for the tablet and zero stars for Sony customer service.
Sony still didn't have the parts to repair my tablet 3 weeks on so I had it returned to me and Amazon agreed to refund me no quibble. Great service from Amazon. Sony has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 January 2015
Only those who love to find fault with everything would criticise this superb tablet..We have four tablets/pads in the house, all high spec. This one is easily the best for weight, slimness, graphics, sound, build and ease of use. Set up takes minutes.
The processor is powerful and not many tablets have 3 RAM.
Charging is not difficult but is a bit fiddly. I would therefore recommend buying the cradle to do this. The battery is perfectly adequate for all routine use.
Would recommend without hesitation.
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on 18 February 2016
Great tablet, I bought mine used and it was flawless, no scratches or dents. The Android operating system is good as usual, it has a long battery life and is compatible in many languages.

It came with a Sony case which is rugged and easily protects the tablet. It also has a sim slot, this is very useful if travelling in the car you can just insert your sim from your phone and then surf the internet while in the car or on top of a mountain.

The drawback for me is that the slots are small and the covers are hard to work with. It is waterproof, but I have not got the nerve to test it out!

Nb. If you are looking for a high end spec tablet then this is a great buy!
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on 11 January 2015
The best thing for me with this tablet is it's ability to be expanded through micro sd. I have a 64 gb card in mine which can handle thousand's of pictures, albums and video's without me worrying about space. I have always been an apple fan and previous to this I used to take a mac book pro away with me, but this makes my camera equipment so heavy which mean a tablet was a much more manageable solution. I have had 2 Ipad's but this Sony is so much more practical for me with my photography and travel.
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on 26 August 2014
This is so thin and light it would suit a person that normally goes for a smaller 7-8 inch tablets but is looking for an upgrade. I cant fault this thing, the waterproof feature is a good party trick.

This is the first Android device I didn't feel the need to root. The Sony build is smooth and light. The additions they put on top are actually pretty useful for example the battery stamina mode. When enabled the battery drops maybe 1-3% per 24 hours when not in use and thats with my push email and IM still running.

There were touch screen response issues when I first got it but that has been fixed with a firmware upgrade that was sent out.

I totally recommend this tablet, Im considering moving to a Sony Z phone in the future.
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on 17 March 2015
I needed something to work on while traveling by train. I already have a Z1 compact smartphone with which I am really pleased so decided to stick with Sony. I am extremely pleased with it. It does everything I want it to do, including word processing, email, project management, video conferening and much more. It does it all without any issues. I use it together with the Microsoft Wedge Portable keyboard, which works superbly with it. Also works great for entertainment (videos, iPlayer, etc) for when I am relaxing after work.
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on 26 February 2015
Fast and with a great screen. I don't take it underwater - but when the screen needs a clean I just wash it. Simples..
Multitasks well. Near field file transfer thing does work, but it's sometimes hard to find the sweet spot. The case made for it by Sony is excellent - holds the tablet in the positions you need. Battery life is very good. Storage capacity is also excellent.
Well recommended.
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on 14 June 2014
Had it 10 days or so and still finding new features. Fast and good graphis/text. Would recommend it. Came down to choice between this and an ipad but Sony won. Loads of features and the Sony name behind it. I contacted Sony customer services with a couple of queries before buying and very helpful people. Price-wise nothing in it so went for the Android system I know. Apple has the 'fashionable' kudos but....
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